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“Damn it!”

Tim ignored Bart’s outburst and continued to silently work on his laptop.

“Damn! No! -huff- I’ll get it! -huff- Damn it!”

“Is he always like this?” Someone asked, pointing to – currently former – speedster, as he tried to play ping-pong by himself. Bart was currently loosing. Or winning. In any case, he wasn’t fast enough to run to the other side and receive the ball he threw himself.

Tim shrugged, not looking up. “He just can’t admit to what happened. You can’t disagree that it’s kind of unusual situation.”

No shit, Sherlock. Speaking of unusual situations – why am I here?”

Red Robin looked disinterested at his interlocutor – Klarion, The Witch Teenager.

“If you want, I can still leave you. Alone. Powerless. I’m pretty sure, Gotham’s sewers would be up to your taste. Who knows? You may even meet Killer Croc if you are lucky.” he replied. Tim wasn’t bothered by Klarion presence in the Titans’ Tower – in his opinion, dealing with Klarion who lost his powers was much easier than dealing with Damian at all. Besides, right know like this, he was more bark than bite.

Klarion shut his mouth, fully aware how defenseless he was without his magic. He crossed his arms in front of him and grimaced, putting one of his legs on couch’s end – his other leg being immobilized by Tim’s legs (one being in cast).

Teenagers.” Tim commented, going back to work.


“Done playing with yourself, KF?” asked Tim, not looking from his case files.

Bart, sitting besides the ping-pong table, glared at his friend. “You are spending too much time with Nightwing, Red. Besides, when is Supes and WG coming? Shouldn’t they came back here long time ago?”

“You forgot that they can’t fly. I don’t know – they are probably in the traffic jam or something.”

Ugghh! Going for food really takes that long?” Tim shrugged, not bothering to answer. It was only 40-or-so minutes since Kon and Cassie left.

“Maybe they decided to ditch us and go for that bitch themselves?” Klarion commented.

Tim turned to him. “Language. Besides, it’s your fault that we’re in this mess.”

She threw that spell!”

“And who baited her? When we clearly said not to?”

Klarion grumbled, turning away. But kid had good point. Tim mulled over the question in his head. Would they really…? He looked at Bart, who – again – tried to do anything in his former speed.

They would.

“Hey, Gar?” Tim asked as soon as he put on his comm. “Have you seen SB and WG? …Yeah. We guess so. …No, the rest of us are in Tower. …Ok, I’ll let you know if I find anything on the sorceress. Red out.”

Traitors.” Muttered Bart, catching his breath.

“Yup.” agreed Tim.

“You don’t count, Red. You can still help.”

Tim looked at Bart in question. With flourish movement he pointed at his leg – currently in cast.

“Yeah, but…” Bart repeated Tim’s motion and pointed at the laptop on Red Robin’s lap.

“…Because that will help. She doesn’t have tracker on and all video footage seemed to disappear as soon as she saw video crew. I checked. Still checking. What do you want me to do? To find her twitter?

Bart tried not to laugh at the idea. He failed.

“But she might mention how she depowered Supes mid-air. Admit – it looked crash. Meme worth.

Bart. I’m not going through whole ‘its raining men’ hashtag. Or any hashtag for that matter.” Tim replied.

“…you should check her blog.”

Tim and Bart turned to Klarion, surprised. They gestured to him, prompting him to finish. Klarion didn’t look any of them in the eye – too embarrassed to admit to his knowledge.

“She is… quite popular blogger in the Magical Community…? I-I guess she might have… mentioned somewhere about today.”

There was no comment. After the silence stretched for far too long in Klarion’s opinion, the teenager turned to both heroes – wanting to know what they thought about his idea.

Tim and Bart were looking at Klarion, confused. Unfortunately for Witch Teenager, both heroes’ gazes started to make him… nervous.

“…do you think what I think?” Asked former speedster, moment before Klarion snapped from embarrassment.

“…That as ridiculous as it sounds, it might be worth a shot?” Red Robin replied.

“That too – but…” Bart hanged his arm on Red’s shoulder “I was thinking that someone. Is. In. Lo~ve~!!

“Just ignore him.” Red Robin advised Klarion. “Show me her blog.”

He did as Red advised him and ignored that and next comments from the speedster. He motioned for Red Robin’s laptop but before he had it in his arms, it was taken by newly arrived Superboy.

“You had to tell Garth and Raven, didn’t you.” Superboy said annoyed to Red Robin. Besides him stood Wonder Girl, with arms crossed in front of her chest – she didn’t looked annoyed. She looked murderous.

“It’s only fair.” Replied Tim, motioning for his laptop.

“Yeah! You probably didn’t ever bring food, you lying liars.” added Bart.

“Oh, you meant this?” Cassie lifted up bags full with take-out. She hid those away when Bart tried to take bags from her.



Tim ignored Bart and Cassie. “But seriously. We just got the idea how to find the sorceress, so? My laptop?”

Kon rolled his eyes, annoyed, but relented. He gave back Tim his laptop and – after taking a moment to change sitting arrangements – Klarion, Red Robin and Superboy got to work. With Tim typing on the computer and Klarion telling how to get to magical side of the Internet.

Not so long later, theory became fact.

“I told you it was meme-worth” Bart whispered to Tim as they all looked at the gif of Superboy suddenly falling down mid-flight. Fresh from sorceress blog.

“And I never told you it isn’t.” Tim replied not whispering.

“That’s it – you both are on my shit-list.”

“Red? Send me that one gif.”

Wonder Girl?!

Cassie ignored Kon’s outburst. “Ok, we can clearly see she is very active on her social media. Does she mention something about where she currently is?”

“Well… that last post is from few hours ago…” Tim refreshed the page. “Oh. Something new.”

There was a short post about how she enjoys her book and coffee in certain cafe. Link to cafe’s website was added at the end.

“Great. Who’s in favor to send Raven to her to buy us time?” Cassie asked. Immediately Kon, Tim and Bart raised their hands and Klarion’s protest was ignored.

“Now, as we have sorceress’ location secured, it’s time for part 2 of the plan.” Cassie went around the couch and sat on Klarion’s other side. Bart stood behind the couch, directly behind the teenager. Kon stood up from his place besides Tim and went to stand in front of Klarion.

“Part 2?” Asked Klarion, boxed between four Titans.

“Part 2.” Cassie nodded. “And before we start, let me tell you that if anyone would told me before that whole fiasco, that it would came to this – I would laugh in their face and personally escort them to Arkham Asylum.

Klarion raised eyebrow at this, refusing to be intimidated by those cheap tricks.

“And what does part 2 entail?” he asked.

“Simple. We are not letting you out until you learn how to apologize and talk to people you fancy.” Tim explained.

Wait. You think that I-?! Her?! That’s fucking bullshit!”

“Well, your previous bullshit is what got us in that situation, soo…” Kon commented

“It was the least crash flirting technique I ever saw.”

“Trust us, Klarion.” Said Cassie “What is about to happen will traumatize us more than you.”