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The Packlife

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Eight Months Later (April)...

"Braden get back here!" Stiles called as he ran out of the kitchen of the loft. The Omega caught a glimpse of jet black hair turning around a corner with a squeal as Stiles released an amused huff before chasing after the toddler. "I've got you!" He called as his hands closed around his sons waist as he picked up the giggling child and held him against his chest. "The real question now is where your brother is." He said as he started walking towards the living room in hopes of finding the twin. He heard complete silence throughout the house before he heard light giggling coming from the couch. Stiles walked towards the couch before looking behind it and seeing the brown haired child crouched behind it. "I've got you too Aaron!" He called as the child giggled before pouting as his father picked him up and held him against the other side of his chest.

Stiles started walking back into the kitchen before setting his sons down who looked up at him curiously with big blue-green eyes and hazel. "Why don't you two go play in your room while I finish making dinner ok?" Stiles suggested as the two toddlers giggled and nodded before grabbing and hugging their dad's legs.

"Love dada!" They said, already being able to speak some short, choppy sentences at eight months old due to their werewolf genetics causing them to grow and mature faster.

"Love you too, now go play." Stiles told them with small smiles as he returned their hugs before they ran—more like a waddle—away from the Omega and up towards the stairs which they crawled carefully. Stiles sighed at the sight before continuing his earlier prepping of lunch. The last eight months had been both great but different for Stiles. He had stayed home with Derek (as the Alpha's hours were flexible) and Peter during that time learning how to take care of the twins. The two babies were already growing at an insane rate and it was an adventure learning how to keep up with them. Jackson and Scott were home more than the twins, Issac, Boyd and the girls as the grouping was at college and the two beta's were working at the sports shop and Vet Clinic.

The pack had been great about looking after the kids and it was everything Stiles hoped for. Peter was a big help always being there when Stiles needed a break or simply some assistance with the twins and the Omega felt gracious that he got to see the glint of extreme happiness in the wolf's eyes whenever he was watching over the kids. Peter himself had changed a lot. Not only was the man a different person in the sense that he opened up more, treated everyone with kindness and respect (still having his 'Creeperwolf' tendencies which everyone learned to accept and love—it was part of Peter), but he also changed in the sense of his wolf. When Peter had transferred his Alpha power to Dominique so that the teen could be the leader of his pack, the spell had made it so he didn't have to die to pass on the power but would simply 'level' himself down to a Beta and 'level up' Dom to an Alpha.

Peter's eyes burned blue for the first time in years and although most would think anyone—Peter specifically—would be upset about loosing such power, everyone could practically see the weight that had been lifted from his shoulders. He was an even better person since the change and accepting Derek as his leader came more naturally now. Peter wasn't the only one who's wolf had changed though, Scott's did as well. One night when the pack was out on a mission fighting the latest monster of the week—which happened to be a pairing of Wendigos—Erica was attacked. One of the Wendigo's was about to sink his teeth into her neck as she was unprepared before Scott pushed her out of the way and took the bite for her. As Scott lay on the ground with the pack immediately killing the creatures before tending to him, the beta's eyes were glowing yellow and as the pack helped close the wound, the teen's eyes changed from to red.

Derek had explained later that night that there was certain wolves that were true Alpha's and Scott was one of them. They were mostly natural born leaders who were put in the Beta position when born or bitten and did not have to steal or fight for an Alpha's powers, simply had to prove that they were ready for it. By Scott saving Erica's life and risking his own as well as having a stable pack, Scott proved himself ready for the responsibility of being an Alpha and transformed into one. Pack dynamics didn't change from the shift which happened when the twins were about three months old and Scott was still a loyal 'Beta' to Derek simply without the Beta status. Both Scott and Stiles were happy with the teen's change from Beta to Alpha for the fact that Scott could now leave lasting marks on the Omega's skin making the other wolves growl at the sight in jealousy.

Back to the present, It was about 4:30 when Stiles was making an early dinner and the kids were upstairs in their shared bedroom. The three were the only ones left in the house as everyone else was at their jobs and Peter was picking up groceries. This was a normal day for Stiles and although he loved being with his kids, Stiles was over the moon excited to be getting out and be working. Today was a special day as Stiles, Jackson and Scott would be co-coaching the Beacon Hills lacrosse team with some help from Finstock. Stiles was shocked at the offer—not for Jackson or Scott as they were the best on the team and co-captain's but rather for himself being chosen which was explained by Finstock the day he had offered the opportunity to him, the Alpha, and Beta in their last month of school.


Stiles, Scott and Jackson had just entered Finstock's office as the day just ended for the three. At the beta's game the day before, Coach had told Scott and Jackson that he wanted to see them and Stiles the next day in his office after school. The three had no clue what the man wanted to talk about but of course complied since they respected their teacher and coach.

"Boys you're here!" The man said with a grin as he rubbed his hands together standing up from his desk and the Beta's and Omega kept straight faced at the odd but normal behaviour.

"What can we do for you coach?" Jackson asked crossing his arms.

"Well I have a proposition for you boys." The trio looked interested egging the man continued on. "You three have been apart of the team since you first came to the school and have a lot of experience now. I love coaching but need a little help and I know you all have college plans, but scrap those because you three are going to be co-coaches for next year's team!" The man said excited as the wolves eyes widened.

"Really?" Scott asked.

"Really!" The man confirmed with a grin. "So what do you say?"

"It sounds awesome coach and I understand why you want Scott and Jackson as your coaches, but why me?" Stiles asked confused and the two other teens looked at him with a frown at him insinuating he wasn't good at lacrosse.

"Well Bilinksi, you may not be the most skilled player—although you have weirdly improved over the last few months before you quit." Stiles smirked slightly as the man had no clue of what had happened to make him so much better. "But I like having you on the team and you could make a great coach, especially for those like you. You've always been loyal and tried your hardest even if you rode the bench and you never gave up. It could be inspiring to them and although I don't like giving players hope, maybe they should have a little bit and with four coaches, one giving them hope should be good for them." Stiles cheeks pinken at the somewhat flattering information before giving a small smile that make both Jackson and Scott sigh with pleasure.

"Thanks coach." The man grinned.

"No problem Bi—Stil-inski." The man corrected himself making Stiles smile wider. "So, will you three do it?" He asked with hopeful eyes. The trio looked each other in the eyes before nodding.

"We'll do it." They answered unanimously.

End flashback...

And that was that. Stiles, Scott and Jackson were going be coaching the Beacon Hills lacrosse team for the upcoming season which was starting in two weeks. Today were tryouts and the Beta, Alpha and Omega were going to judge the players and cut the ones they couldn't take—Coach and emailed them saying there was over 30 teens trying out and only 25 could make the team tops, two full strings and five subs. Stiles was finishing up the dinner just as he heard cars pulling up outside, footsteps and light conversation. As he was plating the food, the loft door opened and tiny footsteps patterned down the stairs.

"Guess who's home?" Peter shouted as the two twins came hobbling down the stairs and towards the door way where the pack was as Stiles listened to the interaction with a smile.

"Papa!" The two boys called as Peter swiped them up into his arms and spun them around, the young wolves giggling.

"Stiles?" Jackson called as he came into the house, Scott and Derek trailing behind.

"Kitchen!" He called back, not much louder than an average 'indoor' voice as he knew the wolves could clearly hear him. He heard more footsteps as Peter sat down on the couch, played and chatted with the twins as the other three set down their stuff before coming to the kitchen. Derek walked up behind Stiles before wrapping his arms around the Omega's waist and placing kisses along his neck and turning him around placing a few to his lips.

"How was your day?" The Alpha whispered against his lips.

"Good, yours?" Stiles retorted with love in his eyes as he gazed at the man.

"Good, missed you though."

"Missed you too." Stiles said with a blush as Derek moved away from him to make room for Scott and Jackson.

"Smells great babe." Jackson said before pressing a chaste kiss to Stiles lips and starting to set the table.

"Thanks Jacks." Stiles said with a smile before planting a kiss of his own on the Beta's lips as a gesture of affection and thanks for the help.

"Hi Stiles." Scott said as he turned to look at the Omega.

"Hey Scotty, how was work?" He asked as the Alpha came forward and met lips with his.

"Pretty good, Deaton and I helped a bunch of dogs today. They're doing a lot better." He said with a proud smile.

"That's great." Stiles said giving the other teen a proud smile of his own making Scott's cheeks warm.

"So you guys have lacrosse tonight?" Derek asked curious as he leaned against the wall at the end of the kitchen.

"Yup." The Omega answered as he set the plates on the table, Scott started to get out drinks. "We have to leave at 5:00 so let's hope the other's are home soon." Stiles said, a hint of urgency in his voice. Scott wrapped his arms around his waist and pressed a kiss to his ear.

"They'll be here, just calm down and let's enjoy this dinner you made."

"Thanks." Stiles said, almost instantly calming down with the Alpha's words. Just as Stiles set the last few plates down on the large table, more people were coming inside the house.

"Pa, Pop!" The twins shouted as Boyd, Issac, the twins, Erica, Malia and Kira came into the loft. The twins addressed the two beta's first as they each ran to their legs and hugged them, the boys picking them up as they giggled and smiled. They let the boys down after greeting them before jumping into the other male wolves arms.

"Ba!" Aaron shouted as he ran at Ethan's legs.

"Hey buddy!" The Alpha said giving him a small hug and a smile.

"Baba!" Brayden calmed as he ran at Aiden who did the same. The twins—both sets—switched spots before greeting each other and then the toddlers the girls.

"Aunties!" They squealed as the girls released similar sounds, not even waiting for the twins to grab at their legs before picking them up.

"Aren't you precious." Erica cooed.

"Hi cutie." Kira said with a smile before passing Aaron off to Malia.

"Hey pup." Malia said with a smile as the baby in her arms giggled as she swung him around before setting him down. Issac, Peter, the twins and Boyd headed into the kitchen where the other wolves minus Stiles and the three girls were sitting down.

"Hello sweetheart." Peter purred as Stiles blushed before kissing his lips and sitting down at the table.

"Hi." Stiles said shyly before repeating the greeting to Issac.

"Hey." He said cheerily, sitting down as well.

"Hey Boyd." He said with shock as the taller teen leaned down and kiss his lips passionately, eyes wide before he melted into the kiss that lasted for another minute before they pulled away gently. "Wow." He said softly.

"Hi." He said with a smirk before taking a seat.

"Hey babe." Ethan and Aiden purred at the same time causing Stiles to shiver.

"I'll never get used to that." He said as they smirked before each giving him a kiss and sitting down at the table.

"Aaron, Malia, Braden, Erica, Kira get in here!" She said called setting the last couple things down. The Omega heard happy squealing as Malia carried Brayden into the living room connected to the kitchen and Erica came in with Aaron in her arms and Kira trailing behind them. The girls sat the two toddlers down in their high chairs beside Stiles's seat before giving him a hug and chatting lightly with him before sitting down as the Omega followed their lead doing the same. Stiles had made the pack lasagna and it was just finishing cooking as they all started to eat.

"Lydia and Allison said they're visiting next week." Kira said as she cut up the foot in front of her. The whole pack looked excited at her news.

"Really?" Stiles asked with a smile.

"Yeah." She smiled back. "They've both been doing well with their schooling and said they can afford a few days off. Their plane gets in from Massachusetts next Monday and they can't wait to see the twins again." The pack nodded at the information as they continued their meal. Stiles grabbed some baby food from the fridge before sitting back down and feeding it to the baby's who messily gurgled it down. Boyd got up and grabbed a washcloth before helping to clean the twins as Stiles smiled at him thankfully. After the baby's were fed, some other friendly talk about random topics was shared before Erica confirmed Stiles, Scott's and Jackson's plans.

"So you guys are going to be coaching this year's lacrosse team?"

"Yeah, Coach is still going to be there to help out but he wants us to be the ones who are taking charge and running it." Scott said before shovelling more food into his mouth.

"Speaking of that we should probably clean up and go now." Stiles said as he pulled his phone from his pocket and checked the time, it saying 4:55. "You guys will be fine to look after the twin's right?" Stiles asked as the whole pack could practically taste his anxiety in the air.

"Stiles calm down." Issac said from beside Stiles, placing his hand gently on the Omega's shoulder. "You've barley had a chance to leave the twins since they've been born, you deserve a break. We can take care of the two of them just fine, we're their dad's and they have their aunts too." he added on as his gaze met Kira, Malia and Erica's. "If something seriously went wrong we'd call you, your dad or Melissa." The Beta reassured as Stiles considered it before nodding.

"You're right, sorry for being so worried." Stiles said with a sheepish grin and a blush.

"Of course I'm right," Issac said with a smirk as Stiles smacked him in the back of the neck making him wince. "and don't worry about feeling that way, it makes sense." Stiles nodded at the statement before standing up as everyone did the same, Peter, Ethan, and Derek helping to wash and dry the plates as Issac and Ethan picked up the items on the table as Scott and Jackson went to grab their stuff to go.

"I love you guys, I'll be back later ok?" Stiles said as he took the twins out of their chairs and set them on the ground.

"Love dad, bye!" They said, each in their own way as Stiles hugged them and said goodbye to the rest of the pack before grabbing his bag and heading out the loft door with Scott and Jackson. The drive to the school didn't take long like usual as they pulled up to the building before grabbing their bags and heading out of the car towards the lacrosse field. They got there in record time as they saw multiple teens warming up along the field and coach Finstock who's face curved into a grin upon seeing them but that's not what Stiles focus was on.

Boys littered the field each doing some sort of stretch or passing the lacrosse ball, ultimately getting ready for the tryouts. Stiles eyes grazed over the focused teens but his eyes caught on to two specific boys standing side by side one wearing the number 28 and the other wearing number 9. Almost as if they could feel Stiles gaze, the boys turned in Stiles direction both giving him smirk and winks upon looking at him.  The Omega felt a shiver run up and down his spine at their gaze as his face heated up, Jackson and Scott luckily not noticing the interaction. As the teen's started passing the lacrosse ball back and fourth with their sticks, Stiles couldn't keep his eyes off them.

The boy wearing jersey number 28 had shift brown hair spiked up on his head and piercing blue-grey eyes. His skin was tan and his jaw was sharp, muscles littering his entire body. It was easy to tell he emitted a certain confidence with his boyish smirk and cocky eyes. The teen wearing 9 was similar and different in many ways. He had muscles but they were smoother and less defined giving him a sweeter appearance. His caramel hair was cut short to his head and he had big blue eyes the colour of the sky. Together the two boys contrasted but worked together in the most perfect way. Compared the the other boys they were definitely more built and it was barley a competition simply looking at the group.

"Boys you made it!" Coach said excitedly, the words pulling Stiles thoughts back as the man patted Scott and Jackson on the back as they came close to him. "I'll call the boys in." He said taking a breath before screaming: "Hey Nitwits, get over here!" He yelled at the teens warming up on the field who immediately dropped what they were doing to circle up around the new and old coaches. "Now, I am of course the number one authority figure and coach on this team but I asked three of my best players Scott, Jackson and Stiles to coach the team with me this year so I can have the rest I obviously deserve." He said with an eye roll. "Take it away boys, I'm out of here. I'll see you losers later." He said giving Stiles shoulder a squeeze before walking the other way out towards the school disappearing out of sight. The three wolves watched him go before turning back to the awaiting teen's who looked up at them expectantly.

"Well uh, ok." Scott started, clearing his throat. "As Coach Finstock said before my name is Scott, this is Jackson," he gestured to the blue eyed Beta who nodded, "and this is Stiles." He said as he gestured towards the Omega who gave a small smile in response. "We'll start today with a simple drill, one of you go in goals and the other's well...shoot. Let's go everyone!" The Alpha said a little awkwardly as the boys nodded and one of the teens went into net after chatting with a couple others. Jackson grabbed a clipboard from the bench as the team started up the drills.

"Let's set numbers to names." He said as the Beta and Omega and looked down at the sheet with him. They looked up and back down as the first few boys ran through the drill shooting at the net, most getting it in and some missing. Scott, Stiles and Jackson would whisper their opinions about them back and fourth and it was all a mix of good and bad things before number 28 came up. He ran forward throwing a smirk in Stiles direction before shooting the lacrosse ball at the net at an insanely quick pace as the goalie attempted to jump up to grab it.

He completely missed as the ball hit the string at the net's backing and dropping to the ground. Everyone started wolf whistling and cheering as Scott and Jackson raised an eyebrow and Stiles eyes simply widened in surprise.The boy turned around and blew a kiss in Stiles direction who's eyes widened even more as his face burned red. Jackson and Scott's faces grew angry as they released low growls and pulled Stiles closer to them.

"Who is that?" Jackson growled as Scott flipped over the paper on the the clipboard and tracked down number 28.

"Brett Talbot." Scott said with a grimace as they looked back up before Stiles blew the whistle from around his neck.

"Ok guys let's switch to our next drill: tackling. We'll have one line trying to score and two other lines of defence men. Go, go, go!" Stiles said with a smile, feeling a sense of pride at being able to be the coach rather than the player for once. Scott and Jackson laughed at the look on his face as he gave them half assed punches on the arms before the drill began. Two  groupings ran through the drill before number 9 was up. The teen in question was shooting first as two teens one blonde one ginger ran at him.

He juked the blonde one out spinning past him before running closer to the ginger and pushing himself off his shoulders. He flipped overtop of the other teen as everyone gasped and watched in awe before he came back down and shot the ball into the net, the goalie not even trying as his eyes were still wide from the gymnast-like move. Plenty of cheers and applause went off as the boy looked up at Stiles and gave him a wide grin and a wink, the Omega getting the slightest bit flustered.

"Who's that?" Scott asked, frustration clear in his voice. Jackson's eyes darted down the list before finding number 9.

"Liam Dunbar." He revealed, his own voice tight as he watched the team. The drill continued on as the three wolves evaluated the teen's before Jackson spoke up again. "Ok everyone, if you were shooting before go to the defence line, and if you were defence go to the shooting line." The boys scrambled to switch lines before Jackson blew the whistle for the drill to restart.  The drill went on for a few minutes before everyone was getting anxious again as Liam and Brett were set to go next. Jackson and Scott connected eyes with the pair as their faces set into serious glare and the younger two's lips curled at the corners into small smirks.

The drill began as the teen who was in the shooting line gulped before running towards the stronger teens. He didn't make it far as Liam and Brett ran at him full speed and clothes lining the teen who flipped over their arms and fell to the ground groaning. Stiles, Scott and Jackson immediately ran over to the teen as the rest of the team crowed in a circle around them. Scott and Stiles bent down to look at the teen, the Beta started asking him if he was okay and pulled up his shirt to look at the already forming bruise as everyone 'oooo'ed. Jackson turned to Liam and Brett who looked stoic before reprimanding them.

"You need to be more careful." He growled out, just managing to hold his shift back. The two teens didn't even seem fazed as the elder jock turned back around. Liam and Brett were both standing behind Stiles who was still bent down with the injured teen. His ass was bent upwards towards the two who let out soft groans at the sight of the Omega's round ass right in front of them. They both gave each other's looks before their lips curled into small smirks for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. They shuffled over a bit so they were directly behind Stiles bent over form before they reached down and each gave one of his cheeks a squeeze. Stiles instantly jumped up with a gasp as he turned to face teen's—his face red—who were still smirking, possibly larger once seeing his reaction.

The teen's around them looked confused but quickly let it go as Stiles tried to do the same. Jackson and Scott's faces both turned bright red as they each flashed red and blue eyes. They both stood up as they helped up the teen before Scott was speaking again.

"Tryouts are over for today. The next ones will be tomorrow and Wednesday and then the team will be posted and we'll start practicing." The Alpha said as the teens around them nodded before each going to the bench and other parts of the field to grab their stuff and go home. Scott and Jackson stood talking to the injured boy for a minute or two before he said he would be fine to go home. While the three were talking, Brett and Liam came up behind close to Stiles before whispering in his ear.

"See you tomorrow Coach." They purred as Stiles shuddered and flushed before walking over towards Scott and Jackson who were getting ready to leave.

"We should go." Stiles said grabbing his bag as Scott and Jackson looked towards Liam and Brett who were watching them too. Jackson and Scott locked gazes as Stiles finished packing up, most of the team being gone by now. There faces were stoic before they looked back towards the younger jocks and getting small smirks. "So are we going to—mmph!" Stiles was cut off by Scott's lips meeting his as the Alpha slipped a hand around his waist. Stiles eyes were wide as the Alpha kissed him, slightly melting into it before he gently pushed him off of him. "Scott some of the team's still here!" He said slightly panicked as Scott risked a glance over his shoulder to see Liam and Brett red faced and scowling.

"Let them watch Stiles." Jackson said as he moved in towards Stiles to mash their lips together in a heated kiss. Jackson turned his head to the side as he gripped Stiles waist in one hand and face in the other as he slipped his tongue into Stiles mouth. Stiles let out a small moan as he continued to kiss Jackson before the jock pulled back to whisper against his lips. "Who do you belong to Stiles? Who's Omega are you?" He husked, moaning lowly as Jackson bite his bottom lip.

"Yours, I'm yours." He whimpered softly as Scott nipped and bit up Stiles neck. After leaving red and pink marks up the Omega's necks and giving him red swollen lips, Scott and Jackson backed off, proud looks on both of their faces. They grabbed their bags before walking forward with Stiles and turning their heads to see Liam and Brett making angry sounds that sounded suspiciously like growls, faces red and full of jealously. Scott and Jackson hands slipped down to rest at Stiles waist as they started heading back towards the car.

"Let's go home."