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This Song Saved My Life ~Donatello Hamato~

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        There was a girl who was never somebodies. Basically she lived in an orphanage her whole life. But a song she listened too gave her life. It was the song that saved her life. And that song had helped her get a bit better, even though she had bullies and was still depressed. She learned to ignore the ignorance and learned to embrace the love that she never gotten. It hurt still but she learned that the pain could be dulled. This is her story. The story of Elizabeth, the girl that stole Donnie's heart.

        Yet it was hard and it took everything from her. She didn't even know that she was capable to even capture a turtle heart much less one where he thought he loved April. But that shall be a story for another time. Anyways her whole life had always been about scavenging for food, or anything she could get her hands on.


But that all changed on one day.


That is where we start.