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Avenue Potter's Gotham Videos

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Relive the preamble of Nygmakins as Ed Nygma & Lee Thompkins play a thrilling game at the Riddle Factory, challenging each other through wit and manipulation. Please enjoy their ‘delicate’ dance of fascination, danger, and ultimately seduction. Gotham 4x17.

I chose to use Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker Suite because to me this song has always screamed LOVERS and it also seemed to enhance The Riddler’s emotions perfectly at key points in the narrative.

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Ed Nygma & Lee Thompkins kill each other at the close of their passionate, tempestuous relationship. But in the end, they find connection, love, & understanding.

Music by (who else?) Enigma!

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"This girl will only break you . . ." Ed Nygma's tragic love life. Starring Kristen Kringle, Oswald Cobblepot, Isabella & Lee Thompkins.

Did you know that Ed's either killed (or been the reason for the death of) every woman he's ever loved? And Oswald hasn't fared much better - Ed shot him with intent to kill. Damn, it's dangerous loving this man!

Fun Fact: My "working title" for this vid was "Ed's crappy love life." Cause damn, he's been through the wringer.

Music: Wicked Game (yes the old song by Chris Isaac) performed by JOHNNYSWIM. The lyrics are a touch different - and PERFECT for Ed.


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A sinister look at Ed Nygma, Lee Thompkins, & The Riddler.


This was burning a hole in my brain so bad I had to stop working on my Jerome/Jeremiah vid for a sec. But no worries, now I'm back at it. I think I just needed me some Nygmakins! :-)

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Edward Nygma falls in love with Isabella, who ends up dying by Oswald's hand. Ed must process his grief and anger . . . and the loss of his best friend.

This video is dedicated to the woman who regularly betas my Gotham Fanfic, doomed_copper. When I came to her asking for help with music selection (hey I have a plot in mind for an Edward & Isabella vid that I'm DYING to do, but I can't think of the proper song) she TOTALLY came through! This song - Come Undone by Duran Duran fits what I wanted to achieve here just perfectly. She is a music genius, with the best taste in music. :-) No wonder she is a DJ for 90.1 FM KKFI in Kansas City. Check out some of her stuff here:

I'd also like to thank my two betas on this vid: Skittle479 & CatBru. Couldn't have done it without ya! :-)

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Ed & Lee don't do so well without each other - they're better off together than on their own. And someday they will definitely win each other's hearts, won't they? Is it even a question? (Be sure to check out the dedication at the end!)