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Force Be With You

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Force Be With You

To the melody of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah


I’ve heard there was a secret chord

the chosen played and it pleased the Force.

But you don’t really care for music do you?

It goes like this: jedi, the sith, the chosen fall, but love persist

The crippled knight surviving - force be with you…


The dark was strong, but hope not lost

Still good in you but at what cost

The beauty died, the master chained you down 

The twins survive, but forced apart, a call for help, to end this war

The day was saved and may the - force be with you…


Your son was strong, and you needed him

To overthrow the evil king

You wanted, but he struggled and refused ya

You cornered him and forced a choice. You broke his heart and you cut his hand.

He choose to fall and whispered - force be with you…


A sister? maybe she will turn

An anger lit oh how it burned!

You pushed back but his power overthrew ya

He cast away his laser sword. A Jedi like his father was

He stood tall and spoke a - force be with you…


He screamed for help, he needed you

The master laughed his vict’ry true!

But you broke the chains holding you down

You picked him up and threw him down, the evil slain and love prevail

Your last of breath was may the - force be with you…