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When The Stars Align

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That was all Ronan could really think to say on the subject. New York had been new those months ago, and over time had become familiar but full of memories that he didn’t want to dwell upon. He didn’t want to think about alien armies and invasions and Asgardians. Didn’t want to ponder Loki’s fate and wake up, feeling either the cold blade against his throat or feel the slender god in his arms.

He should have known that he would never be lucky enough to escape the issue altogether, even if luck was his power. It never worked like that, especially when it came to Jane Foster.

Jane had been normal, Ronan supposed, even with her fascination with astronomy and astrophysics. Their friendship was an unlikely one, what with her being as clever as she was and Ronan being...well, himself, it was amazing they had even met. It wasn’t like he could ever regret meeting Jane and becoming friends with her, he just wished that meeting Jane hadn’t resulted in the chaos that was his life nowadays.

The chaos being superheroes, gods, new planets and, apparently, rifts in the space time continuum or something that disturbed the entire laws of physics.

Yeah. This was his life now.

Thing was, Ronan knew that if he had stayed in America, even if he had to beg and plead with his landlord to give him an extension on his rent while he called Tony and asked him to possibly loan him enough to cover it, he wouldn’t be standing on the grounds of an abandoned factory with a foreboding feeling in his stomach.

“I don’t like this.” He muttered to Jane, who seemed oblivious to the aura of ‘this is bad’ emanating from the place. “I mean, I know that logically we’ve dealt with worse, but like, if this is alien related -”

“I don’t think there’ll be another wormhole into space.” Darcy pointed out and Ronan wanted to hit her. “Besides you were kick ass that time.”

“Correction, everyone else was kick ass. I mean, if you want me to talk someone down from destroying a city, sure, but I can’t...kill things.”

“Anyone can kill things.”

“Well I prefer not to.” Ronan retorted. “I’ it Lawful Good?”

“You’ve been watching too many people play Dungeons and Dragons.” Jane decided. “I’m sure we won’t run into any trouble.”

“Unless someone tries to stab us.” Ronan mumbled to himself, and was pointedly ignored by the other two as they entered the building.

It was derelict and decrepit, and the hairs on the back of Ronan’s neck stood up. He didn’t like this, he had such a bad feeling about this place, and it couldn’t just be because of the appearance. No, before they’d even stepped near here, he’d been feeling off, twitchy and nervous, though he had no idea why. Alarms were going off in his head - bad thing, bad thing, stay away. He couldn’t heed them, though, not when Jane and Darcy could get caught in the mix of bad stuff. So he buried the tiny voice in his mind telling him to stay away, and stuck with them.

He also did not bite his tongue when a group of pigeons took off in flight, nor at the sounds of footsteps. The taste of blood in his mouth was not from biting the side of his cheek hard enough to break the skin.

The footsteps belonged to kids, thankfully, and not thugs who would sooner gut them than show them the anomaly that Jane’s equipment had picked up on. They reminded Ronan of himself and Marie as kids, Marie dragging him into all manner of places that kids probably shouldn’t be in. It was odd, he supposed, realising the world hadn’t changed all that much in a few years.

Jane convinced the kids to show them what they’d ‘found’ and...well, Ronan was sure that Jane’s device had not malfunctioned, because last he checked, trucks did not float about in the air.

“That doesn’t look right.” Darcy muttered, and Ronan could only nod his agreement. This was either scientifically explainable, or there was something magical going on. He was betting on the magical part, the mythical. Because his luck constantly seemed to swing towards that. Something being able to be explained away by science? If that happened to him, he would think his luck was actually being beneficial to him, and that would be plain weird.

It was the items disappearing and reappearing that truly threw Ronan off, though.

He could see what looked like...ripples in the air when they disappeared, like pushing on a liquid barrier of some sort. It felt wrong in general and his senses were screaming at him not right, not right, not right. Maybe it was because it felt like, if these tiny things could go through, what would prevent something else coming through? Something bigger and more menacing, capable of destroying cities in a matter of minutes?

He clenched his hand into a fist, nails digging into the meat of his hand painfully. Not the time to think about that, not now. There was no wormhole, the tesseract was on Asgard and whatever Loki -

He shook himself mentally. Now was definitely not the time to think of that name, especially when Ronan had blocked that name from his mind. He couldn’t wonder about him, not right now, because according to Thor getting to Earth had been hard enough to retrieve his brother, never mind the fact that Ronan doubted Loki would even be allowed back down. He didn’t know what happened after Manhattan regarding the trickster, and he honestly didn’t want to. It wasn’t his business to be concerned about him. Loki could look after himself, and he deserved to face the repercussions for his actions.

Ronan just hoped Thor mentioned the outside forces at play, about what they suspected happened on the other side of the wormhole. Purely for the safety of Asgard and Earth, of course, not because Ronan cared about Loki…

Who was he kidding? No one but himself, apparently.

“I haven’t seen readings like this since…” Jane’s voice brought Ronan out of his thoughts, and he mentally thanked her. Jane’s eyes met his, wide and excited. “Since…”

“New Mexico.” Ronan guessed, and Darcy smirked.

“Go on, look around - you know you want to.” She elbowed Jane, who attempted a scowl but her obvious eagerness made it impossible.

“Just - don’t touch anything!” She ordered, before darting off, Darcy cackling as she left. Ronan shook his head.

“Hey, give me your shoe.” Ronan turned to face Darcy, a single eyebrow raised.

“No chance, Lewis. I’m not losing my shoe in another plane of existence. Find a bottle.”


It took five hours for Jane to reappear and during those five hours Ronan had a panic attack.

Logically, he knew something like New York wouldn't happen again without his knowledge. It had been big and all encompassing, and they would have noticed if a giant wormhole had opened up, but Jane was gone. Vanished, and all Ronan could see was the Iron Man armour flying into the wormhole and the fact that Tony might not have fallen back through. It couldn't happen to Jane, one of his first friends. It couldn't happen to her, she was a scientist, a civilian. Unlike Jane, Tony knew the risks of flying through a portal into space. And the portals here, the ripples in dimensions...they weren't clear.

He couldn’t be blamed if, as soon as Jane reappeared, he nearly knocked her over with the force of his hug.

He was all too aware that he was babbling nonsense, about wormholes and space and aliens and how he was terrified, so scared, because he thought this time. This time, someone was going to get pulled into a wormhole and this time they wouldn’t come back.

He was vaguely aware of Jane running a hand through his hair. He pulled back from the hug, still feeling fragile, and rested his hands on Jane’s upper arms, scared that if he let go she’d disappear again.

“Where were you?”

“I was in the warehouse.” Jane said, before her eyes landed on the police. “You called the cops?!”

“Jane -”

“We had unlimited access to a scientific site! They’ll call the feds and then SHIELD will be all over this -”

“You were gone for five hours.” Darcy cut through her yelling and Jane froze, mouth still open slightly.


Then it began to rain.

It wasn’t natural rain, though, Ronan could tell because the three of them were stood in a circle where no rain fell on them.

Thunder rumbled overhead, no lightning split the almost clear sky, and as one the three turned to look at the pseudo god that had landed on Earth once more.

The first thing Ronan noticed was that he’d grown his hair out, little braids dotted about the long blonde locks, two holding it back from his face.

The second thing Ronan noticed was the worry that was creasing his forehead, until it relaxed at the sight of Jane. Ronan managed to not frown - something to do with her five hour long disappearance? Possibly. No, not possibly - definitely. Of course definitely. If something supernatural had happened, of course it would have something to do with Asgard. Or worse.

Ronan may have felt slightly ill. Worse was not good.

He barely noticed the rain falling on him as Jane walked over to Thor, indignant rage coming off her in waves, barely noticed Darcy’s shriek as they both got drenched.

In fact, he felt a bit too numb to notice anything until Jane nearly passed out after blowing a cop back and shattering a few car windows with a red light.

It took him about a second to register that he wasn’t seeing things and raced over to Jane, who was already being helped up by Thor. Ronan absently noted that he hadn’t been blown back, hadn’t even been cut by the flying glass, and maybe he was just…

Nope. He was not going to say that word. That was not a good word to say right now because something was wrong.

“Jane, what -”

“I don’t know.” Jane was staring at her hands, eyes wide a stunned. “It’s not a mutation - it can’t be, right? It...It would’ve shown itself earlier, wouldn’t it?” Ronan opened his mouth to confirm her suspicion, but was cut off by a cop.

“Put your hands behind your heads.” He looked terrified and Ronan resisted the urge to snort. Weren’t these guys supposed to deal with criminals on a daily basis? His eyes landed on the glass, glittering prettily on the ground, yet still harmful, and oh. Yeah, Jane had done that somehow.

“This woman is sick.”

“She’s dangerous.” The officer replied and Ronan may have flinched, although it wasn’t directed at him. It was a phrase used too often about mutants, and him being one, though his power didn’t manifest as anything physical, it could be argued that he could possibly take luck away. Never mind the fact that he had little to no control over what it did anyway.

“So am I.”

“Wrong thing to say.” Ronan hissed as the cop began requesting back up. “Can’t you use the bifrost? Get her to Asgard because this...there’s something telling me this is something to do with...Norse stuff.”

“You’re coming too.” Jane insisted, even as Thor hooked an arm around her waist. “Ro, please, I need you.”

Someone normal. Someone from Earth, a grounding force. Ronan got that. Maybe a friend? Maybe. He could never be sure when it came to the emotional stuff. Either way, he nodded and took Jane’s outstretched hand, moving closer to the duo.

“Beam us up.” He said, and he heard Jane’s laugh before they were rushing through realms, and Ronan was really, really uncertain about this.

Yeah. He should’ve stayed at home.