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Ghost in the Shell

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Togusa was walking around the city on a day off thinking about the day it was, it was the anniversary of the entire team getting back together and getting confirmation that Major Kusanagi was indeed dead

(Thinks) "it's been two years since the team has gotten back together and Batou confirming that the Major is dead. The laughing man incident was hidden while all of us got secret but official pardons, including the Major posthumously. All of us have met the person behind everything two years ago and while I took the longest none of us blame him anymore, he himself stated that he has no clue why the Major actually died, she was apparently supposed to be in the net until getting another body. I may voice it the most often about missing her but I know that the others do as well, they may not say it out loud like I do but their actions are clear enough. The major would be proud of how we've moved forward, I just wish she was here to see the peace she sacrificed herself for"

The next day they were given a security assignment and things started off smoothly but soon fell to pieces. Togusa tried to get things back in order but the chaos was making things hard when all of a sudden everyone heard a voice in the back of their minds that they hadn't heard in two very long years

*Togusa, Batou you get inside now, Ishikawa try and blind them to our movements, everyone else stay out of it for now but be ready to move at a moment's notice*

* that you?*

*Yes, for now obey my orders, explanations will be later*

*Understood Major...good to hear your voice*

*We'll talk more later*

Finally everything was wrapped up and the entire group met at Section 9 headquarters where the Major explained everything, including why she was gone so long, and just like that she was in charge of the unit again with everyone quickly and easily assimilating and obeying her orders