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Swing and a Miss

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George scowled from his spot at the window seat. He had been sulking all night, and no one dared to go near him. He seemed to give off a menacing aura that told people to stay back.

Today definitely had not been his day. He had been late for Potions, and caught Snape in a rather nasty mood, so now George had detention with him every night for a month. Fred seemed more interested in snogging Katie Bell than making plans for their future joke shop. Umbridge had banned him from playing Quidditch. And the worst thing of all, the one that topped the cake, was that Seamus Finnigan and Harry Potter had announced that they were a couple.

George had harbored feelings for Harry Potter for the past two years, and today was the day he would finally tell the fifteen year old how he felt.

Except, Seamus Finnigan had gotten there before he did.