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Klaine - You are the one I want

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“You know, why is he posting a lot of pictures with him, but none where you can actually see him?”, Blaine asked curiously, but it probably sounded more like a general question.

“You stalking Smythe again?”, David said, looking at his roommate with judgment in his eyes.

“Maybe he’s ugly…”, Blaine wondered, “Do you think Seb would date someone ugly?”

“Well you better hope so if you want any chance with him.”, David joked, making Blaine throw one of his pillows at him, followed by an offended “Heyy!”

David just ignored the pillow smiling, before turning his attention back to his book. Blaine didn’t blame him though, for not wanting to talk about this. After all, it’s been almost a year that Blaine has been at Dalton now. He definitely wasn’t the new kid anymore. On the contrary, he was actually one of the most known people in school, which was probably thanks to being lead singer with the Warblers. Some would say Blaine “had it all”. Unfortunately Blaine didn’t. His unrequited crush on Warbler colleague Sebastian Smythe has become as normal as gelling his hair at this point. Especially because he didn’t even know who “Kurt Hummel”, the boyfriend, actually was. He only knew he went to public school, was in the Glee club there and that he had to be perfect if Sebastian had been together with him for 11 months, or at least that’s what his Instagram said a few days ago, now.

Apparently Blaine must have sighed again, as David closed his book, walked over to Blaine’s bed, where he was sitting, and took away his phone.

“Okay, I know you’re in looooove and all that, but this self pity stuff has got to stop!”

“What? Do you think I should finally tell him, hope he feels the same way but couldn’t break up with his boyfriend because he’s psycho and controlling and would turn all serial killer and that with being with him and not me he’s just protecting me but would risk it all if I just said a word?”, Blaine said rapidly, starting to daydream again, which was one of his habits he sometimes wished he could turn off.

“No, weirdo. I mean that we’re gonna be late for Warbler practice if you don’t hurry up, wash the drool from your face and start to get going.”, he said, pulling Blaine off his bed and shoving him towards to door.


Blaine and David weren’t late, but still all the other boys were already there and somewhat in discussion of something. David took his place next Wes and they ordered everyone to be quiet.

“So as some of you already know, Steven has left us.”, Wes announced.

“What? But he was the only one who could get the high notes!”, a sophomore Warbler, whose name Blaine kept forgetting, exclaimed.

“He has a good reason.”, David assured, “His younger brother is in hospital after being beaten up and he wants to spend as much time as he can with him. I don’t think any of us can blame him for that, even if it’s a great loss for us.”

“Yeah, being beaten up because he was bullied for being a boring nerd.”, Sebastian said to only his friend that was standing next to him, but Blaine heard as well. “I mean at least it’s just his brother, but could you imagine if this was his friend or partner being bullied? Them he could chose, and god, who would willingly chose to be involved with a loser? Can you imagine the embarrassment?”

Blaine hated it when Sebastian said something like this, he knew it was insensitive and very rude, but he was sure that Sebastian didn’t really mean stuff like that. He probably just didn’t know better or needed someone to educate him, which Blaine would gladly do if he were allowed to.

After the practice was done and Blaine had sung “Teenage Dream” about what felt like 1000 times, he decided to try and talk to Sebastian. Just normal human conversation.

“Hey, Seb.”, he said walking up to him, “I just thought I’d ask how you’re doing.”

Sebastian opened his mouth to answer, but before he said something his phone rang. He took it out of his pocket, looked at the screen and apologized to Blaine.

“Sorry, but this is Kurt.”

Sebastian answered the call saying, “Hey babe.”, with a smirk on his face before turning around and leaving the room.

‘Great.’, Blaine thought, before walking over to his friends and falling down on one of the couches with a big sigh.

“I can’t even get him to talk to me. I mean how is it possible to hate a person you don’t know as much as I hate Sebastian’s boyfriend. Why can’t he just be single?!”

“Well one could change that.”, Jeff suggested.

Blaine, David and Wes looked at him in confusion.

“It’s easy, isn’t it? I mean just think guys, how do we get his boyfriend to be undateable for him?”, Jeff said as if this was there were a hundred answers to this.

“We don’t know much about him. Though we know he’s at McKinely, which is a public school with bad reputation and well we all know ‘my family is rich and I am not afraid to show it’-Sebastian Smythe. So if he’s dating Kurt even though he thinks so low of public schools I’m not sure how you want to do that.”, Wes said.

“I for one, think you shouldn’t do anything.”, David said,” Sebastian is a mean and unappealing person, so I don’t even know why you want him in the first place. You should try to get over him and move on. You deserve better anyway.”

Blaine was grateful for his friend and he got where David was coming from, but that didn’t change that Blaine just didn’t want to give up on Sebastian. Not when he hasn’t even tried.
While Jeff was arguing with David about whether or not Blaine should give up, Blaine actually thought of something Sebastian said earlier. ‘Who would willingly chose to be involved with a loser?’


Blaine looked around. He had never been at this part of Lima. McKinely seemed big, but not as big as Dalton. Which is how it should be, Blaine guessed. He and Jeff were just outside in the car park, waiting.

“You sure about this? Because I feel pretty bad.”, Blaine spoke out about his worries.

“Oh come on, Anderson. I’m telling you I got solid information. Kurt’s been getting bullied from the first day he was at McKinely, got worse when he joins Glee club and then even more worse when he came out as gay. The school doesn’t care about it and his parents don’t know apparently. I tell you tricking his bully to somehow out his bullying to Sebastian, is actually gonna help in the end. You and Kurt.”, Jeff assured him, but Blaine was still feeling unsettled.

“We haven’t thought this through, I mean aren’t we kinda the reason then that he gets bullied? You know what I went through at my old school, I can’t be responsible for someone else feeling like that.”

“Blaine. They’re bullying him anyway, they always did and they weren’t gonna stop, if we’d ask them to or not. This doesn’t change anything for the guy, this is only a step that could change something with his relationship, that probably is build on lies anyway, there is no way Sebastian didn’t know Kurt was getting bullied, that was like the first thing I found out when I asked around about him.”

“Yeah, but-”, Blaine tried to keep arguing, but Jeff told him to be quiet, as some football guys arrived. Blaine suddenly felt even more uncomfortable. They were so… big.

“You Karofsky?”, Jeff asked, keeping perfectly calm even though he was about two heads smaller than the guys in front of them.

The guy in the middle nodded. “So you’re here because of Hummel?”

“Yeah and I’m gonna keep this short. So you hate him because he’s gay, right? Which means you must be very angry about him having a boyfriend, so what if we told you, that if said boyfriend somehow found out about just how much Kurt was getting bullied at school, their relationship would break?”

“What you want?”, Karofsky asked, probably not really getting where Jeff was getting at, which to be fair, Blaine didn’t really either. He just stood there, trying to stay as cool and calm as Jeff seemed to be. He didn’t like the idea but as Jeff kept saying, he tried a lot with Sebastian and nothing worked. The boyfriend was a problem, no matter what the others may have said. The bad conscience was gonna be worth it.

“50 bucks. We’ll pay you 50 bucks if you somehow manage to time your bullying in a way that Kurt’s boyfriend will have to witness it. And if you start doing it over social media, as long as no one gets physically hurt.”, Blaine found himself just wanting to pull this through as it probably was already too late to back out, “So do we have a deal?”

Karofsky nodded, shook Blaine’s hand and then happily took the money from his hand.


On the way back to Dalton Blaine tried to ignore his conscience being terribly mad at him for doing this.

“Wow, Anderson, was pretty proud when you just took over.”, Jeff congratulated Blaine on something he definitely didn’t want congrats for.

“Whatever. Just remember, not a word to David or Wes, okay?”


A week later, Blaine got a bit worried when he saw Sebastian leaving in the middle of a Warbler practice to get a phone call, which barely ever happened. When Blaine left himself, he saw Sebastian sitting outside, looking distressed.

“What’s wrong?”, Blaine asked, taking place beside Sebastian, who now looked up and took a quick glance at Blaine to see who it was asking.

“It’s Kurt, my boyfriend,” Sebastian explained, as if Blaine could forget who Kurt was, “he’s having problems at school. Just, er, something with a teacher… nothing that important. He’s just really stressed about it and that’s obviously stressful for me as well.”

“Oh, sorry.”, Blaine said, wondering if Sebastian was lying, knowing very well he wouldn’t say if the problem was bullying.

“Yeah, that’s why I left the practice to talk to him. I don’t normally do that but he needed me. And well, after all at least one good thing came out of his shitty school.”, Sebastian kept talking and if it hadn’t been about his boyfriend Blaine would probably die of the interaction, because this happened very rarely.

“What?”, Blaine asked curious about this ‘good thing’. Sebastian started smiling.

“Kurt’s father and step-mother don’t wanna see him being distressed all the time which is why they decided to send him here. Kurt is gonna transfer to Dalton.”