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Even though it was only my second day here, I was falling in love with Barbados. The turquoise water and beautiful beaches were a far better view than anything back home in the states. After finishing school and still having no clue where my life was going, I knew a solo getaway was just what I needed to get some extra perspective on life.
Finishing up a relaxing day laying on the beach I decided head up to my room, get dressed and see what this beautiful place had to offer. I found a bar just down from my hotel. It was still early and yet the bar was surprisingly packed, after sitting at the bar and meeting a few people it became clear why. A crew had just gotten into town to film for a new show, The Grand Tour. After a few drinks the bar had become extremely loud and even more crowded so I paid my tab and headed out. As I headed back in the direction of my hotel, I decided to enjoy my slight buzz and watch the sunset from the beach. Finding the closest lounge chair I sat and dug out my pack of smooths and lit up.
The waves rolling in mixed with my buzz from the alcohol and nicotine was very peaceful until it was suddenly broken.
A voice from a couple chairs down startled me

"Excuse me, may I borrow your lighter, took a swim with mine earlier and the bloody thing is shot?" a smooth gravely voice asked.

"Sure" I replied as the man stood up a stumbled slowly over.

I was in shock even in my slightly drunken state there was no denying who he was, those gorgeous ice blue eyes, the wild mop of grey hair, to be honest the object of some of my very naughty dreams, James May.

"Thank You, this place is gorgeous isn't it?' he asked as he lit his own cigarette.

Before I had a chance to reply his smooth voice spoke again
"I'm James by the way."

It took a few seconds, but once we made eye contact, my brain settled down and I was finally able to speak.

"Sorry" I replied with a slight embarrassed laugh " I'm Jessica."

As soon as our hands made contact I immediately felt the heat pulsing through his strong surprisingly soft hands. I could feel a blush rising on my face and neck thinking of all of the times I had dreamed of those hands on me.

" Lovely to meet you Jessica, would you mind if I join you?" he said releasing my hand, and breaking my from my day dreaming.

"Of course" I motioned to the other half of the lounge I was sitting on.

As he sat down I took a deep breath and went ahead with the truth

" I figured it best to get it out in the open now that I know who you are, sorry that came out wrong" I said running my hands through my hair nervously

" What i'm trying to say is that I have seen your shows." In my head I was cursing myself for the way that came out, when I finally got the courage to look back up at him after my mess he had a surprised look on his face.

"Oh" he replied a little stunned.

"I mean really who hasn't seen Top Gear, it was one of the most popular shows in the world?" I said trying to lighten the mood back to the way it was before my slightly drunken mind decided to scare him to death thinking I may be some crazy stalker.

" I guess you do have a point there." he replied rewarding me with a smile that made me weak in the knees.

" Would you like a beer?" he said motioning back towards the seat he had once occupied.

" Yes please kind sir" I replied cheekily.

As he walked back to his chair to grab our beers and his things, I slid off my sandals and reclined back in the lounge. Looking down I began realizing this was not my ideal look for meeting someone like James. Cutoff denim shorts, a flowy top showing off my faintly sunburned skin, and my hair was a mess of waves from the saltwater of today's swim. I had been able to at least take a shower and apply fresh makeup and at this moment i couldn't have been more thankful for that.
I was broken from my subconscious worrying as James sat back down on the lounge.

"Here you are" he said passing my a beer.

" Thank you sir" I replied giving him my best smile, as i watched him settle in his lounge and light another cigarette.

He began to recline his side of the lounge to match mine and with him being distracted it gave me a chance to take him all in. His hair was in its usual wild state from a day of running his hands through it, he was wearing a tight blue t-shirt that was tight in all the right places especially around his suntanned arms, paired with floral swim trunks.
Even being almost twice my age I had always found him to be incredibly sexy but him sitting here next to me he was stirring something deep inside of me straight to my core.

" So the real James May holidays in Barbados, I have to say that doesn't seem like something Captain Slow would do?"

A slight smirk came across his face as he took a sip from his beer.

"If I'm honest it's not. I prefer to stay in the comfort of Hammersmith, I'm here filming for a new show The Grand Tour." he replied finishing off his beer.

"That explains the crowd of people in the bar going on and on about it" I said slowly sipping my beer " They are a rowdy bunch I had to get out of there after a few drinks, a bit to wild for me."

"Why do you think I was sitting on the beach by myself?" he replied smugly " It is the only peace and quiet I have found since we got here."

We sat in silence for a few minuets watching the sun slowly start to sink over the horizon.

“So are you here on holiday?"

" I guess you could say that, I just finished my dissertation for my degree in Art History. So I treated myself to a getaway.” I replied finishing while finishing off the last of my drink.

“That’s tremendous, although American museums are a bit shit. " James said with a laugh

"No need for your sarcasm May, I never said America was where I am gonna pursue my passion" sticking my tongue out at him causing him to burst into his charming laugh.

"Also how do you know I am American?"

"Anyone could tell you are with that accent."

James told me after about his degree in music, which warranted me in getting some revenge by asking how well that helped in being a television car show presenter.
We spent the next half hour debating over our favorite pieces of art and music. Once the sun had completely gone down, realizing we were staying in the same hotel James asked if I would join him for a drink at the hotel bar and carry on our conversation. As we sat in a booth in the corner of the bar our conversation had gone from art and music to complete flirting.
The addition of more alcohol was also making James bolder. What had started out as playful shoves and the slight touch of his fingers brushing away the hair that had fallen in my face while laughing over old top gear stories, had soon become his hand being a permanent fixture on my leg. The way he looked at me my body felt like it was on fire, mixed with him giving me slight squeezes to my leg while emphasizing a moment in his story that sent what felt like a bolt of lighting to my core, I knew I would never be able to get enough of this man.
The time seemed to fly by in a haze of drinks, smoke, and flirting. James's phone dinged with an alert bringing us back to the real world in which the time read 2:00 A.M.

"Oh cock, I have to be up in 4 hours" James let out with a sigh while running his fingers through his hair.

" Come on May" I said grabbing his hand a dragging him from the booth "Lets have one last smoke then off to bed with you." I ordered with a wink.

" Yes madam" he replied with a sarcastic salute.

As we walked out on to the bar patio hand in hand I was dreading this night ending. Leaning back against the wall James lit his cigarette and stared up at the night sky

" So I never asked how long you were here for?" he said as I walked towards him and leaned next to him against the wall.

" Four more days in paradise for me, how about you sir?" I replied blowing small smoke rings towards him.

" The same hopefully depending on how Pinky and Perky act, maybe we will actually get this filmed on time." he said with a slight snicker " I would love to see you again if you could spare the time?”

How could I ever say no to this man, this chance encounter had genuinely one of the best nights in my life.

" I think that could be arranged" I replied with a smile reaching up to push a stray hair from his eyes.

James caught my hand as I was bringing it back to my side and placed a searing kiss to the back.

"Then I shall be the luckiest man on this island.."

Leaning in closer cupping my face letting his thumb trace lazily over my jaw. Looking up into his eyes we both knew we were thinking the same thing, before I knew it his lips were on mine. It was everything I had been hoping for as his lips caressed mine, it was pure perfection until I felt him start to pull away.
I knew I had to keep this feeling for a bit longer to make sure I wasn't just in a drunken fantasy, with that I moved my arms around his neck wrapping my fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck and drew him in closer. A delicious sound escaped James's lips as he pushed his body completely into mine.
The feel of the cold stone on my back and James's fiery heat on my front was electric. I could have stayed like that all night, but with knowing he would have to be television ready in a few hours i unwrapped my fingers and slowly leaned back letting our lips fall apart.

" Right" he said with a slight cough

" I guess I am off to bed" his voice had become deeper more lust filled, and at that moment I was regretting breaking our kiss.

As he stumbled backwards a bit and began to turn to walk back to his room I had remembered I hadn't given him anyway to contact me. I couldn't let him go with there being the promise of more time together, I needed all of the time i could get with this man and what he made me feel.

" Hold on a second you" I said reaching out to grab his arm.

I took a pen from my purse and wrote my email on his arm followed by a small heart.

" You are crazy woman" James let out with a small laugh.

" You like it" I leaned in and whispered in his ear as I released his arm, followed by a kiss on the cheek.

" Goodnight James..." I said with a smile as I turned and walked up to my room.