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Behind the Screen

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When Ash was told he had successfully obtained the main role of a League official television series, he had felt like he had landed on the moon. The requirements weren't too much, he needed to have a trained Pikachu and that was about it. Considering his father, Giovanni, was the Viridian City Gym Leader, it gave him a gigantic boost compared to the others who applied for the role. However, it didn't take long for him to realise that what seemed like a gift was actually a curse. 

As soon as he received the script, he should have tossed it into the bin because O' Holy Arceus was it a disaster. Sure, all new trainers were slightly... idiotic when they started out but none of them were anywhere near the stupidity of his character. It was as if the kid had never even heard of a Pokemon before in his life! This character was a disgrace to trainers - especially newbies across the planet - and thus a disgrace to him. Sure, Ash had only entered the league himself due to the fact his father had a job there - he just really loved being around Pokemon and still had no idea what he wanted to do in life just yet - but even he knew never to try and catch a Pokemon with a pyjama top! Heck, he even knew that Beedrill were deadly enough to KILL in a pack if angered and no net would save the provoker but nope! It was as if the writers were on drugs or something...

Still, being the young independent man he was, he took up the job. Sadly, that meant Misty had to comfort him when he broke into tears over the scene in the Pewter Gym against Brock's Onix. Of course, sprinklers did nothing to an Onix - they had to repeat the scene multiple times due to Onix enjoying himself from the shower - but the rock snake had to act as if it was agonising. That plus the obserdly hard hitting backstory the writers had given to Brock brought the poor boy to sobbing. Misty, who was pissed off herself due to her outfit and character's attitude, was close to calling the whole thing quits for the day since it was obvious her co-worker couldn't cope with the situation they had been placed in.

"CAN'T YOU SEE HE'S UPSET?!" She yelled, finally letting her temper get the better of her. "WE'VE FILMED TWO EPISODES TODAY, GIVE US A BREAK!!"

"Sorry, ma'am," One of the camera cew replied. "The boss wants us to finish this episode up today or else..."

"How much longer do we have left?" Brock asked, walking over with Onix by his side, Pikachu was snuggling into his trainer's cheek for comfort and reassurance. "It can't be that long."

"Nope!" The assistant director answered. "Just need to finish up the battle, throw the match, reveal the creepy dude as Brock's father..." A loud 'HEY!' rung from the darker areas of the studio. "And casually hand over a Gym Badge before setting the three of you up as a trio. Not much longer to go..."

Three sets of eyes blinked up at him. "Wait... what?"

"Yeah! The rematch ends with the main forfeiting, and then the Gym Leader gives the badge to the main for his kindness and on how deserving he was..." The man scratched his head as he flicked through the script. "At least that's what it says here." 

A small, brief moment of time passed before everyone settled on their reactions. Misty screamed and left, shouting "NOPE!" multiple times as she did so. Brock turned to Onix and asked his Pokemon if he could bash his head on Onix's rock. Ash shared a look with Pikachu and the two just fake fainted where they were standing. 

Yeah, the writers were on drugs, lots of them.