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To See Worlds in the Grains of Stars

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In every world there is to be, they are.

In their first life, she is a star born from his destruction.  It’s a meeting of death and life, cataclysmic and consequential.  Their souls become one in the same, compressed together by force and cosmic fate.  And so, every life after that, she finds herself in him.  And he in her. And sometimes it is love at first sight, and sometimes it is too little, too late.  And sometimes it is nothing at all- just the briefest of glimpses, of touches, of wondering: what if-

“Could you love me?” Ben asks, in a quiet life filled with pregnant pauses and silent conflicts- implicit with hushed reveries.  He sits with her at a crossroads, dust clinging to their throats and hands restrained in their pockets.  Rey shrugs, unsure, decides it wouldn’t hurt to wait-

“Yes,” Rey answers in another life, Ben’s body still, unresponsive where he lies in her arms.   This life was not a quiet one.  Not a kind one.  And she wonders if she’ll ever get another to tell him-

“I love you.”

“You’re my soulmate.”

In some worlds, they get that chance.