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What's in a truth?

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Chapter 1: Fear Training with Third Years is No Fun 


Three sets of eyes full of pity stared at the hero known as Uravity through a one-way window as she fell to her knees, crying. The image reminds them of how innocent and young she was just a couple of years earlier when she had first come to UA. In the short time that has passed, Ochako Uraraka hadn't changed much in terms of looks (maybe a little less chubbiness in the cheeks, but she always retained that cute round face). But nowadays, she sported the attitude of a hero. That changes a person. It was an effect they'd seen occur in all of the students of UA's, now, 3-A class.

"I miss when we used to do Fear Training with first years." Midnight sighed, crossing her arms against her chest. "Nothing's better than watching a so-called 'manly-man' cry at the sight of a giant spider or his mom finding his porn collection. With these older kids there's no break in the depressing nature of it all."

Eraserhead just nodded his head slightly in agreement. Fear training had been a component of UA's studies for as long as he had been teaching. The day-long course consisted of projecting a student's worst fear in a controlled environment. After a string of hero suicides several years ago, this course was made in the hope of encouraging heroes to acknowledge and deal with their fears in a healthy setting, rather than burying them and letting them grow too big. The test itself last no more than a few minutes, and students were allowed 30 minutes to be alone (although they were secretly monitored for safety) in the gymnasium where they could ground themselves, vent their frustrations, or do whatever they needed to do prior to going back to their classmates.

Of course, a course like this came with a lot of controversy, Aizawa himself being on the fence about the whole thing. Nonetheless, he had seen a lot of positive change in some of the students after the experience and continued to teach it. The experience itself may feel traumatic, but afterwards it became clear that everyone suffered from overwhelming fears, thus creating a more supportive community. Originally, they had done this course as first years, but parent backlash forced the school to wait until the students were older. Today, students completed the course just 6 months shy of graduation and Pro-hero status.

Currently, Uraraka faced her worst fear. A hologram of her mother was also on her knees crying. She was holding out a paper in front of her that read "EVICTION" in red daunting letters.

"We lost everything Ochako," the hologram wailed. "Your father couldn't handle the guilt and he hung himself! Don't leave me all alone! I have no place to go!"

"I'm sorry mom! I'm sorry!"

Suddenly the image blipped away. Another girl in the room stood from her chair. She wore what could only be described as a futuristic outfit consisting of baggy capris and a tight tank-top that changed colors in the light in a way only a holographic material could. On her left wrist was a bulky, metal cuff and she had an ear piece in one ear, which was only revealed when her bright pink hair was tied into a high pony tail as it currently was. Standing, she was barely taller than she had been when sitting in her chair. In any other situation she would look absolutely adorable.

"You may now exit the room," the girl's voice was stoic, robotic even, not matching her overall girly appearance. "Please visit the gymnasium for the required 30-minute isolation period prior to returning to the dorms. Have a good day."

Uraraka pushed herself to her feet, her legs still wobbly from the experience. She nodded once she felt like she could walk and slowly left the room with a dazed look on her face.

Midnight pushed away from the table where she and her fellow teachers were sitting.

"Coffee, tea?"

"Coffee if it's no trouble!" A retired All Might boomed. Midnight nodded as she left the room.

Once she was gone, Toshinori gave a small sigh. This was his first Fear Training unlike his counterparts. While they were required to do this training every year due to the nature of their quirks (it wasn't uncommon for at least 1 student to need subduing if they let their quirk and/or emotions take over), the third spot was always open on a volunteer basis. Toshinori had volunteered enthusiastically for the sole, albeit selfish, purpose of seeing his successor's reaction. Despite Midoriya wearing his emotions on his sleeve, Toshinori had come to realize that the boy was actually quite adept at hiding his thoughts and fears. Toshinori hoped the knowledge he gained today would help him connect to his student better. He hadn't realized how taxing the training session would be for the teachers.

Toshinori turned to Eraserhead who had cocooned himself in his yellow sleeping bag for a nap, then back to the pink-haired hero who was focused intently on her computer. He also hadn't realized that Terabyte's quirk had a 30-minute cool-down between uses.



Toshinori shivered as he watched the girl unemotionally continue whatever she was doing on her laptop. She seemed un-phased throughout this process. Perhaps her career in interrogations had made her this way, but Toshinori wasn't sure that was the case.

Midnight eventually returned and handed Toshinori his coffee.

"So, what are the bets for the next student?" Midnight asked, sipping her drink. Eraserhead unzipped from his sleeping bag, rejoining the land of the living.

In order to stay sane, the teachers had taken to placing bets on what each students' fear would be shown. At first, Toshinori had been appalled at the concept, but soon joined in. After the first few students, it became clear that there were some common, predictable themes. A student's death or the death of a loved one, failure on the job or in the eyes of another, in other words, fears that were a little too real to not turn into a game. Every once in a while, there'd be a surprising or unique fear to peak their interest. For example, Kaminari feared being trapped in his 'dunce' state forever after using his quirk too much. They'd never thought about how it must be scary to become an idiot.

"Which student is it again?" Aizawa asked, although he was actually uninterested. He always placed his bet on someone dying. Midnight checked the chart.



"Really?" Midnight raised an eyebrow at her peer. "I thought the boy actually liked watching people be in pain. I'm going to go with: villain destroying everything."

"I think it's weakness." The two turned to Toshinori curiously. Toshinori reminisced about Bakugou shedding tears after his fight with Midoriya after Toshinori had been forced to retire. The boy had blamed himself for All Might's retirement since All Might lost his powers on the mission to save him.

"Isn't that too close to mine?" Midnight asked, annoyed.

The door to the room in front of them opened. Into the nearly empty space walked a tall blonde with a scowl on his face.

"Let's get this over with." He muttered as he walked in and loudly sat himself into the only available chair at the table where Terabyte sat at her computer. She looked up.

"Welcome student, today you will be participat-"

"Skip the speech, just get on with it asshole." Terabyte blinked. Then without a word she stood, walked around the table to stand behind the boy, and placed her left hand on his head.

Everything was silent for a few seconds, then the cuff on her wrist spit out a small memory card. She took it with her right hand, while removing her left from Bakugou's head. In return, she received a scowl.

"Please stand in the center of the room facing North." She stated in her unemotional voice as she again rounded the table, reaching to insert the card into her laptop. Bakugou stood up silently, looking bored as he followed her instructions.

Terabyte didn't say anything more and after a few clicks from her computer, Bakugou noticed a hologram spring into existence from the large round circle on the ground in front of him.

The three teachers in the viewing room's eyes widened at the recognizable figure.

"Why did you do it Kacchan?" Screamed his childhood friend, looking worse than ever.

Midoriya's costume was torn and singed, both his arms hung limply at his side, but his right arm was far worse, burned beyond recognition. His classmate was trying to support his body weight on his one functional leg, as the left was obviously broken as he could see the hint of white sticking out of the skin. Despite his best efforts, he kept almost falling onto the building rubble on which he stood. Blood ran from beneath his mess of green hair, but his eyes held a ferocity that Bakugou had never seen. Behind him, the-his-city was in chaos, with buildings crumbling, fires raging, and people screaming in both horror and pain.

"Was being the number 1 hero not enough for you?" Midoriya screamed in response to Bakugou's dumbfounded look. "Were you still not satisfied with being the best hero so you had to become the best villain too?"

It was as if Bakugou had been shocked with an electric Taser.

"SHUT UP DEKU." He screamed, wanting the pieces in his head to stop coming together, not wanting to make the obvious connections between his friend's words and the scene in front of them.

"Well you killed them all! Our classmates-our friends! You were right that none of them compared to you, because you murdered them all gruesomely! But I'm not going to let that happen to anyone else! You'll have to kill me first!"

As soon as he said it, Bakugou knew what was going to happen.

"N-" The explosion went right through his chest and he recognized it instantly. It was definitely his super move. He watched the light fade from Midoriya's green eyes.

The image disappeared. Bakugou became aware of someone loudly breathing, only to realize it was himself.

"You may now exit the room," came a voice from somewhere near him, far too quiet in comparison to the sound of his breathing. "Please visit the gymnasium for the required-"

Bakugou had to control himself from tripping over his own feet to get out of the room. He needed to kill something right now. Anything to stop the shaking.

As the door slammed shut in the other room, the three teachers released the tense stances they had unconsciously taken up.

"Who won?" Midnight whispered quietly, but the mood didn't lighten up.