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Song for the Rich (Code 37)

And when you feel you can’t get through / And there’s no hope left in you / You’ll know I’ll be right here to help you find your way out
~ Song for the Rich - Tristan Prettyman


Hanna grunted as she entered the office, slamming the door behind her.

“Jesus, Maes!” Bob called out, startled by the loud noise. When he saw the desperation on her features, he got up from behind his desk and walked over to her. Thankfully, Charles and Kevin were out running errands. “What’s wrong?”

“That asshole just lawyered up, and we don’t have enough to charge him, but I know he did it!” The blonde forcefully shoved a stack of files to the floor. Bob grabbed her hands quickly, before she could completely tear up the place.

“We’ll go back to the scene, together; we’ll talk to everyone again and when we do, we’ll get him, okay?”

Hanna nodded.



In a Manner of Speaking (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation)

In a manner of speaking / I don’t understand / How love in silence becomes reprimand / But the way I feel about you / Is beyond words
~ In a Manner of Speaking - Nouvelle Vague

He never really told her he loved her all that much. Then again, Gil Grissom was not one to speak about his feelings. He made observations. Still, Sara knew. It was in the way he brought her coffee without asking when she was pulling a double, adding dinner if she hadn’t stopped to eat. It was in the way he would listen to her, no matter what she was talking about. It was the way he looked at her when she was in bed, next to him.

Sometimes, though, he did tell her, and when he did, butterflies still gathered in her body like the very first time.


She is Love (Wentworth)

Well I had my ways / They were all in vain, ‘n’ she waited patiently / It was all the same, all my pride and shame / She put me on my feet
~ She is Love - Parachute

“I’ll wait for you.”

It was the sentence running through Franky’s mind as she ran. It was the one thing that gave her hope throughout the years. She knew, rationally, that the chance of Bridget truly having waited for her for a decade was tiny, if not nonexistent, but she held on to it. It was all she had.

So, as she walked up to the door marked Jones, Nguyen & Westfall, Private Counselling she hoped. She hoped as hard as she could. Entering, she was greeted by a young man sitting behind a desk.

“Good morning, miss; do you have an appointment?” Franky shook her head, and replied: “I don’t, but could you please tell Gid...Brid...Miss Westfall, that Francesca’s here to see her?” The man shot her a confused look, but shrugged and picked up his phone, dialling an internal line. He spoke softly into the receiver, before nodding at Franky. Within seconds, a door to her right opened, and a woman walked out. Her hair wasn’t as golden blonde as it had once been, and fine lines drew delicate patterns in the corners of her eyes, but there was no doubt: it was her Bridget. Franky was at a loss for words.

“I waited.” It was all Bridget said, her arms hanging limply at her sides. “I still wait.”

Franky pulled the piece of paper from her pocket, the black on white that made it official that she was a free woman, that she had been cleared of all charges, and handed it to the psychologist standing mere metres away.

“The waiting’s over.”


In the Margins (Overwatch)

You are a rare bird / The kind I wouldn’t even mind / Writing in the margins of my books
~ In the Margins - Ani DiFranco

Angela Ziegler did not like birds. It was ironic, really, and she was aware of that. Their high notes in the morning only served to give her headaches, and their droppings had ruined too many car paint jobs.

There was one bird, however, which she wanted around her as much as she could. The bird’s grace and elegance could take her breath away with one adept turn in the blue skies. The way the sapphire beauty grinned at her as her caduceus beam connected travelled through her whole body.

Angela Ziegler did not like birds, but she loved Fareeha Amari.

Well, and Ganymede. She didn’t mind Ganymede.


Looking for Paradise (Kenshūi Tendō Dokuta 2: Inochi no Tenbin)

Looking for innocence / Trying to find my way / Trying to make some sense
~ Looking for Paradise - Alejandro Sanz feat. Alicia Keys

The hospital was never calm, which was just how Suzu Asou liked it. She thrived when she was under severe time pressure, and she knew she was a good surgeon. Hell, she was a great surgeon; she wasn’t known for her Healing Touch for no reason. The 3rd Surgery Department was her home away from home, and she even slept in her office from time to time if she felt it was necessary.

Still, her life outside of Seimei was about as different from her work life as it could get. At home, only frozen dinners and bottles of wine waited for her. At home, her thoughts got loud, with no background noise to cancel them out. At home, she couldn’t forget.

Until she found a way, she worked.


Hold Me (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation)

So just hold me now / I’ll stay here all night, ‘cause I / Don’t feel so alone when you are / Holding me tight, love
~ Hold Me - Anouk & Douwe Bob

He wasn’t sure why he had called her, but he had. He hadn’t expected her to show up, and yet here she was, standing in the doorway, wearing a T-shirt and jeans, her hair damp and wavy from the shower. She was here, but now he didn’t know what to do.

“Why did you call me, Warrick?” she inquired gently. He shrugged, hopelessly, letting her push past him and enter his apartment. All he remembered was dialling her number from memory, and telling her ‘I need you’. Sighing, Catherine sat down on his couch, and whispered: “Come here.” When he didn’t move, she got up again and softly tugged on his arm, pulling him into an embrace.

It would be okay.


Phoenix (Assassin’s Creed: Unity & Syndicate)

Standing on the edges of tomorrow / Feel your wings come alive / Keep your chin up, trust your own eyes / You were meant to fly
~ Phoenix - VanVelzen

“Are you absolutely sure this is safe?” Élise inquired, hesitantly eyeing the device Evie had just attached to her wrist. The Brit chuckled, nodding.

“You have seen me use this a million times before.” The brunette double-checked the straps were secure before directing the Templar’s hand towards the sky with a gentle push against her forearm. “Now aim at that roof as if you were aiming with a firearm, and when you feel you’re in the right position, launch it with the trigger.” Élise nodded, concentrating visibly on the tiles. Then, without warning, she activated the grappling hook of the rope launcher, watching as it soared into the skies and attached itself to the terracotta. As the cable tightened itself, she shrieked: “Now what?”

“Leap!” Evie announced, giving the Française a gentle nudge. She laughed heartily as the launcher dragged Élise upwards, lifting her to the very edge of the roof. Quickly and nimbly, she followed her, reuniting with her near a chimney.

“Mon Dieu,” the redhead panted, undoing the straps of the gauntlet and lobbing it into Evie’s hands.

“Like flying, isn’t it?”