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Easy Living

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When the bomb sirens went off Tyler was watching the news with a bottle of scotch in his hand. He knew he shouldn't have been fleeing bombs drunk but he knew if he was sober he would have a breakdown and not make it to the vault in time. He grabbed his backpack stuffed with personal items, clothes, mementos, things of the sort, including a couple of boxes of cigarettes. He stumbled out of his house to a scene of rushed panic. He could walk to his vault thankfully. He was filled with grief as he watched some of his neighbors stuff themselves and families into cars or their own bomb shelters. Some accepted the weighted news of the bomb threat, they got a spot in vaults like Tyler did. He spent his inheritance on a guaranteed space in the vault. He started wobbling his way to his vault, nearly vomiting as he watched some people getting run over with cars as the drivers are trying their hardest to flee. Flee where? All of America will be obliterated. He thinks to himself as he finally gets to the vault, the shiny metal a beacon to Tyler in his drunken state. He's in line, a family with a little girl clinging to her mother's sundress and crying, and once he is being shoved in the line goes faster, people being shoved in about as there is some shouting and the vault door is closing, Tyler turns to see a large mushroom cloud outside the door, the sky turning colors until the door is shut. Tyler wants to pass out, his knees buckle but someone holds him up. He thanks them, he's now completely sober.

The room was a large entrance, they were stuffed in like cattle, everything was metal. He would have to get used to the sight of metal he thinks. A loud electronic voice comes over the intercom. "Congratulations new dwellers of Vault 45! You have survived nuclear warfare. There will be personnel leading you to your living quarters in your designated sector until further notice. Enjoy your stay." Tyler feels light headed. Tyler took in the sight of the people around him. He's part of the last remaining bits of humanity he thinks. Men in what was close to police uniforms started to separate groups of people, others leading said groups. Tyler is soon enough taken to his room. Tyler is shocked at the quality. It looked better before his house before the bombs went off. Especially looks even better than it does after the bombs. "This is your living quarters. Here is your key-card." He hands Tyler a card with a vault symbol on it. "You will be assigned a roommate until further notice. Your private terminal will hold a guide to any questions you might have. Until then unpack and relax until the assembly." The guard leaves and Tyler looks around. There's an area with a coffee table with a sofa and chairs around it, beside them is a Nuka Cola machine. There is a desk with a terminal and a rolling chair, beside that is a jukebox. There is some nice rugs and posters about a better future and the american dream. It's corny and somewhat ironic. A poster of a good future. In a vault of all places, while bombs just landed, killing millions .Tyler thinks. He walks to a doorway to the bedroom. There is a king size bed and two single beds, there is some lockers and a closet. The closet was full of vault uniforms, he sets his things in a locker and walks back out to the living area. A guard and a blond woman walks in. 

Their eyes briefly meet before the guard talks to her, saying the same things he said to Tyler, giving her the key card and leaving. She turns to Tyler. "You're my roommate?" Tyler nods a little. "Y-yeah. I'm Tyler." she smiles. "Jenna." They shake hands and Tyler sits on the sofa. Pleased to see an ashtray on the coffee table. She looks around and walks into the bedroom. He hears a locker open and some movement. Tyler rubs his head sighing. She soon comes back and sits on a chair. Tyler looks her over, she was soft, her blue eyes pierced his chocolate ones. Her hair was askew, a messy ponytail, he assumed it was a bun until the sirens went off. "So Tyler tell me about you." Tyler shrugs. "I'm nobody really. I like music, food... animals. I'm only 23." Jenna nods. "I understand. I was in college, getting my degree to be a physician. I'm 22." Tyler smiles a little, he was glad she was more interesting. Tyler closes his eyes leaning his head back on the couch. The silence is broken by a guard about 20 minutes later. "Both of you come with me please." They both stood, they held hands, and walked to the guard, nervous of the future.

That night after the assembly, they both cried themselves to sleep.