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A time of assassins and dragons

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Arya Stark had always been difficult, rejecting dresses and princes for swords and bows. Over the years she heard the exploits of someone who had a similar warrior path, the Dragon Queen Daenerys Targaryen. She had cut a swath through Essos and now was here in Westeros, allied with her brother Jon who had stepped down as King in the North. Part of Arya wished he had fought harder for independence, but still longed to see him again, after so many years.

Finally, they heard a rumble, and the captain shouted to open Winterfell’s gates.

Daenerys rode in, and Arya was absolutely stunned by her beauty. She was never explicitly attracted to men, she had realized. There was Gendry but it had been several years since she had seen him. He was assumed dead in her mind. Even if they met up again one day, she would think of him more like an elder brother. She tried to be his family once. That failed. The fairer sex appealed to her more, and more. With the Waif, there was a certain belligerent tension. As Arya went to and fro about Essos, the impressive stories about the conquering Dragon Queen grew ever more fantastic, and awe inspiring.

Seeing her now, was like having her eyes opened. In person, Daenerys was every bit the beauty everyone said she was, and then some. Arya shook her head. Only stupid little highborn girls get puppy crushes. What are you thinking, staring at her like that? You are an assassin, a warrior.

“-rya?” a voice said. It was her sister’s. As for Sansa, they had mended all previous feuding and grown extremely close. Sansa trusted her with much, as the North’s chief executioner and bodyguard of the Starks. Arya had often dreamed in quiet moments of joining a Queensguard and being Lady Commander to her queen.

“I’m fine, Sansa.”

“You’re red-faced. I didn’t know you get red faced.”

“Shove it, Sansa.” Arya smirked.

A woman named Missandei stepped forward and announced, “You stand in the presence of Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, rightful heir to the Iron Throne, rightful Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains.”

An impressed sound of awe sounded across the courtyard. Arya blushed, having heard every single story on how she earned those titles.

Jon grasped Daenerys’ hand and led her through.

“Who might this be, Jon?” Daenerys eyes zero’d in on the Stark sisters. Gods, even her voice is like that of a goddess. There’s no doubt I like girls. No doubt at all.

“My sisters,” he confirmed. “Lady Sansa and Lady Arya.” Arya smiled warmly at her brother and rushed up to hug him tightly.

“Hi, little wolf.” Jon warmly greeted.

“It is an honor to meet you, Your Grace.” Sansa said in a regal, polite tone.

“The honor is mine, Lady Stark.”

“Have you actually come here to help us, because we have been preparing for this war for far longer than you?”

“Yes, your brother bent the knee to me in exchange for sending my armies here to help. I am here to save the North, not to make you do anything you don’t want me to.”

“I see. Perhaps Jon should have consulted his lords first before giving up our entire independence that we named him King to maintain.”

“Sansa, I told you not to undermine-“

“I am not, brother. I am simply pointing out facts. Did you burn Lord Tarly and his son?”

“What?” Jon demanded.

“That….was war.” Daenerys said with a tinge of regret and sadness. “I will not burn anyone in the North unless they force me to.”

“You burned Sam’s family? What in seven hells is wrong with you?” Jon was furious with her. “I told you to be different, not burn noble families to ash.”

“I am being different. I’m saving the entire planet, Jon.”

Sansa was unconvinced. “Do you swear on your family’s lives you are here to help, my Queen?”

“I do. I hope this endears me to you eventually, my Lady.”

“We shall see, my queen. We shall see.” Sansa finished in the same regal tone.

Daenerys turned to Arya, who’s cheeks turned slightly pink.

“The other Lady Stark! I hope you like me a bit more than your sister.”

“Quite true, my queen. I highly approve of your tactics, as they are necessary to defeat those who wronged you.”

“Quite so. But I imagine you have had a…difficult life to have such a harsh outlook.”

“No more than you, my queen. I heard many stories during my time in Essos.”

“You did? I hope they were good ones.” Arya thought it must have been her imagination but Daenerys seemed to also have pinkish cheeks. Beside them, Jon was still fuming. Something was broken between them. Jon was highly principled and saw that Daenerys was refusing to listen to his advice.

“She burned down everything in her path, as is her way.”

“Hush, Jon.” Sansa said. “There’s another time for that.”

“Lady Arya, I truly hope we can talk more but as of this moment, we must convene a war council to decide our next move.”

“She’s right,” Sansa confirmed. “I just received this letter moments before your arrival.”

The contents of which sent shivers down all their spines.

The Wall fell. They’re coming.




“We’re here,” Jon said, “Because we all face the same enemy. Even Cersei understood this and is on her way with 10 000 Lannister men to aid us in the final battle.”

Sansa stiffened at this, and Arya nodded. Neither Stark believed Cersei would actually help Starks and Targaryens with anything, even if it meant her own head was on the block.

“You all know by now, that the Wall has fallen. The gigantic piece of ice we thought could protect us forever proved worthless against Wight-Dragonfire. We know from my brother, Bran that it will be three days before the dead reach Winterfell and the fight begins. We lost the Wall….We can’t lose the North.”

“My brother is right.” Sansa said. “If we are to survive, we must stand together. All of us. However, he is wrong about Cersei. I request the placement of a rearguard in the southern defences, to hold off Cersei should she attack us from the south.”

“Cersei promised ten thousand-“

“Where are they, Jon? She betrayed you. She will always betray us.”

“No one is that mad-“

“She is.”

“Enough!” Daenerys boomed. “We have one hundred thousand men, perhaps more. Over half of which is my Dothraki. Two dragons. Eight thousand Unsullied. The Arryn knights. I promise you, lords, we can weather this storm.”

“Aye!” they shouted.

Arya smiled at Daenerys, who gave her a regal, poised queenly smile back.

“I say let them come.” Arya said, smirking. “We have these walls. We have dragons-“

Jon interrupted, “The enemy has a dragon. He will be here soon!”

“Who’s fault was that? From what I hear, you could have said no to that mission and not lost us Viserion.” Sansa shouted.

“Hush, Lady Stark. If Viserion’s death is anyone’s fault….it’s mine.” Daenerys said, almost brought to tears. Arya smiled sadly, grateful to see that the mighty Dragon Queen did have a heart.

“My son’s death……will be avenged. I swear this on all the gods. My lords, Jon didn’t bend the knee to me lightly. Do not misunderstand. He actually fought me for a while on that. He finally did so because he knew our only chance of survival was if I took the lead. I swear to you all, if you judge me based on past actions, I already paid my price in blood. I lost two sons. I put men who didn’t deserve it to the torch. But that is how I was forged into the person I am now. Queen of the North.”

Arya clapped, her budding crush growing with every second.

After the meeting, Arya met alone with Sansa.

“That went well.” The redhead said.

“Yes, it seems our new queen is not as hated in the North as I was expecting.”

“You seem quite enamored with her.” Sansa noted, smirking deviously.

“W-what? No. She’s just a prim proper little queen.”

“You know you think she’s much more than that.”

“How did you-“

“I’m not blind, Arya.”

“….It doesn’t matter. She’s with Jon.”

“Arya have you seen how they’re acting right now? Jon is just barely holding his tongue from giving her a lashing. He’s far too honorable for her. I promise you, sister. That little tryst won’t last long.”

“Coming from you, that’s quite an assessment.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh please. Loras Tyrell? Joffrey? You don’t have the best romance track record.”

“I know people, Arya. I know Jon. He has a similar look around her as he did for the Baelish we executed.”

“What do you want me to do, Sansa? She probably doesn’t even like girls!”

Sansa smiled. “If there is anyone in Westeros who is worthy of her, it’s you, little sister. You’re the strongest person I have ever met.”

“I do believe you just complimented me.”

“Aye, I did.”

Sansa then stepped forward and gave her sister a hug.

“Just talk to her. You never know what might happen.”



Sure enough, Arya waited until there was a chance, and then sought out the queen for a private talk.

“Oh Lady Arya. Please enter. Guards, Lady Arya is to have access to the throne room at all times.”

“Yes, Your Grace.” The guards answered.

“Come, sit. Have something to eat.”

“I am fine, Your Grace. I just want to….talk.” she said nervously. Wow, are you kidding me Arya? Acting like a blushing maiden?

“Of course. I noticed your brother is angry with me.”

“He’ll get over it. Have you two….”

“Oh…once,” Daenerys blushed hard. “Since then….I think he feels he made a mistake.”

“Aye, Jon fears fathering a bastard, since he is one. It’s not an ideal life.”

“I see. I shall speak to him then.”

“If it pleases you, Your Grace.”

“Hush, hush, Lady Arya. Enough of that. Call me Daenerys.” Daenerys said in a soft, friendly tone.

Arya blushed “Then please call me Arya, Daenerys.”

“I shall, Arya.” Daenerys smiled. “Your land is….”

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Yes….the opening snows….I have never seen snow. I grew up hearing about how the North is cold, ugly and dark, but you and your people have treated me with respect.”

“We are a loyal bunch. If Jon says this is the way, this is the way.”

“I hope it is, Arya. I hope it is.”


“I am not fearless or without regrets, Arya. Far from it.”

“We’ll win. As long as we have you and your dragons.”

“My sons mourn their brother. I failed him…”

Arya stared, not knowing what to do, except calmly and softly grasp Daenerys hand.

“It’s his fault. The Night King. It’s. All. Him.”

“You’re right, Arya. You’re right. I will kill him. But it won’t bring Viserion back. It won’t bring anyone back.”

“But it’s a start” Arya smirked, humorously.

Daenerys chuckled, “Yes, it could be.” Gods, her laugh is too cute. She’s too cute! I want to kiss her. Wait, what?

“So about Jon… you love him?”

“No.” Daenerys quickly answered. “We….lay together once in the heat of the moment, and I am ready to move on from Khal Drogo. However, in recent days I have come to realize we may not be that similar.”

“I know my brother, and I know you, Daenerys. You’re a political revolutionary firebrand, a conqueror, who knows her birthright and will get it no matter what. At the same time, you freed the slaves, and they love you for it. Your people love you. It will not be long before the Northerners love you. Jon is Jon. I love him, he is my brother but he can be stubborn to a fault and never thinks before he acts. If you feel you two should just be friends, you should tell him.”

“Thank you, Arya. Are you my friend….?”

“Of course I am, don’t be silly.”

Daenerys smiled warmly at her. Then she tried to lean in but turned away again, thinking better of it. Did she…? Taking the off chance she had, Arya leaned in herself. Then their lips brushed against each other.


“We what?” Arya breathlessly whispered. Then she leaned in the rest of the way, planting a soft but firm kiss on the silverhead’s lips. The feeling was indescribable. The silverhead’s lips were very soft, and very warm. Daenerys kept it soft and innocent, and pulled away only seconds after. Thank the gods, since that was my first. I would have made a fool of myself.

“Arya…. thank you. I…..didn’t know you-“

“Liked the fairer sex? I suppose I do. Did I….” she began to say nervously.

“No. Gods, no. I liked our kiss.”

“I liked it too, Daenerys.”

“Good night, Arya.”

“Good night, Daenerys.”


The next day, Sansa hotly demanded answers.

“What happened? Did you make love to her?”

“What? No! We just….kissed a little.”

“I knew she was into women. Arya, you should get her alone again and give her the kissing of a lifetime.”

“I-I don’t know…”

“The mighty Arya Stark, blushing like a maiden.” Sansa teased.

“Shut up!” Arya squealed, knowing it was true but unwilling to admit it.

“She is very beautiful. I’m sure she likes you a lot.”

“It seems so. She did kiss me back.”

“That’s great!”

Arya hummed. “What about Jon? She has to break up with him before I go any further with Dany.”

Sansa laughed, “Nicknames already?”

“Shut up….I’m serious. I’m no harlot out to steal my own brother’s woman.”

“Trust me when I say he won’t mind.”

“I hope so….”

After talking to Sansa, Arya felt better about confronting Daenerys about recent events. Sure enough, she came across Dany with a depressed, sullen look and near-tears.

“Daen-…? Are you ok?”

“Jon ended it as soon as I told him about our kiss, Arya. I had to. I expected it, but it still hurts. Why does it hurt?” she sobbed.

“Because you’re a good person, Daenerys.” And I just might be falling for you.

“Me being a bad person is why Jon left….”

“Stop all of that. I’m here. I won’t leave you.”


“I swear, Daenerys. Lead us to victory. Only you can. I’ll be here, by your side.”

With that, she placed another chaste soft kiss on the Dragon Queen’s lips. Definitely falling.