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Mysteries Beyond The Fog

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Tohsaka Rin couldn't stop a frown from marring her face as she watched a certain red head with a pair of very familiar swords sparring with a familiar petite blonde, something they always did whenever Fujimura-sensei was busy.

Today she had a faculty meeting at their school and to make matters even simpler, Sakura was still busy taking care of Shinji… she would admit that she was confused at how different he had become after being turned into a false grail… then again being put down by his own servant would be rather humbling for the powerless boy.

It had been over a month since the end of the Fifth Grail War, the destruction of the Holy Grail and Shirou's defeat of Gilgamesh but despite everything that they had gone through, she had found herself hitting a brick wall… she just couldn't figure out a way to get Shirou to care about himself.

And if there was one thing Rin hated, it was not being able to figure something out… well, that and Shirou's self-sacrificing tendencies, and given how those two things were currently working in tandem… well, she was not even remotely happy.

She let out a sigh as she watched him continue training with Kanshou and Byakuya, taking extra note of the speed of his swings and how easily he was now keeping up with Saber, silently marvelling at the sheer power of his Reality Marble, because she knew that despite his swings surpassing human ability, he wasn't using any reinforcement magecraft at all.

It had been about a week after the end of the Grail War that she had asked him about his fight with Gilgamesh and how he had managed to counter the servant, she had expected him to mention using a rain of swords to overwhelm the Golden King but he had instead told her about how he stopped each of his weapons with a broken copy while clashing blades with the arrogant legend.

She had simply found herself staring at him as if he had grown another head.

Even with mysteries greater than simple reinforcement, a human could rarely reach levels of ten times greater than human limits, which was E-rank on the Servant ranking scale and Gilgamesh had possessed B-rank strength, which equated to forty times greater than human limits… so how could Shirou have possibly stood up to that?

It hadn't taken long for her to figure out how it was possible.

When he finally had a breakthrough on exactly what he was doing wrong with his projections, he had caused them to undergo a massive boost in usefulness.  While before he was taking the blueprints and projecting a copy of them onto the world like any normal magus technically could (albeit, at a much greater prana cost than for him), once he had figured out the truth of his magecraft, he stopped using an advanced form of projection and turned it into its own method.

After all, he was now simply pulling premade swords out of his marble and into the real world, their forms were more stable, their power was closer to the original and most importantly, their history was manifested alongside the weapons.

Including the force with which they were swung.

Once that had been explained, Saber had tested his ability by having him trace Berserkers… chunk of rock was the best word she could come up with to describe the weapon and according to the legendary King, Shirou possessed B + Rank strength when wielding the weapon, a one rank degradation on Berserkers strength certainly… but it was still nearly twice as strong as Saber.

It was no wonder Apostles spent centuries developing them if they were capable of feats like that.

For such an anomaly to exist was beyond comprehension, then again, that was exactly what a Reality Marble was, a perception of reality so different and so strong that the user operates under a fundamentally different common sense, which in turn means that their magecraft follows completely different rules to everyone else.

That fact made her attempts at teaching him conventional magecraft incredibly difficult.

It certainly didn't help that he had a non standard element that matched his origin… 'Sword'.

To think, she had entered a ménage à trois with a person that was probably closer to being a sword than a chunk of iron.

It was no wonder he was so dense.

But that didn't stop her from acknowledging the fact that finding a way to make Shirou stop and think instead of risking his life at every inopportune moment, honestly the main problem she could think of that would make that harder was simple… neither she nor Saber were particularly weak, she was a first class magus and Saber was a Servant, neither of those were in particular need of saving unless they were facing a dead apostle and even then, she could take on a weaker apostle and Saber could probably match an Ancestor for a while.

So they were both on the higher end of the power spectrum, especially outside of a Grail War.

So neither of them really needed much protection, which would clearly let Shirou disregard their need for him, she knew that was how he thought, if someone needs protecting then they need him, if they don’t then they don't.

Then while Fujimura-sensei wasn't exactly near the powerhouse end of the spectrum, she wasn't exactly a weak little civilian in need of protecting and her grandfather ran a Yakuza group so she wasn't exactly defenceless if things went south.

Sakura didn't really qualify either, despite her closeness to him, she was someone he was comfortable leaving alone for a while… and if he knew the truth behind her he would probably destroy the Matou household so keeping her at a distance was probably a good thing.

So was there anyone that she could use to give him something to make him hesitate in throwing away his life?

Honestly she couldn't think of anyone that could fit the bill.

Even if she decided to have a child, he would probably just consider it safe in her and Saber's hands and go and risk his life anyway.

It was just so frustrating!

And it wasn't like he even had any family left alive…

She stopped her thoughts there.

Sure she knew that his parents died in the Fuyuki fire and Kiritsugu died a few years later but did he really have no surviving blood relatives?

She didn't have any herself, well, outside of her sister who she wasn't allowed to have much interaction with due to a certain agreement her father made before he died, but that didn't mean that Emiya didn't have any aunts or uncles, hell he might even have grandparents and if she could find anyone that fit the bill…

Then maybe he might start considering his own life for a change.

"Shirou, Saber, I've got something I need to do," she called out to the sparring duo, noting that the red head was breathing heavily… even if he could copy a servants strength, it didn’t necessarily mean his body could handle it without consequence, though the consequences didn't seem to last long at all.

"Will you be back in time for dinner?" the petite blond that used to rule a country asked with her ever stoic façade firmly in place.

"I think so," she admitted, it wasn't like she was going to be doing much more than going to another house on the street.

After all, if anyone could help her with what she was planning, then it would be Fujimura Raiga.




Raiga was an old man, that much was for certain.

But old did not necessarily mean weak.

Honestly she had never seen a man as old as him look so healthy and strong, so she had ended up feeling a little intimidated… though she had quickly squashed such feelings, she had faced berserker, been betrayed by Archer, nearly killed by her own teacher, faced down the King of Heroes and nearly been devoured by a corrupted Holy Grail… meeting an old Yakuza boss was not going to match those experiences.

And she was thankful she had squashed that small feeling because as soon as she had explained herself to him, he became more than willing to help her.

Apparently he had a soft spot for her boyfriend that nearly matched his soft spot for his granddaughter.

It was the first thing he asked for that made her blink a little in surprise, a piece of Shirou… literally.

Whether it be saliva, hairs, skin or blood, as long as it came from his body it should be acceptable.

Thankfully Shirou tended to shed a bit of blood in most of his spars with Saber… especially when they were using bokutō instead of blades because without the projected strength, speed and skills of the original wielders, he was no match for the rightful king of England.

And she hit hard enough to break skin.

Of course, even when they were using noble phantasm's instead of bokutō, Shirou usually ended up bleeding  at least a little and she almost always cleaned up the injuries… she supposed it was a habit that carried on from the Grail War but it would work perfectly for what she needed.

After all, according to Raiga, if any of his family have DNA records stored anywhere, then they should be capable of making a match.

Though the chances of such a thing happening was slim at best, DNA wasn't exactly kept on file for many people.

And knowing Shirou's luck, it was unlikely anything of use could be gleamed from his DNA, after all, he did have pretty bad luck in everything outside of romance and surviving fatal injuries.

Though she did have to admit, his luck in romance came mainly from the fact that he had two girlfriends who both understood him... something no normal person would be capable of doing given the simple fact that he possessed a Reality Marble.

So she cleared her head of those thoughts before returning to the Emiya house's Dojo, it had taken a bit of convincing but she had managed to convince Fujimura-sensei to allow both her and Saber to stay at his house indefinitely without the help of hypnosis.

Looking to the centre, she had to withhold a smirk at seeing the red head laying on the ground with his shirt off while Saber attempted to fix his injuries… it wouldn't have been something worth smirking over but she had eventually discovered that Saber wasn't particularly good at first aid.

Or rather, she was absolutely hopeless at it.

It was amazing just how complacent having a noble phantasm capable of healing any wound in record time had made her when dealing with injuries.

"Ah, Tohsaka!" the distorted teen called out to her, making Saber turn to look at her with an almost pleading look in her eyes, obviously she didn't like the idea of screwing up Shirou's treatment and given how she already had a need to treat his injuries in order to get what Raiga needed, she decided to assist her Servant.

The young magus didn't really focus on what she was saying to the red head, instead she was more concerned about keeping a sample of blood without either Shirou or Saber noticing, sure she may be capable of convincing Saber to accept her decision but if Shirou ever found out, he would probably complain about it and try and get her to stop her attempts at finding out if he had any living relatives… probably because he wouldn't want to inconvenience them as opposed to anything else.

It was just the sort of person he was after all, everyone else came before he did in his own mind.

By the end of his treatment, she had what she needed and hopefully, it would be enough for Raiga to test… at least then they'd have a way of making sure he actually was related to anyone if they ever found someone that fit the bill.




It was about three weeks later, when she was finally about to give up hope due to not receiving any news from the old Yakuza that she received the call, thankfully while Shirou was out shopping for groceries.

"Hello, Emiya residence, this is Tohsaka speaking," it had become her automatic response to picking up the phone while living at Shirou's home, not that he received many phone calls but he did occasionally get them and if she was closer (which was normally the case) then she would answer it in his stead.

"Ah, Tohsaka-san, this is Fujimura Raiga… we've got a match," his words rang through her head and she felt her heart skip a beat at the fact that he said it with such conviction, "I have already performed a full investigation to determine the veracity of the tests and all the background checks out… Emiya Shirou has a living blood relative."

"Just one?" she asked, she needed to know as much as possible about the situation.

"That is correct," the old man had clearly put enough effort into his investigation to give at least a reasonable quantity of information, "his younger cousin, Dojima Nanako, currently six years old and living with her father in a small town called Inaba."

"What happened to her mother?" her question was obvious, if she lived with her father and the man wasn't related to Shirou by blood, then it was obvious that the girl's mother would be the boy's aunt… which begged the question of what happened to her.

"She was killed in a hit and run two years ago, that is why her DNA was on record," the old Yakuza responded calmly, "I know it isn't much but at least it's something."

"No, this is perfect," the dark haired Magus admitted calmly, earning a grunt of surprise over the phone, "after all, if Shirou can get close to such a young girl then he might start thinking twice about throwing himself under a bus to save a complete stranger."

She didn't tell the man anything about what was actually more likely to kill the teen… namely Dead Apostles, maybe the odd demon and sealing Designate but she could at least get the point across.

"Are you telling me, that you plan on blackmailing him into taking better care of himself?" she could hear the incredulousness in the man's tone but then again, it wasn't everyday you hear someone talking about blackmailing their boyfriend in such a way.

"Well, let's be honest here… do you really think anything else would work?" her question was asked in a mocking tone, one that a person normally wouldn't risk taking with the head of a Yakuza… and the man laughed.

"Too true, it seems that you do actually understand Shirou and aren't just taking advantage of him," the statement combined with the laughter was enough to make the Magus's eye twitch and a vein bulge on her forehead but if she was honest with herself, she couldn't really fault the man for his previous misconception… plus, she was more than happy to take advantage of the red head, just not when the result was hazardous to his continued survival.

"So, can you contact this girls father and," she started to ask only to be cut off sharply.

"No," it was such a firm and sudden denial that she barely had time to register it but she soon found herself growing angry at his refusal… that is until he spoke next, "I take it Shirou has already told you about my organisation given how you decided to come to me for this favour?" he asked her, earning a simple acknowledgement from the magus, " well, her father is a Police Detective and famous in the area for his incorruptibility, if I contact the man then I may inadvertently cause problems for my organisation."

She quickly calmed down at his explanation, despite obviously agreeing with her decision to hunt down any family Shirou may have had, he wouldn't do so at the risk of bringing the law down on his not so legal activities.

"In that case, do you at least have a telephone number I can contact them through?" just because the old man wouldn't be prepared to contact the detective directly didn't mean he wouldn't have contact details.

"I do, do you have a pen and paper at your disposal?" she almost smirked at the old man as she pulled out just what she needed.

"Of course I do," her tone was clearly amused and in response, the old man proceeded to give her the number of the family, "there is another thing, could I possibly be given the evidence?  I doubt a detective would accept a call from a random stranger without definitive proof that they weren't lying."

"Of course, feel free to pick it up whenever you have time," she didn't bother hiding her smirk at that, she would get it as soon as she had finished her conversation with the Yakuza and then contact this Dojima person and explain the situation to him.

"Good, in that case I'll come and collect it now," the girl dressed in red stated calmly.

"In that case, I shall have one of my men ready to give it to you as soon as you arrive… and I hope you succeed in your endeavour," his words of encouragement were enough to make the girl smile, it was certainly nice to know that she would have his support in her efforts even after his role was fulfilled.




Rin didn't have much difficulty hiding the evidence she had collected, Shirou was completely useless at bounded fields of course so hiding it under one was practically guaranteed to keep it out of his sight… she didn't want him to sabotage her plans due to finding out about them too early.

And thankfully, it only took till the next day to get the house to herself once again… well, Saber was in the Dojo but she supposed she would at least be capable of getting the blonde on board with what she was planning if she ever found out about it.

So she picked up the phone and dialled the number given to her by Raiga.

"Hello?" the voice was quiet and definitely young, making Rin anticipate exactly who it was that picked up the phone.

"Hello, is that Dojima Nanako?" she asked, earning a slight mumble off the other end of the phone.

"Who are you?" she could tell that there was a certain level of worry in her tone, then again, her father was a detective so he would probably have raised her to beware strange phone calls.

"My name is Tohsaka Rin, is your father home right now?" she asked, hoping that the little girl wouldn't hang up after her rather… stupid start to the conversation.

"No, he's not home," the little girl admitted, making Rin let out a sigh of disappointment, even if Nanako was Shirou's only blood relative, she still needed to talk to the girl's father instead of talking to her directly.

"Then can you pass on a message for me?" earning a quiet 'yes' from the other end, she decided to pass on a simple message, "please tell him that Tohsaka Rin of Fuyuki City called to discuss something important with him, I can be contacted on this number," and with that she gave out the phone number for the Emiya household before hearing something on the other end of the phone.

"Nanako I'm back!"

"Dad!  There's someone on the phone for you."

"Huh?  Who's calling at this time?  Hello? Dojima speaking, who is this?" a masculine voice spoke over the phone, making Rin smirk at the fact she wouldn't have to wait for him to call back or call back later herself.

"Dojima-san, my name is Tohsaka Rin and unfortunately I have something important to tell you… though I should explain the circumstances surrounding this matter otherwise you'll probably think this is a prank," she admitted into the phone, earning a grunt of annoyance from what was obviously a rather gruff man if his voice was anything to go by.

And so she explained the situation, making sure she didn't pass on Shirou's suicidal tendencies and the real reason she decided to look up if Shirou had any relatives, instead simply mentioning that she wanted him to have an actual biological family to meet and care for and that the reason she was going behind his back was because she knew he would ruin it by not wanting to inconvenience anyone.  She also chose to simply refer to the Fujimura syndicate as 'private investigators' she 'hired' to hunt down everything about Shirou.

"Do you have any proof?" it was an expected question and she was more than happy to answer it truthfully.

"It's right in the house with me ready for mailing… would you be so kind as to give me your address so I can send it to you?" she decided to ask about it calmly, idly wondering if the man would give out his house address (which she already had thanks to Raiga's efforts) or his workplace (which she also had).

"Send it to the Inaba Police Department," she wasn't surprised given how the package could be checked for traps there it was the logical choice on where to have it sent, "I don't exactly have any reason to trust you right now."

"Of course, hopefully we'll get to speak again soon Dojima-san," she was silently thankful that the conversation was nearing its end as she felt her bounded fields signalling her that Shirou was about to arrive back in the next minute or so.

"Maybe, good night," and with that, the detective hung up, not that she was that bothered about it, she understood his reservations after all, so she just put the phone down and hid the number she had been given by Raiga just before Shirou entered through the front door.

"Tohsaka, I'm home," she knew it was just a formality he went through, the fact was that he knew about the bounded fields she had put up around the house, sure they were merely ones that detected when others entered a certain vicinity but given how quiet the road outside the house was, it didn't go off that often.

"Welcome back Emiya-kun," she gave him her best smile as he entered the door only to freeze upon seeing her.

"Tohsaka… what are you up to?" he asked her with a blank expression on his face, making her inwardly frown at the fact that he somehow realised she was doing something behind his back.

"What do you mean Emiya-kun?" she asked him sweetly, making him stare at her like she had grown another head.

"You're never this nice unless you're up to something, so what is it?" she found herself stalling at his explanation.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!!!" she practically exploded, earning a nervous gulp from the red head as he took a small step back… he was about one answer away from getting hailed by Gandrs after all and he knew it.

"Y-you're just normally more focused on other things to pay me too much attention," he quickly tried to explain before he got pelted by the sickness curse, "so when you do I know you're planning something."

And for that answer, he spent the next day in bed with major sickness and a few holes that looked suspiciously like bullet wounds.




Dojima Ryotaro found himself frowning as he looked over the 'evidence' that this Tohsaka girl had mailed to him at the police station.

He tried to find as many holes in the gather information as possible but no matter how hard he looked, he couldn't find any… it was all fitting together nearly perfectly, certainly it wasn't completely guaranteed that Emiya Shirou was his long lost nephew but it was looking increasingly unlikely that he wasn't.

He supposed he should probably let his sister know as well, she'd probably like to know that his long lost nephew had turned up alive… and in a pretty serious relationship from what he could tell of the Tohsaka girl.

Honestly, it wasn't everyday someone hires a private investigator to hunt down any possible familial connections for someone they aren't at least heavily invested in.

So while his mind tried to avoid the idea, he couldn't stop himself from thinking that the probably already slept together if she was prepared to go that far for him… the fact that she acknowledged his flaws as well was an added bonus, it meant that she wasn't ignoring them or letting her hormones control her, which meant they were probably going to be at least reasonably stable as far as a couple went.

He had spent several days going over the files and given everything he had read through, he decided it was time to take the plunge and phone up this girl and see about talking to his long lost nephew.

The phone number the girl had supplied Nanako had been kept in his wallet since he had conversed with the young woman on the other end of the phone, he didn't want to lose it and given how paranoid he was about losing his wallet, he knew it was probably the safest place for him to put it.

And so he picked up the phone and dialled the number on the paper he had just retrieved before waiting for someone to answer the call.

"Hello, Emiya residence, this is Tohsaka speaking," he heard the familiar voice call out over the phone, making his heart flutter nervously at the prospect of speaking with his nephew for the first time in over ten years.

"This is Dojima," he stated simply before saying what he needed to say, "I've read the files you sent… it is good enough for me to believe it, can I speak to Emiya?"

"Unfortunately Emiya-kun isn't back from school yet, though I can have him call you later," he let out a sigh at that information.

"Do you know how long he'll be?" the detective felt that he needed to know what sort of time he could call up and catch the boy at home.

"He shouldn't be too long, he was just kept back to fix the generator after it failed," now that made Dojima blink in surprise, it wasn't everyday such an excuse was given.

"What do you mean he was held back to fix the generator?" he couldn’t stop himself from asking with a raised eyebrow, earning a small laugh off the girl on the other end.

"He has a nickname at Homurahara… the fake janitor," that was not a normal nickname for a teenager and Dojima found himself wondering exactly what his nephew was like to gain such an unflattering nickname, "it's probably because he never turns down any requests for help and since he's probably the best handyman in Fuyuki… well he's saved the school a lot of money on maintenance."

The detective didn't know what to think of that, it sounded to him like the boy was letting others walk all over him and take advantage of whatever skills he had managed to develop in his youth.

"It sounds to me like they're just taking advantage of him," he couldn't stop himself from admitting, earning a snort from the girl that had brought this to his attention.

"Oh, they most certainly do… but Shirou likes helping others, he thinks that simply helping others is its own reward," well, he certainly had to admit that the boy sounded helpful at the very least, probably still adhering to the rules of chivalry even in this day and age if what he heard was right.

"I see, well, I suppose if he likes it," he decided to say, even if it was strange to talk to his girlfriend over the phone about his flaws… well, he supposed that simply acknowledging the boy's flaws was further proof that she wasn't in some high school fling with him and that it was a serious relationship.

"It would be nice if he would think about himself for a change," he found himself nearly cringing at the hint of sadness in her tone… for her to say something in such a way was actually rather disconcerting for the detective, "wait, I can see him walking along the street, he should only be a minute at most."

At that statement, the middle aged detective found himself growing increasingly nervous, the fact that he was going to speak with his long lost nephew was enough to make him doubt himself… what was he going to say to the boy?  Would he be capable of forging a bond with the child he hadn't seen in over ten years?

"Tohsaka, I'm home."

"Welcome home Emiya-kun."

"What are you up to?"

"Take the phone and find out for yourself."

"Huh?  What's important about a phone call?"

"Just take it you moron!"

"Fine… fine… hello, Emiya here, who is this?"

Dojima didn't know how to react to the little conversation that played out on the other end, the fact that his nephew had immediately asked what she was up to was troubling, it was also a little strange that they still called each other by their family names… well, who was he to judge.

"According to everything your girlfriend was able to uncover… your uncle," the heavy smoker stated with a wry grin on his lips that was quickly dropped at the boys next words.

"Kiritsugu had a brother?" that was a bit of surprise to the man, he hadn't expected such a response, though he guessed he shouldn't have been surprised, the fact that the files mentioned the fact that he had been adopted by a man named Emiya Kiritsugu should've made it clear that the boy would think of him as his father.

"I don't know about Kiritsugu, I'm the brother in law of your biological father," he decided to drop that bombshell and soon found the other end of the line growing silent.

"My biological father?" Dojima found himself frowning at the way the boy said it, it was as if the concept was alien to him, something that didn't make sense, "how do you even know who my biological father was?"

"That would be thanks to your girlfriend, since she hired a private investigator to search for any missing relatives you may have, she managed to come in contact with me," he decided to inform the young man on the other end of the phone, "the fact that she managed to get a blood sample from you made it easier."

"So, how concrete is the evidence?" that was a surprise, the fact that the boy decided to ask something like that made it clear that he had at least a good head on his shoulders if he ever decided to enter law enforcement.

"The chances of you not being my nephew are so small that they're negligible," his response was straight forward and made it clear what he thought, "and I work as a detective so I know how to find holes in a story."

"You're a detective?" the hint of surprise in the boy's tone was enough to let him know that he'd managed to catch the boy off guard at least slightly.

"Yeah, the best in Inaba," he admitted easily, not that it was much to brag about, Inaba didn't really have many police officers full stop.

"Inaba?  I've never heard of it," he wasn't surprised by the statement on the other end of the phone, most people who had nothing to do with it hadn't after all.

"It's a small town about an hours' drive away from Okina," he decided to admit, earning a small 'ah' of understanding from the other end, "so… I take it you and Tohsaka-san are in a pretty serious relationship?"

"Yeah… I guess so, I don't really think too much on it," that surprised the older man, why wouldn't a teenager want to think on something like that.

"Why not?" he couldn't stop himself from asking that question.

"Because I can't see what she sees in me if I'm honest," the way the boy said it, made the cop squirm, it wasn't said in a self depreciating way, it wasn't said with depression, it wasn't even said jokingly… it was said like a fact.

"Can you tell me anything good about yourself as a person?" he hoped he was wrong but he had a sinking suspicion that his hunch was right.


The silence was telling.  The boy didn't think about his good qualities, he couldn't see why someone would fall in love with him, he helped everyone who asked and his girlfriend was concerned about his behaviour.

He had survivors guilt.

His long lost nephew couldn't forgive himself for a crime that wasn't a crime.

That of living where others died.

It was then that he realised just why the Tohsaka girl had put the effort into finding the boy's long lost family and he would be damned if he didn't help his nephew… internally he just knew the girl had played him and suddenly the boy's words when he returned home hit him full force and it was with that that the detective decided on a fact that was as clear as the sun.

Tohsaka Rin was a manipulative little witch.