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Round and Round We Go

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"Name?" She peered at me with hooded suspicion when I came to stand in front of her desk. I was pretty sure I had to check in here but the look made me second guess that.

"Piper Morgenson. I'm here to be taken on as a researcher?" I didn't mean to phrase this as a question. It was very much a fact but the ferocity of the stare on this woman sitting behind her desk in front of me, had me questioning what I was doing here.

"Right. And your research speciality is?" She shuffled through some papers scattered on her desk, picking one up and scanning through it.

"Uh, I'm documenting the creatures and beings in Romania." I nodded, pulling my scarf away from my neck slightly. Why was talking to this lady so nerve-wracking?

"Mhm. Well..." She trailed off, apparently still reading. Suddenly her eyes cut up to mine in a flash, "Are you at all prepared for the dragons? Obviously thats a part of why you're a Dragon Sanctuary."

"Oh, of course. I did say beings and creatures." I forced myself to keep a level tone but failed slightly, my attitude was going to mess this up for me.

"What beings?" She raised a brow, putting the paper down.

"Uh, Vampires in particular." I divulged, tucking my scarf closer around my neck with little else to do.

"Wow...haven't heard that before but you're not the nuttiest gal I've seen come round 'ere before. Right then, sign here and you'll be in cabin five." She turned another piece of paper around to me as I leaned down to her desk. She had a bit of a Scottish brogue happening which wasn't nearly as thick as some of my relative's from the north in Ireland. They were barely understandable at times.

"Your wand will need to be scanned over there and you'll be expected in the researcher center tomorrow mornin' at 8." I nodded as I scanned the page, it was just your round of bout 'you can't sue us for injury or death' form.

"Right." I picked up the paper and handed it back to her. She didn't say anything more to me. Instead she was shuffling a stack of pages into one book-like structure before she began stamping it all, page by page. Merlin, I'm glad I wasn't her.

I shuffled over to another desk that contained an odd box with a hole in it, it looked almost like a muggle invention used to sharpen little sticks of wood. I think they used the little sticks to write on parchment. I wasn't 100% sure, honestly. My ma and da used to live in the muggle world when I was born due to Voldemort's interest in seeking out pure bloods for his little cult. We moved back in 81, when he was supposedly out of business. I think I was maybe 10?

"Place the tip in here please, Miss." A comely looking man with chopped brown hair motioned to the little box. I nodded and wordlessly pulled out my wand, sliding it into position. He waved his own and I waited a moment.

"Interesting wand, you have there." He nodded to my own, still sticking out of the little box.

"I guess so." I shrugged. It was 11 inches long and made of holly with a phoenix feather core. Particularly difficult to win over at first, but it had been there for me during my first duel with Sirius Black.

"You in for some dangerous or spiritual quests, I guess?" I could tell that he was trying to make conversation but it was weirdly slanted towards my wand. I'd heard something like that before and I supposed it was dangerous to head to Romania in search of creatures and beings of the night but it wasn't spiritual in the least. I mean my ma always said it was because I got angry too quick, but I think it's just because I waved this one in Ollivanders and it picked me.

"Sounds like you've been reading one too many books." I chuckled lightly, trying to drag some attention away from whatever was happening here...I was starting to get the feeling that there weren't many females 'round here.

"You might just be right, you're good. I just needed to register your magic with the wards, otherwise you might wander into a confundus charm or two late at night." He smiled sheepishly at me as I took my wand back out of the box and slipped it back into my black jacket pocket.

"Right then, I'll see you around." I was turning to leave and find where ever cabin five was.

"Abraxas." He volunteered his name, making me stop for a second. I pursed my lips and glanced back at him, more interested in getting into my place for the next year and finding a pub in town than talking to him.

"Uh, Piper." I was short with him but managed a half-arsed smile in his direction.

I turned back 'round and quickly headed for the door, hoping I wouldn't be pulled into yet another conversation in here. It wasn't that I hated people, it was more just that I really wanted a little kip before I went out to search for dinner.

Well, this didn't really turn out how I was hoping it would. I'd promptly gotten lost on the sanctuary's grounds and couldn't seem to find a cabin five in the lot of them. Instead I'd chosen to watch an enclosure fenced with thick planks of dark woods that contained one distressed Romanian Longhorn and a redheaded tamer.

The dragon looked to be male, fully grown, and he did not like something. Not a clue as to what that was but I was wondering why the tamers didn't go into these in pairs when the Longhorn elected the fight in fight or flight and breathed out a single torrent of fire directed at the redhead.

I went into momentary panic as my brain processed that it was in my direction as well and these guy's flames could reach fifty feet as adults. I snatched my wand out of my jacket and quickly waved it in a jerky fashion.

"MADIDUS!" My voice was just a pitch below shrieking as I felt a wave of water encase me right before the fire brushed my hair. It took me a moment, just enough to blink before I realised that I'd not only drenched myself but also the dragon and the tamer in foul wave. Oops? I was really only supposed to soak me, but I guess either me or my wand had over done it and we'd soaked everyone in the vicinity.

"Quite the wand you've got there." The tamer had dived landing near my feet at the edge of the enclosure, probably just now noticing his water-logged audience. I made a mental note to start working on charming most of my clothes to avoid becoming a blackened husk of a witch.

"Sorry." I looked down at his face, noting the scar over his cheek and just how red his hair was despite what little light there was out here. I leaned over the boards, offering him a hand to get up. He grabbed it and stood with the help of the boards, his pants were too stained for me to know what sort they were.

"Charlie Weasley." He began shaking my hand as I tried to retract it. Maybe people here were just extraordinarily friendly, like I'd heard Americans were.

"Piper." I didn't feel the need to say my last name as well, mainly because I was now wet and cold. It was also the fact that his name sounded oddly familiar but I couldn't place it.

"What brings you here, Piper?" He raised a brow, looking me up and down. I imagined I looked a bit like a blonde drowned rat right about now, hopefully my hair hadn't been singed though. I attempted to retract my hand once again but this time it actually worked, allowing me to slip it around the handle of my trunk again.

"I'm studying creatures." I'd elected not to mention the beings part, considering the reaction I got from the woman earlier.

"Ah, of course. Thought you'd come get a look up close and personal?" He grinned, jerking his head back to the dragon that had once been distressed but was now watching water drip off of one of his gold horns.

"Kinda. I'm actually a bit lost." I shrugged. It wasn't as though I hadn't seen a dragon before, Romania was my third reservation. After I'd left Hogwarts, I spent about a year just wandering around with the intent to find something I belonged to. I'd found myself amongst the The MacFusty Clan up in Scotland when I discovered my interest in the dragons that they'd taken care of for generations. When Allaster recommended I go into Magizoology, he pointed me to the dragon reservation in the mountains in Wales, it'd been fun but very much dangerous.

"You researchers are a funny lot." He laughed a bit, making me raise a brow.

"How'd ya figure?" I waited to hear this bit, I had a feeling I was about to be made fun of.

"You're all so clever but here you are, lost." Usually I got on great with the tamers but it seemed that I wasn't going to in Romania.

When I'd gotten to Wales, I was given a bit of codding for being a girl and being so young looking. That was fair, I did have the face of a 14 year old at 20. It lasted 'til Allaster flooed to see how I was gettin' on, apparently when one of the MacFustys vouched for you, you were alright.

"Excuse me for not knowing everything." I snorted, trying to not let him get under my skin.

"Eh. Lucky for you, I do." He winked before he ran a hand through his dripping hair. He looked back at the Longhorn and nodded to himself.

"Let me just get Greg settled and I can lead you where ever it is you're trying to go." I watched as he jogged off without actually checking whether or not I wanted that. I mean, I didn't have much of a choice. It wasn't like I could apparate to my cabin, I hadn't a clue as to what was even close to it to guessimate where to land.

I watch him as he arrived near Greg and began to wave his arms all about the place, making me seriously question the reality of this so-called Dragon Sanctuary. Was he just new? Or did all the tamers get their Dragon's attention like this?

Eventually Greg took interest, following the redhead along until he'd gone back to the far left side of the enclosure and figured out that they'd left large hunks of meat for him. I pursed my lips wondering when exactly this guy was going to get out of the Longhorn's way when the tamer sped off like a bat outta hell. Smart man.

"Ready to go?" I glanced back at the redhead as he arrived and shook my head, the fascinating part about this particular breed of dragon was about to start.

"I know its a bit barbaric but this is my favourite bit about Longhorns." I pointed as the dragon finished sniffing over the meats. He'd found the one he liked best apparently, because he grabbed it out of the pile with his mouth and threw it up in the air. I bit back a smile as he thrust his gargantuan green head and skewered the piece on one of his horns before roasting it.

"This isn't your first time around dragons is it?" He asked slowly as I shook my head, still watching the dragon roast his meat just the way he liked it before shaking his head. The cooked piece fell off, landing on the ground near him and he dug in.

"Anyways, where is...cabin five?" I had to think for a second, drumming my hand on my thigh while I remembered which cabin I was actually supposed to be in.

"Right this way." He nodded, taking off to the left of us. I was surprised he didn't make another comment about my interest in watching Greg's eating method but at the same time, I was rather grateful.