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The Irresistible Barry Allen

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"Uh, Caitlin? The machines are giving some pretty weird readings on Barry here right now, maybe you should have a look."

Even with Dr. Snow still on her way to the Cortex to check on her patient, Cisco realised pretty soon what the odd readings were about. He didn't have to know what each graph was reading specifically to see what was going on, once the man in coma started to squirm ever so slightly, his breathing growing heavier and… huskier.

It didn't take a doctor to see the tent growing in the sheets over his crotch.

"Man, this guy has got to be kidding me."

Cisco slowly stood from his chair, approaching the bed with Barry Allen prone on it, sensors attached all over him to measure his heart rate, blood pressure and various hormone levels. One of the hormonal readings was the one peaking, but the ones on his heart were steadily rising as well.

The man looked… helpless, laid out on that bed, in a coma, and now clearly sporting a boner his pubescent memories may have been proud of. Cisco already regretted calling Caitlin up. He should just have given the poor guy a hand, let him keep at least a little of his dignity.

But that was too late now, with Caitlin rushing in and Dr. Harrison Wells right behind her.

"What's going on, Cisco?"

She rushed to her patient's side - his side that Cisco apparently reached in his musings without realising. He quickly turned away, face flushing and clearing his throat.

"He's hard."

"He's what?" Caitlin scoffed in something between confusion and disbelief, until she figured out the readings.

Dr. Wells didn't bother looking at the graphs. He was looking thoughtfully at the tent in the sheets instead, as he slowly repeated Cisco's words. "He is hard. In a state of physical arousal. He may be dreaming."

"Coma patients don't typically have wet dreams, Dr. Wells." Caitlin looked concerned, rather than embarrassed. Cisco should take a leaf from her book there.

"Mr. Allen is not a typical coma patient." Dr. Wells wheeled himself up the the bed and Cisco backed away to give him space. But he had not expected the older man to simply grab the sheets and pull them off, baring their patient's body to the air.

Lucky thing, Barry was given some loose pants by Caitlin after his last clean-up.

Unlucky thing, his erection had easily escaped the loose elastic of the waistband, the head of it now peeking out where it lay on his stomach.

Now Cisco never thought of himself as a gay man before, but this… this was something else. He couldn't look away.

The flushed cockhead with the slight moistness at the tip, all but quivering against the soft skin of Barry's - their patient's! - belly… it made Cisco want to reach out and touch. It made him want to taste.

The musky smell was overwhelming, and he was standing a royal two steps away from the bed. It made him salivate, and once more he noticed how helpless the man was right now, laying there at their mercy. Cock half on display as the rest of his body was slowly starting to flush with his arousal.

He really wished he had just given him a hand and kept it quiet now. With Dr. Wells and Caitlin here, he couldn't really do that anymore.

Cisco was drawn from his reverie by Caitlin violently shaking her head, breaking from her own frozen stance where she'd been staring at the very same thing. Clearly Cisco wasn't the only one thinking it - even Wells was now clearing his throat and pointedly looking over at the graphs as if to deny he had been staring.

"We should do some tests, make sure he remains stable. And test the air for just how much of these pheromones he's releasing."

"I know right?" Cisco laughed nervously, scooting away to get some materials. He could take care of the air tests, and getting away from their patient right now seemed an excellent idea. Caitlin was bright red and nodding furiously, resolutely turning her back on their exposed patient to go through the readings on the screen.


Considering that was what he left behind when he hopped down to his workshop, Cisco had certainly not expected the sight that met him only a few minutes later when he re-entered the cortex.

"Oh my- what are you doing!?"

Caitlin at least looked up with guilt all over her face, despite her hand still steady where it held the glass bowl on Barry Allen's belly, catching the dripping precum.

Dr. Wells made no effort to look like anything was out of place, simply proceeding with his careful ministrations to the patient's cock. With a latex glove - as if that made it professional to molest your patient - slowly pumping the flushed, hard flesh.

"Don't worry, Cisco. We are just taking a sample."

"A sample? What do you need his spunk for?"

"The same we need samples of everything else for." Dr. Wells gave him a pointed look and Cisco swallowed any rebuttal he might have had. Dr. Wells was right; this was in the guy's best interest.

Plus, it was hard to judge when his own fingers were itching to touch.

He didn't have to wait for that for much longer. Not when he approached with such a hungry look, and Harrison totally looked over his shoulder to catch him doing it.

An unused latex glove was pressed up against him by Dr. Wells' free hand.

"We could use your help, Cisco. Do you know how to anally stimulate a man?"

Cisco spluttered in surprise, his ears burning at the question. "What? No! What makes you think I do that?!"

"Very well. Then take over this job here." Dr. Wells released the hard cock he'd been stroking, gesturing for Cisco to continue his job. He hitched up one of their patient's legs with his clean hand instead, holding his hand out for Caitlin to squirt a clear dollop of medical lube on his gloved fingers.

Cisco was still fumbling with his own glove when Dr. Wells slowly circled his lubed fingers against Barry Allen's asshole, rubbing the clear lube around the rim with meticulous care.

Cisco couldn't believe he was doing it. But this was for science, and both Dr. Wells and Caitlin seemed entirely agreed that this was a necessary test. Who was he to complain or stop them? It was for their patient's safety, as well as their increased knowledge of the effects of the particle explosion.

He grabbed hold of the hard cock, only to feel it jump in his hand. He yelped in surprise, laughing nervously when his colleagues gave him a look for that.

"Just startled me. He hasn't moved much before."

"He's in a coma, Mr. Ramon, What were you expecting."

Certainly not to have a hand all over his dick while his boss was fingering the guy's asshole and their doctor catching all the precum, he wasn't.

"Just keep it steady, so we can catch as much semen as we can." Dr. Wells instructed calmly, pressing his finger deeper with methodical little thrusts. "And after that, we can test the released pheromones on what makes him so irresistible right now."

"Y-yeah, good plan." Cisco swallowed heavily, slowly stroking the softly pulsing cock in his hand.

Because 'irresistible' was most certainly on point here. And Cisco doubted this was going to be the last time they were going to lay hands on Barry Allen.