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Sinnoh League Chronicles

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"Ring ring ring! Phone call phone call!" The video phone rang.

Misty Waterflower groaned as she walked into the lobby, her Marill at her heels. It was a typical day in the Cerulean City Gym. Misty was feeding all of the Pokémon their lunch. She had just gotten Psyduck out of the pool again so she was in her sea green two piece bikini, wiping down with a towel as she answered.

She politely answered, trying to hide her annoyance, "Thank you for calling the Cerulean City Gym. This is Misty Waterflower."

A familiar male voice told her, "Misty, it's Mr. Goodshow!"

Misty blushed out of embarrassment as the video turned on. She covered up in a towel, seeing Mr. Goodshow and a woman with him.

The woman, she knew, was Cynthia - the Champion of Sinnoh. The sixteen year old was embarrassed a bit.

Cynthia saw her covering up and told Mr. Goodshow, "I think we called at a bad time..."

Mr. Goodshow didn't understand at first but saw that Misty was holding her towel to herself, trying to hide her bikini.

He turned a bit red in embarrassment and stated, "Oh my! I ask for your forgiveness, Misty."

Misty replied, "Uh, it's fine. Just let me go change real quick?"


When Misty returned back to the phone, she was wearing an yellow long sleeved hoodie, a Mystic Water pedant around her neck, sea blue shorts, and red and white shoes.

Misty had grown beautifully, she was just as pretty as her sisters. And she wasn't done growing yet. She still kept her hair in a long beautiful ponytail.

Misty asked, "Now, what's this call all about?"

Cynthia explained, "Well, I do not know if you are aware of the current situation with Kantoians and Sinnohities." Misty shook her head as Cynthia further explained, "We want to have more tourists to come to Sinnoh, especially ones from Kanto. But Kantoians prefer going to Alola or Johto for vacations."

Misty wagered, "And you want to show that going to Sinnoh will be just as exciting?"

Mr. Goodshow nodded and stated, "Yes, we were hoping that we could ask an Elite Four or Lance to come. But as you can imagine, they are all busy. So we decided to extend the invitation to a gym leader. And since you happen to know a competitor in this years competetion, I want to extend an invitation to you."

Misty couldn't believe her ears as she breathed, "You want me to come to Sinnoh?"

Cynthia replied, "Yes to enjoy our hospitality and our cuisine. Not to mention the Sinnoh League Conference."

Misty gushed, "I'd love to go!" Her face softened as she asked, "But what about the gym? My sisters are in Kalos for the next five months!"

Mr. Goodshow offered, "We got that covered. We can have Crasher Wake watch over your gym until either you or your sisters return."

Misty gushed, not believing her luck, "Sounds great to me! I'll be there!"

Cynthia responded, "We will send Crasher Wake on the first boat. He will bring you everything you need. Money, your boat ticket to and from Lily of the Valley Isle, and your escort."

Misty asked, "And how will I know who they are?"

Mr. Goodshow put up a picture of Crasher Wake on the screen and told her, "This is Crasher Wake, the Pastoria City Gym Leader. Specializes in Water Types like you do." He put another picture up, this time of Ranee. He added, "And your escort, Ranee Katina from Veilstone City. She's competing this year, just like Ash."

Misty thought for a moment, 'Why does that name sound familiar?'

She remembered something else, "Oh Mr. Goodshow? Please don't tell Ash I'm coming. I'd like to surprise him."

Mr. Goodshow promised, "I won't tell him, you have my word."

Cynthia added, "We shall meet you on Lily of the Valley Island."

Misty nodded as she stated, "I'll see you then!"

With that, Misty hung up, her heart pounding in her ears. She still couldn't believe it. She immediately dialed a number, Delia Ketchum's number.


The next day, Misty was at the port. The ship was about to arrive and she was about to start her Sinnoh adventure. She decided to take Corsola and Gyarados with her. She hated leaving Marill at the gym but it was old enough to stay behind.

She put Staryu in charge of everything, including Psyduck. She packed her Spheal backpack with everything she needed, even her fishing gear and several Pokeballs.

She even had a few Lure Balls from Kurt. The ferry came up and everyone started to come off. Misty waited and then she saw Crasher Wake getting off with Ranee.

Crasher Wake told her, "Come Ranee, we must meet Misty and then get the two of you back so that you may compete in the Sinnoh League!"

He laughed as Ranee pointed out, "You do realize that I have two weeks to get back? I've got time."

Crasher Wake was about to say something when Misty walked up to them.

She greeted, "Crasher Wake of Pastoria City and Ranee Katina of Veilstone City, welcome to Cerulean City. I am Misty Waterflower."

Crasher Wake greeted, "Ah, I love a gym leader that comes to greet her own guests! It's very nice to meet you, Misty."

As he said that, he laughed and patted Misty's shoulder rather hard. Misty groaned as Ranee sweatdropped at the whole thing.

She advised, "Don't break her shoulder." Ranee offered her hand and gushed, "It is an honor to meet you, Misty. I've heard a lot about you from Ash Ketchum."

Misty was about to shake her hand and asked, "Wait, you know Ash too?"

Ranee nodded as she explained, "We met during the Ribbon Cup."

Misty remembered, "Oh yes, now I remember why your name sounded so familiar. Ash wrote about you in his recent letter."

Ranee made a victory sign as she joked, "Hope it was all good."

Misty couldn't help but giggle as she stated, joking too, "No, not at all."

To that, both girls laughed. Misty was finally going to see Ash again. After giving her list of chores and such, Misty got on the boat with Ranee. Since Sinnoh was four hours behind in Kanto time, it was going to be really early when they arrived.

But Misty was ready. After waving goodbye to Crasher Wake, the boat got moving back towards Sinnoh. Misty thought, 'Sinnoh, here I come.'


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