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My Hero Academia One shots

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If anyone had asked you, you would have told them that your favorite thing about your job was the people watching. Coffee shops attracted a wide variety of people— young, old, heroes, civilians, you name it. You had been working there for a little over a year now, and even though you had gotten to know quite a few regulars, you could always count on your job to bring you someone new to observe every time you worked.

Yup, if anyone had asked you, that’s what you would’ve said.

However, your coworkers knew that this wasn’t exactly true. If anyone asked them, they would say that you liked person watchingIt didn’t take them long at all to notice how your eyes would linger on a certain purple haired U.A. student every time he walked in. Each of them saw firsthand how you would become a nervous mess whenever he talked to you, and whenever it happened, they wasted no time in teasing you about it.

Just like they were doing right now.

“Check it out, (Y/n)! Your boyfriend is here~” Your coworker sings as they elbow you in the side.

You ignore their comment, and glance up at the door just in time to watch the boy in question to enter the cafe. He used to come in just once a week or so, but recently you had been seeing him a lot more often.

You smile and wave at him as you step over to the register to take his order. “Wow, Shinsou-kun ,” you giggle. “I don’t think we’ve ever seen you this many times in one week before.”

Shinsou rubs the back of his neck and lets out a tired groan. “I’m absolutely exhausted. All of this extra training and studying I’m doing for exams is kicking my ass.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right place,” you say. “Should I get the usual started for you?” You grab a cup and pull a marker out of your apron pocket, ready to scrawl down his order.

“Actually, I could use some extra energy today.”

“Oh? So do you want to add a shot of espresso then?” You ask.

“Add three,” he answers.

You could feel the look of concern that spread across your face. That was a lot of caffeine. “But… your drink already comes with five shots of espresso. A-are you sure?”

When he had told you a couple of months ago that he was going to start working harder than ever to become a hero, you had encouraged him, but you also warned him to not push himself too hard. As you looked at each other from across the counter, you couldn’t help but notice that the bags under those tired purple eyes seemed even darker today.

“I still have ton of studying I have to stay up for tonight,” he sighs, shoulders sagging. “So yeah, I’m sure.”

“Seriously though, that’s way over the daily recommended amount of caffeine,” you insist.

Shinsou considers how easy It would be for him to use his quirk and just make you do it, but the thought of using his power on you, even for something so small, just felt wrong to him. “Are you… worried about me or something?”

“Yes,” you blurt out. “You can’t just replace actual sleep with caffeine!”

You can feel your coworkers watching you, and within seconds your entire face heats up. As you start stuttering, you can only pray that you weren’t actually blushing as hard as you thought you were. “I- I mean I’d be j-just as worried about any of my other regulars ordereding something like this!”

A playful smile tugs at Shinsou’s lips as he watches you become more flustered the harder you tried to explain yourself. You were just so cute with that pink tint to your face— especially when he was the one who had caused it.

When you see him smirk, you give up on trying to explain yourself and instead take a deep breath in an attempt to calm yourself down. “You can’t become a badass hero if you die of a caffeine induced heart attack before you finish school!”

The amused look on Shinsou’s face nearly sends your nerves into overdrive. “Fine. Just add one then,” he agrees. “If it’s really as bad for me as you say, I suppose I should be a bit more cautious.”

“Y-yeah, you should be!” You agree, almost too eagerly, as a grin of relief stretches across your face. You quickly jot his order down onto the side of the cup, pausing just as you were about to write his name. Instead, you write him a note.

Since you were the cashier today, you wouldn’t get the chance to draw a heart in his drink like you usually did, so you settle on giving him some words of encouragement— in your own way, of course.

“Anything else I can get for you?”

“Nah, that’s it.”

You’re more than relieved when the rest of the transaction goes over without you embarrassing yourself further. Once Shinsou walks away, it takes everything in you to ignore the teasing looks from your coworkers when you hand one of them his order.

Your gaze travels down to the hand off counter a few minutes later when one of your coworkers calls out Shinsou’s name. He picks his drink up with a quick ‘thanks’, but hesitates when he notices way more writing than usual on the cup.

“He’s been visiting a lot more often lately, hasn’t he, (Y/n)?” Another coworker asks knowingly. “I wonder why that might be…”

“Yeah, I wonder why,” you breathe as you watch him scan the message you’d left. When his face starts to turn pink, and his eyes dart over to meet yours, the corners of your lips tug upwards. “Maybe I’ll work up the courage to ask him next time.”

Shinsou waves to you, blush still on his face as he turns to walk out the door. You feel the telltale flutter of anticipation in your stomach at the idea of your next meeting, and soon, your thoughts reflect the sweet note you had left for the purple haired boy.

‘Take care of yourself, hero…’

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You had noticed it years ago, the very first time you two met. The sweet, anxious boy that wandered into the support studio looking for help was nothing like the brash, fearless aspiring hero you’d heard so much about. And yet, you learned very quickly that they were both very much Izuku. Two distinct sides of the same coin— of the same man that you slowly fell for as you reached adulthood.

He was extremely easy to love, as evidenced by his numerous friends and enormous fan base. A person of his status could have anyone they wanted, but by some miracle, he had picked you. It was… a dream come true. Finally, you got the chance to connect with Izuku on a more intimate level and discover a side of him no one else knew existed.

You weren’t together long at all when you realized the duality of bravery and apprehension transferred into his love life as well. He was… inexperienced when it came to romance. You both were. Even so, he still approached certain things with a surprising amount of confidence.

After all, it had been Izuku who laced your fingers together as he walked you home on the night of your first date. Sure, his palm was a bit sweaty, and his hand kept trembling no matter how hard he tried to make it stop. That didn’t change the way your heart practically soared at the gesture. You had been too scared to initiate anything, but seeing that even a pro hero could be nervous about something as simple as a new relationship was a huge relief.

Still, there were times when your shared anxiety could be a little….frustrating. Izuku was very careful with his touch, almost as if he feared that a single caress would send you running for the hills. Even now, as you two laid on his couch, bodies tangled, lips locked together in a heated kiss, his hands stayed respectfully on your waist. It was sweet, and gentle, and it was driving you absolutely crazy.

There was no way you could turn a blind eye to the obvious tension that enveloped you whenever you were alone together. Just being near Izuku was enough to make your mind foggy with desire. The desire to feel his hands roam your body, to feel his skin against your own. The desire to be his— completely.

Surely, he must’ve felt it too. That had to be why his kisses were so desperate and passionate during moments like these, why his hands would wander, ever so slightly, from their resting place before he would stop himself.

You pulled back slightly, your mind drifting to the brief conversation You’d somehow managed to have with Mina. It took you days to finally work up the courage to ask for advice, and what you were given was exactly what you expected.

“Just be direct,” Mina had told you, shrugging as though it were the most obvious answer in the world. “From what you’re telling me, he probably won’t say no.”

But if it were that simple, you wouldn’t have needed to ask for help. Of course you knew that you could just be direct. The problem was that it wasn’t in your nature, at least, not when it came to things like this.

“Everything okay?” Izuku asked.

“It’s nothing,” You replied, almost too quickly, before smiling at him and leaning back in for another kiss.

Izuku was completely unwilling to be deterred by your attempt at distracting him. “What’s on your mind?” His voice gentle, he reached up to tuck a stray lock of hair behind your ear.

You drew in a deep breath as you peered down at him, your face growing even warmer. To you, it felt like an eternity, but you were only quiet for a moment as Mina’s words echoed off the walls of your mind. ‘Just be direct, just be direct, just be direct, just be direct—’

“You can touch me,” You blurted out, embarrassment taking hold before you could even finish the statement. A confused look crossed Izuku’s face, and for a moment, all you wanted was to hide. But there was nowhere to run— especially with his arms wrapped around you.

‘Just be direct.’

“I-I mean, you can actually… touch me. Like in... other places.” You mumbled the last bit, your ears hot with shame as you turned to look away.

Had you been watching, you would’ve seen just how quickly Izuku’s face turned red from your words. Instead, you gazed across the room, staring intently at the many accolades that he’d been awarded in his short time as a pro. Though short lived, the silence was deafening, and for a moment, you considered that you could just… leave. Own up to it, apologize for making things weird, and just go. Maybe if you left before things got more awkward you both could just try to forget about it.

“L-like this?” Izuku’s voice was timid, uncertain, but it still got your attention.

And suddenly, you were aware— very aware— of his touch drifting steadily downward to the small of your back.

With a sharp inhale, your gaze snapped back to him as a trembling hand settled onto your ass. Even with his nerves going haywire, and a deep blush completely overtaking his face, he still gave you a devious smile— as devious as he could manage, anyway— before giving a gentle squeeze.

You yelped in surprise before staring wordlessly at Izuku, realization slowly setting in. The silence was back, but this time it was charged with tension, the same tension that left you both aching to feel the other’s touch.

“Yeah.” Your mind grew fuzzy as you leaned in again, stopping just close enough for your lips to brush against his as you spoke. “Just like that,” You whispered. You were barely able to get the words out before he tugged you down into another fiery kiss.

In an instant, the mood changed. You clutched the fabric of Izuku’s T-shirt, excitement pulsing through you as his free hand joined the one already resting on your backside. His touch was firmer this time— much more confident, and certainly more than enough to draw out a moan that could only be described as sinful.

Your fingers wove their way through emerald curls as you rolled your hips against him. With a groan, he moved to trail kisses down your neck, his hand delving beneath the hem of your shirt before slowly gliding upwards. He paused, appreciating the shiver that ran through you when his fingertips splayed across the burning plane of your back, finally crossing into new territory.

Slowly, Izuku sat up, his mind clouding rapidly with excitement. Even with his thoughts shrouded in haze, he couldn’t help but think about how your very presence was so...intoxicating. Your laugh, your smile, the way you sighed his name as he nipped at your collarbone— everything.

“What’s— ah, what’s wrong?” You asked, gasping from the pleasure that coursed through you.

He nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck, pressing one more kiss against your skin before reluctantly pulling away. “We should go to the bedroom,” he suggested. “I-if you want to, I mean.”

It was kind of adorable that his anxiety snuck through even during a time like this. Smiling, you nodded and climbed off of the couch. You turned to head for the stairs, and for a moment, Izuku only watched as his mind slowly began to comprehend that this wasn’t just one of those dreams he would have from time to time. This was actually happening.

With your foot on the first step, you paused to look back over your shoulder. “You coming? It was your idea.”

“Y-yeah,” he breathed, his heart skipping a beat as he nearly tumbled from the couch in his effort to scurry after you.

You grabbed his hand before continuing up the stairs and heading straight for his room. You had barely stepped through the door when you turned to face him again, your lips meeting his in another fervent kiss. Carefully, you moved backwards, stopping only when the edge of the mattress pressed gently against the backs of your legs.

Though you knew it was inevitable, you still spent a considerable amount of time fretting over this exact moment. No matter how many times you had gone over the possibilities in your head, there was just no way to predict how things would go, and to you, that was scary. What if you did something stupid or ruined the mood completely? It was hard to feign confidence in something with zero experience in actually doing it. Still, it was kind of amazing how much of it was just instinct. Almost as if your body was moving entirely on its own.

Biting playfully at his bottom lip, you reached for the hem of his shirt and lifted it upwards. Without a second thought, Izuku took over, stepping back as he grasped the fabric and tugged it over his head. Your eyes practically glued to his form, you sank down onto the mattress, scooting back and away from the edge. You’d seen it all before— his freckles, his battle scars, his deliciously toned abdomen. Even so, you still couldn’t bring yourself to look away, not that you really wanted to.

“You’re staring.”

Your gaze lingered on his body for a moment longer before finally meeting his. “Guilty as charged,” You answered, a playful smirk tugging at your lips.

Izuku made his way over to you, his fingers slipping under your shirt the second you was in range. He wasted no time tugging the edge of it upwards, only pausing long enough for you to lift your arms before pulling it off completely and tossing it to the side. And just like that, the roles had changed. He was the one gawking now, much to your amusement.

“Izuku, you’re staring,” You teased. “ You can do more than just look, you know.”

He hesitated, as if you laying partially undressed on his bed weren’t enough of an invitation. “I-I, uhh,” he stammered. “Are you—“

“I want you to,” you said bluntly.

Izuku took a deep breath, his fingertips meeting your waist. For a few moments, that’s exactly where they stayed, trembling against your skin.

“Really, It’s okay.” You flashed him another smile. “Look, I’ll even do the hard work for you,” You added, sitting up straight to reach behind your back. With ease, your bra came unhooked, and you pulled it from your form, watching him intently. You flung the garment aside and took hold of his wrist, your heart fluttering wildly as you guided his palm directly to your chest. If you had to spell it out for him, then so be it. There was no way you could be more direct than that.

Quiet as he might’ve been, Izuku’s thoughts were blaring. He gave your breast a gentle squeeze before moving his hand to cup the back of your head, bringing you closer. Without another word, he pressed his lips to yours again, lowering you back onto the mattress, and at last, his hands started to roam. His touch was feather light, and still painfully careful, but it was progress— and at that point, you would take any friction you could get.

Izuku brushed the pad of his thumb over your nipple, savoring the shudder that rolled through you when his tongue flicked against the other. Moaning, you gripped his shoulders and arched into his touch, leaving tiny crescent shaped marks among his freckles.

“Fuck,” you sighed, squeezing your eyes shut as your head rolled back against the pillow.

Considering all the work it had taken just to get this far, the last thing you expected was for Izuku to tug at the waistband of your sweatpants— without you having to ask. You lifted your hips, and in a heartbeat, your pants —and underwear— joined the rest of your clothing scattered across the floor.

Even when he was anxious, he was still full of surprises.

He trailed kisses down your body before gripping your thighs and nudging them further apart. Your teeth dug into your bottom lip, trying in vain to stifle a moan when he licked his thumb and brushed it over your clit. Sparks of excitement rushed through you as you propped yourself up on your elbows and met his gaze, your eyes screaming for more through beautifully disheveled hair.


He teased your entrance, earning a desperate cry when he slowly pushed his finger inside. His pace was steady as he pumped the digit in and out of you, watching your expression change with the pleasure building in your abdomen. It wasn’t long until his fingers were slick from teasing, and he rubbed your clit again before moving to lower his way between your legs.

“You’re so beautiful,” he purred, his eyes still locked with yours as he pressed an affectionate kiss to your inner thigh. Before you could form another thought, his tongue delved into fleshy pink, lapping slowly at your heated core.

Yup, full of surprises.

Your toes curled with delight, a breathy moan forcing its way from your throat. His finger stroked softly along your entrance once more before he slipped it inside, curling it upwards slightly.

“Izu— O-oh, fuck,” You choked out, stars dancing across your vision when he pressed a second finger into you. Already you were teetering on the edge, the coil in your stomach winding tighter and tighter as your hand slid into Izuku’s hair. You tugged gently at his silky green curls, your other hand gripping the comforter for dear life in an attempt to just stay grounded because— oh, God. It felt like that tongue of his was going to make you float away.

He had waited quite a while to see you like this— drifting into ecstasy, nearly screaming from his touch. Your voice was needy. Tantalizing. Music to Izuku’s ears. And he absolutely loved it. Every moan, every gasp, every curse that left your flawless lips— it all made him throb with desire.

Saying he was eager would have been an understatement. Especially with his bulge straining almost painfully against the fabric of his jeans. No matter how he tried distracting himself, he couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing it would feel to finally be inside of you. But for you, he would wait, because your enjoyment was much more important.

And judging by the way you tightened around his fingers, your thighs trembling as you wove his name into another string of lust fueled swearing, you were definitely enjoying it. Impassioned moans filled the air, your movements growing more erratic. Your hips arched from the mattress as the tension in your abdomen coiled tighter and tighter and then—




The most amazing thing you had ever felt.

It was just the two of you. Izuku’s room faded, swirling into a blur of red and blue and yellow as pleasure blazed through you, intense and uncontrolled, like wildfire.

He coaxed you through your orgasm, his movements only slowing when your voice died down and you pulled firmly at his hair. You stared up at the ceiling, your mind hazed by the warm static of satisfaction as the world around you shifted back into focus.

“Wow.” With your chest still heaving, you settled onto your elbows and met Izuku’s gaze. “I hate to sound cliche, but that was… incredible.”

He gave you a quick smile, knowing and confident. The type that made your cheeks flush all over again as you watched his tongue make quick work of cleaning off his fingers. “I could always do it again,” he suggested. There was no trace of anxiety in his voice. No uncertainty. For once, even as he trailed his hand up your thigh, he seemed completely at ease.

And though you had just experienced what you would argue is Nirvana, you still wanted more. More friction. More closeness. More intimacy.

More Izuku.

“Why don’t we try something we can both enjoy?” You sat up completely before reaching out to gently grasp his chin and draw him in closer. “I’m sure you’re dying to be inside of me.” You pressed your lips against his, rougher this time, before pulling back and giving him a devious grin of your own. “Because I’d do anything to feel you there.”

Just like that, Izuku’s patience evaporated, and his hands yanked at the buckle of his belt, trying urgently to get his damn pants off. With a quiet groan, he pushed the fabric from his hips, finally freeing his throbbing erection from the confines of his jeans before kicking them to the floor.

You pressed your bodies together, your lips colliding with his as you tugged him back onto the mattress. You hooked a leg around his waist, a tiny yelp of surprise escaping you when you felt his hand gripping your ass. A moan forced its way from your throat, and without warning, you flipped him over, claiming your place on top with a triumphant smirk. Your lips met his neck as you moved against him, a shiver running through you when he brushed against your still-sensitive clit.

Izuku pushed your hair back— partially because it was tickling his nose, but mostly because he just wanted to see you. He placed a kiss on your temple, his heart fluttering when you pulled back to give him a sheepish smile.

“Sorry. I can go grab a hair tie, if you want.”

“But that means I would have to let you go, he murmured. “And I really don’t want to.” His arms snaked around you and he arched upwards, earning him yet another delicious whimper when his tip pressed just barely into you.

You rested your forehead against his, your eyes squeezing shut when you rolled your hips, urging him deeper into your slick opening. Again you were wrapped in the comforting warmth of ecstasy as you gradually sank down onto his cock, goosebumps to blooming rapidly across your skin.

Now Izuku was the one squeezing his eyes shut, his self control restrained by a tiny thread. He groaned as he held you against his chest and stroked your hair, his resolve nearly snapping when you moaned into the curve of his neck, settling fully onto his lap.

Izuku kissed your forehead and gave your back a soothing rub, hoping to ease any discomfort you might’ve been feeling. “You okay?”

With a nod, you placed your hands on his chest and pushed yourself up so you were perched on top of him. “I-I’m fine,” you breathed. You lifted your hips, humming at the feeling of his fingers trailing up your thighs as he shifted inside of you.

“Let— ah...let me know if you need to stop.”

“Y-yeah, of course.” You inhaled sharply as you lowered yourself back down, the embers of your desire reigniting into scorching blaze, even with your languid movements.

“Ah…you feel amazing,” he choked, his mind reeling from the sensation of being enveloped by your heated core. Resisting the urge to bury himself inside of you was nearly impossible. He gazed up at you, mesmerized by how breathtaking you were with pure ecstasy written across your face. And while he certainly loved finally having the opportunity to see all of you, it wouldn’t be Izuku if he didn’t take a moment to appreciate the little things. Like the freckle beneath your collarbone, or the way the light danced beautifully across your glistening skin. Or the way that you bit your lip to hold back a moan when he gently arched into your.

You moved together, falling into a steady pace. Calloused fingers dug into your hips as he brought you down harder, earning another libidinous moan from the pleasure that jolted through you. Your eyes clouded by lust, you reached between your thighs, gently rubbing your clit. “You’re so— ah, fuck— incredible, Deku,” you huffed.

With that, the final, ultra-fine thread of Izuku’s self control had snapped. A carnal groan tore its way from his throat, and within seconds, he was on top, driving you into the mattress. The rhythmic creaking of bed springs filled the air, blending seamlessly with the sound of skin against skin as he thrusted eagerly into your delicious heat. Your nails dug into his back before scraping downward, leaving red, stinging trails in their wake. He hissed at the feeling, his hips snapping even harder against yours.

You wrapped your legs around his waist, gasping as the shift in angle let him slide in a bit deeper. The familiar burn of ecstasy flared up as he buried himself inside of you, pulling you even closer to your rapidly approaching release.

“God, I’m s-so lucky— ah— to have you,” Izuku huffed, nuzzling against the crook of your neck. His kisses grew messy as he trailed them down to your shoulder.

You grabbed his hand, lacing your fingers together as you lost yourself completely in your moment of bliss. It was absolutely perfect.

But sadly, even the most perfect of moments eventually came to an end.

You slid your free hand between them to rub your clit in quick circles, your back arching from the shockwave that pulsed through you. Your body was extremely receptive, still sensitive from reaching the peak once before.

This time, the buildup was fast. “Deku,” you whimpered, wrapping your legs more tightly around his waist as your body started to tremble.

Izuku practically growled in response as he bit down on your shoulder, his thrusts falling out of their even rhythm with the nearing of his own climax. You squeezed his hand, your mind blanking when his hips snapped frantically against yours, sending you careening off the edge of reality once more.

If what you felt before was euphoria, then this feeling? It was indescribable.

A shudder ran through you and you both stilled, the inferno of your shared orgasm completely engulfing them. Groaning into the curve of your neck, Izuku pulsed inside of you, his breath fanning in puffs across your skin. You turned, pulling him close and pressing a sweet kiss to his forehead, as you rode out the aftershocks of your love-making.

When his breathing began to even out, Izuku propped himself up on his elbows before slowly pulling himself out of you and rolling to the side. He looped his arms around you, opting to use your chest as a pillow, rather than the perfectly good right next to him. For a while, you just laid together, enjoying the comfortable silence that had taken up the air around you.

Was this the ‘afterglow’ you had heard so much about? Because your mind was still fuzzy, but you couldn’t deny, you felt more at peace than you had ever been before. “You’re... really sweaty,” you noted with a light laugh, nudging him gently with your elbow.

Izuku held you tighter. “Yeah? Well, so are you.”

“That’s fair. Want to go shower together?” The devious lilt in your voice was completely offset by the loud yawn that followed immediately after. “After a quick nap, of course.”

“That sounds perfect.”

You turned onto your side, coming face to face with one of the many All Might posters hanging on the wall. A true fanboy, even in adulthood.

As you dozed off into a much needed slumber, your mind paused briefly to reflect on two things that you knew to be absolutely true. One— Izuku Midoriya was undeniably the best thing that had ever happened to you. And two—

You were never going to be able to look at a picture of All Might the same way again.

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When Denki spotted you from across the room, at first, he didn’t give you much thought. You were just a girl in a devil costume— the fifth one he’d seen that night, to be exact. Sure, your outfit was way more impressive than the ones that had clearly been store bought or thrown together an hour before the party. That didn’t change the fact that— though it was indeed a tried and true classic— the whole ‘she-devil’ get up wasn’t anything special. Still, for some reason, he couldn’t look away.

He didn’t even realize he was staring. Not until Hitoshi grew tired of his half-hearted replies and followed his gaze through the crowd.

At first, Hitoshi struggled to find you. With a drink in hand, you stood near the dance floor, seemingly oblivious, partially hidden by the horde of lively partygoers. The second he laid eyes on you, he understood. To call you ‘beautiful’ would have been an understatement.

Still, that did little to stop his teasing. “So are you just going to be creepy and watch her all night, or are you actually going to talk to her?” He nearly had to shout to be heard over the pulsing bass.

“I’m not being creepy! I’m… admiring her costume,” Denki tried. He didn’t have to see Hitoshi’s face to know that he wasn’t buying it.

“Your eyes are about to fall out of your head.”

Honestly, Denki didn’t even know why he was so infatuated. Maybe it was your hair. Or your smile. Or maybe it was how flawless that dress looked on you, clinging to every delicious curve.

“Fine, she’s hot,” he admitted. Hitoshi would have teased him relentlessly if he didn’t. He shrugged and turned his attention to the drink in his hand, stirring it with the straw before downing the rest.

“She is. And now she’s looking at us.”

Denki nearly choked. He glanced across the room again, and just like that, he found himself pinned beneath your gaze, fixated on those gorgeous eyes that almost seemed to glow in the party’s dim lighting.

“Shit,” he cursed. “What do I do?”. It was easy for him to fake confidence around his friends, to pretend that he would know exactly how to react in a situation like this. But the truth was:

He had no fucking clue.

Had you noticed him looking? What if you were upset? Hitoshi was right— in hindsight, the staring was kind of creepy— but he really hadn’t meant to be. There was just something in the way you moved that was almost... mesmerizing.

“What do you do?” Hitoshi repeated. Incredulity wasn’t just painted across his face, it was in his voice too. Hell, he was practically drowning in it. “You talk to her.”

Right. Talk. Denki could do that, no problem. He never stressed this much about talking to other people, so why were you any different?

“Or I can, if you’re too nervous.”

Denki shook his head. “I’ll go. But I need another drink first.”

“Fair enough. What do you want?”

Usually, he would’ve preferred something sweet. Something where the taste of the alcohol was faint enough for him to actually enjoy the drink, not just it’s effects. This time, he just needed something that would get the job done— fast. “Fireball.”

Hitoshi gave him a playful smirk. “Feeling adventurous, are we?”

“I guess you could say that.”

“I’ll be right back. Try not to wander off.”

And then, there was just Denki, watching as the familiar mess of purple hair disappeared into the sea of people. He glanced back over to where you had been standing, his heart sinking when he realized that you had disappeared as well.

“Damn it,” he muttered. He had only looked away for a moment– maybe you just blended into the surrounding crowd. He scanned the room, searching for just a glimpse of a horn, or a wing, or those hypnotic eyes of yours. Anything to prove you were still around— that he hadn’t completely blown his chance at talking to you by being kind of awkward.

Denki was at a party, literally surrounded by people– there was no reason that a simple tap on the shoulder shouldn’t have surprised him as much as it did. When he turned on his heel, one of the last things he expected was to come face to face with the very person he had been searching for, and yet, there you were.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to startle you.”

He was still in dire need of that shot if he was going to get through this without making a fool of himself, but at least he didn’t have to agonize over how he was going to introduce himself. You had taken all of the guesswork out of it by making the first move.

“D-don’t worry about it,” He answered.

You grinned, and Denki’s heart skipped a beat. “Would you believe me if I said I came all the way over here just to compliment your costume?” you asked.

He had always been a sucker for a cute smile. “You sure you’re not just checking me out?”

“That too,” you laughed. “You’re a king?”

“A prince.”

“And a fine one at that.” There was no subtlety in the way you gaze drifted across his form. “So what’s your name? Or would you prefer to be called ‘Your Highness’?”

Confidence and a sense of humor too? If he wasn’t careful, he was going to fall in love. “Your Highness, Prince Charming, Denki… Any of those work, really.”

A smirk tugged at your perfectly glossed lips as your face settled into a playful expression. “Denki, huh? I should be able to remember that.”

“And your na—“ Something slid across his peripheral vision and he stopped mid sentence, turning to look beside him.

“One shot of Fireball,” Hitoshi announced. He handed Denki a tiny cup filled with amber liquid.

Even before he grabbed it, Denki could smell the aromatic spice of warm cinnamon. “Thanks.” As he peered down at the drink, his stomach burned at the thought of what was to come.

Hitoshi nodded as he took a sip of the beer he was holding. “So, are you going to introduce me to your new friend?”

“Right, my bad!” He flashed you another quick smile as he gestured toward the tall guy in the cat costume beside him. “This is my boyfriend, Hitoshi. I promise he has a heart of gold if you can look past the RBF.”

“Boyfriend?” Your eyes widened, and the flirty aura surrounding you evaporated. Yeah, you were looking for a good time, but a succubus could still have morals. You were many different things, but the title of ‘home wrecker’ would never be on that list. “S-sorry, I didn’t realize—“

“Relax,” Hitoshi said. “Can’t you tell that we’re both interested? Or was my staring not as obvious as Denki’s?” The blonde elbowed him in retaliation, earning a quick yelp as Hitoshi’s hand instinctively flew to his side for protection.


Maybe humans were actually onto something when they said that the best things in life are unexpected. At the moment, you weren’t very low on energy. In fact, you were pretty sure that just one of them would have been more than enough. But two? That was a treat you’d have to be crazy to let slip through your fingers.

You felt the familiar heat of desire race through you as your mind filled with sounds of pleasured moans and images of skin against skin. For a moment, you simply blinked back at them. And then you laughed. “I had my suspicions. It’s very nice to meet you guys.”

“Likewise,” Hitoshi replied.

That dazzling smile of yours was back, and so was the fuzzy feeling that stirred in Denki’s chest the first time he saw it. “So, Your Highness,” you began, turning you attention to blonde once more. “Are you just gonna babysit that shot or are you actually gonna take it?”

Hitoshi scoffed and turned to look at his boyfriend. “Your Highness? Please say you didn’t actually tell you to call you that.”

“What? No way, I—“

“He gave me options, so I went with my favorite.” You shrugged. “Denki is a nice name though.”

“What about your name?” Hitoshi asked.

“I think my name is pretty nice, too.”

At that, he laughed. “And what is it?”


“Unique,” Denki noted. It certainly wasn’t a name that he’d ever heard, but he couldn’t ignore the thought that it was fitting for someone like you— someone completely unlike anyone he’d ever seen before. “I like it.”

Your expression changed again, this time shifting into one of amusement. With a chuckle, you lifted your drink, pausing just long enough to mutter a quick “Thanks,” before wrapping your lips around the straw.

Hitoshi made no attempt to mask his suspicion as he gave you a slow nod. “Very cute,” he agreed. “But what’s with that look?”

Your response came a little too quickly. “Nothing,” you answered, struggling to keep a straight face.

“Doesn’t look like ‘nothing’.”

You laughed and your grin finally won, stretching from ear to ear as you feigned innocence. “Really! I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Mmhmm…” Hitoshi hummed, taking another sip of his beer. If the disbelief on his face wasn’t clear enough, surely you could hear it in his voice. “What’s your real name?”

“That is my real name,” you insisted.

“Sure it is.”

Finally, you relented. “Ugh, fine. Elvira isn’t my real name,” you huffed, rolling your eyes in faux irritation. “Can’t a girl keep up a little mystery?”

They were nice enough, names were just… too personal. And pretty useless when they weren’t even going to remember your face the next day. After it was all said and done, and the three of you were thoroughly satisfied, you would erase their memories, like you did to all of your victims. Just like every succubus did.

“What if we buy you a drink?” Denki tried. “Will you tell us then?”

“Hmm…” Your gaze drifted up to the ceiling as you tapped your chin in thought, making a show of considering his request. “No promises,” you replied. “But, if you’re willing to take that risk, I’d never turn down a free drink. Play your cards right, and maybe you’ll get lucky.”

The boys exchanged a quick look, sharing their thoughts without uttering a single word. Hitoshi’s demeanor hadn’t changed much, but even with the shitty lighting, you could see the blush that had spread across Denki’s face.

Without another word, the blonde downed his shot, grimacing from the burn of alcohol and the spice of cinnamon. Nothing like a little ‘liquid courage’— even if he hated the taste.

“We’ll take our chances,” Hitoshi said. “First one’s on me.” He stepped aside, leaving just enough room for you to pass in front of him before motioning towards the bar. “After you.”

Another pulse of excitement rushed through your body as you grabbed Denki’s hand, and then Hitoshi’s. With your tail flicking lightly in anticipation, and a triumphant smile on your face, you led them through the crowd.

Very lucky indeed.

Chapter Text

You yank your front door open, teeth chattering as another gust of icy wind blows past. You felt the chill of the cold air on your skin as it through crept the fabric of your jacket, causing another shiver to run through your body while you scurry quickly into your home. As you tug the door closed behind you, you’re enveloped by the warm, cozy atmosphere of your surroundings, and a relieved sigh escapes your lips.

It was late fall now, and after a ridiculously long, unbearably hot summer, the weather was finally starting to change. Today was the first cold day of the year, and though you had been dreaming of this day for months, it only took a few minutes of being outside for you to remember that you only liked cold weather in theory, and that actually being cold really, really sucked. It was nice to dream of the cooler season on the days when the heat was sweltering, and being outside for even a few minutes would make you sweat, but this was a little too cold for your liking. And this was just the beginning! Winter was coming.

For now though, you were safe from the elements, free to unwind and defrost in the toasty comfort of the little apartment that you and your boyfriend so lovingly called home. You take a moment to slip your shoes off, and kick them to the side to rest next to a pair of Eijirou’s crocs before turning towards the living room.

“Hey! Welcome home!” He calls from his spot on the couch. He shoots you his signature, toothy grin, the same one he gave you every time he would greet you after a long day at work, and you feel your heart warm as the stress of the day begins to fade.

You can’t help but notice how cozy Eijirou looks on the couch, bundled up in that plush, oversized blanket, and almost instantly, you make your way over to him, your ice cold fingers fumbling with the buttons on your jacket as you plop down onto the cushion next to him. “It’s cold,” you say simply, pointing out the obvious as if he didn’t get the chance to experience the weather himself.

“Wanna cuddle until you warm up?” Eijirou asks. Without missing a beat you nod your head, and immediately, he scoots closer. He wraps his arms, and the soft fabric of the blanket around you, before leaning in to press his lips against yours. You feel the warmth of his breath fan against the wind-chilled skin of your nose, and as you pull away, you both smile.

“I swear cold weather is my weakness,” you whine. “If the temperature drops any more, I think I might die.”

As you snuggle against his chest, Eijirou’s form shakes with laughter. “But it’s not even December yet! What about when it starts snowing?”

You groan at the thought. “Maybe you should just end me now. Before I turn into a giant icicle.”

“No way! I’ll just have to protect you from the cold.” He kisses you again, this time on your forehead, before gently pulling you along with him as he leans back into the cushions of the couch.

You practically melt into his embrace, and as you lay your head against his chest, you close your eyes and sigh happily.

You still couldn’t wait for the weather to warm back up... but if the cold meant that you had this to look forward to everyday, then you could deal for a little while.

Chapter Text

To others Fumikage gave off the vibe of being very serious, and even kind of cold, but you were fortunate enough to get to know the man beneath that brooding facade. You quickly noticed that there was a kind of warmth in his presence, one that only grew the closer the two of you became.

As the two of you lounged in the living room of your shared apartment, you couldn’t help but think about just how lucky you were to have someone in your life who could make you feel so at peace. When you were with Fumikage, nothing else mattered. Even now, when you guys were just laying around and listening to the raindrops hit the window, nothing in the world could make you happier.

“Looks like that beach trip Mina wanted is out of the question,” you commented as you lifted your head and turned to look out the window. For a moment, you wonder if your friend had even stopped to look at the weather forecast before she tried to make plans. From the way those clouds looked outside, it was going to be raining all day.

“What a tragedy,” your boyfriend says wryly. He wasn’t too keen on the idea from the beginning, but he was willing to tag along just to make you happy, which you greatly appreciated.

You giggled, turning your attention towards Fumikage and resting your chin on his chest. “Well, it looks like we get a day all to ourselves. What do you want to do?”

You feel him take a deep breath. “We’ve both been needing a day to just relax,” he sighs. “When is the last time we got a day to just enjoy each other’s company?”

“That’s true,” you agreed. You both had incredibly busy schedules, and that made days off together a bit of a rarity. That meant that you had to make the most of the little time the two of you did have together, but... you were just so comfortable, the last thing you wanted to do was get up. “The sound of the rain is nice, isn’t it?”

“It’s very calming.”

“I’m so cozy right now. Can we just... cuddle and watch movies all day?” You really didn’t want to move from your spot, and judging by the way Fumikage snaked his arms around your waist, he didn’t want to, either.

“That sounds like a much better plan than the beach,” he replied. “What would you like to watch?”

“How about ‘Perfect Blue’?” You weren’t as into horror movies as your boyfriend, but luckily, you both loved a good psychological thriller. You had watched that movie together for the first time back in high school. It become a favorite almost instantly, and every so often the two of you liked to revisit it, even if it was just for the nostalgia.

“While I cant think of a more fitting choice, I’d watch just about anything if it meant that I could continue to lay here with you, my love.”

As warmth filled your heart, you couldn’t help but smile at his words. You propped yourself up, moving to plant a kiss on his beak before reaching over for the remote so you could set up the movie.

You always wished that days like this could last forever. To anybody else it was a sad, rainy day, but to you and Fumikage, it was absolute heaven. Days like today were a very special treat, and if you could, you’d share it with him, every single time.

Chapter Text

“I love you.”

Your words had been quick and uncertain, your heart pounding relentlessly against your chest as you and Izuku strolled hand in hand down the sidewalk. As nervous as you might’ve been, what you said was absolutely true. There was no doubt in your mind about that. You had fallen— hard— for the amazing Izuku Midoriya.

The world’s greatest hero.

Your best friend.

It wasn’t a sudden realization. Quite the contrary, actually, you had thought about it quite a bit. Countless times, the words sat dangerously close to the tip of your tongue, threatening to break free at any second. The feeling had a way of creeping its way in during even the simplest of moments, like when the two of you would sit on his living room floor, surrounded by notes, and tools, and pieces of his costume as you brainstormed ways to make it better. Or when he would hold you against his chest for as long as you needed after a really bad day— even if his day had been worse. Often, it showed up during times like these, when you were nearly overwhelmed by the happiness of just having Izuku in your life.

But there was always an underlying fear that held you back.

You felt him tense in surprise at your sudden confession, and a blush spread across your face as you walked on in silence, the feeling of regret consuming you with each moment that passed. Before, the silence had been comfortable— with him, they always were— but this? This was torture.

You stared straight ahead, your face hot with embarrassment as your mind began to race.

What if it was too soon and you made things weird?

What if he didn’t feel the same way?

What if he never would?

What if—

“I love you, too.”


Almost every outcome had crossed your mind, but for some reason, you never expected this one.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi smirks down at you, giving an amused hum before placing a soft kiss in the crook of your neck. You let out a quiet moan, head falling to the side as your hands grip the sheets beneath you. Your mind focuses on the sensation of Hitoshi’s fingers stroking you slowly through the fabric of your underwear, and you shift your hips, pressing encouragingly into his touch.

“You’re enjoying this already, aren’t you?” He asks.

A shiver rolls through your body as you give a quick nod in response. He pulls back to look at you, and your eyes flutter open to meet his lazy gaze. It always amazed you that your boyfriend could manage to keep such a calm demeanor while doing such naughty things to you. Hitoshi was a pro at keeping himself under control, and he loved using that to his advantage whenever he felt like teasing you.

You tremble with pleasure when he brushes lightly against your clit, and you shift your hips and open your legs a bit wider in an attempt to feel more.

“I-I’d enjoy it even more if you’d just get on with it,” you reply. He loved to take his time with you, and it drove you absolutely insane.

Hitoshi chuckles as he pulls his hand away. “It’s impolite to be so demanding, (Y/n). I could just leave you like this,” he reminds you.

“No!” You beg, nearly cutting him off. A wave of heat courses through you as you feel the need to have Hitoshi’s hands on you again. “I-I mean, please don’t!”

“That’s a little better.” He smirks at you and sits back, hooking a finger around the waistband of your underwear. “You really should learn to be more patient.”

You ignore his comment as you lift your hips up, allowing him to pull the garment down towards your ankles, where you kick them carelessly onto the floor. You draw your knees up again and let them fall open as Hitoshi rests his hand over your entrance, his thumb rubbing small circles over your clit. He leans in and kisses you, nipping at your bottom lip and teasing your tongue with his own. You moan against his lips as he slowly presses his finger into you, stopping at the second knuckle and curling it slightly.

Hitoshi’s free hand pushes up the hem of your shirt, and shaky breath escapes you when he pulls away from your lips in favor of trailing kisses and bites down your exposed stomach. As his finger slides in and out of your slit, you can’t help but writhe in pleasure beneath him.

“Hitoshi,” you gasp. You open your eyes again, watching closely as he makes his way down to your opening. He withdraws his finger, and you can’t keep yourself from whining at the loss.

Hitoshi peers up at you, mischief and desire in his eyes as he lightly runs his tongue along your folds. Your mouth falls open and your breath hitches at the new sensation. It was amazing, really— he always managed to reduce you to an absolute mess. As his hands push your thighs a bit further apart, and he presses his tongue deeper into you, you can’t help but think about how much you fucking loved it.

The feeling of Hitoshi’s warm breath fanning against you sends shivers down your spine, and you thread your fingers through his messy purple locks. You give his hair a tug, groaning as he grips your thighs more firmly and quickens his pace.

When his tongue slides over your clit a moment later, your eyes squeeze shut, and you can’t stop yourself from crying out in pure bliss. Hitoshi takes this as encouragement and presses his finger against you once more, teasing you by just barely dipping his finger into your slit as he strokes you. He moans into you and your hips roll forward while you practically throb with desire for more friction.

He pushes a second finger into you and everything around you starts to blur. “O-oh, fuck,” you breathe. Your mind clouds over, and soon you can only focus on how amazing Hitoshi was making you feel. He pumps his fingers in and out of you, pace matching up to the rhythm of his tongue against you as you beg him for more.

You swear you can see stars when he curls his fingers just right, and brushes against something inside of you that sends a wave of ecstasy flowing through your body. Your voice trembles along with the rest of you as his name falls from your lips, and you begin to feel that familiar knot working it’s way into your lower abdomen. You were getting close, and judging by the way Hitoshi quickens his pace and presses more firmly into you, he was well aware of your situation.

You squirm as he sucks at your clit, the knot in your stomach winding tighter at the feeling of his tongue and fingers moving inside you. Hitoshi is the only word you can remember right now, and it falls from your mouth repeatedly as your release comes closer and closer.

He suddenly angles his digits up, and your body convulses in pleasure as absolute ecstasy washes over you. Your back curves and you can feel your eyes water as a loud cry forces it’s way out of your throat. Specks of light flash behind your closed lids as Hitoshi continues thrusting his fingers in and out of you, drawing your orgasm out for as long as possible.

He slows to a stop, and you finally relax into the mattress beneath you. You open your eyes to look at him once more, chest heaving as you inhale deeply in an effort to catch your breath. Hitoshi pulls back from you, and you watch as he withdraws his fingers from your core before placing them into his mouth. He makes a show of relishing he taste before pulling them slowly back out.

Your face flushes and Hitoshi gives a light laugh as he makes his way back up your body, pausing to place a kiss on your lips before shifting and settling in beside you. “Wasn’t that worth the wait?”

“That was... pretty fucking great,” you admit. You turn onto your side to face him, glancing down when your thigh grazes against something stiff. Your eyes meet his, and a devious glint flashes through them as you reach down and run your hand over the bulge between his legs. He leans into your touch, and you move your hand away, giggling when he groans in frustration.

“You know, Hitoshi,” you sing, grin on your face as you climb on top of him. “You really should learn to be more patient.”