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My Hero Academia One shots

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If anyone had asked you, you would have told them that your favorite thing about your job was the people watching. Coffee shops attracted a wide variety of people— young, old, heroes, civilians, you name it. You had been working there for a little over a year now, and even though you had gotten to know quite a few regulars, you could always count on your job to bring you someone new to observe every time you worked.

Yup, if anyone had asked you, that’s what you would’ve said.

However, your coworkers knew that this wasn’t exactly true. If anyone asked them, they would say that you liked person watchingIt didn’t take them long at all to notice how your eyes would linger on a certain purple haired U.A. student every time he walked in. Each of them saw firsthand how you would become a nervous mess whenever he talked to you, and whenever it happened, they wasted no time in teasing you about it.

Just like they were doing right now.

“Check it out, (Y/n)! Your boyfriend is here~” Your coworker sings as they elbow you in the side.

You ignore their comment, and glance up at the door just in time to watch the boy in question to enter the cafe. He used to come in just once a week or so, but recently you had been seeing him a lot more often.

You smile and wave at him as you step over to the register to take his order. “Wow, Shinsou-kun ,” you giggle. “I don’t think we’ve ever seen you this many times in one week before.”

Shinsou rubs the back of his neck and lets out a tired groan. “I’m absolutely exhausted. All of this extra training and studying I’m doing for exams is kicking my ass.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right place,” you say. “Should I get the usual started for you?” You grab a cup and pull a marker out of your apron pocket, ready to scrawl down his order.

“Actually, I could use some extra energy today.”

“Oh? So do you want to add a shot of espresso then?” You ask.

“Add three,” he answers.

You could feel the look of concern that spread across your face. That was a lot of caffeine. “But… your drink already comes with five shots of espresso. A-are you sure?”

When he had told you a couple of months ago that he was going to start working harder than ever to become a hero, you had encouraged him, but you also warned him to not push himself too hard. As you looked at each other from across the counter, you couldn’t help but notice that the bags under those tired purple eyes seemed even darker today.

“I still have ton of studying I have to stay up for tonight,” he sighs, shoulders sagging. “So yeah, I’m sure.”

“Seriously though, that’s way over the daily recommended amount of caffeine,” you insist.

Shinsou considers how easy It would be for him to use his quirk and just make you do it, but the thought of using his power on you, even for something so small, just felt wrong to him. “Are you… worried about me or something?”

“Yes,” you blurt out. “You can’t just replace actual sleep with caffeine!”

You can feel your coworkers watching you, and within seconds your entire face heats up. As you start stuttering, you can only pray that you weren’t actually blushing as hard as you thought you were. “I- I mean I’d be j-just as worried about any of my other regulars ordereding something like this!”

A playful smile tugs at Shinsou’s lips as he watches you become more flustered the harder you tried to explain yourself. You were just so cute with that pink tint to your face— especially when he was the one who had caused it.

When you see him smirk, you give up on trying to explain yourself and instead take a deep breath in an attempt to calm yourself down. “You can’t become a badass hero if you die of a caffeine induced heart attack before you finish school!”

The amused look on Shinsou’s face nearly sends your nerves into overdrive. “Fine. Just add one then,” he agrees. “If it’s really as bad for me as you say, I suppose I should be a bit more cautious.”

“Y-yeah, you should be!” You agree, almost too eagerly, as a grin of relief stretches across your face. You quickly jot his order down onto the side of the cup, pausing just as you were about to write his name. Instead, you write him a note.

Since you were the cashier today, you wouldn’t get the chance to draw a heart in his drink like you usually did, so you settle on giving him some words of encouragement— in your own way, of course.

“Anything else I can get for you?”

“Nah, that’s it.”

You’re more than relieved when the rest of the transaction goes over without you embarrassing yourself further. Once Shinsou walks away, it takes everything in you to ignore the teasing looks from your coworkers when you hand one of them his order.

Your gaze travels down to the hand off counter a few minutes later when one of your coworkers calls out Shinsou’s name. He picks his drink up with a quick ‘thanks’, but hesitates when he notices way more writing than usual on the cup.

“He’s been visiting a lot more often lately, hasn’t he, (Y/n)?” Another coworker asks knowingly. “I wonder why that might be…”

“Yeah, I wonder why,” you breathe as you watch him scan the message you’d left. When his face starts to turn pink, and his eyes dart over to meet yours, the corners of your lips tug upwards. “Maybe I’ll work up the courage to ask him next time.”

Shinsou waves to you, blush still on his face as he turns to walk out the door. You feel the telltale flutter of anticipation in your stomach at the idea of your next meeting, and soon, your thoughts reflect the sweet note you had left for the purple haired boy.

‘Take care of yourself, hero…’