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You Are My Man

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They’d been together since their senior year of high school. Back when Quinn still wore those cute little sundresses and had her hair long. But, much has changed in the 10 years following their graduation. Now living in New York City, Quinn has been seeing a psychologist that specializes in gender dysphoria. At first, both Santana and Quinn thought the blonde’s feelings had stemmed from her rough childhood with her parents. But the more time Quinn spent with the psychologist, the more they came to the realization that all of Quinn’s past and present was a way for her to mask her gender dysphoria.


When they first sat down with Dr. Whitten, Santana was confused. But the woman was able to explain everything to her. Quinn had been terrified that Santana would leave her since she knew the Latina was a lesbian. She couldn’t be a lesbian if she was living with or married to a man. But, a year after she’d officially started becoming a he, Santana was still around.


Santana was his rock on days when he didn’t fully pass as a man or some asshole decided to confront him for going into the men’s restroom. Today was one of those days.


Quinn entered their loft and threw his bag to the side before kicking off his shoes. “Fucking assholes.” He mumbled under his breath as he went right toward the kitchen to get a bottle of beer out for himself.


Santana looked up from her spot on the sofa where she’d been engrossed in a movie and just watched her fiancée for a moment. She watched him head right to the kitchen and crack open a beer bottle. When Quinn finished the first one quickly and reached in for a second one, Santana decided to get up and confront him. “Baby, what’s wrong?”


The blonde ran a frustrated hand through his short hair and turned to look at the woman. “Some asshole followed me into the men’s bathroom at the subway station. Swore I saw him peeking through the stall at me while I’m trying to fucking take a piss. Wouldn’t leave me alone until I went to the security desk.”


Santana was thankful that Quinn had started opening up more to her. At first, the man would hold everything inside until it would finally boil over and lead to him unloading everything at once, leaving them both a mess. “Fuck him. If he can’t tell you’re a man, then he’s blind.” Santana slipped in front of her fiancée and slid her arms around his neck. “You’re just as much of a man as he is, Quinn.” She told him honestly.


Quinn reached out to put his beer bottle down before looking away from Santana. “Then why don’t I feel it some days?” He asked. The tone of his voice caused Santana’s heart to break. “Life was easier when I was Quinn, the pretty little girl that wore dresses and had everybody chasing her around.”


“Life wasn’t easier. You hated yourself.”


“I still hate myself!” Quinn shouted before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath to try to calm down some. The testosterone she’d been on for a year brought out some of her inner anger more than she was used to.


Santana reached up to cup Quinn’s cheek. She ran her fingers along the little bit of fuzz that was forming along his jawline and smiled to him. “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you, baby.” Santana smiled some when Quinn’s hazel eyes finally looked at her. “One more week to go, then these will finally be gone,” she slowly ran her hand down the front of Quinn’s flat chest and rested overtop of where his bound breasts were. “I can’t wait to see you rocking just some board shorts when we go to the beach this summer.”


Quinn slowly smiled and lifted his hand to rest on top of Santana’s on his chest. “Do you ever regret it? Staying with me through all this?” He dared to ask.


It was a conversation they’d had numerous times before and Santana never got tired of reassuring Quinn that she loved him, through thick and thin. It was why she accepted his marriage proposal right as he began his transition. “I don’t regret any of this.” She lifted her hand to show him the engagement ring on her finger. “You see this gorgeous ring that my handsome fiancée got me? This means that I belong to him, no matter what. Through the good days and the bad days.”


The blonde sighed softly before he leaned down to press a soft kiss to Santana’s warm lips. The Latina always knew what to say to make him feel better after a rough day. “I love you, San.”


“I love you too, Quinn.” Santana slid her hands along Quinn’s chest before she started at the top button of his shirt. “And next week, when these are finally gone, I’ll be right here helping you with bandage changes and anything else you need while you’re recovering. Then, if you so decide, we can look more into the other surgery.” She pushed Quinn’s shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor behind him.


Quinn was thankful that Santana never pushed to take off his tank or the bindings underneath it. While he enjoyed his fiancee’s hands on his chest, he grown to absolutely loathe his own breasts. “I can’t wait for them to be gone.” He sighed softly, relaxing under Santana’s touch. “Do you want me to get the lower surgery?”


Santana laced her fingers with his and shook her head. “I want you to do what you want to do. If you want to go through with them, then I’ll be there. Right at your bedside the entire time. But a lot of those surgeries are still experimental. Besides… what the T has done for you is amazing.” She wiggled her eyebrows as she ran her hands along his stomach and down to cup the front of his pants. Santana knew that Quinn always had his packer in when he was out of the apartment for any reason.


“What are you doing?” Quinn’s breath caught in her throat as he searched Santana’s eyes.


“Well, I wanted to give you a blowjob before riding you.” She stated bluntly to her fiancée, causing Quinn to groan at her. “Unless you don’t want me to.”


Quinn bit his lip some ant watched the other woman. Santana treated her clit as a cock and it was still something he was getting used to. The testosterone caused it to grow in size, apparently substantially when comparing to other FtM people. “I don’t know,” he admitted shyly and diverted his eyes again.


Santana ran her hands along Quinn’s waist, just barely under her tank so she could touch his forming abs. “You are delicious, in every way.” She whispered, feeling that Quinn needed more comfort. “Remember the first time you slipped inside of me when we were grinding?” Santana leaned in to kiss along Quinn’s jaw and down his neck some as she unbuckled his belt.


The blonde licked his lips before he slid his hands down to the back of Santana’s thighs to pick her up easily. “I want to fuck you so badly.” He murmured before crashing their lips together. He felt Santana cup his cheeks and snake her tongue inside of his mouth as he carried her toward their bedroom.


When Santana landed on her back on the bed, she panted some to catch her breath from the kiss. She scooted quickly to the edge of the bed to pull open Quinn’s pants, she pushed his pants and boxers down in one fell swoop and smiled when he kicked them off to the side. “I’m so happy I got this one for you.” She ran her fingertips along the thin harness that held Quinn’s pack-and-play prosthetic in place. While she enjoyed playing with it, she wanted to show Quinn just how much of a man he was. Without taking it off of him, she simply pushed it to the side and leaned in to pull the tip of his enlarged clit into her mouth.


“Fuck, San!” Quinn’s let out a guttural moan as his hand immediately went to the back of the woman’s hair to brush it out of her face. He always loved this view of Santana’s head bobbing along his engorged clit. The sight alone made him rock hard in Santana’s mouth and she only had the testosterone shots to thank for this ability. He held her hair back and couldn’t help but to roll his hips some into the woman’s mouth. The action alone made his fiancée suck harder on him. “I love when you suck my cock, baby.”


Santana scratched her nails along Quinn’s thigh and reached around to grip his ass to pull him in closer. She grinned up to him and pulled back, but only long enough to tease his length with the tip of her tongue. “And I love sucking your cock.” She leaned back in to take Quinn completely into her mouth. She sucked hard on him and teased him easily with the tip of her tongue. Santana groaned at Quinn’s hand tightening in her hair.


“I’m gonna cum, San.” Quinn’s eyes fell shut and his head lulled forward some. Part of him hated just how quickly he would cum this way. But Santana sucking him off made him feel like a man, even through all of his struggles. He found himself thankful that Santana didn’t pull away to beg him to let go. He feared the break in pressure would halt his impending orgasm. “Fuck!” He cried out and moaned loudly as he felt his lower half trembling. He felt partially disgusted at the feeling of his inner walls clenching around nothing, but there wasn’t anything he could do about that.


“Come here, hot stuff,” Santana husked, pulling her shirt off. Before she could grab her bra, Quinn pushed her back and reached down to unhook the front latch. The Latina arched off the bed some as Quinn positioned himself on top of Santana. She’d be lying to herself if she said she didn’t enjoy Quinn taking charge of their sex. What she hadn’t noticed, was Quinn adjusting his prosthetic.


Quinn kissed and sucked his way along Santana’s neck as he palmed one of her breasts. “How did I get so lucky to find someone so fucking sexy that loves me for me?”


“I wonder myself, how I found this incredible man that can take care of all of my needs.” Santana ran her fingers through Quinn’s hair and tugged him back up to crash their lips together. She moaned at the taste of her fiancee’s tongue against her own. What caught her attention though was Quinn blindly pulling her panties down from under her skirt. “I can take this off.”


“No, I want you, just like this.” He yanked her panties off and tossed them to the side before moving his hand to his cock and stroking it some. The prosthetic that Santana had gotten for him warmed up to her body temperature and acted just like a real cock. Quinn loved it. It was perfect for him. He line himself up with Santana’s throbbing core and pushed hard inside of the woman.


Santana scratched her nails along Quinn’s scalp and down under her tank top to her shoulders. She did her best to ignore the top of her fiancee’s binder, she knew how Quinn would tense up if she spent too much time touching it unless he asked her for her. “I can’t wait to scratch and dig at your back.” She whimpered as she hiked her legs up the man’s back as he moved hard and fast into her.


“Soon baby.” He buried his face into Santana’s neck, thankful that they were angled in such a way that the prosthetic moved along his enlarged clit, giving him immense pleasure with each thrust into the woman below him.


“God, Quinn.” Santana sucked in a breath when her hands were grabbed and pushed down into the bed.


Quinn sat up a little bit to look down at his fiancée. His stomach muscles ached from the steady, fast motion of his hips. It was always worth it to have Santana writhing in some way below him. It was empowering. It reminded him that he was, and always would be, Santana’s man. “Cum, San. I can feel you getting tighter around my cock.” He really couldn’t, but his movements became harder to keep steady as Santana’s walls started to tighten around his cock.


The Latina tightened her grip on Quinn’s hands, digging her nails into the back of his until her back suddenly arched up off the bed and her hips rolled down hard against one of his thrusts. She cried out loudly, not caring if their neighbors complained again about the noise. They were a young couple that happened to enjoy each other’s company.


“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered and kissed along her neck and jaw as he slowed his movements. He knew he wouldn’t be able to come again, not so soon after Santana’s blowjob at least. It was okay though. He always loved being able to please Santana. He slowly slipped out of her and rolled onto his back. Santana was immediately at his side and ran her hand along his stomach and up to his chest.


“I love you.” Santana moved her hand back down under his tank top in order to trace over his abs. “I love every inch of you. The way your muscles are more defined. The way your voice has gotten deeper. The way you can fuck me until I can’t walk. All of it. You mean everything to me.” Santana told him honestly as she felt his fingertips along her bare back.


“It’s silly for me to ever doubt that.”


Santana lifted her head up and shifted so half her body was on top of Quinn’s so she could look at her better. “It is silly. I fell in love with you in high school. When we went to Dr. Whitten and she explained this all to me, I was confused, but I never stopped loving you for you. Just because you’re my man now doesn’t change who you are as a person.” She reached up to cup his cheek gently and smiled. She traced along the peach fuzz that Quinn had on his jaw from forgetting to shave that morning. “I want to see you with a goatee.” She traced her fingertip along Quinn’s upper lip and around to his chin.


“You think so?”


“I think it’ll be sexy as fuck.” She told him before she leaned up to kiss him gently.


“Maybe I will then. I’ll let it grow out some. But if I don’t like it, it’s all gone.”


Santana giggled softly and kissed him once more. “Deal. But I think you’ll like it.” She winked and shifted down some to rest her head against his chest so she could hear Quinn’s heartbeat. “Don’t let those jerks get to you. Your license says male, everything about you says male. You are my man.”


Quinn closed his eyes and ran his fingertips along Santana’s bare back. Santana was the love of his life. She always did a great job at reminding him that he was, in fact, a man.