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Don't Underestimate a Girl in Buns

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Himiko sang to herself as she skipped through the alley. She was headed back after a day of monitoring UA, having gathered some intel to report to Tomura later. She couldn’t resist causing a little mayhem in her wake however, eliciting several fights among the lesser villains, those who were either unware of the League or had been rejected. There were several others who had willingly left or didn’t return after the siege at the U.S.J facility (Kurogiri had been kind enough to fill her in on some of the League’s earlier endeavors, those prior to her induction). It was those individuals that she liked to torment the most and she had managed to pit two middle-leveled villains, who were chummy mere seconds ago, against one another. Himiko allowed herself to relish the sight for a few minutes, watching as the respective groups of each combatant joined in and created an all-out brawl before taking her leave. Now she made her way back to the League's building.

Suddenly, a hand shot out and slammed her against the nearest wall. A man quickly filled her view, shoving his weapon at her throat before she could recover, caging her against the wall with his frame. He had a sneering smile as he demanded her to part with all her valuables or meet the sharp end of his blade.

“That’s so cute,” Himiko crooned, despite the knife pressed against her skin. “You think you’re scary.” She began to chuckle. The man’s face narrowed. He gave her a strong shake as if to remind her who had the upper hand.

Himiko paused her laughter to catch her breath. “But trust me, Mister, I’ve seen scary-”

There was a clatter behind them and a chill ran down the man’s spine.

“-and you don’t have his smile. Isn’t that right Dabi?” Himiko finished, looking at the space over than man’s shoulder. The man couldn’t resist. He turned.

There he was. The man could barely make out his form in the shadow right beside the lamppost. He watched as that form stepped into the flickering beam of light. As the person in question turned his face up, the man froze. Whether the girl was referring to Dabi’s real smile, a half scowl of flashing canines, or the purple flesh stretched across his face that made his neck look like a gaping grin, he didn’t know. Both were equally terrifying. The staples that seemed to hold his face together glinted in the light like teeth.

In his shock, the poor fool had forgotten about his original target. He felt a twist on his hand and immediately dropped his knife. He back away clutching at his palm.

Himiko hummed a little song to herself as she bent over to retrieve the blade. She turned it over in her hand, testing the balance. It flashed at the man like lightning, causing him to stumble back onto his rear. Himiko gave a few more practice strikes in the air before smiling down at him.

“Hey, Mister, this is a nice knife. Can I keep it please?”

The man nodded mutely, unable to find his voice in his fear.

Himiko giggled her thanks before drawing nearer. The man flinched as she squatted down next to him, pointing the blade to his face. “Hey, mister,” Himiko was blushing, “can I use this knife to cut you open? Carve your skin and see all that pretty pretty blood?”

The man let out a choked sound as Himiko began to run the tip of the knife against his cheek and down his jaw, pausing at his jugular. “If I cut right here,” she pressed the blade harder for emphasis and the man hissed, “then we could have a beautiful fountain of red. What do you think, Mister? Wouldn’t you like that?” She was getting closer and closer to his face, her eyes locked on where the knife was pressed. Her blush deepened.

“Himiko,” Dabi spoke up from behind them. “That’s enough. Handface and the stupid smoke cloud want us back already.”

Himiko sulked and withdrew the knife a bit as she turned on her heel toward her ally. “Awww, but Dabi I never get to play anymore!”

Dabi rolled his eyes. “Need I remind you about my opinion toward needless killing-”

Dabi was interrupted as the man, taking Himiko’s distraction as an opportunity to escape, grabbed her hand in attempt to wrestle his knife back from her.

Himiko’s arms slashed out and the man only had time to gurgle before a river of blood began to spill from the new gash in his neck.

“See, Dabi? Self-defense,” Himiko flicked the blade dry as she giggled, covering her blush with one hand as she watched the man crumple on the ground. Blood began to pool around his figure almost immediately. “I was protecting myself therefore not a needless kill.”

Dabi rolled his eyes at the technicality but decided to just let it go.

“Come on Himiko, before the heroes show up,” Dabi turned away and started back to headquarters.

“Coming!!” Himiko called, slipping the knife into her sleeve as she turned to follow. When she caught up to him, she wrapped her hand around his arm and shook it lightly. “Dabi! Dabi! Can we stop by the corner store on the way and get some snacks?”

When he nodded, Himiko squealed with excitement.

“But you’re buying, especially after this little stunt,” Dabi added.

Himiko immediately began to pout. “That’s not fair Dabi! It’s your turn to buy this time!”

“That was before I had to come and save your ass,” he countered with a sigh, slipping his hands into his pockets as they walked on.

Himiko rolled her eyes. “Like I needed it.” Her skin flushed at the thought of what she could have done if Dabi hadn’t shown. Part of her had known that he would, Dabi never seemed to be too far off wherever Himiko happened to be; she didn’t know if that was on purpose or not, but it seemed to add a little fun every time. She released his arm and skipped ahead, continuing the argument with veiled glee.

They bickered into the night, only pausing to allow an ambulance to pass them once they were exiting the convenience store. With their smiles hidden behind their eyes, they continued on.