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Little happy Family

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how annoying, he thought. It had to be his own child, hadn't it? The red eyed demon was sitting on his wife's lap, getting her hair brushed. Frisk did her best to detangle their child's hair while looking at Sans.

“C’mon what's wrong, hun?”, she asked.

“nothin’”, he gruffed, obviously pissed.

“why don't we send her to alphys and go out tonight?”

“But i don't wanna to go to Alphys’ place today.”, the demon argued.

“okay. then where do you wanna go?”

“Nowhere! I want to stay home with you!”, she said excited and stuck out her tongue to Sans. The little ten year old was really a curse to him. Not to Frisk though.

“That sounds like a great idea!”, Frisk cheered. She didn't like Her child hanging out with Alphys that much. Undyne and Alphys always showed brutal anime to her.

“How about board games? Pretty please?”

Sans sighed.

“sure, kiddo. what kind of board game?”

The look Sans was giving his own child was warning like it always had been ever since he realized who his child was. He should have known it way before when Frisk insisted on calling her Chara.

How could he say no to the light of his life? Frisk was always like a star, hovering over him and shedding her light. Chara on the other side was like a blood moon, lingering in his life. She had never done anything bad - so far. But if she was to do something like that he wouldn't hesitate to hurt his own child.

“Game of life.”

The lively voice of his daughter got him out of his thoughts. how ironic, you little rat.

“sounds great.”

“I’ll go get it!”

Chara tried to get from her mother's lap but Frisk held her back.

“Nah-ah. We're getting that hair of yours detangled first.”

Chara groaned und Frisk chuckled.

“i’ll get it.”

The skeleton got up and walked over to the living room shelf. So many games were there. He used to only own one game that Frisk loved but Chara had always wished for a board game for her birthday and christmas. There was no way Sans was going to disappoint her. At the start because it was his child and then because it was Frisk’s child. The way she was mean to him showed him clearly that she knew who she used to be but then why was she playing house with him? That always bothered him. She could start something if she wanted but she never did.

Upon returning it looked like Frisk had finally finished brushing Chara's hair. Sans put the game on the table and started to build up the board with all the little houses. She would demand it anyways.

“Yay! It's been so long since we played this!”, she cheered.

Sometimes she really just seems like a little girl. an innocent child. a happy child. He had never been that wrong.

The doorbell rang and Frisk got up to get the door. As she opened she had to look up to see into her visitors face.

“Dr. Gaster. What a pleasure.”

Frisk smiled  warmly and let the tall skeleton get into their home. The child that already had taken a seat next to Sans looked at her grandfather that now entered the living room as well with Frisk following shortly.

“Good day, my dears.”

Windings never liked to wait to speak out what he wanted, this time as well. His eyes found the rosy cheeked girl next to Sans and he smiled widely. still odd to see this man smile.

“You should spend the weekend with me, young one. We haven't seen each other in a long time. During the holidays we never get see each other. I would love to show you my vacation house.”

“But i want to stay and play game of life.”

“dun worry kiddo. we can do that once you return, kay?”, Sans said quickly, hoping Frisk would agree with him.

“That sounds like a great idea. You need to get out of this house, too.”, Frisk agreed much to Windings’ approval. It really had been a surprise for Sans that his own father that couldn't give a rat's ass what happened to Sans and Papyrus would now turn into a loving grandfather. When Sans had asked him about his Windings mumbled something about making up for his past mistakes. He had accepted that as an explanation.

Chara gave her mother a pleading look but she only shook her head.

“I know that grandpa would be really sad if you didn't. He doesn't get to see you outside of school because you don't leave the house. You can't just stay at home.”

“I went to Alphys’ a week ago!”, Chara argued.

Sans thought he saw Windings shoot an angry look at Chara right then and there but didn't give it too much thought. Of course it would anger him, it was a far way for him after all and for Chara to turn that offer down was just rude. How fitting for the little demon child.

“A week ago? It has been three weeks, honey. And Windings traveled all the way here.”

Windings stepped closer to Frisk and laid a slender hand on her shoulder. Sans wasn't sure why, but this bothered him.

“You should listen to your mother, Chara.”

Sans could see the Anger build up in the small girl, giving Sans an angry look. Something in that look was different though. Almost like she was making him responsible for having to leave.

“Fine!”, Chara said angry and went into her room.

“i’m gonna go check that she packs all she needs.”

He went after her and closed the door behind him.

“i really don't get why you want to stay home all day. you don't even bring friends from school. this is just the weekend and in then you can stay the last week of your summer vacation home with mom and me, sound good?”

Part of him could never shed the dad-role completely. Even if it was Chara it was still his child and treating her badly wouldn't benefit anyone.

“Sure.”, she replied in an odd tone.

He could see her shoulders shake as she packed a few pieces of clothing in a bag, wrinkling them badly. Frisk would not approve. Even if Chara was angry she was raised by Frisk to be tidy.

“it’s not the clothes fault.”

“No it's not. It's yours.”

Still trying to understand her tone Sans walked over to his child who's back was turned to him.

She turned around and thrashed the backpack against his chest. In reflex he quickly grabbed her shoulder and pushed her harshly against the now closed closet. He stopped dead in his tracks.

she’s crying.

Her shoulders hadn't trembled in anger after all. Slowly he let go of the child's shoulder that began to hold it after that. He had almost hurt her and hadn't even realized that his eye socket had started burning in a bright blue color. He still couldn't let his guard down around her.

“You just want to get rid of me!”, Chara screamed at him, grabbing the backpack that had fallen on the ground. She left him standing in the room like that. The fact that she wasn't wrong hurt more than his chest after he had seen her like that. It was so unlike her. She never showed anything that would make her seem vulnerable. The last time he had seen her cry was when she was two and a half years old.

After about 5 minutes he needed to stop his flaming eye he returned to see Windings already leaving with Chara holding his hand.

“There you are, son. We will be taking our leave now. I'll bring her back at around four pm on sunday.”

Sans nodded and then looked at Chara.

“have fun kiddo.”

She didn't answer.

“Goodbye Chara, see you tomorrow. We'll be waiting with the game here.”

Chara smiled slightly and then the door closed behind the two of them, separating Chara from her parents.