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Blossoming Ice (A Yuri High Fic)

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"MS. Hana!"

Dammit. Fuck. Shit. 

"It's 5 in the fuckin' morning!" Yosu snapped, getting up and sleepily fixing her shabby brown hair. "What the FUCK do you want?"

She went to the front of her office, only to see a Yaoi High student -- Harry Potter.

"What the hell do you want, kid." Yosu said venomously. "Is that hellspawn of yours doing alright?"

"...Not exactly, Ms. Hana." He sighed. "She's crying alot. Snape said he's never faced this with Star."

"Google it then." Yosu groaned. "She's not ill, you're just shitty parents."

"Ms. Hana!" Harry squawked.

Yosu went to her room -- with her soft bed and dimmed lights. She glanced in the mirror.

Shabby brown hair. Brown eyes. She was 4'11, hasn't grown an inch since sixth grade. In a loose shirt, stripped panties. Moderate breast for someone so short, but zero ass or thighs.

Through all her life, she's never loved. She could only assume that's why she's so curt with those Yaoi High kids. They all had destined lovers, and here she was... alone. 22, helping gay kids give birth to kids, and in her underwear at 5 am.

Her life gone to shit.

"Dammit. If only I had gotten a job at Yuri High."

She glanced at her wall -- with framed images of Yukina Kou. And of more characters from Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, but that wasn't important. She groaned. "Why can't I be happy like you?" She asked. But she knew she wouldn't get a response, Yukina Kou was just anime character.

It was close to her 5 am routine of 'crying, then going back to sleep'.

Her phone chirped, lighting up.


She grabbed it.

(1) new message from Ms. Thicc Dean


Ms. Yosu, a teacher of Yuri High (Ms. Yukiko Amagi, of the Lit. Department) and her student (Ms. An Kohinata) is coming for an appointment. Please be ready by 8:15, when they are coming in. Please prepare your staff.

Shit, what the fuck?