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Sans shakily got to his feet, eyeing the sudden wall that had ruined his shortcut. The intricate wall hadn't been there the last time he took a shortcut to this place. It was really suspicious of it to be located in the middle of nowhere.

A rough, growly voice interrupted his quick thoughts. 'shut up, shut up! gods! fuck. gods damn it, my head hurts—'

Sans froze, eyelights disappearing. He glanced around, turning, looking for the voice.

'fuck!’ the voice snarled again, ‘did i get knocked in the head or something? this better be not some stupid joke. fucking knock knock!'

Smile twitching despite his wariness, Sans asked, "who's there?"

The voice went quiet. And then he said, 'wh... where?'

Sans felt a little better about this weirdness. At least he wasn’t the only one confused. "where who?"

'yeah, where the fuck am i?' the voice snapped, sounding both irritated and upset.

Sans felt like snickering, but also felt guilt at the base of his spine. Some poor monster was having a bad day, huh? Sans understood bad days like the back of his bones. He cleared his intangible throat at the waiting silence and uttered, "it’s a snowy day out, so you're in the snowdin forest, bud."

There was that unusual silence again. Sans could count the minutes with his phalanges. '...fuck,’ the voice said to him in a rather broken, uncertain tone, ‘that can't be true. snowdin doesn't… have snow... i... i think."

Sans shifted on his feet. "snowdin has snow," he said, gesturing towards the white expanse of the trail he’d left behind. “lots and lots of snow. snow thick you can carve monuments out of it. you can even say it’s like the town’s snowed-in.”

'shit, that’s fuckin’ horrible!’ the monster laughed, and then sighed right after, ‘…but maybe yer right. i hit my head fuckin’ hard if it hurts like this.'

"where are you?” Sans asked, finally at the level of curiosity that was appropriate. That’s what he should have asked in the first place, right? “i can't see you." Sans turned around again. Based on the weight of that voice, he had to be close enough to hear, but… But there was nothing visible in the distance. Nothing but snow and twigs and trees.

'fuck.’ Sans raised a browridge at that. How many times had the monster cursed in his presence? Stars… Rarely did monsters resort to that kind of language. The monster then added hastily, “i mean, i can't see with my eyes closed, so ya gotta be somewhere, yeah? i hit my head and my eyes burns like hell.'

"are you okay? does anything else hurt?" Sans scanned the woods again, this time with more magic. Where was the other monster? How was it possible that he couldn’t sense anything? There wasn't anyone near the vicinity. Maybe it was some kind of recording device? A phone? But that would be so... ridiculous, right?

i am just fuckin’ dandy and everything hurts.

“who’s dandy?” Sans joked half-heartedly, scanning harder.

The voice ignored him and asked, 'what do yer look like?'

Sans grinned. "i'm all bones," he replied with mirth. If only he could see him, the joke would have more impact (heh).

The voice snickered, though it sounded shy this time. 'yeah. i think i am, too. shit. i can't open my eyes yet. pain's fading, but it's still there,  yer know?'

"take your time," Sans murmured softly, pocketing his hands. He sounded like he was in pain, minutely cursing under his breath. He felt… guilty. Unusually guilty with a dash of regret and curiosity. He’d never heard this monster’s voice before. What an interesting feeling to have…

'...shit. yer a nice one, ain'cha?’ There was something about the monster’s tone that sounded hesitant, distrusting, and hopeful at the same time. ‘i… i don' think i've ever heard someone say that ta me before.

"i can try healing you after this," he offered. It didn't take much to offer some kindness. It was with humans that he couldn't do that for. His brother was easier to love that way because of their family bond, but even more that Sans felt affection for him.

'tch. thanks fer that, but... oh... i...'

Sans twitched, and then frowned. "what is it?"

'i... i can't move,' the voice said with growing panic, ‘i… i’m tryin’ ta move my arm, but nothin’s moving.

Sans blinked, and then frowned even more. Wow, he really was frowning a lot right now. Usually he’d plaster a smile, but…

"where are you?" He could help the monster out if he found out where he was. He didn't know where the voice was located, but maybe it was difficult to see. Maybe he was in a part of Snowdin and... dropped a phone somewhere?

'h-huh? no. ‘m not speaking through a phone. i'm... oh. i... can see snow.'

So Sans was unknowingly speaking out loud again. He really had to curb that tendency. "see snow?"

'yeah. uh. footprints up ahead, looks like it headed my way? but i don't remember being here… or remember anythin’ at all.' The voice shook with what sounded like fear. ‘i really can’t remember.

Amnesia, Sans realized abruptly. He didn't think that applied to monsters. Could the person be... human?

'shit, no,’ the monster snapped, startling Sans with his vehemence. ‘i'm no stupid human. i know that at least. but i can't move.'

There was a budding panic, but Sans was calm. "i'll find you," he promised quietly. He would do whatever it took to help him. It wasn’t good to be out right now. A blizzard was about to start.

The voice responded after a long moment. ‘...heh, thanks.'

Sans took a step forward in his search, and then everything inside him lurched with shock. He heard a sharp gasp and his head started ringing with panic.

'fuck! i moved, but holy shit, i—'

Oh no.