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Ways To Say I Love You

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Let’s secretly count all the things Ronan Lynch decided to do for Adam Parrish.

One. He secretly ended up paying Adam’s rent for him. Adam wasn’t the richest. He wasn’t rich at all, especially not compared to their friends. Noah was dead of course, but both Ronan himself and Gansey too had a good amount of money. But he did it secretly so as not to offend him.

Two. Ronan visited Adam at work just to argue with him. And you know, to hang out and stuff. Not to sound too sappy though.

Three. Ronan left Adam hand cream. Probably magical hand cream too, come to think of it, since it was literally from his dreams.

Four. Ronan took Adam to his childhood home. He loved his other friends and shared things with them, but it wasn’t the same thing. Adam was special. Ronan was comfortable sharing his secrets with him.

Five. Ronan…uh, lowkey stared at Adam. All the time.

But despite all of this:

“I wonder if Ronan likes me?” Adam wondered to himself. But then he furrowed his eyebrows. “No, that would be ridiculous.”