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The gang was having a party. It wasn't supposed to be bad or anything, really. It was just them, just their friend group--just the self-proclaimed Losers. All of a sudden though, Eddie Kaspbrak must've ate too fast, or drank alcohol, or something, because without any warning he started to choke.

And his friends panicked. 

"O-o-oh m-my g-g-g--"

"Bill fucking spit it out!" That's what Eddie should've been doing, but whatever. 

"He's trying to call 911," Mike explained because he was an angel and the only sensible one. "But the '9' is stuck and it won't let itself be pressed!"

"Just flip it upside down and use the '6'!" said Richie. 

"Genius!" was Mike's response.

All of a sudden Eddie stopped choking though. He rolled over and a little hoarse, but otherwise fine:

"...what the fuck, Rich?"