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Hello, dearest readers!

I hope everyone's having a nice day, which is about to get even better because I am finally posting my new story! I thought that I'd need longer to get started, but I've been so inspired for the past few weeks that I've been writing nonstop. So updates will be frequent for the first few chapters.

First I want to once again thank everyone who read Connections and left kudos/comments. That story was, in my opinion, the most complex and difficult one that I've ever written, so I am glad that people enjoyed it.

This one will be significantly different. It will be darker, more intense and the focus will be different. Even though this is still mainly a Gruvia story, there will be less scenes with them for reasons you'll find out in chapter 3. That doesn't mean that their relationship won't be developed through this story, though.

If you're a fan of Jerza, Lyredy, ElfEver, GaLe and Miraxus, you've chosen the right story. All of these couples will have a chance to shine. I've even decided to add some scenes with StingxYukino and CobraxKinana, knowing they are also rather popular. 

Before we begin with the chapter, here are a few IMPORTANT WARNINGS:

1- I initially rated this story M, but then changed my mind. I decided it's best if I just warn that this may include scenes with extreme VIOLENCE, as well as topics such as MURDER and SUICIDE

2- Despite the fact that I'm using the Tartarus Arc as base for this story, it's turning out to be a lot different from the anime/manga. So don't be surprised if events happen in a different order, with different characters or don't happen at all.

Happy reading! Don't forget to review, follow and favorite.

Down- Vampire Diaries

I shot for the sky
I'm stuck on the ground
So why do I try?
I know I'm gonna fall down.
I thought I could fly,
So why did I drown?
You never know why
It's coming down, down, down.

June of X681…

" Lord Zeref?" The dark wizard barely moved.

" Something's not right." Mard Geer, leader of Tartarus, told Seilah, the first of the nine demon gates.

" What should we do?" She asked in return, eyeing the unconscious mage who lay in the middle of the forest.

"I'm not sure." The underworld king replied, looking worried for his creator.

"Do you think he had an encounter with him?" There was no need for her to specify, Mard Geer knew exactly who she was referring to.

"Perhaps." He replied, lost in thought.

" It wasn't Acnologia." A whisper. Their eyes widened.

" Lord Zeref?" Seilah tried again.

" Yes." Slowly, dark eyes opened and a groan of pain left his lips.

" Are you injured, master?" Mard Geer asked, concerned.

" Not exactly." The dark wizard replied before attempting to sit up. He looked like he was dying, which made no sense. "I simply made the mistake of trusting the wrong person."

" Who?" Seilah asked, interested. Zeref wasn't exactly known for going around making friends and trusting people. How could he, when he was known as the infamous and hated dark wizard?

"No one important." He shrugged it off. "What is, though, is the fact that she tried to poison me."

" Poison you? Doesn't she know who you are?" The underworld king asked.

" She did. As it turns out, her family lived in one of the villages where I resided a few years ago." Understanding crossed their faces. Many villages had been wiped out because of Zeref's inability to control his deadly powers. It's not as if he aimed to kill so many people, but it happened anyways.

" So she wanted revenge, huh?" Mard Geer said, a smirk appearing upon his face."Let me give it to her."

" That won't be necessary." The dark wizard shook his head almost instantly. "I have no desire to have her blood in my hands." There was a pause before a small smile appeared on his face. "Besides, if she hadn't poisoned me, I wouldn't have found the solution to all my problems."

" What solution?" Seilah asked, confused. They were aware of Zeref's ultimate desire to die since they had been the first two demons he ever created and the ones he trusted most.

" Poison." He replied, confusing them. "It surprised me too, but it seems as if even I'm affected by it."

" Perhaps, but it's clearly not enough to break the curse." Mard Geer pointed out.

" Maybe not a regular poison." Zeref said, his smile growing. "However, if I can create a more potent one, I'm sure no curse will stop me from achieving my final goal."

" How do you plan on doing that, master?" Seilah asked and he stood up, groaning in the process.

" That's simple." He replied, looking at them intensely. "All I need to do is create an Etherion that can turn water into poison."

" It's a brilliant idea." Mard Greer praised, though he didn't look so impressed.

" It's better than waiting. I can't do that any longer." Zeref sighed, looking away for a moment as a faraway look came upon his face.

" I understand." Seilah told him, eyes just as cold as always.

"How may we help you, my lord?" The other man asked.

" Start looking for mages that use water magic. I need to find the most powerful one to be used." Their eyes widened.

" A human? Are you sure?" Mard Geer asked and he smiled.

" Yes. I have no doubt we'll find one strong enough to endure the transformation." It might've taken nearly 100 years, but he did.

Present day…

Juvia Lockser woke up to the sound of people chatting. For a few moments, she was confused because she had no idea where she was or how she had gotten there. The strange people talking made her nervous, so the water mage slowly opened her eyes in order to see her captors. Her confusion only increased when she realized that she was in what seemed to be a hospital room and the strangers were actually two doctors and the mayor of the city.

"What's going on?" She sat up before asking them and the three looked at her.

"Miss. Lockser, you're finally awake." The mayor greeted her cheerfully.

"It was about time." One of the doctors said.

"Where am I?" She looked around the strange room suspiciously.

"In the main hospital of Oak Town. I brought you here after you were found unconscious in the main park two days ago." Juvia took a few minutes to comprehend what he was saying. Oak Town. The main park. The job. The strange man.

"Wait, two days ago?" This wasn't good. If two days had passed, then it was already September 22nd. Her birthday.

"Yes, miss. We were concerned when it took you so long to recover, but after finally stopping this eternal rain, I assume your magic powers were significantly reduced." One of the doctors explained. She knew it wasn't true, but didn't say anything. Her mind focused on what she needed to do: return to Fairy Tail.

"Well, thank you for looking after me." She stood up, ignoring their worried looks. "But I must be going now."

"I don't believe that's a good idea. You should stay a few more days until you've fully recovered." One of the doctors advised, but she shook her head.

"No, I've rested enough. I'm perfectly okay." It wasn't a lie, she felt fine, except maybe for the horrible feeling that something wasn't right with her friends. Same feeling she had gotten when Gray had left for his own mission.

Her eyes widened. Gray. He would be back by now and worrying about her. The last thing she wanted was for him to come looking for her, so she needed to go back soon.

"Alright, then." The mayor didn't put up much of a fight, knowing better than to argue with a Fairy Tail member. "I ask that you please accept this reward for completing your mission." He handed her the jewels and Juvia accepted them and shook his hand before asking for her clothes. The doctors handed them to her, still eyeing her worriedly and she ignored them before going to the bathroom and getting dressed.

She arrived at the train station about half an hour later and quickly bought a ticket to Magnolia. The thought of going home scared her, because she had no idea what she'd find there.

At Fairy Tail… ( 10 AM)

"We're done here!" Lisanna Strauss called from her spot on the ceiling of the guild hall, Bixlow by her side.

"Wonderful, Lisanna. The balloons look great!" Mirajane praised, a large smile on her face. A fake one too, though only her siblings would be able to tell.

"We're done too." Kinnana and Laki said as they showed Mira the perfectly wrapped presents.

"So many presents. Juvia sure is one lucky girl." Warren said as him and Max worked on wrapping the few ones left.

"She deserves it after so many years without even celebrating her birthday." Kinnana reminded them and they nodded.

"Of course!" Mira said, excited.

"Where are Evergreen and Freed with the food? I'm starving!" Gajeel complained as him and Levy approached the others.

"What are you doing here?" Mira asked, exasperated.

"You're supposed to be guarding the door." Cana reminded them and he shrugged.

"Sabertooth arrived, so Gajeel told them to keep watch." The petit bluenette explained, rolling her eyes at her boyfriend.

"You're so lazy." Cana complained and he looked offended.

"Hey, nobody said I couldn't pass on the job." He protested before turning to Mira. "But seriously, the food…"

"They're still helping Yajima prepare it." She told him, making him frown.

"They're taking too long. This way Juvia will arrive and it still won't be ready." Before anyone could say anything else, there was a collective shout coming from the front door.

"We're back!" Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at the group of 5 (7, if you count the exceeds).

"Wow, this place looks awesome!" Natsu said as he took a look around.

"Yeah, you guys did a great job." Lucy praised, smiling at everyone.

"So did you, apparently." Master Makarov said, jumping from the second floor where he had previously been talking to Laxus. "I'm proud of you for completing that emergency request so quickly."

"It was nothing." Gray shrugged it off before his expression turned to worried. "Where is Juvia?"

"She's not back yet." Gajeel replied, crossing his arms.

"Why not? I thought her mission was rather simple." Erza questioned.

"Not that simple. The rain in Oak Town wasn't natural, I'm sure of it." A new voice was heard and everyone turned to Rogue, who entered the guild.

"What do you mean it wasn't natural?" Levy asked, suddenly concerned for her friend.

"I went there a few days ago to get some forms from the orphanage." He explained, pain crossing his face at the last word. "I could feel a strong presence, probably a mage. They must've caused the rain." Their eyes widened.

"If there was someone behind it, that changes everything." Gray said and Gajeel nodded.

"I've been telling you that something about this mission didn't feel right." He gave a pointed look towards his girlfriend.

"What should we do, master? Should we go there and help her?" Erza asked and Makarov shook his head.

"No. You just returned from a hard mission of your own, you should rest." He turned to the iron dragon slayer before he could say anything. "It's been two days since she left. I have no doubt that she'll arrive in time for her birthday, so why don't we wait until 1 PM and if she's not here you can go?"

"Fine." Gajeel sighed and Levy placed a comforting hand on his arm.

"She'll be fine." She whispered reassuringly.

"You've said that many times for the past two days." A pause. "I won't believe until I see it with my own eyes." He looked at Gray, knowing the ice mage was the only one who felt the way he did.

"Now, here's what we're going to do." Master Makarov spoke, calling everyone's attention. "We'll finish getting this party ready before Juvia comes here. Once it's over, you can tell me everything about your mission."

"I don't think we should wait, master." Erza told him while sharing worried looks with her comrades.

"The information we achieved in Sun Village is very important." Carla added, giving the master a pointed look.

"I'm sure it is, but it can wait. You've been working so hard for the past few weeks, my children. You deserve to have a break today." They nodded in agreement. After all, there was no harm in waiting a little longer to tell master about their discovery regarding Tartarus. It's not as if the dark guild had made their move yet. Or at least, that's what they thought.

Meanwhile, in Antartica...

"This place sucks." Cobra commented while staring at the empty village.

"It's not that bad." Midnight shrugged while using his magic to reinforce the fire he had created.

"It's too cold. Couldn't we move somewhere that didn't have eternal winter?" Angel complained.

"Sorry, but this was the only place I knew they'd never find us." Jellal apologised.

"How did you even know about it, anyways?" Cobra asked, curious.

"You said you knew someone who lived here. Who was it?" They had been wondering that ever since they had arrived at the snowy village two days before. Seeing the ruins that represented the once blooming town reminded them of their own home towns that were destroyed when they were captured before becoming slaves in the Tower Of Heaven.

"Gray Fullbuster." Jellal replied after a few moments. He didn't see any harm in revealing that piece of information.

"I remember that guy. He was the one I fought many years ago." Racer said, having returned from his morning run around the village.

"So he lived here, huh?" Cobra said, looking around interestedly.

"No wonder he became an ice mage. This place is freezing." Angel said, adjusting the cape that covered her body.

"It's not freezing, you're just not adequately dressed." Midnight pointed out.

"There's no way I'm going to put on those horrible clothes you picked for me." She shook her head while glaring and he simply shrugged.

"It's your loss." The others watched, unsurely. These two had never been close, Angel took more liking to Cobra while Midnight spent time with his father. However, ever since their escape, they were all forced to spend time together and something changed. They didn't know what it was, but the dynamic between these two was definitely different.

"Next time ask me before picking them." Angel continued their argument.

"It's not as if I had time for that, we are on the run in case you've forgotten." Midnight remarked and she sighed.

"How could I ever forget?" That caused silence to fall over the group as each thought about their situation.

"I'm really getting sick of this." Racer said after a few minutes.

"Me too. How long will we have to keep hiding?" Cobra put in.

"I don't know." Jellal replied with a sigh as everyone turned to him. "But at least the Council's not looking for us now, they're too busy with Dorenbolt's trial." The mention of the agent who had helped them escape, risking his own life, brought more uncomfortable silence.

"I wonder how that went." Cobra curiously said after a few moments.

If only they knew.

Back at Fairy Tail… ( 11 AM)

While Natsu, Lucy, Erza and Wendy joined the rest of the guild in getting everything ready for Juvia's birthday party, Master Makarov went back to the second floor. After finishing his conversation with Laxus and allowing the young man to join the others, he went to his office.

"You should've told them." The white exceed who sat on his table told him while he was closing the door.

"I know." The older man sighed before walking towards the desk and sitting down.

"Why didn't you? Aren't you worried about Juvia?" Carla asked.

"I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't. But I think it's best not to alarm them yet." She shook her head.

"Of course it is!" Her stare was hard when she looked at him. "We agreed to do it after the wedding, yet it's been 5 days and nothing."

"I'm sorry that I've forced you to lie, Carla." Makarov apologized sincerely. "But you've seen how stressed they were with the situation regarding Juvia and Lucy's parents, then this mission they just took. They deserve to have some time to rest."

"I know they do. I'm just really worried that if we don't tell them it will be too late." Carla said, shivering at the thought of the two horrible visions regarding Juvia's fate.

"It won't." He affirmed. "I would never let one of my children get hurt."

"So why did you stop Gajeel from looking for Juvia?" Makarov sighed.

"I'm not sure. But I know a way for us to make sure that she's alright before sending anyone." She raised eyebrows in confusion.

"How?" He smiled.

"Follow me to the infirmary and you'll see." He began walking towards the door and the flying cat followed him as asked. They both couldn't help but feel guilty for keeping her visions a secret for so long, but they knew that the last thing that Gray and Juvia needed was to learn about it after all that they had been through.

At the infirmary…

"Can we listen to it again? Please?" Lyon asked as he sat on a chair by Meredy's side. The pinkette sat on the bed, dressed in a short midnight blue dress that had become her new attire since finding out about her pregnancy.

"Really?" She almost laughed at his excitement. It was incredible how interested he was in anything regarding her pregnancy, she would've never expected it.

"It's amazing." He replied, shrugging and Porlyusica smiled.

"It truly is." She agreed before using her magic once again. Within seconds they could hear the sounds of their child's heartbeats and Lyon's smile enlarged. It wasn't the first time they heard it, that had been two weeks before, but it amazed him every time.

"Tell me, grandma, how long do you think it will be before I start showing?" Meredy asked after a few moments of silence.

"You're at 11 weeks, so I'd say in about 4 to 5 weeks." Lyon was amazed.

"So we'll be able to feel her by then?" The pinkette smiled. She had always suspected that they were having a girl and a few days before Lyon had told her that he agreed.

"Perhaps." Porlyusica replied before looking between them curiously. "Have you two discussed the living arrangements like I suggested?"

"We have, but there is no agreement." The ice mage replied after sharing a look with Meredy.

"There would be if you weren't so stubborn." She whispered and his eyes widened.

"I'm stubborn?" Lyon asked in disbelief. "You're the one who refused to move in with me."

"Wait, you asked her to move in with you?" Porlyusica asked, nearly glaring at him.

"He thinks that just because we're having this baby together, we should live together." Meredy replied before crossing her arms.

"I just want to be closer to her. She's my daughter too." He argued and she shook her head.

"That doesn't mean we have to live together." The healer nodded in agreement.

"I don't believe that's the best option. Living in the same house will only be confusing for everyone, considering that you two aren't together." Silence followed that statement as both considered their decision.

"That's true." Lyon agreed. "But you can't stay with Juvia forever either."

"I know. But I just…I don't have any money, so it's not as if I can afford an apartment of my own." Meredy sighed. "I don't know what to do."

"We can talk to Makarov, see if he can help." Porlyusica suggested.

"In any case, you could stay with me until you figure it out." Lyon pushed. "I don't mind the company and my house's too big anyways." He added before she could protest.

"I don't know." Meredy bit her lip, unsure. Moving in with him, even if for only a few weeks, could be disastrous.

Taking out the fact that it would make things even weirder between them, being around him for so long might reveal growing feelings she had tried very hard to suppress since she knew that he was still working on moving on from Juvia. The last thing she wanted was to make their lives even more complicated by falling in love with him. Because no matter how much she had been denying it over the past few weeks, that wasn't the most unlikely possibility.

"May I come in?" A knock on the door interrupted Meredy's response.

"Of course." She quickly told the Fairy Tail master, wanting to end this conversation as soon as possible.

"What brings you here, Makarov?" Porlyusica asked.

"I came to see Meredy." The older man replied, turning to the surprised pinkette while Carla stayed by the door. "I need your help with something important."

"Of course." She replied, eager to help.

"What is it, master Makarov?" Lyon asked, worried.

"It's Juvia." Carla was the one who answered. "We fear she might be in danger."

"What kind of danger?" The ice mage asked, standing up, ready to help as well.

"And how can I help?" Meredy was confused.

"You can help us track her down to make sure she's okay." He replied and Porlyusica's face was firm.

"No. She can't use magic, you know that." She warned and Makarov sighed.

"I do. And I wouldn't ask her to do it if it wasn't absolutely necessary." While the healer looked unsure, the young girl stood up from the bed with Lyon's help. She knew that using magic could put her child's life at risk, but Juvia had been there for her when she needed her most and Meredy wasn't about to let her down.

"I know the risks, but I'm ready to do what it takes to save Juvia." The master smiled upon seeing her determination.

"Spoken like a true Fairy Tail member." Seeing Porlyusica's worried look, he quickly explained his plan. "All I need is for you to form a link between Juvia and someone who cares about her. Can she do that?"

"Yes. That shouldn't take too much magic energy." The healer reluctantly agreed.

"You can link me to her, then." Lyon suggested.

"Wonderful. Shall we do this?" Makarov stared between the two mages, easily sensing the tension between them.

"Of course." Meredy replied before turning to the ice mage. "This might hurt." He nodded.

"I can take it." She smiled, though there was pain behind it.

"Okay. Now, you have to think about her so that I can link you." Meredy sighed as she tried to ignore the hurt. She couldn't focus on it, not when Juvia's life was on the line.

Juvia was sitting on the train, on her way to Magnolia, when she felt pain in her arm. Her eyes widened once she spot the familiar pink bracelet. A sensory link? To whom?

"Strange." She tried to ignore it as worry filled her. Had her friends realized that something wasn't right when she didn't contact them? Could they be looking for her?

"I might as well tell them that I'm alright." She took a few deep breaths in an attempt to calm herself so that whoever was linked to her (probably Gray) would feel it.

At Yajima's restaurant… ( 11:20 AM)

"So, is it true?" Freed asked his comrade as she worked on the birthday cake while he took care of the snacks.

"What's true?" Evergreen asked, confused.

"Come on, Ever. You know what I'm talking about." Her expression didn't change.

"You'll have to be more specific." He sighed.

"Fine." Before he could ask, Yajima appeared on the kitchen.

"Less talking, kids. We still have a lot of work to do." He told them and both frowned.

"We've been working all morning. Can't we take a break?" The brunette complained.

"I wish we could, but we need to have this done by 12:00." The party was supposed to start then, which meant they had less than an hour.

"It's not fair, why did Bixlow manage to get out of this?" She asked.

"He's probably hanging around with Lisanna." Freed replied, shrugging.

"You know, these two have become very close lately. Too close." Evergreen commented.

"Less talking, more working." Yajima repeated, making her frown. Before she could come up with a snarky reply, the door to the restaurant was opened and in came a figure wearing a hood.

"Laxus?" Freed asked, confused to why the blonde man would be there when he had been assigned by Mira as the entertainment manager. (Yeah, right.) The stranger said nothing, but the next thing they knew a hurricane was tearing down the restaurant and they were all thrown back.

"What on earth?" Freed asked once it was over and he found himself knocked on the ground, Evergreen and Yajima on each side of him.

"What is this guy?" The older man yelled just before the attacker went for him.

"Yajima, no!" The fairy woman yelled. Thankfully Freed was quick enough to defend him, but with only a single push he was sent flying away.

Evergreen stood up slowly, getting ready to attack him. Just before she could do so, though, she remembered that she couldn't use magic. Not anymore. "Damn it!" Her terrified eyes faced the hooded man, who smirked.

"You're helpless." An attack was sent her way as he decided to get rid of her before going after his true target. The brunette watched the hurricane fearfully, knowing she couldn't block it. Couldn't do anything except avoiding it, but something was gluing her to that place. She couldn't move.

"Elfman, I'm sorry." She whispered as tears began streaming down her face. She closed her eyes, trying to picture her boyfriend.

This was it. She would never see him again and they would never have the life they had been planning. It was over. Or at least that's what she thought.

Sometimes, even in the darkest of times, light can be found and fate can be changed.

"Are you even listening to me?" Lisanna Strauss asked her older brother as they stood on a corner of the guild.

"Sorry, I just got a bad feeling." Elfman replied, looking worried.

"About Ever?" He nodded.

"I feel like…she's in danger." The young girl frowned.

"She's at Yajima's restaurant now, right? What could possibly happen to her there?" His eyes darkened.

"I don't want to think about it." He replied before his gaze went towards the previous subject of their conversation, Mirajane.

"Mira's definitely not okay." Lisanna nodded.

"I recognize that fake smile too." They were the only ones to notice something wasn't quite right with their older sister.

"What should we do?" He asked.

"That's what I was telling you. We should talk to Laxus. Maybe he can help." She replied.

"I doubt he'd talk about it." Elfman disagreed, remembering Laxus' expression once he was leaving the supply closet two days before. Whatever happened there he would surely not want to discuss.

"I just don't get it. Why would Mira be so harsh with him?" The youngest Strauss wondered.

"You didn't see how much she was crying, Lis. She obviously didn't mean it." Another sigh.

"Then why did she do it?" He shrugged, unsure.

"I don't know. But she's been acting weird for the past few days." He pointed out and Lisanna nodded.

"Yes, ever since that last appointment with Porlyusica after we returned from our latest mission." He frowned upon remembering it.

"That's right. I noticed that before, why didn't we talk to her again?" Her response was interrupted by a loud scream as Sting and Yukino entered the guild.

"Guys, you have to see this!" Their faces were filled with horror as the dragon slayer held onto the newspaper.

"What the hell are you doing?" Gajeel asked, glaring at the blonde.

"I'm sorry for barging in like this, but Rufus just gave it to us and you have to see it." Yukino told everyone. Lucy, Natsu, Gray and Erza, who had been talking, approached the door.

"What's in it?" Gray asked, curious.

"There was an attack on the council two days ago." Sting revealed while showing them the front page of the newspaper where there was an image of the destroyed ERA building.

"Oh My God!" Lucy's hands jumped to her mouth as she stared at it in shock. Everyone gasped.

"That's not even the worse part." The dragon slayer continued.

"The council members….they're all dead." Yukino said and everyone gasped. Dead? The Council members? Not possible!

"Let me see this!" Natsu yelled, taking the newspaper from Sting's hands.

"Shit!" Gray's face paled once he read it.

"Do they know who's behind it?" Erza asked, already having a guess.

"They said it was a member of Tartarus." Sting revealed and the 5 members of Team Natsu shared a look.

"Just as we feared." The red head said.

"What do you mean, Erza?" Mira asked. The guild hall was silent as everyone payed attention to the conversation.

"On our mission, we found out some things about Tartarus." Lucy told them, still in shock.

"Like what?" Gajeel asked.

"Apparently, those jerks were responsible for what happened in the Sun Village" Gray replied and many people raised their brows in confusion.

"That's not important." Natsu said. "But anyways, we talked to my uncle because he was there and…"

"Wait, who?" Gajeel interrupted.

"Atlas Flame; he's one of the dragons we fought during the Games." Lucy quickly explained.

"But anyways, he said that…" Natsu was interrupted once again.

"You're safe. Safe." A relieved whisper.

"Juvia?" Gray asked, eyes widening.

"You're okay." Gajeel whispered, relief crossing his face. Levy and Lucy smiled.

"What's happening here?" The bluenette asked, looking around the decorated room in confusion.

"Oh, that's right." Mira put on a bright smile. "Happy birthday!" Many people yelled the same and Juvia couldn't help but to smile.

"You didn't have to do all of this. Thank you!" For a moment she forgot about the terrible secrets she had uncovered, she forgot all about Zeref, Tartarus and E.N.D. Instead, her mind focused on the amazing friends who had worked hard to make this day a special one for her.

"Isn't she the cutest?" Cana asked, a smirk on her face.

"I'm so glad to see that you're alright." Gray told her while taking a few steps. As soon as he was close enough, the water mage threw her arms around him, not caring who saw. He was caught off guard by the force behind the hug, but wrapped his arms around her anyways.

For a few moments they just held each other, content to be together again.

"I think I'm gonna throw up." Natsu joked.

"Shut up, flame breath!" Gajeel told him while glaring.

"You want to pick a fight with me?" The pink haired boy asked.

"Seriously?" Levy asked, eyeing the two with raised brows.

"Can't you two ever behave?" Lucy added, rolling her eyes.

"I was worried." Their attention was caught by Juvia's confession once she pulled apart from the hug.

"So was I." Gray told her while holding tightly onto her hands. "At least everything turned out okay in the end."

"Yes. I missed you." A pale hand touched his face and he smiled.

"I missed you too." They leaned in for a passionate kiss as her hands held onto his face and his arms wrapped around her waist, bringing her closer.

"Now I'm really going to throw up." Natsu whispered, ignoring the glare coming from his girlfriend.

"Do you have to do this here?" Gajeel asked and the couple pulled apart.

"If you can do it all the time, why can't they?" Cana teased, making him and Levy blush.

"Now that's interesting." Lucy smirked at her best friend.

"I recall that someone promised to give me details once I returned from my mission." Juvia said, eyeing Gajeel pointedly while Gray kept his arms around her shoulder.

"Yeah, I've been wondering what possibly caused Levy to decide to be with you." He remarked, earning a glare from the iron dragon slayer.

"Are you looking for a fight, stripper?" He warned, already getting into an offensive stance.

"Can't you leave that for later?" Macao said, approaching the group with a drink in hand.

"Yeah, wasn't there supposed to be a party?" Wabaka added.

"Before we can get to that, we need to discuss what we found out during our mission." Erza reminded everyone.

"Is that okay with you?" Lucy turned to her cousin.

"Of course. I can tell that's more important than a party." She told them, deciding to tell everyone about her own discovery once they were done.

"Okay, so as I was saying…" Natsu and Lucy began telling everyone of their mission in Sun Village while Gray filled his girlfriend in what happened to the council. Once he revealed that Tartarus was behind the attack, Juvia could feel her heart stopping as overwhelming fear filled her.

"So it seems like they might be in possession of one of Zeref's books." Erza said after Natsu began explaining their conversation with Atlas Flame. In respect to Gray, they left out the part when it was explained that an ice demon slayer had frozen the village since the ice mage wanted to ask Silver about it first.

"The book of E.N.D?" Rogue asked, face filled with horror.

"If they have the book for summoning E.N.D then we don't stand a chance." Levy remarked, terrified.

"Wait, what did you say? E.N.D?" Juvia asked, removing Gray's arms from around her waist as she took a step towards the group by the door.

"I suppose I don't really have a choice. I'll have to use her."

"I believe she can be strong enough. After all, she has more than showed us how unbelievably strong she is."

"But to become the new E.N.D? She's not ready."

"Yeah. According to uncle, he's supposed to be the most powerful demon." Natsu explained and her face paled. The room began spinning as the memories she had uncovered joined together.

"Whatever happens, she will not be killed." The dark wizard gave his creations warning looks.

"I'll allow her to live a normal life, away from here, in case she fails to become the new E.N.D."

"No. No." She whispered, trying to stop the flow of memories. She was barely aware of the strange looks her friends were giving her.

I'm sure you'll be of much help in destroying Fairy Tail. After all, seeing you unlock your second origin has made me finally understand why you were chosen.

It was suddenly hard to breathe and she coughed. "Juvia?" Gray asked, concerned. She didn't hear him, all she could hear was their voices. Zeref. Seilah. The nine demons.

"She's having a panic attack." Lucy quickly realized once Juvia coughed once more, attempting to breathe. Why was it suddenly so hard?

"But why?" Natsu asked, confused.

"Juvia, listen to me. You're alright, you're safe." Gray tried to call her attention, but she wasn't listening. She stumbled a bit as she attempted to breathe, to no avail. Her body temperature dropped significantly and her face became even paler.

"Juvia, come on." Gajeel pleaded and dark blue eyes met his for a moment. He was surprised by the pain reflected on her face.

"Please, no." A final shaky whisper before her eyes closed as her body went limp.

So, what did you think?

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Lastly, what do you think will happen next with Juvia? Will she tell them about Zeref's plan?

Chapter 2 will be called One Truth, Many Lies.

Here's the summary: While Jellal figures out Tartarus' next target, Fairy Tail decides to declare war against the demons. However, the stakes are raised because of Silver's disappearance and the reveal of Elfman and Evergreen's huge secret. Will they manage to protect the ones they love?

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