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Love is a funny thing

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Izuku was an idiot, plain and simple. He must be, getting himself caught by the king’s men and all. Why? Because he wasn’t as careful as he should’ve been. See, he was helping this couple whose son had fallen terribly ill. He managed to heal their son only for a neighbor to rat him out after witnessing him using magic to do so. Of course, this has happened before, but he usually managed to slip away before the guards could get there, but this time he wasn’t so lucky. After getting dragged into his cell one of the guards took a piece of parchment from the executioner behind him and began to read.

“Midoriya Izuku, convicted for the use of witchcraft, cursing the Nakamura Family by ‘helping their son’.” The guard rolled up the scroll his face a bored mask as he went to walk away. Izuku felt his anger churn within him. Walking up to the bars of his cell he screamed. “I didn’t curse anyone, their son was dying! I cured him!” His magic burned beneath his skin electricity crackling to the surface. The shackles glowed heating up as they kept him from using his magic. “The devil!” The priest that came with the guards growled. “You cursed him like you’re trying to curse us!” He exclaimed causing the guards to shift nervously. One of the guards jabbed at Izuku with the butt of his spear. “Cease this at once!” He said fear evident in his voice.

Izuku yelped stepping back. He leveled his gaze on the priest, eyes narrowed. A gasp could be heard from the executioner. Izuku’s gaze shifted to the young man curiously as he watched the other place a hand on his chest as if he felt the jab as well. “I am no devil, priest; I am the enemy of no one, unless you make me one. You want to believe I cursed the poor boy; fine. Only I, the boy and his family, and your God know the truth.” He said his gaze going back to the priest.

The priest sputtered his face going red with rage. “Do not use the name of God in vain! Less let it be used by your sinful mouth!” He exclaimed as one of the guards glanced to the executioner then back at Izuku suspicion in his eyes. “What did you do t-” The guard started saying as he raised his spear, but the executioner interrupted him.

“There’s no need to stretch this out.” He said calmly placing a hand on the guard’s arm making him lower his spear. Izuku studied the executioner curiously for a moment before his gaze went back to the guards and the priest. “Well if that will be all then.” He said walking to the center of his cell and sitting down picking at his cuffs and rubbing his sore wrists slightly. The guards all glared at the wizard, one going so far as to hit the bars with his spear. “You won’t be so smug once you face the pyre in a weeks’ time.” He said with a chuckle as they left the dungeon. Izuku kept his gaze on them until they disappeared up the steps.

Taking a deep breath, he exhaled softly staring down at the leather bounds on his wrists and ankles. He began pull at them to see if they would loosen. “I wouldn’t waste my time doing that…” He heard someone say. Snapping his head up Izuku blinked in surprise when he saw that it was the executioner. He stared blankly at Izuku before turning and going up the stairs. Izuku stared at his retreating back dumbfounded. It didn’t sound smug in any way, it sounded more like advice, but why would he help him? Izuku pondered this for a while but decided to take his advice. Staring down at the cuffs he began to formulate ways of escape.

Shouto hated his job. He found it disgusting, he could never understand why his father held his title of executioner with such pride, of course there was lots of things he didn’t understand about his father. He walked quietly behind the guards as they left the dungeons absentmindedly rubbing at his chest where he felt a dull pain. His wrists and ankles ached as well, he ignored the pain. He hoped the witch understood the meaning in his words, he seemed like a good person and he didn’t want to use his quirk to light his pyre. Stepping out into the courtyard he saw the priest talking with his father Endeavor. “How dare he defile our God.” He growled his hands balled up into fists. Shouto walked over and stood next to his father keeping his expression blank. The priest turned to him annoyance fleeting across his features before going back to rage.

“I’ll never understand how you act so calm around those demons.” He comments shaking his head.

Shouto holds back the urge to roll his eyes himself, instead keeping a neutral expression. “How so?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“Isn’t it because of wizardry that….” He trailed off his gaze going to Shouto’s left eye where his scar was. Understanding immediately, he glanced at his father a small bit of anger shining in his eyes, his face remained neutral though masking his rage well.

“You will talk to the prisoner again in a week right before his execution?” He said shifting the conversation. The priest nodded glancing back Endeavor. “You have trained your son well Endeavor, you must be proud of him.” He said before taking his leave. Shouto watched as the priest walked away.

“I’m sure it’ll be a pyre again; our king certainly enjoys those. I expect you to use your flames Shouto. Do not disappoint me.” He heard his father say. Turning he looked up at Endeavor and nodded stiffly. Endeavor nodded in approval before turning. “You have training again later this evening and I expect that your petty refusal to use the powers that I gave has faded.” He said glancing over his shoulder to fix Shouto in a cold stare his hair of flames framing his face. Shouto stared after his father’s retreating form for a moment before continuing with his other duties.

Izuku struggled with the leather bounds that kept his magic at bay. After what was probably the one hundredth try he groaned slumping against the wall. His wrists and ankles ached from his attempts of removing the damn things. Taking a deep breath, he sighed rubbing the slight bruise on his chest. That guard sure did hit him hard. Staring at his cuffs Izuku tried to think of a way to rid himself of them. He couldn’t force them with his magic so that was out. There was nothing sharp enough to cut them in the cell so that was out too. Sighing the young witch studied the cuffs looking for any sort of weakness they might have. He was in the middle of doing this when the guards returned. Opening his cell one of the guards grabbed him by the arm hoisting him up. “The king wants an audience with you sorcerer.” The guard said dragging Izuku out his cell.

The king wants an audience with me? I wonder what for… Izuku thought as he was dragged through the castle to the throne room. As he was lead up to the king Izuku glanced around. The throne room was decorated with large tapestries showing the accomplishments of past kings, as well as the family crest. A lion with a sword and shield behind it stared down at Izuku as he passed. Tearing his eyes from the tapestries he looked forward where the king sat. Some of his court stood on either side of his throne. He could recognize the executioner who accompanied the priest when he was first thrown into his cell. Next to him stood a man with beard and mask of flames, he recognized him as the head executioner and aspiring hero Endeavor. There were also some other knights of the kings’ court lingering around. As he approached the king a hand shoved into his back making him kneel before him.

“Ah so you must be the pesky young sorcerer we’ve been chasing all over the kingdom. Your powers are quite interesting to say the least. Do you have a quirk by any chance?” The king asked leaning forward in his throne. Izuku kept his gaze low refusing to meet the king’s eyes.

“No, I do not have a quirk.” He said after one of the guards jabbed his back with his spear.

The king chuckled in amusement. “I see, so you turned to sorcery to gain power in this world.”

Izuku glared at the floor, that wasn’t why he learned magic at all. “That is not why I learned magic… I did it to become a hero.” He mumbled loud enough for the king to hear.

“Oh, so the sorcerer wants to be a hero then? Well that is quite curious!” The king said with a laugh. “Tell me, how strong is your magic? Do you think you can save people with it?” He asked standing from his throne.

At that Izuku glanced up taking in the man that was walking towards him. He stood tall his brown hair turning grey from age, his clothes looked to be made with the finest materials and his crown glinted in the sunlight coming from the tall windows. Izuku looked at the king square in the eyes and nodded mutely, he didn’t know where the king was going with all this, but he had a sinking feeling that he wouldn’t like it.

The king stopped in front of Izuku, leaning down he grinned wickedly. “Tell me sorcerer, if you had a chance to walk out of here with your life, would you?”

Izuku leaned back disliking the dark aura coming of the man. “What do you mean?” He asked cautiously.

The king straightened his grin ever present. “I mean exactly what you think I mean sorcerer. I am giving you a chance to walk free. To leave this place with your life. I only ask for one thing.” He said before his grin went from wicked to downright villainous. “You just have to swear your loyalty to me and do whatever I say.” He said patting Izuku’s head. Izuku jerked back glaring daggers at the king.

He’s heard stories of sorcerers surviving because of this offer, but then they’re forced to kill their kin and become essentially human weapons. He couldn’t believe those stories until now. “No, I refuse.” He said through gritted teeth.

Everyone in the room froze at his response, usually sorcerers took the kings offer in a heartbeat, but this wizard refused. Izuku could feel every ones shocked and curious gaze on him but he didn’t care. “I know of the things you make my kin do. You have us slaughter each other and take the lives of innocent people. I’d rather die than be forced to do your dirty work.” He said glaring at the king.

The king took a step back clearly shocked by the response and the blatant disrespect. One of the guards pushed Izuku’s head down making hit the floor with a loud thud. “How dare you disrespect our king like that? Do you not know what an honor it is to have been offered what you have just rejected?!” The guard growled pushing Izuku’s face further into the floor.

“That’s quite enough, let him go.” The king said recovering from the shock of Izuku’s rejection. “If he wants to die then let him die. I’m done with him, take him back to his cell.” The king said waving his hand dismissively. The guards nodded grabbing Izuku by the hair and pulling him up. He yelped as his hair got yanked struggling to stand with his hand bound. With one final wave of his hand the king dismissed the whole court.


Shouto was at a loss for words as he walked out of the throne room with the rest of the court. He has been attending these ordeals for the three years he’s been executioner, but he’s never seen someone who would reject the kings offer to save themselves. Midoriya was a real mystery indeed. Rubbing at his wrists he decided he was going to have a conversation of his own with the young sorcerer. It was a bad idea, especially since he’ll have to light the others pyre, but his curiosity is growing with every encounter he has with the witch.

After another long training session with his father Shouto sat in his room icing his wounds. Groaning softly, he examined his bruises checking to see if they needed more ice. His wrists and ankles seemed to hurt the most even though he was sure his father didn’t hit him there. There were also no signs of bruising or burns. Shrugging he iced the area and lied down. He would have to wait until tomorrow to talk with Midoriya.

The next day Shouto did his errands much quicker than usual, especially considering he was still sore from the training from the day before. Once he finished with everything he made his way to the dungeons. As he went down he nodded at the guard before heading to Midoriya’s cell. The guard gave him a puzzled look but made no comment. Shouto watched as Midoriya looked up from picking at his cuffs his eyes widening with recognition before sitting up straighter, guard up.

“Why are you down here?” Midoriya asked watching Shouto’s movements carefully. He shrugged.

“Honestly, I’m not sure if I have the right answer, you intrigue me. I’ve never met a sorcerer who rejected the kings offer.” Shouto said taking a seat in front of Midoriya’s cell. Midoriya scoffed. “Of course, I rejected his offer. He was basically telling me to become his human weapon.” He said crossing his arms. Shouto tilted his head confusion fliting through his features before returning to the nonchalant expression he always wore.

“But you’ll die.” He said bluntly.

“I’d rather die than use my magic for evil.” Midoriya responded with the same bluntness.

Shouto nodded remaining silent. He has a strong sense of morality, doesn’t he? He thought as he studied Midoriya. They stayed like that, silently studying each other. After a bit Midoriya broke the silence.

“Isn’t this bad practice for executioners? Talking with the people they’re about to kill that is.” The young wizard asked this picking at the cuffs on his ankles. “I mean don’t get me wrong love the company but still.” He said tilting his head.
Shouto shrugged, “Call me crazy for being tired of washing blood of my clothes at least once a week.”

Midoriya studied him silently. “Point taken. Well if you are going to keep me company what’s your name?”


The executioner leaned against the wall, “Todoroki Shouto,” he said bowing his head slightly. “And you are Midoriya Izuku,” Todoroki glanced up at Izuku’s hair, “the green sorcerer.” He said his lips quirking up slightly.

Izuku grinned at that. “Yep that’s me, the infamous green sorcerer who curses random strangers and rejects kings.” He said with a playful grin doing a slight bow. Straightening he studied the executioner. “So, Todoroki,” he said testing the name on his tongue. “Tell me about yourself, I feel like we’re going to spend quite some time together.” He said with a laid-back smile.

Todoroki stretched his arms and leaned forward, bowing as if he’s going to perform a trick. “Infamous witch and wizard executioner, upholding the family honor of having years and years of blood on our hands.” He said nonchalantly, his disdain for his job obvious in his voice. He hissed softly as he straightened.

Izuku hummed softly to hide a hiss of his own. “Sounds lovely…” he said sarcastically. Getting tired of standing he sat down crossing his legs. Glancing up he studied Todoroki’s bicolored hair. One side was whiter than freshly fallen snow, the other was a deep crimson that shown like fire in the torchlight. It was split perfectly down the middle. Izuku suddenly felt the urge to run his fingers through Todoroki’s hair to see how it would look mixed together, he decided against it.

“How long have you been an executioner? If you don’t mind me asking.” He said tearing his eyes from Todoroki’s hair and to his heterochronic eyes.

“Not long, two… three years maybe? Although I’ve worked in the dungeons for as long as I can remember, I haven’t come down here much though since I became an executioner.” Todoroki said leaning forward. They’re eyes locked as he kept speaking. “How come you’re not more careful when using your magic?” He asked curiously. “Or was it just… You needed to use it?” He finished softly.

Izuku tilted his head slightly his thoughts going a mile a minute. He sure is different from the others. He seemed genuinely curious.

Nodding softly, he shrugged. “I’m usually careful when I used my magic in towns and such, but that kid was dying, and the usual potions wouldn’t have cut it, so yeah, of course I was careful and asked the family to promise not to tell on me, but I didn’t count for their neighbor coming in at that moment… Well at least the kid will live.” He explained with a shrug.

Todoroki nodded sitting back. “A self-sacrificing hero” he said raising an eyebrow, there seemed to be a hint of sarcasm in his tone, as if he didn’t believe Izuku, though that couldn’t be farther from the truth. “Your story isn’t so different from others who’ve been in that cell before you, people trying to help only to be betrayed or caught.” He said playing with a strand of white hair.

Izuku sat back leaning on his arms. “You know most of us magical folk aren’t bad, hell most of us want to be left alone. Tough I understand why you’d think were evil, some wizards and witches use their magic for terrible things…” He said staring at the ceiling of the cell.

He heard Todoroki hum softly “just because some use their magic for terrible things doesn’t mean all of you do.” He said but then shrugged “but people are still afraid.” Izuku smiled at that. He remembered asking All Might about the subject. “Fear can make a person do weird things Todoroki-kun. Makes you see what’s not there or think in something that a rational person would think to be insane.” He said quoting what All Might had answered.

Todoroki raised an eyebrow at that. “You speak with the wisdom of someone far older than the both of us.” He said with a small smile, if one could call it that. Izuku laughed softly. “My teacher is a wise man.” He said with a grin. Just then a guard came down the steps with a plate of food. He glared at Izuku before nodding stiffly at Todoroki. Dropping the plate, he slid it under the bars of Izuku’s cell spilling most of its contents. “Food.” He said simply before leaving. Izuku glanced down at the spilled slob that they apparently called food before shrugging. Picking up the plate with what remained of food he started to eat. He tried not to gag at the terrible taste as he ate.

“So… magic.” He heard Todoroki whisper. Glancing over Izuku set aside his ‘food’. “What about it? Magic is magic nothing special about it.” He whispered back with a shrug. He watched in slight amusement as Todoroki leveled him with a really look. “Nothing special about it,” he quoted leaning back, “well as somebody who’s never really experienced magic it sure seems like something interesting.” He admitted softly playing with the fabric of his shoes shrugging slightly.

Izuku chuckled softly at the irony. “Well I’d love to show you some tricks but,” he held up his wrists showing of his stylish cuffs. “But I guess you have a point, when I was first learning I was always dumbfounded with each new spell or potion I learned…” He mumbled smiling softly.

“Magic is learned?” Todoroki asked tilting his head. “Well I mean of course it’s learnt somehow, cause I’m pretty sure you don’t come out of the womb saying ‘windgardioum leviosa’ or whatever.” He said waving his hands.

Izuku laughed softly at that. “Careful, you might do some magic.” He said teasingly. He watched in amusement as Todoroki’s eyes widened a fraction. “Relax you pronounced it wrong.” He said through chuckles. “But yeah everyone is born with magic, though only through study can you harness it, unless you’re a prodigy, then you can do magic instinctively.” He explained gesturing with his hands as he did.

Todoroki hummed softly listening intently. “I never knew that. Although my knowledge of the magical world is basically that witches and wizards were devil worshipers and that they should all die, my father’s words of course, so I basically don’t know anything.” He said bluntly before continuing. “But you think if I pronounced the spell right I would have made something float or whatever that spell does?” He said with an amused look, of course he wasn’t actually going to do it. Izuku smiled happy that Todoroki seemed interested in magic. “Probably, you never know until you try a few times, of course that’d be a bad idea.” He said stretching his legs.

Todoroki nodded at that. “Definitely a bad idea” he said leaning back as he looked at Izuku. Brushing the hair out of his eyes, he sighed softly. “I got to get going, think you’ll be in the same place if I come back?” He asked sarcastically raising an eyebrow as he stood. Izuku snorted with laughter. “Unless I get these things off then yeah.” He said with a laid-back grin. Standing up as well he walked up to the bars of the cell. “It was nice talking with you Todoroki-kun.” He said smiling brightly. Despite being stuck here, despite knowing that he’s going to die in a week, Izuku felt happy. Todoroki looked over at Izuku and nodded before turning to leave. Heading over to his meager cot Izuku laid down staring at the ceiling. Smiling softly, he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Shouto yawned as he made his way to his house his thoughts on a certain green haired wizard. He couldn’t help the small smile that threatened to break free as he recalled their conversation. He’d love to go down there and talk with Midoriya again, of course it might raise suspicion, but honestly, he didn’t really seem to care. As he walked he recalled the time he saw two little girls practicing magic in a clearing, of course he didn’t report them because they weren’t doing any harm. He hummed softly at the memory. Reaching his house just after curfew he silently crept up to his bedroom as to not alert his father. Making it into the room he closed the door with a soft click before relaxing against it. With a sigh he walked over to his bed before laying down on it finally letting a small smile grace his features. His mind was made up, he was going to visit Midoriya again tomorrow.

The next day he woke up to a dull pain on his wrists and ankles, shrugging it off Shouto went about starting to prepare for the day. Shouto rubbed at his wrists absentmindedly as he walked around the town. Running a mental check of the things he needed to do that day. As he neared the plaza he heard the judge was finishing his sentence for some thieves that were to be hanged. Shouto mentally kicked himself, that’s right the hanging was today. Jogging the rest of the way he slowed as he neared the podium. Walking up the steps he passed by a pissed of Endeavor before walking up to the lever. “You’re late...” He heard his father hiss as he passed. Keeping his gaze ahead he sighed softly as he waited for the judge to finish speaking. He glanced at the thieves, some looked terrified, while others looked bored, probably trying to hide their fear. Sighing he grabbed the lever as the judged finished up. “May god bless these souls and grant them forgiveness…” Shouto heard as he pulled.

“How dare you embarrass me by being late?” Endeavor growled as they left the plaza, the bodies of the thieves being loaded onto a cart. Shouto kept his face carefully neutral. He knew his father wouldn’t do anything in public but that didn’t mean he wasn’t in trouble. Glancing up at his father he responded. “I’m sorry I had forgotten about the execution.” Shouto returned his gaze forward as his father fumed. “How could you forget about an execution Shouto? I know I made you better than this.” He snarled before walking passed him. “I hope you aren’t getting distracted, you have to keep up the family honor until you can become a hero. Do not disappoint me.” He said before walking off. Shouto watched him go knowing full well he was going to have to go through more ‘training’ once he got back to the house. Sighing he rubbed at his wrists subconsciously as his feet led him to the dungeons.

Shouto made his way down to the holding cells, nodding at the guards he made his to Midoriya’s cell. He could feel the confused glances the guards sent his way as he passed, ignoring them he knocked on the bars of Midoriya’s cell. He watched as Midoriya’s head perked up from fiddling with his cuffs and looked over at him. His face brightened as he stood his witches hat bobbing as he walked over to him. “Todoroki-kun! How are you?” He said smiling brightly. Shouto leaned against the wall shrugging, “same as always after a day of hard work” he said his head against the wall. He could see the guards confused expressions from the corner of his eye. Shouto held back a snicker. “Lever pulling,” he continued “great exercise for your arms.” He said sarcastically in a whisper.

Midoriya snickered at his comment his nose scrunching up as he covered his mouth. “Sounds fun…” He replied with the same amount of sarcasm before snickering again. It was extremely cute, wait no don’t think about that you have to kill him in a few days. Shouto shook out of his musings when he heard Midoriya ask, “So what is the reason for this little visit? Or are you that bored?” he said leaning against the bars that separated them.

“Extremely bored” Shouto replied raising an eyebrow, well that was a lie, he enjoyed talking with Midoriya yesterday and just talking with him improved his mood.

He heard Midoriya snort as he flashed Shouto a wide grin. “Well we can’t have that. I’d do a trick but uh...” he shook his wrists. “Can’t do any magic.” He finished with a sigh. Shouto crossed his arms “trying to get me to take your cuffs off, are we?” He asked jokingly in a low voice as he leaned forward.
Midoriya giggled as he shook his head “well it was worth a shot.” He said as he sat down. Shouto followed suit sliding down the wall. “You’ll have to try harder than that I’m afraid.” He said teasingly. He watched as Midoriya took of his hat and ran a hand through his curls. “So, what do you want to talk about?” He asked tilting his head. Shouto shrugged, “I don’t have much on my mind if I’m quite honest.” He admitted, honestly, he came down here on a whim just like the first time.

Midoriya laughed softly at his comment. “Must be nice, I’ve always got something on my mind, if it’s not spells, it’s training or writing things down in my journals or helping out my mom around the house…” He trailed off his eyes widening in realization. “Oh, gods mom! She must be worried sick right now…” He trailed off his hands going to his hair. Shouto frowned, he would offer his help to contact her but there were to many guards and, by the looks of it, they were pretty interested in their conversation even though they couldn’t hear much. “Is your mom nice?” He ended up saying instead mentally kicking himself for the second time that day.

That seemed to do the trick as Midoriya seemed to calm down. “Y-yeah she is… She practically raised me all by herself… Yet she was never bitter or anything not even during harsh winters…” He mumbled softly a soft smile on his face. Shouto nodded “she seems like a great person…” He paused realizing something, “What about your dad?” He asked playing with the fabric of his uniform. He watched as the smile on Midoriya’s face disappeared. “I-I don’t know… He…. He left when I was really small…” He muttered looking down. There was a beat of silence before Midoriya kept speaking a small smile on his face, it seemed forced. “But that’s fine we survived without him.” He said with a small shrug.

Shouto nodded in understanding, “well you could say it was his loss, you seem like good people.” He mumbled with a small shrug. Midoriya looked up at him surprised before chuckling. “I guess you’re right…” He muttered with a small smile. “Thanks…” He whispered rubbing the back of his head. Shouto tilted his head in confusion. “For what?” He asked, it was the truth after all, wait was Midoriya saying thanks for the truth? Well non-the less he was happy that Midoriya’s mood was improving.

Midoriya’s face reddened as he flung his arms around trying to hide his face. “F-for uh… for talking with m-me, I know y-you don’t r-really uh have to…” He muttered behind his arms as he peaked over at Shouto. Shouto couldn’t help the small smile that tugged at his lips a bit of color rising in his own cheeks. Well that is certainly cute… He though before dismissing the thought again. “But I want to.” He said honestly. He watched as Midoriya lowered his arms staring at him in bewilderment. “Uh…” Midoriya mumbled seemingly speechless. After a beat he shifted his gaze to his feet his face reddening again.

Shouto, worried that the other was falling ill, tilted his head. “You’re red.” He mumbled leaning forward slightly. “Are you ill?” He asked frowning. Midoriya covered his face with his hands shaking his head. “I-I’m f-fine…” He mumbled softly the color fading until he only had a light blush. After a while he lifted his head from his hands. “S-so uh t-tell me about yourself… Ah only if you want to, you don’t have to if you don’t want you….” He rambled before cutting himself off. Shouto blinked in surprised. “Well… what do you want to know?” He asked playing with a strand of his hair. He wasn’t exactly used to talking about himself. Words weren’t easy for him. Midoriya shrugged glancing over at the guards. Shouto followed his gaze and found that the guards were looking at him intently confusion written all over their features. “Anything really… Whatever you’re comfortable sharing…” He heard Midoriya mumbled. Shouto glanced back at Midoriya then to his feet in thought.

“Well, when I was younger I wanted to be a hero. I still do actually.” He said with a shrug, well to others he is one already, but he could also be counted as a villain by most wizards and witches. Though Midoriya’s eyes seemed to sparkle at that. “Really? That’s so cool. I have that same dream too, but since I’m quirkless everyone kept telling me to give up that dream, that’s part of the reason as to why I learned magic.” He whispered. Shouto frowned slightly. “Well that’s stupid, just because you’re quirkless that doesn’t mean you can’t be a hero, I mean there lots of knights that are quirkless and knights are basically hero’s that work for kings instead of doing it solo.” Shouto shrugged before leaning against the wall. Midoriya beamed at that. “You’re the first person to say that actually, everyone else would just tell me I’m delusional.” He said pulling his knees towards his chest.

Shouto hummed at that. After a beat he kept talking. “My sister owns a bakery” he said casually, it was different, talking about his family with people. “That sounds nice, what does she make?” Midoriya asked curiously drumming his fingers against his legs. His bangs fell in his eyes, scrunching his nose up he blew at them, but they just kept falling back down. Sighing he gave up leaving them be. Shouto held back a snicker as he started listing with his fingers. “Well… She makes amazing bread, for starters, she has a knack for pastries, cakes, and meat pies” he hummed. “I guess she loves making cakes and sweets because when we were younger father didn’t really let us eat sweets.” He hummed with a small shrug.

“Oh, that’s just wrong! Sweets are amazing how can you be deprived of them?” Midoriya said slumping dramatically. “You know I’m starting to dislike your father more and more.” He said sighing. “Though I would love to try your sister’s cakes, they sound lovely.” He said with a grin. Shouto couldn’t help the little smile that crept up on him. “You’re not the only one who dislikes my father, I’m pretty sure my disdain for him is obvious although it’s good to know I’m not the only one.” He said with a little smirk. He knew his father was loved by a lot of people for his heroics but that didn’t mean there were some that didn’t. Midoriya beamed at that. “We can hate him together.” Stretching he tilted his head slightly. “Todoroki-kun, if you don’t mind me asking, why do you dislike your father?” He asked curiously.

Shouto paused thinking on his answer. He didn’t want to tell Midoriya everything at the moment, especially since the guards where still listening in on them, he was threading on thin ice just being here. “Social differences” he decided to say leaving it at that. He would tell him everything later on, if given the chance. Midoriya just hummed softly seemingly sensing that he didn’t want to elaborate. “You know… I’m not as afraid as I thought I would be…” Midoriya whispered staring up at the ceiling. Shouto startled at that. Most people would be terrified at the thought of dying soon. “I’m to die in less than a week but, I’m not terrified…” He continued looking back at him. “Weird huh?” He finished a small nervous smile on his face.

Shouto stared at Midoriya before glancing over at the guards. They seemed to have given up on trying to hear them, they whispered to each other seemingly ignoring them. Leaning forward Shouto returned his gaze to Midoriya’s. “Maybe you have this feeling you won’t” he whispered back with a small shrug. “That you’ll escape” he continued glancing back at the guards before finishing. “And you’re probably right…” He mumbled barely audible. He still wasn’t sure how yet, but he knew that he couldn’t light Midoriya’s pyre, he’d rather die himself. Midoriya’s eyes widened in shock but he quickly masked it, so the guards wouldn’t see it. “Yeah maybe…” He mumbled with a soft smile.

They kept talking until the sun started to sink in the sky, the guards shifted as the day progressed, each knew pair of guards trying, and failing, to listen in on Shouto and Midoriya’s conversation. “If you could be anything in the world what would you be?” Midoriya asked leaning forward. Shouto stopped playing with his hair looking up at Midoriya. They had both gotten closer to the bars of the cell, so they were really close now. “A bird” Shouto whispered, “they seem to have a lot of fun- maybe they don’t have as many responsibilities as people… being able to fly seems like fun too-” He stopped himself, did Midoriya mean something more realistic? Like a job? Clearing his throat, he continued. “I mean if we had to be more realistic I guess maybe a baker? Though I really want to be a hero so probably that.” He said trying to pretend he didn’t just ramble to Midoriya. He had never done that before, so he was a bit embarrassed.

Midoriya smiled softly. “Flying is really fun, it gives this sense of freedom that you can’t really get anywhere else. Feeling the wind on your face as you soar over trees and rivers… it’s an incredible feeling.” He said with a soft smile. Leaning forward he winked. “Maybe I can take you flying sometime.” He whispered with a light smirk. Shouto couldn’t help the swell of emotions that filled him at the offer. His heart skipped at bit at the slightly flirtatious tone Midoriya’s voice seemed to take as he said this. Trying to calm his beating heart he smiled softly. “I’ll take your word for it.” He whispered softly. “What about you? What would you be?”

Midoriya tapped his chin for a moment seemingly thinking it over. “Positive energy, that’s what I’d be. I want to be the thing that helps people do what they love. To motivate them to get up every day…” He whispers a small smile dancing on his lips as his eyes sparkled with wonder. Shouto looked at Midoriya “That’s… that’s a pretty great answer…” he whispered back. That answer seemed to contain all of Midoriya’s personality in just a simple sentence. It made Shouto feel like he’s known Midoriya his whole life, even though they’ve only had two days of conversation between them. “That’s something everybody needs every once in a while...” He mumbled softly.

Midoriya’s cheeks started to tint red as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “I-I uh I guess…” He mumbled with a sheepish smile. One of the guards apparently tired of seeing them talk walked over and banged the cell with his spear. “It’s almost time for curfew, you should be heading back Mr. Todoroki.” He said his gaze on Shouto. Shouto heard Midoriya sigh at that. “Goodnight Todoroki-kun, it was nice talking with yo-”

“And you shut yer trap! Before I shut it for ya.” The guard interrupted glaring at Midoriya. Midoriya held his hands up in surrender as he stood and walked over to his cot. “Goodnight Midoriya.” He said offering Midoriya a little wave before heading back out. He could feel the confused stares of the guards, but he couldn’t care less. With a lighter heart then when he first walked into the dungeons he headed back to his house.

Once he opened the door to his house the light hearted feeling he had disappeared. His father stood before him his arms crossed as he sneered down at him. “First your conduct today was unacceptable and now I get word that my son is actively holding conversations with prisoners! And a sorcerer to make things worse!” He growled angrily. Shouto looked up at his father remaining silent. He didn’t regret his decision to talk with Midoriya and he would gladly do it again. Endeavor fumed grabbing Shouto by the arm and leading him down the hall to the training room.

Shouto stumbled into his room after hours of ‘training’ groaning softly he walked over to his bed nursing the burns and bruises that littered his skin. Cupping his right arm to his chest he sighed softly as a thin layer of ice started to spread across his chest icing the wounds and bruises there. After icing his wounds, he closed his eyes as he drifted off to sleep.


Izuku groaned as he woke up the next morning. His body ached with the pain his soulmate had to go through the night before. It had been a while since his soulmate had been hurt so badly. Sighing softly Izuku stared at his wrists and ankles as he tried to figure out how to get rid of the blasted cuffs.

After about an hour Izuku stopped picking at his cuffs in favor of just listening to the guard’s chatter and play card games. I wonder if Todoroki-kun will visit again today… Izuku wondered as he stared up at the ceiling. A bit after he thought this the guards went silent, glancing over curiously Izuku perked up when he saw that it was Todoroki again. He smiled as Todoroki walked over to his cell and greeted him gently. Standing Izuku walked over to Todoroki and sat down in front of him. “Hello Todoroki-kun.” Izuku said with a smile. The guards exchanged confused looks. How can a condemned sorcerer be so damn happy?

Todoroki leaned forward “How’d you sleep?” He asked tilting his head slightly. Izuku noticed his movements were slow, as if he were trying to jostle any injuries. Rubbing at one of the spots where he felt his soulmates pain he shrugged. “Pretty good, though I’m worried for my soulmate, they seemed to have taken quite the beating last night…” He said before putting on a reassuring grin. “How about you Todoroki-kun?” He asked eyes bright for someone who is probably going to die once the weeks up.

Todoroki blinked a few times placing a hand the same place where Izuku had his before saying. “Soulmate? Isn’t that like… fake? Or just something you tell people so that they don’t fell so alone in their teen years?” He said leaning forward before hissing slightly straightening.

Izuku chuckled at Todoroki’s wording but winced as his torso flared up. He noticed Todoroki hiss in pain as well. “Are you okay?” He asked softly. Todoroki just nodded. Frowning softly Izuku answered Todoroki’s question. “I don’t know how you guys see it, but for most magic users the concept of soulmates is real. We can feel each other’s pain through the bond we have since birth. I guess some people just don’t believe it as strongly as others.” He explained as he thought about something. The pain from my soulmates wounds and bruises increased at the same time as Todoroki hissed in pain from something. Could it be…

“Pain? What’s the worst you’ve felt from your soulmate?” He asked bluntly. “I mean, if it’s okay for you to say…” He added quickly seemingly realizing how personal the question was.

Izuku frowned slightly but shook his head. “It’s fine don’t worry about it. Well hmm… You know that’s tricky cuz I’ve felt so many beatings through our bond, but the worse was probably the burn? All I know is that I felt a horrible pain on my left eye…” He whispered a hand going to where the burn was. “I… I always try to avoid getting hurt or hurting myself because I don’t want to cause my soulmate anymore pain than they already feel...” Izuku finished softly.

Todoroki nodded “sounds like your soulmate has it pretty rough, I hope they’re all right” he whispered softly. “But that’s nice of you, trying your best not get yourself hurt…. Guessing you’re not clumsy?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

Izuku shrugged glancing at the scar on Todoroki’s face. If I had my doubts before I’m sure now. This dork is my soulmate. Chuckling Izuku shook his head. “Oh no I’m really clumsy. Not all the time but when I am it’s like all the clumsiness had accumulated for that one moment. Though I usually try to heal myself as quickly as possible if I get hurt so that way it won’t bother them.” He said rubbing the back of his neck.

Todoroki hummed and stretched his arms out in front of him “this whole soulmate thing… I don’t know we usually just ignore the pains, shrug them off you know? Guess since it’s to do with the mystical and whatnot of course we’ll try to avoid it.” He said leaning forward slightly on his arms. “But it’s nice to know that you’re not alone.” He said with a soft sigh.

Izuku nodded in agreement. “Yeah, it got me through rough times…” He mumbled softly. Who could have hurt him so much? Izuku wondered as he messed with his fingers. Glancing over him Izuku studied Todoroki. He noticed the slight bruises peeking out from his uniform the color turning into an ugly purple. Anger swelled in him slightly. I’m going to make whoever did that to him pay. “What about you? What’s the worst pain you’ve felt from your bond? I-if you want to tell me of course.” He said softly.

Todoroki hummed before answering. “Well like I said, I usually ignored the pain that would come through, though there was this one time that I couldn’t ignore, it was a few years back I think? My hand… It felt like it just got completely destroyed” he mumbled looking down at his hand “I don’t know what happened to them, but it didn’t seem fun…” He finished looking up at Izuku.

Izuku winced trying not to glance down at his own hand. He remembered the event quite well… A spell gone wrong… He was in so much pain he couldn’t concentrate on healing himself. If it weren’t for All Might showing up when he did he didn’t know how long he would have been in that amount of pain. “It probably wasn’t…” He whispered twisting his wrists.

Todoroki nodded “I almost dropped a knife that I had at the time, I didn’t know where it came from so I thought something was wrong with my hand but after a while it left…” he mumbled softly “but that had to be the worst… Although recently they seem to have burned their wrists and ankles… I hope they’re okay.” He mumbled playing with his hair.

Izuku hummed softly rubbing at his wrists. He doesn’t realize were bonded… He pondered as he watched him play with his hair. “Why is your hair two colors?” He asked wanting to change the subject.

Todoroki glanced up at his hair and shrugged “my mom has white hair and my father has red hair, I guess since I have both of their powers and their split down the middle of my body I have both their hair colors.” He explained.

Izuku held back the urge to mess with Todoroki’s hair. “Well it looks cool, I kinda want to play with it… Oh crud I-I didn’t m-mean to say that part out loud uh…. i-ignore me…” Izuku rambled covering his face with his arms to hide his growing blush and his embarrassment. Peeking through his arms he caught the surprised look on Todoroki’s face. “Um maybe you can someday?” He heard the other state though it was more of a question. Izuku groaned softly trying to shrink in on himself. “Oh i-ignore me...” He mumbled blushing brightly. Why did I say that, oh gods why did I say that… Izuku berated himself shrinking in more on himself.

Izuku could feel Todoroki’s eyes on him. “I mean it’s not that amazing…” He said trying to calm Izuku down. Izuku slowly lowered his arms smiling sheepishly. “Uh um… I-I t-think it’s cool is all….” He mumbled softly still flustered. Todoroki hummed leaning back. “I think you’re the first- or at least the first who’s ever told me.” He said tilting his head slightly.

Izuku looked at Todoroki surprised. “Seriously… I’m not sure if that makes me feel better or not…” He mumbled rubbing the back of his neck. The guards seem to have grown tired of listening them talk because one of them walked up to the cell banging on the bars. “Stop trying to corrupt Mr. Todoroki you devil child.” He said glaring at Izuku. Izuku flinched slightly startled but rolled his eyes at the guard’s comment. He tried not to let his words sting him too much, after all its not the first time he’s heard them. The guard banged on his cell one last time before going back to his card game with the other guard.

“I didn’t know talking with someone was considered trying to corrupt them now.” He heard Todoroki say. The guard froze in his tracks, slowly he turned to face Todoroki his posture stiff. “Isn’t it strange though? That you suddenly want to talk to this… monster?” The guard said spitting out the word monster as if it were poison as he sent a glare towards Izuku. “I’m more than capable of dealing with this sort of thing myself, if he tries anything” Todoroki glanced at Izuku his eyes soft before looking back at the guard with a cold glare “funny, then he’ll have me to answer to.” He said narrowing his eyes at the guard. “Or,” he stood walking up to the guard “are you judging my capabilities?” He whispered glaring at the guard point blank. The guard spluttered out a quite no sir before rushing back to his partner without another word. Seeming satisfied Todoroki walked back to Izuku’s cell and sat down. Izuku glanced from the guard to Todoroki his eyes wide in surprise. “Y-you didn’t have to do that you know…” He mumbled glancing down, “but thanks…” He mumbled smiling softly.

“What’s the worse they can do?” Todoroki said with a shrug scratching his cheek. “You’re not doing anything wrong by just talking” he said. Izuku blinked at him before grinning from ear to ear. “I guess you’re right.” He said leaning forward slightly. “I just hope you don’t get in trouble because of me.” He said a bit of worry lacing his words. Todoroki scrunched up his nose, “It’s okay” he said looking over at Izuku. He seemed to be deep in thought. Izuku decided to drop the subject. “If you’re sure… So, do you have a favorite hero? Mines All Might, he’s very prominent in the magical community, one of the first hero’s to not persecute us.” He said his eyes sparkling. Not to mention an amazing wizard. He thought smiling.

Todoroki looked down at his hands. “Eraserhead is pretty amazing, even if he seems a bit rough around the edges he’s an amazing hero.” He hummed looking over at Izuku. Izuku’s eyes lit up even more, if that was possible. “No kidding! His quirk is so interesting! How he makes his opponents powerless with just his stare is both awesome and scary, I mean I’m not really sure if he can use that against magic but if he could, oh boy…” He rambled softly making gestures with his hands.

Todoroki smile slightly, the side of his lips quirking up a bit, he leaned forward on his hands mindful of his bruises. “All I know is that I don’t want to be in a fight with him.” He hummed. Izuku nodded in agreement, “definitely, though I would love to fight alongside him, that’d be so cool!” He said his eyes sparkling. “You said you have both your parents quirks, right? What’s your quirk then Todoroki-kun?” He asked suddenly.

Todoroki nodded, “yes, though I don’t use it very often, my quirk is called half hot half cold.” He said looking down at his hands, “it’s basically how it sounds like.” He said with a shrug. Izuku tilted his head. “Half cold half hot… So, like fire and ice? Wait you can create fire and ice?!” Izuku asked his voice growing with his excitement. “Oi! Pipe down before we make ya!” One of the guards said annoyance clear in his voice. Izuku clamped his hands over his mouth for show before turning back to Todoroki. “Todoroki-kun that’s amazing! You must be pretty cozy during winter huh?” He joked slightly with a chuckle.

Todoroki tilted his head in confusion. “What-” he muttered then his eyes widened in realization “sure let’s say that” he said shaking his head with a small smile. His smiles are so cute… Izuku thought smiling softly. “But in all seriousness, your quirk can be used for a lot of things. What do you use it for?” He asked curiously. Todoroki looked down at his hands again, “well I sometimes use my fire to help my sister out at the bakery,” he said holding up his left hand a small flames dancing at his fingertips. “And I use my ice to catch thieves on the run or as a defense when training.” He said holding up his right-hand ice particles coming out of his palm.

Izuku’s eyes widened in wonder barely containing his excitement. “So, you can use your quirk for both offense and defense, and for domestic things… I wonder if he can use his ice for domestic purposes as well, like keeping game fresh or icing bruises, or maybe use his fire for defense as well as offense…” Izuku started to mumble tapping a finger against his lips as he voiced his thoughts forgetting Todoroki was even there. I wish I had some parchment this could be useful for my hero notes… Izuku mumbled on for a few moments longer before glancing up his gaze locking with Todoroki’s. Suddenly remembering Todoroki was still there he clamped his hands over his mouth blushing slightly. “Oh, gods sorry…” he mumbled softly his face flushing with embarrassment.

Todoroki held his gaze, “no its okay, it was rather cute.” He said bluntly. Izuku’s eyes widened, well that was new, most people would have snapped at him. “C-cute?!” He squeaked softly. Todoroki’s eyes widened, cheeks coloring slightly he nodded softly. “A-anyways, I’m guessing you write a lot? You study quirks?” He asked changing the subject. Izuku lowered his hands he nodded softly. “Um y-yeah… Since I don’t have a quirk of my own I like to analyze other people’s quirks…” He whispered softly with a shrug.

Todoroki hummed gently “that’s cool, you must know a lot about quirks, that has to come in handy” he said tilting his head. “Not everything is just using brute force when it comes to fighting I bet.” He said looking back at Izuku. Izuku nodded in agreement. “Yes definitely, sometimes it’s about outsmarting the enemy. Especially if the hero’s quirk isn’t compatible with the enemy’s. And with dark magic especially, you must rely on your mind and even then, it might fail you.” He rambled softly gesturing with his hands.

Todoroki nodded listening intently to what Izuku had to say “have you ever fought before? Put all that knowledge into practice?” He asked tilting his head to the side. Izuku shook his head. “No… I still have a lot to learn about magic. My teacher says I’m still quite not ready to face any villains yet. But I have helped him, and other hero’s come up with strategies sometimes.” He said with a shrug as he played with his fingers, running them against the scars in his hand. Todoroki nodded. “That’s still impressive, helping hero’s, have you ever worked alongside the top hero’s like All Might?” He asked tilting his head curiously. Izuku nodded smiling brightly. “Yeah him and my teacher are good friends, so I see him a lot. It’s a dream come true actually.” He said with a grin. Todoroki’s eyes widened. “You keep surprising me Midoriya.” He said shaking his head slightly.

Izuku blushed at the slight praise not really used to it. “Uh um t-thanks… But it’s not all that…” He mumbled turning his gaze to the floor suddenly finding it very interesting. His cheeks reddened slightly a nervous smile taking form. “It’s true though,” he hears Todoroki whisper. Izuku looked up his nervous smile still present. Rubbing the back of his neck he chuckled softly.


They kept talking all through the week Shouto going down to the dungeons after finishing his daily chores and duties and then spending the rest of the day conversing with Midoriya. The talks he would have with Midoriya were the highlights of his day and he found himself dreading more and more the day when he’d have to kill him. As the day crept closer and closer he started to devise a plan to break Midoriya out. His plan formed he sighed as the day finally came.

He watched from the podium as Midoriya struggled as the guards led him through the courtyard his hands bound behind his back. Shouto saw Midoriya’s eyes widened in fear as he saw the pyre being prepared. The long wooden post stood ominously as other soldiers piled on the last of the wood. Shouto tried his best to keep his expression neutral, not wanting to give away his plan. His father stood a little way behind him, his executioners uniform accentuated with hair of flames. He had an almost maniacal smile as he watches Midoriya be dragged to the post the guards tying his already bound hands to it. It sickened him to see the twisted joy his father seemed to display. Midoriya struggled against the bounds as he tried to use his magic but to no avail. Shoto hissed as he felt his wrists and ankles heat up. A crowd of townsfolk started to form in the plaza having come to watch the execution.

After a moment Midoriya stopped struggling, Shouto could see him starting to lose hope. Just wait a bit longer… He though as he saw the other drop his head in defeat. He listened silently as one of the guards read Midoriya’s charges. “Midoriya Izuku has been found guilty of using sorcery and cursing the Nakamura’s son. Your punishment is death by pyre. Any last words sorcerer?” The guard said rolling up his parchment. Midoriya looked then, up at the crowd of townspeople, all of them looking up at him fear clear in their faces. And to Shoto’s surprised he saw him smile sadly. “It’s a shame you all don’t know the beauty of magic.” He said loud and clear. The townspeople looked at each other murmuring softly. The guard huffed gesturing to Shouto. The time has come, walking over he lit his left side. Midoriya looked to him then a sad but reassuring smile formed on his lips. “It was fun talking to you Todoroki-kun.” He whispered so softly that Shouto was sure that it was only meant for him to hear. A pained expression broke through as he watched his friend close his eyes waiting for his flames to come.

Shouto brought his lit hand close to the wood but before he could lite the pyre he swung his right arm creating a wall of ice around them both. He could hear the gaps from the crowd and the shouts of the guards, but he ignored it focusing on freeing Midoriya. Cutting Midoriya’s bounds he heard the other gasp in surprise. “What- Todoroki-kun?!” He asked as Shouto carefully cut of the leather bounds holding Midoriya’s magic at bay. “We have to move, Endeavor is probably melting through the ice as we speak.” Shouto said as Midoriya rubbed his sore wrists. “Why… why are you helping me?” He asked as he finished. Shouto pause for a moment. “Because I don’t want to lose the only friend I have…” He muttered before turning to reinforce the ice wall. Glancing over his shoulder he saw Midoriya gaping at him. “Well are you going or not?” That shook Midoriya out of his stupor.

“R-right!” He said glancing around as he tried to think of a way out. The shouts of the guards were increasing in volume and Shouto could hear his father screaming curses at him as blasts of fire hit the wall. Shouto reinforced the wall again. I can’t keep this up for long, were going to run out of room.

“Todoroki-kun how long can you keep them out?” He heard Midoriya ask behind him.

“I don’t know maybe ten minutes? There’s only so much ice I can keep adding before we’re squished.” He said adding another layer of ice.

“Okay, that’s enough time.” Midoriya said before going silent. After a beat he heard him mumbling something before he heard something zoom overhead. The guards started shouting about something flying above them. Looking up he saw a broom swoop down in front of Midoriya. He got one before reaching out to Shouto. “Get on!” He said urgency clear in his voice. Shouto looking from Midoriya’s outstretched hand then to the wall of ice then back at Midoriya. If he left now he’d leaving behind everything he knew. But is it really worth staying? He will probably be killed for helping Midoriya anyways. Making his decision he grabbed onto Midoriya’s hand and got on the broom. “Hold on tight! This is going to be a bumpy ride!” He heard before the broom shot up. Yelping he wrapped his arms around Midoriya’s waist burying his face into Midoriya’s back. He tightened his grip as Midoriya bobbed, weaved, and dove as he dodged arrows and… cannon balls?! The guards screamed at each other as they tried to shoot them out of the sky. A yet of flames narrowly missed them as Midoriya flew over the castle wall and out of range leaving the castle and Shouto’s old life behind.

After a flying for a while Midoriya landed in a small clearing a good distance from the castle. Stumbling of the broom Shouto sat down sighing in relief. Midoriya got of the broom stumbling slightly before sitting down. “Not exactly what I wanted your first broom ride to be but at least we escaped…” He said panting slightly. Looking up Shouto panted slightly adrenaline still rushing through him. “Yeah…” He said taking a deep breath. They sat in silence for a moment both still recovering from the events of the last half hour.

“Thank you… For helping me…” Midoriya said breaking the silence. Shouto glanced over at Midoriya and gave a small nod. “It’s nothing” he said leaning back on his arms. “I wonder if my father is going ballistic, he probably is…” he said glancing back from where they came from smoke peaking above the trees. “I’m guessing he is… Well at least we managed to get out of there unscathed.” Midoriya said grinning at Shouto. Nodding Shouto stood walking over to a tree he sat down leaning against it. “Today has been eventful…” He muttered leaning against the tree for support. His bruises protested as he moved causing a dull ache. “You said it…” He heard Midoriya mumbled followed by a yawn. Shouto felt himself yawn as well as he watched the clouds go by. His eyes grew heavy, a little nap wouldn’t hurt right? They were pretty far and there no tracks to follow. Yawning again Shouto closed his eyes falling asleep.

The sun had sunken behind the trees when Shouto awoke again. Stretching he stood glancing around the clearing. He spotted Midoriya still sleeping, his hat was tipped down to shield his eyes from the sun. A faint smile found its way to his lips. Midoriya looked rather cute when he slept… Shaking his head he started to think about what to do next. They were going to need food and water, shelter for the night, and they need to think of where they’re going to go… He didn’t realize he was passing until he heard Midoriya speak behind him.

“You’re going to walk a path into the ground.” He said with a small chuckle. “You thinking of something?”

“Yeah… I was thinking about what to do next.” He said turning towards Midoriya. Their noses brushed slightly as he did. Why was Midoriya so close to him? Turning his head again, which caused their noses to brush again, he continued. “We need food, water, and shelter… And I was wondering where to go to once we go our separate ways…” He mumbled the last part not really wanting to part with Midoriya for some reason. “And you’re probably anxious to go see your mother.” He added as an afterthought. Midoriya remained silent nodding along with what Shouto said, he brightened when Shouto mentioned his mother. “Oh right! She’s not that far from here actually, only about a day or so on foot.” He said jumping on the balls of his feet. “I can’t wait for you to meet her, I know she’ll absolutely love you.” He said grinning.

Shouto looked back at Midoriya in slight surprise, he assumed they were going to go their separate ways from here. “You… you want me to come with you?” He asked confused. Midoriya nodded, “well yeah, i-if you don’t mind traveling w-with me a while longer! I just thought maybe you needed somewhere to stay so that way you can plan your next move without having to worry about food and shelter. Since you kinda had to leave abruptly, after all you couldn’t have stayed since you helped me escape and all…” He rambled waving his arms around as he explained his reasoning. Shouto blinked at him before a small smile tugged at his lips. He was relieved he didn’t have to part with Midoriya just yet, he honestly wasn’t sure of what to do. “You said a day’s walk, right?” He asked tilting his head slightly. Midoriya nodded as he pointed in the direction of what Shoto assumed to be his home town. “Yep we just have to walk that way and we’ll reach Ealdor.” He said grinning.

Shouto nodded as he glanced up at the sky, they still had a few hours of sunlight left. “Lead the way then,” he said glancing back at Midoriya, “we can probably walk a bit before it gets to dark.” He said. Midoriya nodded and started to lead the way, grabbing his broom. “Let’s go then!” He said with a grin.


Izuku hummed happily as they walked through the forest in a comfortable silence. His magic bubbled up inside of him causing sparks of green electricity to jump off him. It felt amazing to be able to let his magic run free. The sun was starting to set behind the trees when they found a clearing to set up camp. Mumbling a quick spell Izuku created a tent for them to sleep in for the night. With that done he started to dig a fire pit. When he finished Todoroki set down some logs for the fire. Setting up some of them he lit the fire with his left hand before sitting back. Izuku stretched as he stood. “I think there’s a river nearby, I can get us some water, you think you can find us some food?” He asked glancing over at Todoroki. Todoroki nodded standing as well. Izuku grinned. “Okay, be right back.” He said before heading off to find the river.

After a bit Izuku found a small stream. Grinning he created two water skins and dipped them into the water filling them. Creating so many things out of thin air and flying on his broom for so long was starting to tire him out so by the time he got back to the camp he was yawning up a storm. “Found some water.” He mumbled before yawning again. Holding up the two water skins he threw one to Todoroki as he tried to rub the tiredness out of his eyes with the other. Todoroki caught his water skin taking a sip out of it with a sigh. “I found some berries and nuts but that’s about all I could get without any hunting equipment.” He said gesturing to the small pile of berries and nuts. Izuku nodded walking over to where Todoroki sat near the fire, picking up some berries and nuts he popped them into his mouth chewing silently.

He was starting to dose off when Todoroki broke the silence. “Tired?” Izuku glanced over at him snapping his eyes open. “Only a bit, used a lot of magic today.” He said yawning again. Todoroki hummed taking a sip of his water skin. “I’ll take first watch then.” He offered eating some of the berries he had picked. Izuku hummed softly taking some nuts. “We don’t have to do that, I’ll just set up some alarm spells around camp. If anything passes by one, I’ll know.” He mumbled stifling another yawn. Todoroki glanced at him curiously. “You sure? Didn’t you say you already used a lot of magic?” He inquired raising a brow. Izuku shook his head. “Don’t worry I’ll be fine.” He reassured smiling brightly. Todoroki paused a moment taking in Izuku’s words. “Well that’s settled then.” He agreed taking a sip from his water skin. A moment of silence passed before he spoke again. “The moon looks really nice tonight…” He whispered his gaze pointed towards the sky. Izuku hummed in agreement looking up as well. “It sure does…” He hummed contently as he stood. “Be right back.” He said before heading off to work on the warning spells.


Shouto watched Midoriya go munching on his food as the other disappeared behind the trees. Glancing at the fire he leaned over a placed more logs into it watching as the embers consumed them. He sighed deeply taking a deep breath. The day had been hectic, seemingly going on and on without pause. Now that they were camping for the night he could finally sit a collect his thoughts. They’ve probably started putting a bounty over our heads, if Midoriya didn’t already have one. Once those start being distributed around the kingdom they were officially criminals. The thought didn’t seem to faze him much. He didn’t feel any regrets for his decision. He just hoped his father wouldn’t take out his rage on his siblings.

Looking up he took a deep breath before letting it out steam misting in the air in front of him. Rustling startled him out of his thoughts as he snapped his head towards the sound. A beat passed before Midoriya came stumbling back looking dead on his feet. “Done…” He slurred stumbling over to where Shouto sat near the fire before slumping down. Shouto followed his movements with his eyes. “You’re exhausted. Come on get some sleep.” He stated simply gently nudging Midoriya’s shoulder. Midoriya blinked at him owlishly before nodding slowly. “Okay…” He mumbled stumbling slightly as he stood making his way to the tent. Shouto stood following Midoriya into the tent.

Once inside he noticed that it was a bit on the small side. But it didn’t really matter much, helping Midoriya to his bedroll he laid down in his own. Midoriya giggled softly as he laid down. “Goodnight Todoroki-kun…” He mumbled before falling asleep. Shouto hummed turning on his side as to not disturb Midoriya before falling asleep himself.

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up with a yawn rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Glancing around the tent he blinked finding it empty. With a shrug he stood running a hand through his tangled curls to sort them out. Stepping out of the tent he spotted Todoroki little ways off eating from the berries he had picked last night. Making his way over Izuku yawned again. “Morning…” He mumbled voice heavy with sleep. Todoroki glanced up at him nodding in greeting. “Morning.” He simply said grabbing some of the berries and nuts and handing them to Izuku. “Sleep well?” He asked as he did. Izuku nodded rubbing his eyes with one hand as he took the offered food with the other.

They ate in silence listening as the forest around them woke up as well. Birds chirped around them as Izuku watched Todoroki mess with his quirk. Ice shot up from his hand into the air before gently floating back down. “That’s really cool…” He mumbled popping the last of his food in his mouth. “Your quirk is beautiful to look at.” He complimented as he stood to pack up the tent. “Thank you.” He heard Todoroki say from behind him. Izuku smiled softly to himself a light blush dusting his cheeks as he waved a hand over the tent. He watched as it shrank and folded itself up until it was the size of a handkerchief. Satisfied he placed it in the pocket of his cloak.

Izuku heard stomping as he turned to Todoroki stomping out the firepit. He covered it before turning to Izuku. “Ready?” He asked dusting of his uniform. Izuku grinned as he grabbed his broom. “Let’s go.” He said leading the way through the forest. Energized and filled with excitement Izuku practically bounced along the path his magic sparking off him in green bolts. The forest moved with life as they made their way through it. Birds chirped happily around them accompanied by the rustle of the leaves. Izuku sensed Todoroki glancing at him every once in a while, glancing over his shoulder Izuku shot the other a bright smile. Todoroki blinked a light blush dusting his cheeks before turning away a small smile tugging at his lips.


It was approaching sunset when they finally made it to the outskirts of Izuku’s home village. Grinning Izuku almost sprinted the rest of the way. Turning to Todoroki he beamed. “Todoroki, Welcome to Ealdor!” The village was just as he remembered it, the towns people walked around doing errands and tending to fields, kids ran around squealing and playing. Izuku’s heart warmed at the familiar sight. Taking Todoroki’s hand, he leads him through the village. People stopped and waved at him as they passed, Izuku waived back a smile on his face. Passing the market place, they reach the edge of the fields were Izuku’s house stood.

His family home was small, but it was enough. He spotted his mother working in the small garden outside the cottage. Letting go of Todoroki’s hand he rushed over to her. “Mom!” He exclaimed happily. Inko straightened turning to just in time to brace herself as Izuku slammed into her. “Izuku! Oh, my dear boy it’s so good to see you again!” She said tears springing to her eyes. She hugged him tightly happy to see her son again. After a moment they pulled apart both smiling brightly. “Hi mom.” Izuku said his eyes watering slightly. Inko smiled softly caressing his cheek. “Oh, Izuku I was so worried when you didn’t come back when you said you would. Where have you been?!” She asked as she cupped his cheeks with her hands. Checking him over she noticed Todoroki. “And who’s this?” She questioned curiously.

Todoroki, who had been standing a few ways back to give them space stepped forward. “Todoroki Shouto, a pleasure.” He said extending his hand out. Inko smiled warmly and took the offered hand. “Midoriya Inko, the pleasure is mine.” She said smiling, turning back to Izuku she leveled him with a stare. “Now, please explain to me why I didn’t see or hear from you in weeks.” She said crossing her arms. Izuku swallowed thickly rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “Ha-ha uh funny story uh you see… I kinda got caught by the king’s men…” He stares at his shoes finding them interesting suddenly. He heard Todoroki release a breath as if exasperated with him too. Inko sighed. “Oh, what am I going to do with you…” She muttered softly.

“He also managed to piss off everyone in the court.” He heard Todoroki add plainly.
Izuku turned to him eyes wide. “Wait what?!” He asked as his mother gasped beside him.
Todoroki looked at him his expression calm. “Well it’s true, not anyone can reject the king and get away with it, he was absolutely fuming, and some of the court as well for that matter.” He said bluntly as if it were obvious.
“Izuku! What did you do?!” Inko asked shocked.
Izuku sighed. “Of course, I rejected the king he was practically asking me to become his weapon, you know this Todoroki-kun.” He said as his mom gasped softly.
Todoroki just shrugged. Inko sighed softly. “Well the important thing is that you’re home.” She said hugging Izuku tightly. Turning to Todoroki she smiled warmly. “You can stay with us for as long as you like dear, you’re always welcome in my home.” She said before clapping her hands together. “Well, I need to prepare a big meal since now I have three mouths to feed and I want to treat our guest. Izuku dear why don’t you show Todoroki around?” She suggested as she turned to open the door of their little cottage.
Izuku grinned at that taking Todoroki’s wrist again. “Come on I’ll show you around!” He said as he started to show him around the little village.


Shouto was still processing what Ms. Midoriya had said before Midoriya had taken his wrist again and was leading him away from the small cottage. “Where are we going to start?” He asked looking around the village as he walked with Midoriya. Midoriya hummed softly in thought before grinning. “Oh, I want to show you the lake first, its beautiful at this time of day.” He said changing directions and heading towards where the lake probably was. On the way he showed him some of the little shops around the village, who lived there and what some of the people they passed did.

The village wasn’t big by any means, there only around a hundred people or so, nothing like the citadel back home. But there was this friendly feeling to this place, it felt like how home should feel. Or what he guessed it should feel. People gave him weary looks as they went probably recognizing his uniform. As they reached the lake he could see the water shimmering in the setting sun. Ducks and swans swam in the water. Some kids played near the bank with small cloth balls, other lifting thing up in the air as they practiced their magic.

Shouto looked over at the lake eyes widening at the beauty of it. He didn’t know if it was because of how the pinks and yellows of the setting sun were being reflect of the water, maybe it was the atmosphere of peace that seemed to surround the lake. Or perhaps it was the fact that the kids were practicing their magic so freely, something that would have gotten them killed back home. Or maybe it was how Midoriya looked like he was- wait no it was probably the sunset reflecting on the water. “It beautiful…” He breathed drinking in the atmosphere.

Midoriya smiled at him his eyes sparkling. The light of the setting sun bouncing of his curls making the normally dark green look brighter. Shouto’s breath caught in his throat at the sight. “Yeah… it is…” He heard Midoriya mumble a breathy sigh following soon after. After that he snapped his head towards the lake their hands still joined together. Shouto looked down at their intertwined hands, maybe it was because the others hold was so gentle, or maybe it was because nobody had ever held his hand so gently since his mother, but he found that he didn’t want to let go of Midoriya’s hand. Glancing around he spotted a nice place to sit. “Should we sit down?” He asked softly pointing to the area he spotted. Midoriya looked back to him, then to where he was pointing. Beaming he nodded leading them both over to the spot.

The autumn air blew past causing ripples to appear in the water. The sky grew darker as the sun continued to set, its pink and yellow hues turning into reds and oranges. Shouto finally slipped his hand out of Midoriya’s leaning back on his arms he sighed softly keeping his gaze on the lake. “Your mom is really nice,” he whispered glancing over at Midoriya, “I see where you get it from.” He said a warm feeling spreading through his chest when Midoriya glanced at him smiling softly. “Heh, I think if I turned out any different she would have turned me back on the right path… She’s always been there for me…” He mumbled a fond smile on his lips as he pushed his hair back.

Shouto hummed and nodded. “Especially with how she went off on you but then quickly looked for the positive, very few people can do that with such ease.” He said looking back at the lake again. He heard Midoriya hum in agreement. “I don’t know how she does it. Most people need more time to calm down. But she worries so easily, it could be nothing, but she’ll fuss either way.” He said with a fond chuckle. Shouto nodded softly glancing over at Midoriya. The light from the sunset reflected off the water bathing them both in light, Midoriya looked like he was glowing his smiles flashing brightly. Shouto felt his heart beating faster in his chest as he took in the beautiful sight. Looking away he hummed softly. “You’re an only child I guess?” He asked risking looking at Midoriya again.

Midoriya nodded. “Yeah, dad left when I really small and mom never really remarried so…” He trailed off leaning his head back looking at the darkening sky. It was turning into a deep navy blue. Shouto nodded softly looking up as well. “We should head back, its getting late.” He said going to stand. Midoriya followed suit dusting off his clothes.

As they walked back to the cottage Shouto felt wary stares directed at him. Glancing around he realized they were staring at his uniform. Guilt and shame bubbled up in him as he ducked his head moving slightly faster to keep up with Midoriya, who had sped up. He knew in the back of his mind that this would happen. That people would stare at him, worry for their safety in their gazes. He also knew that they were glancing at Midoriya, confusion and worry clear in their eyes. Shouto riled in his emotions trying to show that they’re gazes bothered him. Straightening he kept following Midoriya silently.

Soon enough they reach the cottage with no indecent. Entering the small cottage, the smell of food hits them immediately. Midoriya grinned heading to where Shouto assumed to be the kitchen. “Dinners ready boys, get cleaned up so we can eat.” Mrs. Midoriya called from the kitchen. “Okay mom,” Midoriya said before turning to Shouto. “Come on Todoroki-kun I’ll show you where the basin is.” He said leading the way.

“Dinner smells nice.” Shouto said as he followed Midoriya to the basin. Rolling up his sleeves, he started washing up. “Yeah it does, she must have made something special.” Midoriya said as he finished washing up. Shouto finished up himself and they both headed over to the kitchen where the table had been set, plates of steaming food already served and placed. Sitting down he looked over at Mrs. Midoriya. “Thank you for the meal.” He said tilting his head in a slight bow. “Oh, it’s no trouble dear, eat up!” He heard her say rather quickly, looking up he found her quickly waving one of her hands at him. Nodding once he picked up his chopsticks and started to eat.

They ate in silence for a while, the food tasted delicious and Shouto found himself wishing for more when he finished. “Dear, I have some of my husband’s old clothes that might fit you. You could change into them if you want.” Shouto looked up glancing over at Mrs. Midoriya. “You’re really too kind… Thank you.” He said feeling the corner of his lips tilt upwards into a barely there smile. Mrs. Midoriya smiled waving her hand dismissively. “Oh, think nothing of it, it’s the least I could do. You can’t exactly wear the same clothes every day dear. Especially an executioners uniform.” She pointed out. Shouto nodded as Midoriya stood taking their plates before Shouto could protest. “She’s right you know. Lots of magic folk live here,” He said smiling apologetically at Shouto as he headed to the kitchen. “And they’re not your biggest fans.” He said as he went.

“I understand, I wouldn’t like me all that much either if I were in their shoes.” Shouto reassured as Mrs. Midoriya stood. “I’ll go fetch those clothes for you dear.” She said before disappearing down the hallway. She came back moments later with a set of fresh clothes. “Hopefully these will fit.” She said giving him the clothing. “Thank you.” He said bowing his head in gratitude. She smiled at him before heading to the kitchen. Soon after Midoriya walked over to his shaking his hands dry. “You can change in my room if you want. Its right down here.” He said pointing to the room down the hall. Shouto nodded and went inside the room.

It was quite small, but it had a cozy feeling instead of a cramped one. Changing quickly out of his uniform he folded it and set it down in the corner of the room. He’ll burn it in the morning. He was pleased to find that the clothes fit him well, and that they were extremely comfortable. Walking out of the room he stretched his arms as he sighed, content. Walking to the living room he found Midoriya sitting there playing with a little ball of light. Immediately intrigued he walked over to him and sat down next to him.

“Looks like they fit, that’s a relief.” He heard Midoriya say as he expanded the ball of light, guiding it with his hands. Shouto nodded humming. “Yes, they do, though if they didn’t I could always walk around in my trousers.” He said half joking as he kept his gaze on the shrinking ball. It pulsed, shinning brightly as Midoriya’s cheeks reddened. Well that’s interesting. “That’s indecent Todoroki-kun.” He said suddenly clamping his hands over the ball extinguishing it. Shouto blinked in surprise before shrugging. Midoriya sighed. “Forbanea…” He mumbled softly outstretching his hand. It glowed for a second before the ball of light came back illuminating them both.

“How come your cheeks light up so much?” Shouto asked tilting the head to the side to look at Midoriya. Midoriya glanced at him shrugging. “I don’t know, I guess I get flustered easily…” He said as the ball floated over Shouto’s head and started changing its color. He couldn’t help but crack a small smile as the ball changed from a dull yellow to the same colors as his hair. “It’s me.” He said as he looked up at it. It was amazing how such a simple thing such as a ball of light, interested him so much. He felt like a child in a candy store.

Midoriya laughed softly as the ball floated over his own head and turned green. “Now its me.” He said with a chuckle. Shouto couldn’t help but smile at that amusement glittering in his eyes. The ball floated between them shifting colors from time to time. “Want to touch it?” Shouto heard Midoriya ask. Shouto hesitated for a moment. “You sure?” He asked unsure if he should or not. Midoriya nodded smiling. I’ll take that as a yes then. Still a bit unsure he poked the ball taking his hand back quickly afraid of breaking the spell like Midoriya had done. His eyes widened when the ball ripple its colors changing.

“Oh…” He mumbled softly amazed as he brought his hand toward the ball again. Placing his palm under it he was pleasantly surprised to find that it floated down to it, its warm glow bathing him with warmth. Curiosity taking hold he brought the little ball closer to himself. Raising his right hand, he activated his quirk and poked the ball again spreading a thin layer of ice on it. His eyes lit up as he watched in awe as the ball change colors again as the ice created small patterns as it melted away. “Wow…” He heard Midoriya whisper as the ball grew and changed into a light blue color. Its warmth dulled as well. Covering it in ice again Shouto created small patterns all over the ball.

He did this a few more times finding joy in creating the small patters on the ball. He felt like a kid something he couldn’t do in a long time. Making one last pattern he pushed the ball over to Midoriya again. “That was nice…” He said softly watching as the last of the ice melted away. Midoriya smiled softly at him. “I’m glad you liked it.” He said as he stood. “I’m going to go set out a bed roll for you.” He said as he heads towards his room. Shouto hummed and followed him. “Thank you.” He said as Midoriya walked around the room, once his bedroll was set he sat down on it with a soft sigh.

Bringing his knees up to his chest he sighed. “Some people were staring at us earlier…” He mumbled as the guilt rose anew in his chest. It was at the back of his mind the whole time and he couldn’t really shake it. He hugged his knees placing his chin on them. “And I know why, I probably killed a couple of their friends and family.” He said staring down at his hands. People who were caught doing magic on days that soldiers were out on patrol, brought back in chains before the king to be sentenced. Him wielding his father’s flames to light the pyres that spelled out their deaths. He shook his head shaking those memories away. He heard Midoriya sigh softly from his own bed.

“Yeah, I saw. I was worried about that honestly, but they’re good people, no one really blames you. It’s not your fault you know, you were just doing as you were told.” He said trying to reassure him. Shouto only nodded softly as he uncurled himself and laid down. He had so much blood on his hands that he didn’t even know if he could scrub it off. He heard Midoriya mumble under his breath and suddenly more light filled the candle lit room. Looking up his breath caught in his throat as small dragons flew around the room. He followed them with his gaze as they flew around the room. One flew over Midoriya’s head before settling down on top of his hat. His eyes flickered to Midoriya’s face and found him smiling softly. Shouto returned the small smile some of his guilt washing away as he remembers that he at least saved one person. Midoriya smiled brighter as the dragon on his hat snorted a gust of light coming out of its snout.

Shouto breathed out a silent chuckled at the sight. The spell wore of as Midoriya fell asleep. Shouto glanced at the other lovingly before going to bed himself the last dragon landing on his head as he whispered a soft goodnight.


Izuku woke up the next day a few hours before sunrise. Yawning softly, he took off his hat as he ran a hand through his curls. Blinking the last bit of sleep from his eyes he got out of the cot careful not to wake Todoroki up. Heading to his dresser he pulled out a change of clothes. Once changed he sighed contently as he glanced over his shoulder when he noticed Todoroki had woken up as well. “Good morning Todoroki-kun.” He said smiling softly. Todoroki just hummed in response not fully awake yet. Snickering softly Izuku left the room and headed towards the kitchen. The smell of breakfast wafted from it as he entered. “Morning mom.” He said as he grabbed a glass of water. Kissing her on the cheek he grinned at her as he took a sip of water.

“Good morning Izuku, sleep well?” She asked glancing up from her cooking to look at Izuku. He nodded with a grin. “Yep, slept like a rock.” He said finishing his water. “Breakfast smells good.” He said as Todoroki entered the kitchen. Inko smiled glancing over at Todoroki. “Good morning Todoroki have a seat breakfast should be done in a moment.” She said as she continued to cook. Todoroki nodded sitting down at the table. Izuku grabbed a glass of water for Todoroki before sitting down at the table as well. “Sleep well?” He asked as he handed the other the glass. Todoroki took the glass gratefully taking a sip before responding. “I slept well. How’d you sleep?” He asked as he took another sip.

“Pretty good, I was out like a light.” He said with a smile as his mom brought the food over. “Thanks mom.” He said before digging in. Todoroki thanked her as well and started to eat. “Its no problem dears.” She said before starting to eat her own food. They ate in silence for a while, finishing his food Izuku stood to clean his plate. “Izuku, dear can you go get some more water from the well?” He heard Inko ask from the table. “Sure mom.” He said walking over to the bucket and picking it up. “I’ll be back soon.” He said before heading out.

The walk to the well was uneventful, the village still in the process of waking up. Izuku hummed a soft tune as he made his way to the well. Setting his bucket down he lowered the bucket of the well into it. Bringing it back up carefully he started to collect the water from it as another villager came to the well.
“Good morning.” He greeted smiling brightly.
The woman returned the greeting as she lowered the bucket into the well. “Its good seeing you Midoriya, we were all worried when your mother said you didn’t show.” She said as she pulled the bucket up.
Izuku hummed. “I’m sorry for worrying you guys but I’m fine, really.” He said as the bucket came back up, the woman started to fill her bucket before he lowered the bucket again.
“And who is the new fellow that came with you? I could have sworn I recognized the uniform he was wearing. He isn’t an executioner of the king by any chance?” Izuku paused his grip tightening on the rope. He was worried about this, he knew that she lost a son to the king and his outrageous ban on magic.

“Yes…” He started, the woman gave him a horrified look. “But he’s good! He doesn’t have the same believes as the others.” He hurriedly added. The woman frowned as the bucket came back up.

“I don’t trust him, why is he with you anyways?” She asked as she lowered the bucket again.

“He helped me escape the castle, so I offered him to stay with us. He knows about my magic and he accepted it.” Izuku said in Todoroki’s defense.
The woman frowned again but said nothing. She finished filling her buckets and hoisted them up. “Just be careful Midoriya, none of us want to see you hurt, your mother wouldn’t be able to handle it.” She said before bidding him farewell.

Izuku sighed softly taking his own bucket and walking back to the cottage. He knew that most people were going to be skeptically of Todoroki, he just hoped no one would take out their fear on him. Once he got back to the cottage he places the bucket of water in the kitchen before plopping down on the couch next to Todoroki. “How was the trip to the well?” Todoroki asked casually. “It was fine…” He mumbled distractedly his mind still on the conversation he had at the well. He ran a hand through his hair in thought. I’m probably overthinking things again. I’m sure everything will be fine. He thought as Todoroki hummed next to him.


The king was furious. Fuming with rage as he stalked the throne room, his crown glinting as it caught the light. Todoroki Enji stood a few feet away silently stowing in his own anger. He didn’t realize his son’s rebellious nature was this bad. He knew he should have done something about it sooner.

“I want them both found and brought back here now! Especially that damn sorcerer! He is going to suffer a fate worse than death for disrespecting me and my kingdom!” The king bellowed as he stomped around some of the objects around the room starting to levitate due to his quirk.

“They will be found as soon as possible my king.” The head of the knights said his voice just shy of trembling with fear.

“See that you do!” The king said dismissing him. The knight bowed before hurrying out of the throne room. Pathetic. “I want flyers spread around the kingdom as soon as possible! Set the bounty to 100,000 pieces! They both must be alive!” The king howled to his manservant. The young man nodded quickly before scurrying off as well.

“My king let me lead a search as well, it was my son that this sorcerer corrupted after all.” Enji said stepping forward. The king glanced his way.

“No, you are needed here. My knights will find your son, you rest assured.” The king said walking up to his throne and sitting down dismissing him.

Enji only nodded before taking his leave. He will get his tool back, whatever it takes to make him into the perfect weapon to surpass All Might.


Izuku sat with a cup between his legs. Concentrating he transfigured it into a bird and then back into a cup. He hummed as he did so. Todoroki was watching him as he did leaning against his hand as he watched Izuku turn the cup back into a bird.
“Is there a spell for that?” He asked as the cup turned into a bird once more.
Izuku looked up turning the cup into a bird once more and letting it fly away. “Yeah its megamorpho. But if you practice a spell long enough you can use it with out having the need to say the incantation. My goal is to do this will all the spells I know, particularly battle and defense spells.” He explained turning to Todoroki.
Todoroki turned his gaze from the bird flying out the window to him. He hummed in understanding. “Have you ever made your mom run out of cups because you turned them into birds.” He asked raising a brow.
Izuku laughed. “No, that was a bird originally.” He said with a snicker. “But I have accidentally set the cottage on fire once or twice.” He admitted with a sheepish smile.
“How is that even better?” Todoroki asked his eyes widening. “I’d rather accidentally make all the dishes disappear.” He said crossing his arms.
Izuku laughed at that. “True, but I always put it out before it got toooo bad.” He said with a grin.
Todoroki just shook his head and buried his face into his hands. “Note to self don’t let Midoriya start any fires.” He said raising his head slightly to look at Izuku.
Izuku pouted playfully. “Hey both times were accidents. And like I said I put them out before they cause damage.” He defended.
Todoroki just shrugged. “Whatever you say, all I know is not to trust you around fire.” He said making a little flame flicker in his hand and pulling it away from Izuku.
Izuku grinned leaning forward before blowing out the small flame. “Then why make it around me?” He asked teasingly. He quite liked this, he like seeing the other have fun, some of the sadness that seemed to cling to him disappearing if just for a while.
Todoroki paused seemingly not having an answer. “To prove a point, besides don’t you know you shouldn’t blow on fire? Makes it bigger.” He said leaning forward slightly.
Izuku snickered, sitting crisscrossed on his legs before propping his elbows on his knees and leaning on his hands. “Only if the flame is bigger than the amount of air being blown at it.~” He said in a sing song voice.
Todoroki sighed exasperated with him. This drew a laugh from Izuku as they fell into a comfortable silence. The sun sunk in the sky as afternoon became dusk. Whispering under his breath he brought the ball out again, letting it float around the darkening room. He loved this spell just because it was always relaxing to watch the ball float around the room giving off it warm glow. He watched as Todoroki followed the ball as well as it floated around the room. His fingers brushed against it every time it got closer to him, coating it in frost from time to time. Izuku took in the sight his heart warming at it. The other looked so happy and content that it brought joy to Izuku.

They both watched the ball of light a bit longer before an idea came to mind. “Hey Todoroki-kun?” Izuku called to grab his attention. Todoroki turned to him humming. “What do you say we go flying? I did promise you a broom ride.” He said with a grin.

Chapter Text

Shouto’s eyes widened at Midoriya’s suggestion. He perked up at the thought of flying, then he remembered their escape. “It won’t be like our escape, right?” He asked remembering how bumpy that was. Midoriya waved his hands shaking his head. “No, no, I promise this time it will be better.” He said chuckling nervously. Shouto frowned not entirely convinced, after a moment though excitement won over and he hummed in agreement. “Okay then.” He said trying to contain his excitement. Midoriya grinned as he stood to fetch his broom. Seconds later he came back, broom in hand. “Let’s go then.” He said as he headed towards the door. Shouto followed behind him his eyes shining with his hidden excitement.

Midoriya led them to a meadow near the village. Hopping onto his broom he extended a hand to Shouto. “Hope on and hold on tight.” He said with a mischievous grin. Shouto took the offered hand got on. Tentatively he wrapped his arms around Midoriya’s waist. At first nothing happened then Midoriya clicked his tongue and the broom came to life, shooting up into the air. Startled Shouto let out a small yelp as he tightened his hold around Midoriya’s waist, burying his face into his back. The bastard had the gall to laugh as they kept climbing upwards so fast that the wind whipped past them drowning out any other sound. The broom started to slow until they stopped completely.

Slowly lifting his face, he loosened his grip on Midoriya as he drank in the view around them. He gasped in astonishment as the breathtaking view registered in his mind. They had to be at least a couple dozen feet up, the village looking like a small speck in the vast valleys and forests that stretched around it. “Wow…” He whispered drinking in the sight. Looking around he say the meadow they had shot up from, the mass of blues, yellows, and whites swaying with the breeze. A small laughed burst through as he looked up to see the clouds drifting across the sky. “Wow...” He repeated as glanced in every direction trying to take it all in.

“And that’s not even the best part.” Midoriya said a smile evident in his voice. The broom started to glide forward at a slower pace. Midoriya guided the broom, flying over the village before starting to fly over the valleys. Shouto kept his gaze downward taking in the sight of valleys and forests passing by them in a blur of greens and browns. Seeing it all from so high was mesmerizing. “Now I really do wish I could become a bird, this is amazing.” He whispered awestruck. Midoriya snickered. “Want to go faster?” He asked glancing over his shoulder. Shouto looked at Midoriya then back to the rolling hills and valleys bellow. “Let’s do it.” He said tightening his grip on Midoriya’s waist as to not fall off.

Midoriya grinned at his answer. “Hold on tight!” He said turning his gaze forward. He clicked his tongue once more and the broom sped up. They dashed through the valleys and forests the wind whistling in their ears as the broom started to climb higher and higher. Shouto let out an elated laugh watching as the scenery whips passed them. He hasn’t felt this free since before his quirk manifested! He had nearly forgotten how amazing it felt. Soon enough they were up in the clouds. The broom slowed to a stop hovering above the clouds. Midoriya reached over the side and touched one of the clouds. Shouto tentatively reach out as well one hand curling around the others tunic to keep him stable. A small smile tugged at his lips as he swirled his hand in the clouds. They were surprisingly cold and wet. “Disappointingly not as fluffy as they seem from the ground.” He joked tightening his hold on Midoriya subconsciously.

Midoriya laughed poking his nose with his wet hand. “Its more wet than anything.” He said with a chuckle. Shouto scrunched up his nose before yelping as they flew straight through a cloud, drenching them both. “Extremely…” He muttered shaking his head to get more water on Midoriya before using his quirk to dry himself up. Glancing back at the cloud he was surprised to find a hole shaped like them in it. Midoriya laughed shaking the excess water from his hair as well.

“So how do you rate your first proper broom ride?” He joked shifting slightly to face him. Shouto panicked slightly when the broom shifted with Midoriya’s movements but relaxed when it settled. Giving the other a look he answered. “Ten out of ten.” He said truthfully. Leaning forwards, he ran his hand through the clouds again. They stretched out as far as the eye could see softly reflecting the colors of the sky. “Do you want to stay up here a bit longer or do you want to go back?” Midoriya’s voice cut through the pleasant feeling settling in his mind. “Staying here a bit longer sounds nice…” He mumbled softly keeping his gaze on the horizon, a soft smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

He felt the broom shift again as Midoriya moved to sit sideways on it. Shouto didn’t dare move, afraid he would fall of the broom if he did. They stayed in a comfortable silence, watching as the clouds slowly crept by. “Do you like it?” He heard Midoriya whisper breaking the silence. Shouto nodded “yeah” he said looking over at Midoriya with a shy smile. “I never thought I’d see clouds so up close before or see the meadow and the village from so high up. This has been an incredible experience, seeing all of this from a new perspective, its breathtaking really.” He said looking down as Midoriya swung his feet making the broom sway. “Thank you for this…” He finished softly a genuine, if not small, smile on his face. He could practically feel the bright smile that spread across Midoriya’s features. “I’m glad you like it.” He said looking down as well.

Shouto swung his legs slightly humming softly as the broom swayed back and forth. He could feel his worries melting away as a light breeze ruffled through their hair. Closing his eyes, he sighed contently. After a while Midoriya swung around on the broom. “We should get back, its getting late.” He said gripping the broom handle. Shouto nodded readjusting his hold on Midoriya’s waist. Wait, he never let go of the other waist, well he didn’t seem to mind. “You’re probably right, besides you should probably get out of those soaked clothes.” He said as he glanced one last time at the clouds around them.

Midoriya snickered at that, “you’re probably right. Hang on!” He said before diving forward. Shouto squinted his eyes against the wind, watching as the colors blurred together once again. Soon enough Midoriya levels the broom and starts zipping past the forests and valleys. Shouto lets out a laugh feeling the adrenaline rush through him. Once they start nearing the village Midoriya slows down, gliding softly over the cottages a bit before landing back on the ground near his own. Shouto climbs off the broom stumbling slightly. It takes him a second to adjust to being on land again. “That was fun, I really enjoyed myself.” He said looking over at Midoriya.

Midoriya got of his broom with practiced ease as he headed towards the door of the cottage. “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself Todoroki-kun.” He said smiling brightly at him. Opening the door, he entered the cottage, Shouto following him. Midoriya’s clothes stuck to him as he walked, wow that looked uncomfortable. “Mom were back!” Midoriya called into the cottage. Receiving no answer, he shrugged before disappearing to get new clothes. Shouto went into the living room, plopping down on the couch with a sigh. A small smile crept up on him as he stared at the ceiling recalling the days events. He hadn’t had that much fun in a long time. It was really the first time he could relax since his quirk manifested. Feeling light he drifted off to sleep.




They stayed in the village for the next couple of days, most of the time was spent showing Todoroki around the village where Izuku had grown up in. Izuku made sure to show the other everything the village had to offer. Of course, not everything went as smoothly as he would have liked. Some if not most of the villagers were still weary of Todoroki, despite both Izuku’s and his mother’s word that he wouldn’t rat any of them out, that they could trust him. This had resulted in quite a few mishaps with the others whenever they would go out. Most of the time it was just a couple of dirty looks, other more braver villagers threw taunts and jabs at Todoroki. One had gone as far as throwing a rock at him, one time that Izuku wasn’t there. He wouldn’t have known for it weren’t for their bond.

Todoroki seemed to take everything in stride keeping his face carefully blank whenever the topic came up. But Izuku could tell the other was feeling guilty, even though he didn’t have much say in the matter. Izuku tried his best to cheer the other up whenever he could, using his magic or taking him out on broom rides. Todoroki seemed to enjoy those. Of course, there little bubble of peace was going to burst sooner or later, he had just hoped that it would have been later.

One day Izuku was returning home from getting stuff at the market when he found his mother bumbling around the cottage in a nervous fit. “Mom? What’s wrong?” He asked worry bleeding into his voice.

Inko rushed over to him tears springing to her eyes. “Oh, thank goodness your back Izuku, where’s Todoroki?” She asked in a panic.
“Uh he should be around the cottage why?” He asked taking his mother’s hands in his.
Inko held onto Izuku’s hands big fat tears falling from her eyes. “You both need to go now; the king has sent out a bounty for you both. And they want you both captured alive. Guards are coming here as we speak to set flyers up. I know the village would protect you, but I’m not so sure about Todoroki.” She said in a panic.

Izuku’s eyes widened, this was bad, this was really, really bad. “Oh gods…” He muttered softly in shock.

Just then Todoroki walked in a bundle of clothes in hand. Seeing them both panicked he cocked his head to the side. “What’s wrong?” He asked confusion clear in his tone.

Izuku exchanged glances with his mother before they both burst into action. Inko headed to the kitchen, probably packing them some food. Izuku headed to his room to grab bags for them both and started to pack. Todoroki followed close behind him his confusion turning to worry. “We have to leave, the guards are coming to the village to set up bounty flyers, the villagers will probably rat you out when they get here.” He explained as he stuffed some clothes for them both in the bags.

Todoroki placed a hand on his shoulder getting him to turn to him. “Then Ill just go, you don’t have to come with me Midoriya.” His gaze on Izuku.

“It’s a small village Todoroki-kun, if the guards decide to check every cottage I’m just as screwed as you are. Besides I have a place where we can go. It’s in France though.” He said breaking eye contact with Todoroki to finish packing.

“What about your mother?” Todoroki asked as he helped him pack.

Izuku sighed. “Ill come back for her once things die down, beside I can always write, she understands…” He answered a tint of sadness in his tone. They both knew something like would happen eventually, considering how tyrannical the king was. It didn’t make this any less hard though.

Todoroki sighed beside him. “Okay.” He said simply and like that they finished packing in silence.

Once everything was packed they headed back into the living room to be met by a sobbing Inko. Two bags lay near her feet as she ran forward crushing them both in a hug. Izuku felt Todoroki stiffen next to him before he awkwardly returned the hug. Izuku squeezed his mother tightly his own set of tears burning behind his closed eyes.

“You two be careful okay? Watch each other’s backs?” Inko sobbed squeezing them tighter still.

“We will mom, don’t worry about us.” Izuku said as tears streamed down his face.

“Ill protect Midoriya with my life Mrs. Midoriya, you have my word.” Todoroki said as he pulled away placing a hand over his heart before bowing.

Izuku flushed slightly at the words not really expecting them. Inko sniffed dabbing at he eyes with the hem of her apron. “You both be careful alright? And Izuku you better write to me and keep me updated or else I’ll worry myself to madness.” She said narrowing her eyes slightly before smiling sadly. “Don’t worry mom I will.” He answered hugging again. Ink smiled at that hugging him tightly before pulling away. “Now go, the guards will be here any minute.” She said going back to the abandoned bags and giving them to Izuku and Todoroki.

Izuku took the bag gratefully before crushing her in another hug. “I love you mom, I promise I’ll be back before you know it.” He said as she petted his hair.

“I know sweetie I know. Now go!” She said pulling out from the hug. Izuku nodded wiping at his eyes with the back of his hand. Securing the bags over his shoulder he looked to Todoroki who had done the same. “Let’s go.” He said grabbing his broom and rushing out the door.

“Okay so we can get a head start on my broom, but I’ll tire out pretty quickly, and if they see us were screwed cause I won’t have any energy and we’ll probably crash land and that’s definitely something we don’t want to happen…” Izuku mumbled as they headed towards the forest. Millions of scattered thoughts crossed through his mind as they ran panic creeping in when he saw soldiers up ahead.

“Shit.” He muttered grabbing Todoroki’s arm and hauling him to the side. “They got here a lot sooner than expected…” He whispered watching as the party of guards moved passed them. He palled slightly when he saw they had tracker dogs with them. They were really pulling out all the stops for this weren’t they. Taking a deep breath, he watched as they passed by. Thankfully the dogs weren’t on their scent yet, but they will soon.

Quickly mounting his broom Izuku signaled for Todoroki to get on as well. “Come on we need to put some distance between here and them without leaving a trail for the dogs.” Izuku said when he saw the other hesitate.

“But didn’t you say it was risky? That you’d use to much magic?” Todoroki asked concern in his voice.

“I’ll be fine it won’t be a long flight, now come on we don’t have much time!” He insisted urgently offering his hand.

Todoroki sighed, taking Izuku’s hand he quickly got onto the broom. Adjusting his hold on the bag he wrapped his arms around Izuku’s waist. “Hang on.” He said before clicking his tongue. The broom shot up straining slightly with the added weight of their bags. Letting more magic to flow into the broom Izuku guided it upwards ignoring the shouts from the guards. Pointing the broom northward they sped forward, soon leaving the infuriated guards behind.




They flew for what seemed like hours, farther and farther away from Ealdor and the guards as Izuku could manage. His vision was starting to darken around the edges as he kept pushing himself. Just a bit longer, he thought to himself gritting his teeth in desperation as dark spots started to dance in his vision. He could barely hear over the wind in his ears and his mind screaming run, run, run, run! He barely felt it when Todoroki started tapping at his shoulder. “Midoriya! Stop! You can land! You’re going to faint at this rate!” He kept repeating. Finally understanding, Izuku barely nodded before starting their decent, easing up on his magic as the broom slowly descended. Once they hit the ground Izuku stumbled off his broom his head spinning. Sitting down on the ground he shut his eyes as he waited for the wave of dizziness to pass. Once he felt like his head was going to stop spinning he carefully opened his eyes.

Looking up Izuku squeaked when he saw Todoroki leaning over him concern shinning in his eyes. “T-Todoroki-k-kun!” He squeaked scrambling back. Todoroki looked at him confused before ducking his head apologetically. “Sorry didn’t mean to startle you, you had me worried.” He apologized softly. Izuku waved his hands his face heating up. “Oh, you don’t have to apologize Todoroki-kun I just didn’t expect it is all.” He said quickly as he looked to the side avoiding Todoroki’s gaze. Todoroki nodded humming softly before standing, it was then that Izuku realized he was lying down on the floor.

“A-anyways we should find somewhere to set up camp.” He said as went to stand. Todoroki extended a hand which Izuku took gratefully. Standing he dusted of the dirt from his cloak and clothes. Heading over to his broom he grabbed it along with the rest of his things before turning to Todoroki. “Let’s go.” He said as the other nodded. Sighing they started they’re treck north.




The moon was rising in the sky when they finally found a clearing to set up camp for the night. Midoriya looked dead on his feet as he set up the tent, Shouto frowned at that as he went about collect firewood for the fire, they were far enough away to risk building it anyways. Midoriya was about to head of to probably set up some spells like he had done the other night.

“Oh no you don’t. You are sleeping.” Shouto found himself saying as he walked up to Midoriya putting a hand on his shoulder.

Midoriya looked at him smiling reassuringly. “I’m fine Todoroki-kun I can set up these spells.” He said before yawning.

Shouto was not impressed. “You look dead on your feet Midoriya, I’ll take first watch while you rest, you did use a lot of magic today. You can set the spells up later, once you’ve gotten some sleep.”

Midoriya opened his mouth to argue but another yawn cut him off. “Alright, alright I’ll sleep but wake me up in two hours okay?” He said as he slowly walked over to the tent.

Shouto nodded as he led the other into his bedroll. “Yes, yes now sleep.” He said as he stepped back out of the tent. Midoriya just hummed before he was out like a light. Shouto sighed softly as he finished working on the fire. Once that was done he sat leaning against a tree to keep watch. Staring at the fire he heard his mother’s words ringing his head. ‘Things will get better…’ He sighed once again pushing the thought to the back of his mind, those words bringing back memories he’d rather forget. But of course, his mind decided to bring them to front of it anyways. Images flashed behind his eyes, his mother pouring boiling water in his face, his father pulling him away from her, him locking her up where Shouto couldn’t reach, blaming her actions on sorcery instead of his own, increasing Shouto’s training to the point where he threw up after almost every session.

Shaking his head with a sigh he leaned back against the tree looking up at the night sky. He bared no ill will against her, he knew that his left side was something that only brought her pain, it looked to much like his father to bring her anything but that. Shaking his head again he brought his knees to his chest. He should look to the positive, shouldn’t he? Just because those words weren’t true then it doesn’t mean they won’t be true now. He escaped from his father’s clutches after all, and he managed to save Midoriya in the process. They will fine.

Taking a deep breath Shouto exhaled cold air, watching it condense into mist in front of his eyes. Yeah, he was sure they would be fine. Time ticked by slowly, the moon creeping across the sky at an agonizingly slow pace. After what seemed like forever two hours have passed. The embers of the fire were beginning to dim as Shouto stood stretching. Putting more logs into the fire he walked over to tent to wake Midoriya. Stepping into the tent he found the other curled up his hat lying next to him as his chest rose and fell steadily. He looked cute like this, completely relaxed. Shaking his head Shouto crawled over to him before placing a hand on his shoulder. “Midoriya… wake up its been two hours…” He whispered shaking his shoulder slightly.

Midoriya groaned softly grumbling under his breath before sitting up. “I’m up, I’m up…” He mumbled rubbing his eyes to get the sleep from out of them. He blinks blearily looking around the tent before his eyes landed on Shouto. “Oh, hey Todoroki-kun, did anything happen while I was asleep?” Midoriya asked as he started to wake up fully.

Shouto shook his head. “No, nothing happened, you sleep well?” He asked as Midoriya went to move, moving out of the way Shouto let the other exit the tent.

“Yeah, I really needed that nap gods.” Midoriya mumbled as he went. “Okay, I’m going to go set up those warning spells.” He declared poking his head back into the tent before leaving to do just that.

Shouto chuckled softly, amused. Yawning softly Shouto sighed softly as he laid down on his bedroll. Staring up at the ceiling he closed his eyes before drifting off to sleep.




Izuku returned to camp shortly after that satisfied. Deciding to put out the fire Izuku mumbled a short spell putting out the fire instantly. Smiling in satisfaction he climbed back into the tent careful not to wake Todoroki. Crawling over to his bedroll he sighed softly glancing over at his sleeping partner in crime. Smiling softly, he whispered a quick goodnight before falling asleep himself.

The next day Izuku rose early yawning softly as he stretched his arms. Running a hand through his hair while the other rubbed the sleep from his eyes he glanced around the tent. Todoroki still slept soundly in the bedroll next to him, dead to the world around him. Picking up his hat Izuku placed it on his head as he left the tent. Going over to one of the bags with their supplies he grabbed some bread and cheese. Grabbing some for Todoroki as well he went back inside the tent. Sitting down on his bedroll Izuku munched on his breakfast as the rest of the forest woke up as well.

A little while later Todoroki woke up. “Good morning Todoroki-kun.” Izuku greeted as the other stretched before returning the greeting. Izuku offered the other some of the food he brought in for him, he took it gratefully. Izuku kept eating his own food. “You sleep well?” He asked as he munched on his bread.

“Decently, you?” Todoroki answered as he began to eat.

Izuku hummed softly. “Pretty good all things considered.” He answered finishing up his food.

When Todoroki finished his own food, they went about packing up camp. Once done they started to head north again.

“So where is this safe place your taking us to?” Todoroki asked after a short while of them walking.

“Paris, there’s a safe place for magic folk up there, it’s right under the guard’s noses. My teacher told me about it once.” Izuku replied as they walked his broom slung over his back.

Todoroki hummed as they kept walking in silence both of their senses on high alert incase they ran into trouble. A heavy silence seemed to settle between them as the events of the previous day seemed to dawn on them. They were on the run, there was no doubt about that, and Paris was a long way off, they were going to need to make a few stops along the way to resupply. Which meant going into towns and with the bounty on both of their head that made that task slightly more difficult. Izuku played with the hem of his tunic nervously trying his best not to let his nerves show. He had to seem strong, if not for his own sake then for Todoroki’s.




Just as Izuku’s was about to suggest they take a break they come across a river. Smiling Izuku set down his things before walking over to the river splashing his face with the cold water. Todoroki seemed to follow his example for he heard a soft thud before the other was sitting next to him. Izuku grinned over at him before taking their water skins and filling them with water. He heard Todoroki sigh contently before he heard rustling, then he yelped as Todoroki dove into the water splashing him slightly.

Looking over to where Todoroki had resurfaced he let out a laugh as he grinned. “The water good?” He asked through snickers.

Todoroki nodded, “you should jump in too,” he said as he floated in the water.

Izuku mulled it over before shrugging, oh might as well. Quickly taking of his hat and clothes Izuku jumped in as well. He shivered as the cold water hit his skin. With a grin he swam around before standing the water coming up to his chest. “This feels great!” He said with a grin. Todoroki looked over at him before disappearing under the water. When he came back up he was closer to Izuku. His hair hung in his eyes mixing slightly when he pushed it out of the way. The red and white strands mixing together until they was no way to tell when the red ended and the white began. Izuku was startled out of his thoughts when Todoroki spoke.

“I haven’t been to the river in some time.” He said looking over at Izuku.

Izuku shook his head to clear it. “I barely remember the last time I went to a river. I think my dad was still around…” He said smiling sadly as he stared to float staring up at the sky.

There was silence for a moment before Todoroki spoke up again. “Well… What do you remember?” He asked gently.

Izuku glanced over at Todoroki. “Hmm I… I remember learning to swim… And my dad letting me climb up on his shoulders so that I could dive into the water, but other than that not much else.” He said a soft smile on his face. He was quite fond of those memories even though it brought a small twinge of sadness.

“Those seem like nice memories…” Todoroki whispered.

Izuku hummed in agreement as the current of the river pulled at him. Without even realizing it he had drifted a bit closer to Todoroki, to the point where his hand brushed against Todoroki’s. He panicked slightly making him sink slightly but he calmed down floating back up. Their hands brushed again but Izuku feigned ignorance.

Todoroki looked over at him. “You okay?” He asked curiously.

“Yeah…” Izuku mumbled as he glanced over at Todoroki. Izuku gave himself a few more minutes like this, floating in the water with Todoroki, they’re hands brushing against each other every once in a while. But he knew they had to get moving soon, so with reluctance Izuku swam to the bank of the river and hauled himself out. Brushing his soaked curls out of his face he got dressed before turning back to Todoroki. “Come on we should keep moving.”

Todoroki nodded following Izukus example. Izuku got dressed before drying out his hair. Placing his hat on his head he picked up his bags and broom. Izuku felt much more relaxed after taking a dip into the river. “That was fun.” He said smiling brightly. Todoroki hummed in agreement.

Todoroki dried himself and got dressed before grabbing his things as well. Izuku grinned over at Todoroki before he started to walk again a small pep in his step.

Looking up at the sky Izuku deduced that it was almost noon. That meant that they had a few more hours so they’d be able to cover more ground. They fell into a comfortable silence as they walked. The forest around them coming to life as more and more animals woke up.

Todoroki looked over at Izuku then up at the sky “if we keep moving at this pace how long till we reach Paris?” He asked curiously.

Izuku glanced over at Todoroki. “Oh, a month or two? I’m not sure I’ve never gone to Paris, it’d probably be less if we used my broom.” He said with a shrug.

Todoroki nodded and continued to walk “well I’ve always asked for a camping trip” he said jokingly. “This’ll just be a very long one.”

Izuku laughed at that. “Well get ready for an action-packed camping trip. Cause I have a feeling we’ll get into a lot of mischief.” He said with a grin.

Todoroki looked over at Midoriya “oh boy I sure love action packed adventures” he said sarcastically as he stretched his arms over his head.

Izuku elbowed the other playfully. “Oh, hush you know what I mean.” He said with a laugh.

Todoroki glanced down at Izuku “yeah yeah” he said rubbing his side where Izuku had elbowed him.

Izuku snickered at that. His own side was tingling slightly from where he hit Todoroki, but it was nothing he couldn’t manage. Humming a joyful tune, he continued to walk beside Todoroki their hands brushing every once in a while.

“We should probably think of a plan… incase we run into some trouble.” Todoroki spoke up after a while. “Or should we just wing it and hope for the best?” He asked tilting his head towards Izuku.

Izuku hummed in agreement glancing over at Todoroki. “A plan sounds good, winging it can only get us so far. Ideally, we should be able to escape with out any injuries, so we should stay on the defensive.” Izuku suggested bringing a hand to pull at his bottom lips in thought.

“I can immobilize them with my ice, but if its at night then that won’t last long because they probably have torches.” Todoroki suggested.

“That will be very useful, and I can defend against arrows or spears. And if they get to close you can use your fire to push them ba-”

“I’m not using my fire.” Todoroki interrupted cutting Izuku off.

Izuku glanced at him perplexed. “Why not?” He asked curiously.

Todoroki looked away not meeting his eyes. “I refuse to use my left side in battle.” He said simply before remaining silent.

Sensing that the other didn’t want to elaborate Izuku turned his gaze forwards. “Okay, I know a couple of fire spells I can push them back if need be.” He concluded softly before remaining silent.

Chapter Text

The sun was beginning to sink in the sky when Izuku and Todoroki stopped to make camp. Setting up the tent Izuku shivered as the air began to grow colder as autumn started to turn into winter. I should have brought my winter cloak… Izuku thought to himself with a soft grumble as he wrapped his cloak closer to his body, trying to keep some warmth in. Moving over to where Todoroki had started a fire he sat as close to it as he could, sighing softly as the warmth of the fire washed over him. It wasn’t much but it was better than the biting cold he felt earlier.

Todoroki sat closer to him pressing his left shoulder to his. Izuku squeaked softly looking over at him. “You’re cold.” Todoroki said simply before he seemed to think better of it. “But if you’re uncomfortable…” He motioned to move away.

Izuku shook his head blushing slightly as he glanced over at Todoroki. “Uh no its okay… T-thanks…” He managed to mumble softly tentatively leaning closer to him. He relaxed as the remainder of the cold ebbed away from his body. He felt Todoroki nod gently next to him as he continued to stare at the flames. Trying in vain to will the blush that seemed to plague his cheeks away Izuku sighed softly. Tentatively he leaned his head against Todoroki’s shoulder. To his surprise and delight Todoroki leaned his head on his causing his blush to darken. Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods! He thought to himself tensing slightly before relaxing.

They sat like that for while both watching the sky turn from dusk to night. Just when his blush died down it came back with a vengeance when Todoroki decided to nuzzle into his hair. Humming softly Izuku let himself nuzzle more into Todoroki’s side smiling softly. After a while though Izuku frowned as what Todoroki said earlier came to mind, eating away at him. Why does Todoroki refused to use his fire in battle? Isn’t that a needles inhibitor? Curiosity consuming him Izuku glanced up at Todoroki. “Um Todoroki-kun?” Todoroki hummed glancing down at Izuku. “Why… Why do you refuse to use your fire in battle?” He asked shyly his voice low. Todoroki tensed something dark swirling in his eyes before it turned into cold indifference.

“I refuse to use anything my father gave me.” He said simply a cold mask settling over his features. “I’ll become a great hero without his influence, by using my mothers quirk.” He continued turning away.

Izuku frowned slightly sitting up. “But wont that just inhibit your use of your ice? There’s only so much you can use before you give yourself frostbite.” He inquired straightening to look Todoroki in the eye.

Todoroki turned to him a frown settling on his features. “I assume you know what quirk marriages are?” He said changing the subject completely throwing Izuku off.

“I- yes I know what they are.” He said deducing that maybe Todoroki is working up to his point. It was a sad part of their society, quirks had only been around for a few centuries now and most royal families practice this to make their heirs stronger. It was a disgusting practice in Izuku's opinion.

“Well that’s what my father did with my mother. He used his influence as the king’s right-hand man to get her family to agree to marry her off to him. He had many kids with her until he got me.” He explained a cold sort of fury blazing in eyes.

“When my quirk manifested he separated me from my siblings and started training me. He wanted me to become the hero who would surpass All Might. Something he wanted to do since he started doing hero work but hasn’t been able too. So, he would train me, every day for hours or until I ended up sick from the exertion. My mother would care for me as best she could but, he would beat her as well. One day she just snapped. She called my left side unsightly before pouring boiling water on my face.” He explained a hand going up to where his scar was. Izuku couldn’t help but gasp, resisting the urge to bring his own hand up to his left eye as it tingled with phantom pain. He had always wondered how the other had gotten that injury, he had never expected it to be this.

“Afterwards my father had her imprisoned, claimed she was possessed by magic, that a sorcerer had cursed her to kill me. When he did that I vowed I would never use his power in battle. I’m going to become a hero with out it.” He finished looking at Izuku intently.

Izuku had to physically stop himself from gaping at him. He had figured Todoroki’s relationship with his father was rocky but, he didn’t expect that. “He did this to you and your mother, all so he could have you surpass All Might?” He asked hoping to all the gods that what the other was saying wasn’t true.

“Yes.” Todoroki simply responded his hand sliding down from his eye to his lap. “Does that answer your question?” He asked tilting his head.

Izuku nodded mutely staring down at his hands. He knew that Todoroki disliked his father, he had picked up as much from his time in the dungeon, but he never expected this. He respected the number two hero, he didn’t like that he was against magic, but he understood that Endeavor was a powerful hero and he has saved many lives. But his respect for him died the moment Todoroki explained his distaste for his left side, a part of him.

His heart broke slightly when he realized that all those beatings he felt, all the times he felt like fire was licking at his skin, that he felt like he was going to pass out from the amount of pain Todoroki was going through, it was because of his own damn father. Someone who was supposed to love and protect him; or at least its what he assumes it what a father should do. Izuku fisted the ends of his cloak anger bubbling in the pit of his stomach.

“I’m sorry, I brought down the mood, didn’t I? I tend to overshare things, or at least I’ve been told that.” Todoroki said breaking the silence that had fallen over them.

Izuku shook his head breaking out of his thoughts. “No! …No, it’s okay I asked after all… I’m honored that you trust me enough to share your story with me.” He said looking up at him. Todoroki nodded looking back to the flames of the bonfire. Izuku glanced at the other from the corner of his eye, his heart tightened when he saw just how sad the other really is under the indifferent mask. Silently he vowed to himself that he would help the other accept himself, he just couldn’t stand by and watch his soulmate sink into this self-hatred that he has for a part of himself.

As the flames of the bonfire died down they both decided to call it a night. Izuku yawned softly as he lied down in his bedroll Todoroki doing the same next to him. Turning in his bedroll he glanced over at Todoroki sleepily. “Goodnight…” He mumbled softly. The other hummed in reply as Izuku drifted of to sleep.
He shivered slightly in his bedroll pulling his cloak closer, he didn’t want to bother Todoroki again, so he tried to stay put, but as the night went on Izuku found himself being drawn closer to Todoroki curling up closer next to him. He sighed softly as the others warmth washed over him chasing away the chilly autumn air.


The next morning Izuku awoke with a yawn as the morning suns rays peeked through the flaps of the tent. Opening his eyes, he blinked before he realized that he was cuddling with Todoroki. A small squeak made its way up his throat before he smothered it with his hands. The other had an arm wrapped around his waist and hasn’t seemed to have woken up just yet. His left side (the one that Izuku was cuddled up against) radiated warmth as he breathed evenly. Izuku blushed all the way to the roots of his hair.

His was beginning to panic when the other started to wake up as well. Shifting Todoroki lifted his arm as he sat up rubbing at his eyes. He looks so cute like this… Izuku couldn’t help but think as the other yawned softly. He managed to mumble a soft morning as he scooted backwards slightly. Todoroki glanced over at him as he hummed. “Morning… Sleep well?” He asked as he stretched his arms above his head.

Izuku nodded softly bringing his knees up to his chest. “Yeah, you?” He asked hoping the other didn’t notice that they were cuddling to seconds ago.

Todoroki nodded. “Extremely,” he then looked at Izuku dead in the eye. “I’m glad you slept well, especially since you curled up so close to me.” He said his lips quirking up slightly amusement glinting in his eyes.

Izuku groaned softly his blush darkening once more as he buried his face into his hands. “I’m sorry I-I-I didn’t r-realize I did t-that…” He stammered as he peeked at the other between his fingers.

Todoroki huffed slightly as if he were trying not to laugh. “Its okay.” He said reassuringly.

Izuku lowered his hands his blush still present but lighter. “Y-you sure…?” He asked softly.

“Definitely, there’s no need to get flustered over it.” Todoroki said a hint of something in his voice.

“I can’t help it…” Izuku mumbled in softly glancing away.

Todoroki hummed softly. “I noticed, at first I thought it was the cold air, but you get flustered easily don’t you?” He said casually.

Izuku nodded, smiling sheepishly. “Y-yeah…” He mumbled with a shrug. Reaching over to their bag of supplies he pulled out some food for the both of them. Giving Todoroki his share he began to eat as he smiled to himself a light feeling in his heart.


After they packed up their camp and cleared everything up they were on the road again. Shouto hummed softly as he walked along side Midoriya. The other was walking with a bounce in his step his magic coming off him sparks. Shouto couldn’t help glancing his way occasionally watching mesmerized as his clothes and skin sparked with green bolts of electricity. He found it rather cute how that happened when Midoriya was happy.

He couldn’t help noticing little things about the other as they spent more and more time together. How he would pull at his lower lip when he mutters or he’s deep in thought. How his eyes light up whenever he talks about quirks or his favorite hero’s. How his freckles made constellations if you connect them just right. He started to pick up on all of Midoriya’s little quirks that made him, him. It was hard not to pick up on Midoriya’s quirks.

Though in the back of his mind he felt uneasy. Glancing around he kept his eyes peeled for any movement. Midoriya seemed to pick up on it too because the sparks of magic died down as he glanced around nervously. They walked along a bit longer before they heard the sound of dogs. Shouto tensed as did Midoriya next to him, glancing at each other they nodded reading each other’s minds. They had to leave, now. Midoriya was just about to take out his broom when the barking became louder and soon enough they were surrounded dogs growling at them as the guards surrounded them. “Freeze! In the name of the king!” One of the soldiers demanded as more and more soldiers came out of the wood.

Shouto cursed under his breath as he spread his legs, getting into a fighting stance he prepared to execute the plan they had come up with the previous day. Midoriya muttered under his breath as the archers prepared their arrows. “Protecto!” Midoriya yelled, instantly a light glow started surrounding them as the guards started shouting orders to shoot. The glow surrounded them creating a light blue dome. Arrows bounce off the shield as two guards started to move to engage them, thinking quickly he spread out his right foot aiming with ease as ice crawled across the floor freezing them to the floor. The two guards stared at each other wide eyed surprise in their gazes. This caused the other guards to hesitate, the same surprise in all they’re gazes, as if they didn’t fully realize that he was on Midoriya’s side.

“What have you done to Mr. Todoroki you devil! Let him out of your evil spell now!” The head guard yelled glaring at Midoriya. Shouto frowned at that, this was ridiculous.

“I didn’t do anything!” Midoriya replied in frustration.

“If you wont then we will make you!” The guard said as he signaled the guards to advance. The guards raised their spears and started to advance. To both Shouto’s and their surprise as soon as the spears touched the barriers the guards jolted before falling to ground unconscious.

More guards started to come closer surrounding from all sides. Thankfully the barrier kept them at bay but Midoriya was going to run out of energy at this rate. Using his ice, he started to freeze the guards to the ground. “We need to lose them.” He muttered as he glanced at Midoriya.

“No shit, question is how…” Midoriya mumbled as he locked eyes with the head guard. They both knew that they were at a standstill. The guards couldn’t touch them thanks to the barrier and his ice, but they couldn’t move from the spot. Midoriya was going to tire out sooner or later and there was only so much ice he could use before risking frostbite. “Okay incapacitate the ones closest to us, on the count of three I’ll drop the barrier and we bolt, I’ll use some fire spells to keep them back, I’ll try to not to set the forest on fire, but I can’t guarantee anything.” He whispered keeping his gaze on the headguard.

Shouto nodded shifting his position ever so slightly so that when the opening happened he could take it more easily. Freezing the three guard’s closets to them he waited in baited breath for Midoriya’s signal as he counted down softly next to him.

“One… Two… Three, go!” Midoriya yelled the barrier dropping. Shouto turned fully and ran. He froze a couple more guards as he went, Midoriya flanking him as they ran, turning every once in a while to shoot fire at their pursuers.

At one moment Shouto skidded to a halt using his momentum he swung his right arm around shooting a massive wall of ice in front of him cutting off the rest of their pursuers. Trembling slightly, he kept running ice crystals forming on his skin from the over use of his quirk.

They ran a far as they could through the forest both of their legs screaming at them in protest. When they finally stopped they collapsed from the exertion. Midoriya took huge gulps of air as he tried to control his breathing. Shouto trembled, his right side more so than his left. Panting heavily, he glanced over at Midoriya then to the sky as he waited for his breathing to even out. His breath came out in puffs as the cold from his right side seeped into his lungs. Midoriya glanced him smiling a lopsided smile.

“Well, we lost them…” He said panting heavily.

“It would seem so yes.” Shouto replied laying down. His body protested against his every movement his right side becoming stiff from the forming frostbite. Letting his left side flicker to life he carefully started to thaw his right side out, the melting ice creating steam.
They stayed like that for a while neither of them moving as they let their bodies rest. Once their breaths finally evened out Midoriya stood looking up at the sky. “We still have some light left and we should put a bit more distance between us and the guards, we left quite the trail.” He said glancing to where they came. Shouto turned his head and like expected he saw broken branches and tracks far into the forest. “You have a point. Can you still keep going though?” He said as he stood. His legs protested but he ignored it in favor of increasing the temperature of his left side a bit more. His right has almost completely thawed out now, only a bit of stiffness remaining.

Midoriya nodded as he turned whispering something. Suddenly tracks appeared where he was looking. “To throw them off.” He said as an explanation as he turned northward. Shouto hummed impressed. “Let’s go then.” He said as they continued their trek north.


They walked a few more miles before the sun started to set. Finding a clearing Izuku sighed in relief as he went about setting up camp. Once the tent was set up he turned to Todoroki who looked dead on his feet. “You can go ahead and rest, I don’t think we should do a fire tonight because they might see the smoke.” He said as he went to go set up the warning spells. Todoroki merely nodded too tired to say anything else.

When Izuku returned to camp he was practically a zombie. Yawning loudly, he crawled into the tent and to his bedroll. Todoroki was already sound asleep his chest rising and falling softly. Smiling to himself Izuku lied down pulling his cloak closer around himself to keep the chill out. Despite the cold he fell asleep instantly.

He was running sweat rolling down his back as he ran through the forest. The sounds of dogs and shouting being the only thing that could be heard. A deer leaped out of the way as he barreled past panting heavily. He made it to a clearing before skidding to a halt. The woods were to thick and he didn’t have his broom, he was trapped. He heard laughter as he spun around his eyes widening as he faced down Endeavor his flaming hero costume threatening to set the surrounding trees ablaze. “It seems I finally cornered you sorcerer, you have nowhere to run.” He said his voice booming and cold.

Izuku panicked his eyes scanning the forest for any sort of escape route. Finding none he faced the hero again. Endeavor didn’t move his eyes glinting maliciously as he raised his hand. Signaling for the rest of the men to move he advanced forward. “You really thought you could escape? After the stunt that you pulled with my son? You tainted my perfect tool and now you are going to pay the price. Isn’t that right Shouto?” He said as he gestured to his side. Izuku panicked as a beaten, bloody Shouto was pulled into view. It was then that Izuku registered the pain that the adrenaline was doing well to block. He bit back a scream as he saw how beaten and bloody the other was.

Shouto’s head snapped up though sending him a glared fueled by pure hatred. “This is your fault.” He said his dual colored eyes cold with hatred. “You did this to me!” Shouto shrieked his voice becoming distorted and twisted into something that wasn’t human. Izuku flinched back tears streaming down his cheeks. He whimpered softly shaking his head. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He whispered as an archer prepared an arrow.

Suddenly the world tilted as he was thrown down in front of the king. His body ached as bruises and cuts littered his skin. He looked up trembling as he met eyes with the furious king. Everything levitated around them anything sharp pointed towards him. “How nice to have you back Izuku.” The king purred his eyes glinting with madness. Izuku trembled as the spears, swords, and candelabras came closer and closer. The king leaned closer a sick sort of glee in his smile. “You should have taken my offer.” Was the last thing he heard before every sharp object in the room was trusted forward piercing Izuku’s skin and immense pain became his world.


Bolting awake Izuku bit back a scream drenched in cold sweat. He panted heavily looking over himself for any injuries. His chest felt heavy, as if a huge weight was sitting on it keeping him from breathing. He tried to breathe, but his throat felt tight and no air was coming in. He gasped loudly as he desperately tried to breath because he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t breathe. Two strong arms tentatively wrapped him in a hug, one cold and one warm. His breath hitched as he glanced over at Todoroki fat tears streaming down his cheeks making everything look blurred. He was saying something but Izuku couldn’t understand what it was because he still couldn’t breathe. His breath hitched again as hiccups wracked his body causing him to tremble.

His vision was starting to darken around the edges as much needed oxygen stopped reaching his brain. He though he could hear someone calling his name as something warm started to rub soothing circles on his back. Slowly he stopped hiccupping as the tears subsided. He finally started to understand what was being whispered to him as his breathing started to slowly even out. “Take deep breathes Midoriya, deep breathes, there you go it was just a dream, you’re fine, you’re safe.” Todoroki kept whispering as he kept rubbing soothing circles on Izuku's back.

Izuku whimpered softly as his breathing slowly evened out. His trembling stopped as he slowly got his body under control. The hand on his back stopped as Todoroki pulled back slightly. “Better?” He asked softly, concern clear in his voice. Izuku nodded mutely pulling away fully as he curled up, pulling his knees to his chest he hugged his legs as he hid his face from view. “Sorry for waking you…” He muttered hoarsely his voice raw.

He felt the other shift slightly as Todoroki sat down next to him. “I don’t mind, I’ve woken up from nightmares in a panic too.” He said softly. A beat passed before he spoke again. “Want to talk about it?”

Izuku shook his head against his knees, croaking out a soft no. Todoroki only hummed as he sat next to him keeping Izuku company. After a while Izuku sniffled softly as he uncurled himself from his little ball. “I’m… I’m okay now… You can go back to sleep.” He whispered glancing at Todoroki from the corner of his eye.

Todoroki frowned softly shaking his head. “Its fine, I’m not tired anyways.” He said simply staying put.

Izuku frowned. “You need your sleep, we had a long day yesterday.” He said turning to face him more fully.

“So, did you.” Todoroki retorted before sighing. “You just had a nightmare, besides…” He said scooting closer as he pressed his left side to Izuku. “You’re still trembling from the cold.” He stated simply. Izuku stared at him dumbfounded, reaching up he wiped at his eyes before staring at the floor. “T-thank you…” He mumbled after a pause as he let himself lean closer to Todoroki. “No problem just try to get some sleep.” Todoroki whispered softly.

Sleep was the last thing Izuku wanted to do the nightmare still fresh in his minds eye, but the dull sounds of the forest around them and the gentle warmth radiating from Todoroki slowly lulled him to sleep. He didn’t get any more nightmares that night.

When morning came Izuku slowly woke up yawning softly. Blinking slowly, he realized that he was lying down something warm wrapped around him. Confused he went to sit up but found that he couldn’t, his confusion growing he shifted slightly until he was facing whatever had him trapped. His still sleepy brain took a couple more seconds that it should have to realized that he was cuddling with Todoroki, again. His face heated up as he suppressed as small squeak of surprise. It seemed that his movement hadn’t woken the other up just yet, his left arm still firmly wrapped around Izuku's waist. After the initial panic died down Izuku couldn’t help but relax once more into Todoroki’s hold.

Looking up at the others sleeping face he couldn’t help but notice small details that he didn’t notice before, like how even his eyebrows where red and white matching his hair, how his scar wasn’t smooth but had little bumps and grooves going all the way up to his hairline. His lips parted slightly as he breathed in and out slowly. Todoroki looked relaxed like this, not stoic or indifferent like he usually does, it was, nice to say the least. Yawning softly Izuku found himself drifting off once more.

The second time he woke up he caught Todoroki awake as well. Blinking owlishly, he smiled softly. “Morning…” He mumbled not really wanting to move. Todoroki hummed softly. “Morning, sleep well? Well not counting the nightmare.” He asked softly. Izuku shook his head. “No, I slept well, thank you for that by the way…” He mumbled smiling softly.

“Its no problem Midoriya.” Todoroki replied as he sat up. Izuku followed suit stretching his arms above his head. Reaching over to their supplies he pulled out the last of their food, sighing softly he handed Todoroki his share. “It’s the last of it… We’re going to have to stop by a town soon to restock.” He mumbled to himself as he took a bite out of his bread. Todoroki nodded next to him humming softly. “How far do you think the next town is?” He asked taking a bite out of his own food.

Izuku hummed as he continued to eat. “A few miles maybe? It’s probably close enough that we could fly over. It’ll be faster that way.” He said taking a swig from his water skin.

“Don’t you think we’ll be recognized though? Those posters should be up by now.”

“We could fashion up something to hide our faces or I can use an invisibility spell. It doesn’t last very long though.”

“Sounds like a plan then, you sure you’ll be able to hold it? It sounds like you’ll use a lot of magic, and after yesterday…” Todoroki trailed off with a shrug.

Izuku smiled softly. “Thank you for caring Todoroki-kun but I’ll be fine don’t worry.” He reassured before going to stand. “Come on, we better head out we’ve been here too long.” He said as he started to pack things up.


Once everything was packed and ready to go Midoriya secured what was left of their supplies to his broom before climbing on. Shouto climbed on behind him gently wrapping his arms around Midoriya’s waist. He didn’t know when he became so comfortable with the other to do this so easily, but he was glad that he was. With a click of Midoriya’s tongue the broom shot up above the trees. In the distance Shouto could see a town some little ways north. Midoriya grinned as he shot towards it.

They had been flying for a while now and Midoriya was oddly quiet. He looked like something was bothering him. “Everything okay?” He asked over the wind tilting his head slightly to look at Midoriya’s face.

Midoriya glanced at him a small grimace on his face, if that was supposed to reassure him it didn’t work. “I’m good, why do you ask?” He said before turning his focus to the growing town.

Shouto frowned. “It just seems like you have a lot on your mind, and the nightmare you had last night didn’t seem to help.” He said as he looked down at the trees rushing past. “Do you want to talk about it?” He asked again even though he could guess the answer.

Midoriya remained silent for a long moment, shoulders tense, shaking his head he sighed softly. “It’s nothing don’t worry about it, I’m fine.” He said not glancing back at Shouto. Shouto frowned, he was anything but fine, the nightmare was obviously still bothering him. With a sigh he remained silent deciding he can ask again later.

Landing at the edge of the town they got off the broom as they surveyed it from the hill where they stood. A tension seemed to plague the air as they stood quietly. Shouto didn’t like it one bit. He was about to break the deafening silence when Midoriya beat him to it. “If I remember correctly this town is not magic friendly. Bounty hunters tend to hang around here too, so we need to be extra careful. I can only keep the spell up for at least an hour, so we have that time to get we need and meet back here.” He explained turning to Shouto. “We have to be careful, this spell is delicate and can break easily, we can’t make any sounds or bump into anyone or else we’re dead.”

Shouto nodded. “So, we get in, get some supplies, and get out. Sounds simple enough.” He said calmly. Midoriya nodded before taking a deep breath. “Its going to feel weird at first.” He warned before he started to mumble. Shouto couldn’t understand the words he was saying but they sounded ancient. Suddenly a slimy feeling crawled against his skin. Flinching he glanced down only to stare in shock as his skin and clothes started to disappear. Looking up he gasped as Midoriya started to do the same. The other grinned at him mouthing one hour before he disappeared completely.

Glancing around Shouto nodded to himself before he started to head towards the town. Get in get supplies and get out, shouldn’t be all that hard. He thought to himself as he reached the towns border. Keeping to the walls of the houses Shouto made his way to where the market probably was. Once he reached it he went about getting supplies. Reaching a stall, he tentatively picked up an apple when no one was looking. He watched in amazement as it disappeared as soon as it touched his skin. Grabbing a few more he placed him in his pack before leaving some money to pay for them. They may be fugitives but that didn’t mean they could just steal.

Moving around the stalls he grabbed more food paying as he went. He also bought some fresh clothes and a cloak figuring it would come in handy if he needed to cover his hair. Paying he was just about to head back to the edge of town when a commotion broke out in the market. Glancing up he winced internally when he saw Midoriya panic as he tried to duck out of the way. Wait, if he could see Midoriya then… He realized to late that he was visible as well when a woman screamed next to him pointing his way.

“He appeared out of thin air!”

“Wait isn’t he from one of the wanted posters?”

“Yes! Yes, he is! Oh, its Endeavor’s son!”

“What’s he doing here?”

“Does that mean the other one is Midoriya? Isn’t he a witch?”

Whispers broke out in the crowd as Shouto ducked out of the way. This was not good, this was not good! He thought to himself as the yelling of guards reached his ears. Cursing under his breath he ran faster. He was nearing the edge of town when a dark figure stood in front of him. Skidding to a halt Shouto panicked as the figure drew out four daggers. “Now, now, where do you think you going?” The figure said the red cloth covering their eyes shifting as they moved throwing the daggers in his direction.

Chapter Text

Shouto gasped activating his quirk, quickly forming a wall of ice. The dagger bounced of the ice with a clank dropping to the floor. “Good reflexes I see, as expected from Endeavors kid.” The figure muttered as they moved daggers in hand. Shouto barely had time to dodge as the figure dashed towards him. Shouto’s eyes widened as the figure climb over the enormous wall of ice daggers poised to strike him. Ducking to the side Shouto panted as the figure stood piercing eyes trained on him. “Who are you?” Shouto questioned his senses on high alert.

“The name is Stain, bounty hunter at your service.” The figure, no, Stain said bowing mockingly. Shouto tensed, he had heard of this bounty hunter before. He was both praised and feared for his deadly skill with daggers and knifes. “And let me guess, your going to capture me.” Shouto muttered as his eyes darted this way and that looking for an exit.

“Yes, I am, so how about you make this easier and less painful for yourself and just come with me quietly?” Stain said raising his daggers.

“Yeah, I think I’ll pass.” Shouto muttered ice crystals forming around his hand.

Stain shrugged pulling an arm back. “Have it your way then.” He said before throwing his daggers once more.

Shouto swung his arm waves of ice rushing forwards stopping the daggers in their tracks. Stain jump out of the way the ice barely missing him. Not losing momentum, he dashed around it heading straight for Shouto. Shouto turned already preparing another attack when Stain was on top of him daggers raised. Shouto barely had time jump back before Stain sliced at empty air.

He’s fast! Shouto thought as Stain kept advancing keeping him in the defensive. Ducking a right hook Shouto gasped as Stain kneed him in the stomach, knocking the air out of his lungs. Jumping back, he gasped trying to get much needed air into his lungs.

He only had a second to recover before Stain was already on top of him once more. Shouto dodged swipe after swipe as Stain tried to slash him with his daggers. Stepping back at it each swipe Shouto tried to find an opening. Thinking fast he created a shield with his ice and brought it up blocking Stains attacks. Pushing back, he jumped away creating distance between the two of them. Moving quickly, he shot ice along the ground trying to encase the bounty hunter.

Anticipating the move Stain jumped out of the way throwing daggers as he went. Shouto was forced on the defensive once more as Stain came at him once more daggers in hand. Blocking one of Stains hands Shouto twisted his arm making Stain lose the dagger. Stain threw a punch connecting with Shouto’s cheek. Shouto grunted as he pushed Stains arm away before throwing a left hook. Stain jumped back before it could connect with his temple.

Throwing up more ice Shouto ran to the edge of the town. I need to get to a more open area. He thought to himself as a dagger whisked past him almost cutting his cheek. “You can’t run from me!” Stain yelled catching up to him. Shouto brought an arm up blocking Stain as he brought his arm down to stab him. Grunting he grabbed Stain’s wrist twisting it until he dropped the dagger. Stain took out another dagger from his belt. He stabbed forward almost getting Shouto in the gut, shifting to the side he kicked at Stain’s knee making him stumble. Not letting up he froze Stain’s legs to the floor.

Stepping back Shouto panted as a throbbing pain started to form on his back. Blinking in confusion he checked his back only to find that he wasn’t injured. He frowned wondering what his soulmate has gotten into now. Looking up he frowned as Stain hacked at the ice at his feet, reinforcing the ice on Stain’s feet he turned and started to run to where he needed to meet with Midoriya. He regretted not securing Stains arms when he felt piercing pain shoot up his side. While his back had been turned Stain had stopped hacking at the ice at his feet and pulled out one last dagger.

Crying out Shouto hissed as he pressed a hand to his side. Blood was already starting to seep from the wound covering his hand in seconds. Looking down he grunted as he carefully pulled out the dagger. Pressing down on the wound he iced it to keep it from bleeding out. Throwing more ice behind him he covered Stain up to his neck. His side throbbed as he kept moving. He could worry about that after he found Midoriya.


Izuku zigzagged through the alleys of the town, guards and towns people alike on his tail, rocks and curses thrown at him as he ran. His back was starting to throb, well aimed stone and even some glass cutting into his skin. Ducking into an alley he pressed himself against the wall biting down on his lower lip as pain blossomed in his stomach. Shouto… He thought to himself worry clawing at his mind. Mumbling the spell under his breath he quickly ducked out of the alley invisible once more.

Keeping to the shadows Izuku gritted his teeth as he felt what he assumed is a punch connect to the left side of his face. Adrenaline ran through his veins like poison as he dodged another patrol of guards. He needed to find Shouto and fast.

Panting he reached the clearing his back bloody and bruised. He could feel blood dripping down it from the cuts the towns people had managed to inflict on him. “Helosth…” He muttered pressing a hand to his back, the pain from it slowly disappeared as the wounds healed. Sighing in relief he glanced around. He had gotten to the clearing before Shouto, worry started to claw at his mind. With half a mind to rush back to the town he felt something stab his side. Yelping he looked down gritting his teeth. His heart sank when he saw that he didn’t have a wound. “Shouto…” He whispered glancing back at the town.

Throwing all caution to the wind he dashed back the way he came. The pain in his side be damned. He reached the edge of the town when he saw Shouto jogging, well more like limping, in his direction. He looked relatively fine except for the wound on his side that he was keeping iced and the lovely bruise that was forming on his left cheek. His face was pinched up in pain as he made his way to the clearing not realizing that Izuku had seen him. “Todoroki-kun! What happened?!” He called rushing towards him his invisibility dropping away as he ran.

Shouto looked up when he heard him running towards him “don’t worry about me I’m fine, I just had a run in with a bounty hunter.” He said his grimace relaxing slightly as Izuku got nearer. Izuku frowned shaking his head. “Todoroki-kun you are not fine, you literally have a stab wound that you are icing.” He said placing a hand over the ice where the wound lay. Inspecting it quickly he frowned. “Its deep, we’ll need more than a one-off healing spell to heal it.” He muttered as he glanced up at Shouto. Shouto nodded stiffly his face tight with pain. More pain shot up Izuku’s side making his veins feel like they were burning. The knife must have been coated with poison… He thought to himself gritting his teeth to hide his own pain.

Shouting could be heard as Izuku shifted his gaze to the edge of the town, guards were starting to head their way. “Shit they’re coming, okay we’ll have to worry about your wound later we have to lose them.” He said wrapping an arm around Shouto’s shoulders, more pain shot up his side making him grunt, the adrenaline was keeping some of the pain at bay but it wont last forever, he needed to heal Shouto quickly, he didn’t know if the other was poisoned, and if so if it was lethal and he wasn’t in the mood to find out. Reaching their things, he pointed a hand towards them. “Wingarium Leviosa.” He said levitating their things he continued forward Shouto limping slightly in his hold.

They zigzagged through the trees, Izuku making fake paths and toppling down trees. Once he felt like they were a safe distance he carefully set Shouto down wincing slightly as the others wound was jostled. Panting slightly, he straightened. “Okay, I think we lost them… Lets see that wound of yours.” He mumbled kneeling down next to Shouto.

Shouto looked over him panting, nodding he started to melt the ice around the wound. Leaning against the tree he grunted as the ice began to melt. Izuku bit back a scream as pain coursed through his body, Shouto grunted falling to the floor on his side.

Moving quickly Izuku inspected the wound, the gash was deep and some of the frozen blood was begging to cake onto the wound. He quickly grabbed a rag from their still floating supplies, using the water in his waterskin he started to clean the wound gritting his teeth as another wave of pain shot up from his side. Shouto was panting softly keeping as quite as he could.

After cleaning the wound Izuku gently placed both his hands on it. “Helosth…” He muttered his hands glowing as his magic started to close the wound. The pain was starting to fade but not by much. “I can’t close it completely, but I can keep you from bleeding out. Ill have to do this a couple more times before its completely healed.” Izuku muttered softly as Shouto nodded groaning softly. “It’s okay… agh!” Shouto started but stopped as another wave of pain coursed through the both of them.

Izuku frowned biting his lower lip to keep from making any sound. He shouldn’t be in this much pain from just a stab wound, but I can’t feel any more injuries on him unless… Izuku was broken out of his thoughts when the wound flared up once more making them both gasp from the pain. “It must be poisoned!” Izuku said to cover his slip up. Checking the wound once more Izuku frowned as he took in the purple color that started to surround it. This was not good.

Shouto grunted softly as he went to sit up glancing down at the wound. Izuku held him still. “Don’t move, we don’t know if the poison is leth-”

“Its not, I know how Stain operates, it wont kill me but it is painful.” Shouto interrupted as he sat up his hand going to the wound.

Izuku hummed as he got some gauze to bandage the wound. “If that’s the case then maybe I can whip up an antidote, ah but I don’t have the right materials with me...” He muttered as he bandaged Shouto.

Shouto nodded as Izuku finished bandaging him. “That’s okay…” He said after mumbling something under his breath. “We need to keep moving, those guards could find us.” He said as he went to stand.

Izuku held him steady as he stumbled as more pain course through both of them. Izuku felt like his veins were on fire and every movement Shouto made seemed to make it worse. Shaking his head Izuku gently pushed the other back down. “No, you need to rest, your wound isn’t fully healed, and this poison might still kill you. We can stay here for the night.” He said as he stood running a hand through his hair.

Before Shouto could protest he turned towards the forest. “I’m going to see if there’s anything I can use to help with the pain, stay put.” He said before heading off.

Izuku walked a few feet away from their campsite pulses of fiery pain flowing through his body before he finally let out a hiss of pain. Gripping his side, he stumbled to a stop tears springing to his eyes. “Shittt that hurts…” He muttered as he wiped at his tears. After a moment he straightened his resolve set. Wondering around some more he found some of the herbs he was looking for. Picking them carefully he placed them in his bag before searching for more. “Since I don’t know what poison it is I’m going to have to make him something to help with the pain, at least until we reach a magic friendly village or town, that’s going to get harder the father up north we go…” Izuku mumbled to himself before hissing once more.

“There has to be one around here though… wait.” He stopped taking in their surroundings. His heart leapt for joy when he recognized where they were. There is a magic friendly village around here! He thought as he kept searching for the ingredients he needed.

Finding a creak Izuku filled both their water skins with water before making his way back to camp. As he went the pain in side suddenly spiked making him stumble as he yelped in pain, he felt like someone had taken a fire cured knife and stabbed it into his side, it was almost enough to make him pass out. Gritting his teeth, he pushed through it determined to make it back so that he could help Shouto alleviate his own pain.


When Izuku got back to the clearing where they had set up camp he almost dropped the herbs he had collected. His eyes watered as he rushed over to what he hopped was an unconscious Shouto. He said the poison wasn’t supposed to kill him, right? Maybe Stain used a different one this time, maybe he was wrong? He thought frantically as he kneeled next to Shouto.

“T-Todoroki? S-Shouto, hey you just passed o-out r-right?” He whispered tears running down his cheeks. Shouto didn’t respond staying completely still. Izuku started to panic his side still throbbing painfully, it was a miracle he was still standing… wait. His side was still hurting. Quickly placing a hand to Shouto’s neck he sobbed in relief when he found a pulse. “Oh, thank the gods…” He whispered slumping forward. Wiping at his eyes Izuku let out a shaky breath before sighing. Glancing over at Shouto he gently moved the other so that he was in a more comfortable position. Brushing his bangs away Izuku smiled sadly down at him. “Don’t scare me like that…” He whispered watching as Shouto’s chest rise and fall slowly. “It’ll be okay…” He whispered gently kissing Shouto’s forehead before getting to work on the potion.


Shouto smiled brightly as he sat with his mother’s arms around him. She smiled down at him as he bounced up and down.

“Mommy what happened next? What happened next?” He asked excitedly wanting to know how the story ended. His mother smiled as she pulled him closer to her chest.

“Why they lived happily ever after my precious boy.” She said as she squeezed him tightly. Shouto giggled squealing with joy. Suddenly she winced her grip loosening. Shouto paused tilting his head as he glanced worriedly at his mother.

“Are you okay mommy?” He asked softly as she breathed deeply.

“I’m fine Shouto, it was just my soulmate being reckless.” She said smiling softly.

Shouto tilted his head confusion clear in his eyes. “What’s that?” He asked with childish curiosity.

His mother smiled a hint of sadness in it. “A soulmate is someone who is your other half. Someone you are destined to be with for the rest of your life. You know they’re there when you feel they’re pain.” She explained running a hand through the right side of his hair.

“Oh, do they feel your pain too?” He asked softly sitting up to cup her cheeks.

“Yes, they do, but its okay, because when you meet your own soulmate you’ll protect each other so that way you don’t have to feel their pain and they don’t feel yours.” She said placing a hand over his.

Shouto gasped softly. “Oh, oh is that why sometimes I feel like someone hit me? Even if there’s no one there?” He asked jumping up and down excited to finally figuring out the reason.

His mother smiled sadly. “Yes exactly.” She said running a hand through his hair. Shouto smiled up at his mother.

“So, does that mean dad got hurt?” He asked curiously tilting his head.

His mother paused a dark look on her face. The temperature of the room dropped slightly before she shook her head. “No, sweetheart, your dad is not my soulmate, so I don’t know.” She said slowly.

Shouto frowned in confusion. “He isn’t? Then where is your soulmate?” He asked softly.

His mother smiled sadly. “I don’t know where they are my dear, I haven’t met them yet.” She whispered softly.

“Well I hope you’ll meet your soulmate one day mommy!” He said jumping up to hug her. She returned the hug smiling sadly as tears ran down her cheeks. “I hope so too sweetie, and I hope you meet yours soon.”

“Don’t worry I’ll will! And when I do I’ll protect them so that way they won’t feel any more pain!” He said grinning widely.

She smiled softly as she kept running a hand through his hair. After a moment though she stopped. Shouto looked up at her, confused, shock coursed through him when he met her terrified gaze. Suddenly the hand that was running through his hair pressed down on the left side of his face. He started to burn, the hand turning into boiling water. He screamed as he tried to pry himself away, but he couldn’t. His face burned as he screamed and screamed, trying to get away to what was clutching him, burning him.

He trashed around calling for his mother, for anyone, to help him. Finally, he got out of the things hold. He grabbed at something, anything as he tried to get away from the pain. Tears blinding him, making everything blurred. Finally, he grabbed onto someone’s hand, the entirety of his left side was burning, and it hurt so much. The person pulled him out and held him close, Shouto didn’t know who it was but all he knew was that it wasn’t his mother. He tensed before relaxing into their hold, he somehow knew that he was safe in this person’s arms.

He didn’t realize he was still crying until the person pulled away rubbing their thumb gently under his scarred eye. “Shhh, it’s okay I got you…” They mumbled wiping his tears away, and Shouto was sad to see nothing but a green haze.


Opening his eyes Shouto groaned softly as pain flared up his side once more. Right I’m injured… He thought to himself as he blinked slowly. Clutching his side, he groaned as he sat up. Glancing around he frowned slightly when he didn’t see Midoriya. “Izuku…?” He muttered as he kept glancing around. Midoriya suddenly came into his line of sight. “I’m here…” He mumbled holding a vial in his hands. Shouto hummed softly as Midoriya placed the vial in his hands. “Here, it should help with the pain…” He mumbled sitting back.

Shouto nodded looking down at the vial. It had some sort of blueish liquid in it. Trusting Midoriya he sloshed the potion in the vial for a second before uncorking it drinking the whole thing in one go. He gagged slightly at the taste shaking his head as he scrunched his nose up in disgust. Midoriya laughed softly as he took the empty vial from his hands. “Sorry about the taste, nothing I can do about that.” He said chuckling softly. Shouto pouted slightly before gasping in surprise as the potions effects took hold. Almost immediately the pain in his side vanished almost completely. Sighing in relief he slumped slightly.

“Better?” Midoriya asked as he started to pack up some herbs and other ingredients. “Extremely, thank you.” Todoroki replied as he sat up. “Sorry for holding us back.” He said after a beat rubbing his side. The bandages were stained red from the blood that still seeped from his wound, his wound still not fully closed. Midoriya shook his head sighing softly as he walked over to him. Kneeling next to Shouto he started to remove his bandages. “It’s not your fault you got hurt, we had no idea Stain was there.” He mumbled as he worked.

Once the bandages were fully removed Shouto winced as the cool autumn air hit the still slightly open wound. It was caked with blood the skin around the wound was beginning to turn an ugly shade of purple. Shouto winced once more as Midoriya started to clean the wound. “Helosth.” Midoriya said as his hands began to glow. Shouto watched in amazement as the wound started to close once more. When Midoriya’s hands stopped glowing he was panting from exhaustion. The wound finally stopped bleeding as Midoriya wrapped it up once more in fresh bandages.

“A couple more times and you’ll be good as new. Still can’t do anything about the poison though.” He said as he wiped the sweat that was starting to form on his forehead with the back of his hand. “You wouldn’t happen to know what sort of poison Stain uses right?” He asked hopefully.

Shouto shook his head. “I don’t, sorry.” He said as he went to stand. Midoriya was quick to stand taking his elbow before he could stumble forward. “Its okay, we’ll just have to find someone who can help us then. But we’ll do that in the morning, you need to rest.” He said as he led Shouto to the tent. Sitting down on his bedroll he nodded softly. Midoriya sat down on his own bedroll exhaustion clear in his features. Shouto yawned as sleep crept up on his mind once more. “You know I had the weirdest dream earlier…” He mumbled as he lied down “or was it a nightmare…?” He mumbled to himself shifting so that he was facing Midoriya.

“What was it about?” Midoriya asked curiously pulling a new cloak tighter around himself. He shifted slightly as he turned to face him.

Shouto glanced over at Midoriya “it was… It started out well I guess. My mother was there, she was… talking to me, like she used to,” he placed a hand on his scar. “And then all of the sudden I felt like I was being burned all over again…” He whispered digging his nails into the scar tissue. It didn’t hurt per say but he felt the sting of his nails against skin. “But then… It was as if someone saved me, the dream was all over the place honestly.” Whispered dropping the hand that was on his scar.

Midoriya hummed softly. “It sure sounds that way… at least the dream ended in a nice way.” He said smiling softly.

Shouto nodded softly as he kept his gaze on Midoriya. He had taken off his normal hat green curls sticking up this way and that as they framed his face. “It did, I think my soulmate showed up in the dream, I think they were the one that saved me…” He mumbled as exhaustion crept over him. “I would have loved to see their face though…” He mumbled before falling asleep.

Shouto slept soundly the same green haze from his earlier dream returning once more. He tried to reach out, but pain started to seep from his wound once more. Groaning, he sighed as consciousness started to pull him from his soulmates arms and back to the real world. Blinking owlishly, he groaned once more turning his head to muffle the sound on his pillow. The potion must have worn off… He thought to himself as the pain grew stronger.

Gripping his side Shouto tried his best to not make a sound as to not wake Midoriya. He guessed that he wasn’t doing a good job because after another wave of pain coursed through him Midoriya awoke with a soft hiss. Shouto blinked confused as to why Midoriya seemed to be in pain. Did he get hurt as well? But he did say he was fine earlier, was he lying? Or maybe it’s his soulmate that got hurt and not him. He was broken out of his musings as Midoriya reached over vial in hand. “Here.” He said simply voice groggy from sleep. Shouto reached over with some difficulty before finally grabbing the vial. Uncorking it he drank the potion in one gulp ignoring the taste. After a moment the effects of the potion kicked in the pain going away almost immediately. “Thank you… Sorry for waking you…” Shouto muttered softly yawning.

Midoriya shook his head. “It’s alright… I’m happy to help.” He mumbled smiling softly.

“Well goodnight…” Shouto mumbled softly. Midoriya hummed out a goodnight before they both fell asleep.


The sun was high in the sky when Shouto slowly woke up once more. Rubbing his eyes, he yawned as he looked around the tent. Midoriya was nowhere to be seen. Figuring the other went out in search for something Shouto sat up groaning slightly as his side acted up again. Lifting his shirt, he frowned down at the bandages. They were starting to look a bit pink. Letting his shirt drop he glanced around once more before his gaze landed on what he assumed to be his portion for breakfast.

Leaning over he took his portion and started to eat rubbing at his side. Lightly activating his quirk, he covered the wound in a thin shin of ice hoping for the pain to dull. Once he finished eating he slowly crawled out of the tent. Straightening he winced slightly as fiery hot pain laced up his side. Glancing around he spotted Midoriya a few ways off leaning over what looked like a cauldron. Making his way over he leaned over Midoriya’s shoulder to look at the contents of the cauldron. The liquid in it swirled around shifting from green to blue every once in a while.

“What are you making?” He asked curiously causing Midoriya to jump.

“Todoroki-kun! You startled me!” Midoriya said turning to face him with a huff.

Shouto only huffed in amusement exhaling through his nose. “I’m sorry, but I was curious.” He said an amused smile tugging at his lips.

Midoriya pouted before turning his attention to the cauldron. “I’m making more of that relief potion. The one you took last night should be wearing off by now.” Midoriya said stirring the potion.

Shouto hummed softly sitting down next to him. “That potion is really effective. I can barely feel the wound.” He praised watching curiously as Midoriya placed more herbs into the cauldron.

Midoriya blushed slightly ducking his head as he concentrated on the potion. “Well we don’t want you and your soulmate in pain do we.” He replied as he stirred the contents of the cauldron once more.

Shouto hummed in agreement. “So, what’s the plan? Keep heading north?” He asked curiously as he rubbed his side. Midoriya had been right in saying that the effects were wearing off. He felt like his side was burning with every beat of his heart.

Midoriya glanced up at him as he dipped a vial into the cauldron. “Well we need to find someone who can help us with the poison, there’s a magic friendly village some little ways north. Someone there can help us.” He answers as he handed Shouto the vial.

Shouto hummed in agreement. “Let’s hope that this time we don’t run into any trouble.” He said as he drank the potion.

Midoriya nodded in agreement. “Let’s hope.” He said going to stand he winced as if something was bothering him.

Shouto was quick to stand as well going over to Midoriya. “Are you alright?” He asked as he gave the other a once over checking for any injuries.

Midoriya smiled reassuringly waving him off. “I’m fine, I’m not injured.” He said as he started to pack things up.

Shouto frowned going to help him. “You sure?” He asked glancing over at him.

Midoriya nodded. “Yes, I’m sure, it’s just my soulmate.” He said as he finished packing everything up.

Shouto hummed softly slinging his bags over his shoulder. “If you say so…” He muttered as Midoriya went over to the cauldron and dipped more vials into it. Putting away the potions he stood waving his hand over the cauldron making it disappear.

Shouto blinked in amazement. No matter how much magic Midoriya used in front of him he was always amazed at what the other could do.

Turning to him Midoriya smiled. “Come on we should get going, we don’t want those guards finding us.” He said as he made another fake trail before leading the way north. Shouto adjusted his grip on his own bags before following.


Izuku sighed softly as he used his magic to cover their tracks. They had been walking for a few hours but the exhaustion of using magic almost constantly for the past few days was taking its toll. Finding a clearing he sighed in relief as he sat down. “I think we can rest for a bit.” He muttered leaning back on his arms. Shouto nodded in agreement carefully sitting down as to not jostle his wound.

Izuku pulled out a vial of relief potion from his bag handing it over to him. Shouto took it gratefully downing its contents in one gulp. They sat in silence for a moment before Izuku moved towards Shouto. “Let me check your wound.” He said kneeling next to him. Shouto nodded lifting his shirt to reveal pink bandages. Carefully unwinding them Izuku examined the wound for a beat before gently pressing his hands against it. “Helosth…” He whispered his hands glowing with his magic. The wound started to close once more finally sealing shut leaving a thin scar in its place.

“Okay that should do it for the wound.” Izuku said sitting back.

Shouto glanced down at his side gently poking the scar curiously. “You healed a wound that normally takes weeks to heal in only a few days.” He whispered amazed.

Izuku smiled sheepishly. “Its nothing really, I just wish I could have finished healing it sooner.” He said rubbing the back of his neck. Shouto stared at him incredulously.

“You never cease to amaze me Midoriya.” He said simply letting his shirt drop over his newly formed scar.

Izuku chuckled softly grinning. “I try my best, now come on we have a bit of a walk before we reach the village.” He said grabbing his things.

Shouto nodded grabbing his own things as well. “Lead the way.”

Chapter Text

Enji could tell that the king was furious. Every guard, knight and hero present in the room could feel the hate and fury that oozed out of the king in waves. King Hantoki paced the room as every object started to levitate.

A row of guards knelt before him trembling as they kept their gazes to the floor. King Hantoki stopped his pacing standing in front of the trembling guards. "You mean to tell me." He started leaning down so that he was face to face with the head guard. "Your men let the fugitives go, not once, but twice?" He finished smiling down at the guard. Enji watched as the guard trembled even more. "Y-y-yes sire...." He finally whispered after a beat. The king straightened the smile still present in his face.

"Well then." He said stepping back. "That simply won't do." He said as he walked towards his throne. "My knights and soldiers are the most well trained in all the land. It simply won’t do to have them fail at such a simple task." He tutted sitting down. The guards kneeling in front of the king nodded in agreement. "We apologize deeply sire we won't let it happen again." He said fear clear in his tone.

Enji huffed shaking his head. It was embarrassing really, watching these lowly soldiers pleading with the king. He watched in mild boredom as all the swords and javelins in the room started to float in the air lining up behind the king. "You're quite right there. You won't fail me again,” the guards looked up towards their king a hopeful look on their faces. “Because I won't give you the chance." The king smiled wickedly the weapons turning as the pointed towards the kneeling soldiers. Enji watched as the hope drain from their faces, their eyes becoming wide with fear. Some of them even started to cry begging for mercy. They looked pathetic.

"Failure is simply not tolerable. I’m sure you understand." The king said with a twisted smile as he raised his hand. "Well, good day." He hummed before flicking his hand forward. The weapons soared through the air towards the quivering soldiers. Their cries cutting off with a sickening squish as the points of the weapons sunk into their skins.

The fear in the room was palpable as the rest of the present company stared at was once ten living people. The king on the other hand remained calm, in fact he was almost delighted. The room stayed still as the events that just transpired sunk in. Enji rolled his eyes as the king ordered the servants to clean up the mess. Stepping forward he kneeled in front of the king.

“My lord it seems that the search parties have been unsuccessful, let me search for the sorcerer and my wayward son. I promise I won’t let this kingdom down.” He said looking up towards his king.

The king frowned for a moment seemingly considering Enji’s request. “Very well, it seems that this task was to difficult for simple knights and soldiers to handle. Go look for the fugitives yourself Endeavor, but heed this, if you fail you tarnish not only your reputation, but the reputation of all the hero’s in my kingdom.” He said as he sat down on the throne. Leaning forward he added, “and we wouldn’t want that, would we?” He said in a sickly-sweet voice with a smile to match.

Enji nodded as he straightened. “Yes sire.” He said before turning to leave the throne room. As the doors closed behind him he scowled walking down the corridor. You just wait Shouto, I will get you back even if I must drag you back beaten and broken. He thought to himself as he went to prepare for the journey ahead.




After a few days of walking Izuku spotted a small village tucked between two hills, squinting he let out a breathy laugh as he recognized the village. Grinning he tapped Shouto on the shoulder. “We’re here Todoroki-kun!” Izuku said excitedly as he pointed towards the village. “I’m sure there’s a witch there that could help you.” He said smiling brightly. Shouto nodded softly looking out at the village. They had been walking for days, and though the relief potions were working wonders in keeping both their pain to a minimal there was still a dull a throb on Izuku's side that was getting harder and harder to ignore. He was relieved to know that soon they’ll be able to find a cure.

Shouto glanced back at Izuku, “you said that this village was magic friendly right? I should probably stay here.” He said stepping back.

Izuku frowned as he turned towards Shouto. “Are you sure Todoroki-kun? I’m sure word hasn’t gotten this far out yet.” Izuku said playing with the end of his hat.

Shouto nodded. “Even if news hasn’t gotten this far out people will still recognize me, I was King Hantoki’s executioner.” He reasoned with a shrug.

“I know but…” Izuku trailed off frowning. He knew that Shouto had a point but that didn’t mean he didn’t have to like it.

Shouto placed a hand on his shoulder. “Midoriya it’s fine, I can stay here and start making camp, you go and find that antidote.” Shouto insisted.

Izuku went to open his mouth to argue again but the words died in his throat. Sighing he nodded softly giving his bags to Shouto. “You sure?” He asked one last time in case the other changed his mind.

Shouto shook his head his lips quirking up slightly as if he were holding back an amused smile. “Yes Midoriya I’m sure.” He said as he leaned over their bags to start building camp.

With a sigh Izuku turned and headed down towards the village. “I’ll be back soon with a healer.” He called over his shoulder.

Entering the village Izuku glanced around, little kids ran around holding twigs and sticks as they played, some even using magic to make their plaything float after the other kids, the sight warmed his heart as he made his way to the market. Stopping by one of the stalls he asked if there was a healer in this village.

“Yeah, she’s a few cottages down, nice lady, I’m sure she can help ya with whatever ails your friend.” The clerk said as he lined up his goods.

“Thank you, this means a lot.” Izuku said bowing slightly before biding goodbye.

As Izuku stepped into the healer’s house he was hit with the smell of potions and remedies being made. Glancing around he spotted multiple cots lined up in the living room, some of them occupied by patients who lay sleeping. As he passed the living room he wandered into the kitchen where the smell of potions lingered. Stopping the by the door frame he spotted an elderly woman tending to one of many cauldrons. Knocking on the frame of the doorway he stepped into the kitchen.

“I’m sorry but are you Recovery Girl?” He asked a hint of nervousness in his tone.

The woman glanced over her shoulder, studying him for a moment, after a beat she seemed to find whatever she was looking for. Gesturing him over she turned her gaze back to the cauldron. “Yes dear that would be me, please come over here and tell me what the problem is.” She said as she turned the contents of the cauldron.

Izuku nodded softly walking up to her. “It’s a nice to meet you Recovery Girl, I’m Midoriya Izuku and my friend was attacked and ended up with a stab wound to the side, I managed to heal the wound itself but it seemed to be poisoned. I’m not all that good with antidotes so I was hoping if you could help me.” He explained as he watched her work on her potion.

She nodded and hummed to herself when he was done. “Okay dear, what are the symptoms of the poison, I may have the antidote already brewed.” She said as she stopped stirring and turned to him.

“Well he seems to experience extreme pain where the blade had hit, but it also seems to have spread to his whole side. At first he had a bit of a fever but I think that was because of the actual wound not the poison. Oh and the skin around the wound turned a bright shade of purple.” He listed as Recovery Girl nodded along.

“I see, well I’ll need to check him myself to know for sure, where is he?” She asked glancing behind him.

Izuku rubbed the base of his neck chuckling nervously. “Well he’s at the edge of town, he’s on the run you see and he doesn’t want to be recognized.” He said the half-truth falling from his tongue easily. “B-but he didn’t do anything wrong per se, he’s a good person! Just uh wrong place wrong time you know?” He hastily added once he realized how bad that sounded.

Recovery Girl frowned slightly, “I see… Well we mustn’t waste any more time hmm? I think the poor boy has been in enough pain.” She said as she walked past him taking what looked like a medical bag as she went.

Izuku nodded walking after her to lead the way back to camp.




Shouto had finished setting up camp when Midoriya came back with what he assumed to be the healer. The potion Midoriya had given him was starting to wear off, his side starting to throb painfully. As they reached the camp Shouto stood walking over to them. When Midoriya spotted him he smiled brightly walking slightly faster as the elderly woman spotted him.

Standing Shouto met them half way. His side twinge painfully as he moved. Placing a hand on his side he greeted Midoriya and the healer.

“Recovery Girl this is Todo-Toshi, he’s the friend who got injured.” Midoriya said to Recovery Girl once they all exchanged greetings.

“Todo- uh Toshi this is Recovery Girl she’s one of the towns best healers.” He said smiling brightly.

Shouto quirked an eyebrow at Midoriya before he turned to healer as she glanced him over her eyes narrowed. He felt nerves starting to coil up his spine as she remained silent. He glanced over at Midoriya who only shrugged smiling nervously. After a moment she hummed softly walking past them to the camp Shouto had set up. “Come and sit down dearie so that I can see what wrong.” She said gesturing him to sit in front of her.

Shouto sighed softly as he obliged sitting down on a log in front of her.

“Now show me where the blade hit you.” She said placing her cane and medical bag down beside her.

Shouto nodded lifting his tunic up to show his torso. The area where the wound had laid had a purplish color spreading up out from the thin pink scar where the blade had penetrated his skin. The color spreading along his skin along his veins. Recovery Girl hummed softly leaned forward to examine the skin.

“Can you describe how your side feels at the moment? I’ve been told you’ve been taking relief potions to help with the pain?" She said looking up at him.

Shouto nodded, "yes they’ve been working wonders." He praised glancing over at Midoriya who blushed as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Though the one I had taken earlier is starting to wear off. My side is feels like its throbbing but that’s it." He explained as Recovery Girl inspected the area once more.

"I see, well it seems that the wound itself has healed up quite nicely, there seems to be no internal damage other than the poison. You did an excellent job here Midoriya." She praised. Midoriya blush increased as he turned away bashfully. Recovery Girl turned her attention back to Shouto. "You're quite lucky to have him Todoroki, if it’s what I think it is then you would have probably collapsed from the pain by now." She said ignoring the shocked looks directed at her. Todoroki tensed as Midoriya stared at her with wide eyes.

"H-how did y-you-" Midoriya started before being cut off.

"I’m sorry Midoriya but you're a terrible liar, besides I recognize Todoroki here anywhere with that hair. You should get a cloak soon, preferably one with a hood." She said glancing from Midoriya to Shouto. Shouto blinked as she returned to inspecting his wound. Glancing over at Midoriya he tilted his head sending a silent question. Midoriya only shrugged changing his stance in case they needed to flee. Recovery Girl either ignored this or didn’t notice as she kept inspecting Shouto.

"Todoroki dear, can you describe how it feels when I do this?" She asked gently pressing down on his side. Immediately Shouto clenched his jaw to keep from screaming as his side flared up, white hot pain coursing from where she has pressed down up his side. Recovery Girl quickly removed her hand concern clear in her features. Shouto hissed softly as his side throbbed to the rhythm of his heart. "Like my side is on fire..." He breathed as the pain in his side continued to pulse.

Recovery girl hummed softly examining the purple color in the veins around the scar. After a moment she opened her medical bag. "It seems I was correct, the dagger used on you was coated with a poison called Dolores. It won’t kill you, but it does hurt, and its effects don’t disappear without the antidote, luckily for you I have the antidote for Dolores." She said as she looked inside her bag for a minute before taking out a vial filled with a shimmering purple potion. "Here, drink this, you should feel better by morning." She said handing Shouto the vial.

Shouto took it looking at the content wearily. "Why are you helping me?" He asked as he sloshed the potion inside the vial. "I've killed countless of your people, you have every right to want me dead." He said glancing up at her.

Recovery Girl sighed softly keeping eye contact with him. "Because it’s the right thing to do. It's obvious to me that you regret ever doing that, your very presence here confirms that. And Midoriya here was so very worried for you, you know of his powers and yet you still travel with him, let him heal you. If that’s not evidence enough to help you then I don’t know what is." She said smiling softly.

Shouto stared at her wide eyed, his gaze darting over to Midoriya’s before returning to her. After a beat he looked down at the vial uncorking it he smelled for a moment still unsure before drinking it all in one go. "Thank you." He said giving her the now empty vial.

"It's no problem dear. Now you rest up, it’ll take a minute for the potion to take effect." She said closing up her medical bag. Midoriya smiled brightly as he thanked Recovery Girl as well. Shouto smiled softly standing as well. "Thank you, Recovery Girl, for your help, I am in your debt." He said bowing deeply.

Recovery Girl waved her hand dismissively gesturing for Shouto to straighten. "It’s no problem dear, I always help those in need." She said with a smile. After gathering her things she turned to them. “Well, it was so nice meeting the two of you. I should be heading back to the village, I need to check up on my other patients.” She said as she turned to leave. Shouto nodded as Midoriya scrambled to get their money. “Wait before you go, I know its not much but here have this.” He said giving her a few silver coins. Recovery Girl shook her head giving the coins back to him. “No, no dear its fine, your gratitude is more than enough.” She said pressing the coins into the palm of Midoriya’s hand.

Midoriya sighed softly, “at the very least let me accompany you to town, I need to get some supplies anyways.” He said glancing back at Shouto with a fond smile. Recovery Girl glanced between the two before sighing in defeat. “Oh alright.” She said as she started down the trail. Midoriya bounced over to Shouto excitement clear. “I’ll be back soon okay.” He said excitedly as Recovery Girl started making her way down the hill.

Shouto smiled as he watched them go down the hill. After a moment he started to feel the effects of the potion, he visibly sagged with relief as the pain finally started to subside. Once Midoriya and Recovery Girl were out of sight Shouto headed over to their tent to lie down for a while suddenly feeling drained as the potion worked its magic.




Enji settled on his horse as the servants did last minutes preparations for his departure. Twenty horses in all stood along his as the rest of his party started mounting as well. He could hear his men muttering amongst themselves as the servants skirted about filling bags with foods and provisions and saddled them to the horses. Once they were finally finished Enji rode in front of his men. Raising his hand he grabbed their attention as their mutterings soon ceased.

“I have gathered you here to attend me on this quest to find my son and the sorcerer he has run off with. By order of the king we must bring them both back, preferably alive. I do not care if the sorcerer dies but; under no circumstances should my son be killed. Understood?” He said watching each knight in turn.

They all nodded an affirmative yes sir rigging throughout the courtyard. Pleased Enji turned his horse towards the gate. “Well then gentlemen, in the name of the king let’s find those fugitives!” He yelled as he led the way out of the castle and into the forest. The chase was on.

After ridding through the forest for a couple of hours Enji and his party reached the village of Ealdor. As the group entered the village the people turned towards them as they passed. Some looked fearful while others looked slightly annoyed by their presence others ran off, probably into their homes or to look for their chief. Enji ignored all of them as he made his way towards the center of the village. As he reached the center of the village Enji stopped as a middle-aged man walked up to him.

“Good evening Endeavor, my name is Balinor, I’m the leader of Ealdor. How may we help you?” He asked as Enji dismounted.

“Good evening to you Balinor, we are searching for two fugitives. A sorcerer and one of the king’s executioners.” He said keeping the quite anger out of his voice.

Balinor nodded. “I see, well feel free to ask around, your fugitives may have passed by here, we are quite close to the palace after all.” He said before bowing. “I’m afraid I must leave you, there are things I must attend to. I wish you luck on your search, Endeavor.”

Enji merely nodded as he watched Balinor take his leave. After a moment he turned to his men. “Spread out! Ask around see what you can find. We’ll meet back here at sundown!” He instructed, with a resounding yes sir they dispersed.

Turning Enji grabbed his horse by the reins he started his own search. Walking up to a villager working at a shop he cleared his throat to catch his attention. The villager jumped his head snapping up. When he caught sight of Enji his eyes widened comically.

“M-m-mister E-endeavor! What brings you to our village?!” He stuttered wiping his hands on his trousers.
Enji kept his disgust hidden behind the scowl that he perpetually kept on his face. Pulling out two flyers he showed them to the shopkeeper.

“I’m looking for two fugitives, a sorcerer and one of the king’s executioners. Have you seen them?” He asked the merchant handing him the flyers.

The merchant examined the flyers brows furrowing as he narrowed his eyes at the drawings of Enji’s son and the sorcerer. After a beat he looked up handing the flyers back to Enji. “I’ve seen the executioner but not the sorcerer. The executioner in your flyer passed through here a while back, camped out near here and came into the village every now and then to buy food and supplies. Left about a week ago when some of the castle guards came looking for him and the sorcerer.” The merchant explained as he organized his goods.

Enji nodded filling away the information for later use. “Do you happen to know which direction the fugitive took?” He asked in hopes that they could get a lead.

The merchant stopped what he was doing as he pondered the question. After a moment he answered. “I believe someone overheard him planning to go to France, so he’s probably heading north.” The merchant finally answered.

Enji nodded pleased, taking out a small leather pouch he emptied out a few gold coins before giving them to the merchant. He watched as the merchant’s eyes widened accepting the coins. “Thank you for the information.” He said before turning to leave, he headed back to the center of the village.

As the sun set Enji and his men stood in the center of the village comparing the information that they had found. It seemed that only his son had passed through the village the sorcerer no where to be seen. As his men shared what they’d found Enji scanned the surrounding area. People were heading to their homes to turn in for the night he spotted a woman standing off to the side, she was on the plump side and she held a basket on her hip. Her green eyes widened when she caught his gaze quickly moving on to her own cottage.

Narrowing his eyes Enji glanced at his men as they discussed what they had learned before turning to follow the familiar woman. After asking one of the villagers where the woman, who he now learned was the sorcerers’ damn mother, was he made his way to her cottage at the edge of town. Reaching the cottage, he knocked on the door. After a moment he heard someone stumble around inside before the door opened revealing one Midoriya Inko. She glanced up at him her eyes widening in surprised and fear before she regained her composure. “Mr. Endeavor, what do I owe the pleasure of your visit this evening.” She said not a single hint of that fear in her voice.

“I’m sorry to bother you Mrs. Midoriya but you see I’m looking for your son and I heard that he might have passed by here.” He said keeping his voice neutral.

Midoriya, to her credit, keeps her composure. “My son? I haven’t seen him in weeks, whatever has he done that a hero such as yourself is looking for him? He’s not in trouble, is he?” She asked placing a hand to her cheek.

“Yes, you see he was arrest for the use of sorcery but escaped with the help of one of our executioners before he could stand trial.”

“Sorcery! That doesn’t sound like my Izuku, there must be some mistake!” Midoriya said eyes widening comically.

Endeavor frowned at her reaction, she doesn’t seem to know, and if she does, she’s denying it. Either way its obvious the sorcerer hasn’t passed by here. “It is unfortunate but it’s the truth Mr. Midoriya, now I know I’ve dissuaded you from telling me the whereabout of your son, but I promise you if you tell me where he is, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure he doesn’t face execution.” He lied easily hoping to get any information out of her.

Midoriya shook her head. “No, I-I don’t know where he is, like I said before I haven’t seen him in weeks…” She trailed off looking down.

Endeavor sighed realizing that he wasn’t going to get anymore information out of her. “I understand, I apologize for bothering you at this late hour, goodnight Mrs. Midoriya.” He said as he turned and left.
When Enji returned to his men he had them report their findings. As they gave their reports he hummed softly, it would seem that his son was seen heading north probably towards France. Secure in the knowledge that they were headed the right way Enji dismissed his men. Though he was disappointed they couldn’t get a lead on the sorcerer he at least had one on his son. As they made camp for the night Enji smirked to himself. ‘Enjoy you’re “freedom” while it lasts Shouto, because soon you’ll lose it.’




Izuku hummed happily as he made his way up the hill to his and Shouto’s camp. He was relieved that Shouto was finally rid of the poison, it pained him to feel his friend in so much pain. As the camp came into view Izuku picked up his pace eager to get some much needed rest.

Once he reached the camp he glanced around, finding the camp empty he headed towards the tent. Peering inside he smiled when he found Shouto sound asleep. Keeping quiet he crawled into the tent, feeling brave he leaned over gently kissing Shouto’s forehead. “Goodnight Shouto…” He whispered softly before going to his own bedroll. Lying down Izuku glanced over at Shouto once more smiling softly to himself before drifting off to sleep.

Izuku awoke the next morning with a yawn sitting up he stretched his arms over his head, humming softly he grabbed his hat glancing over at Shouto as he did. He smiled lovingly at the red and white head before sneaking out of the tent. Standing up straight he stretched once more his spine popping. With a sigh he placed his hat on his head before going about making breakfast.

After a while Shouto stepped out of the tent his hair still slightly ruffled from sleep. Turning Izuku smiled at him in greeting.

“Morning Todoroki-kun! How’s your side?” He asked even though he knew the answer to his own question.

“Good morning Midoriya, my side is fully healed thanks to you and Recovery Girl.” He said as he straightened out his hair a small smile on his face.

Izuku beamed happy to see the other smile. “That’s great Todoroki-kun! I’m glad you’re feeling better. Oh do you have a cloak? I would have gotten you one while I was in town, but I wasn’t sure if you already had one. I was going to ask you when I got back but then you were sleeping and I di-“

“Midoriya its fine I have one. I got it at the last town we visited I just haven’t gotten a chance to put it on.” Shouto said softly cutting Izuku off from his ramblings. Blinking Izuku blushed softly nodding. “Oh! Okay then!” He said grinning.

Shouto hummed sitting down next to Izuku. “That smells good. “He said nodding to the food Izuku was making.

Izuku smiled brightly. “Thanks, you woke up in time for breakfast.” He said as he finished up with their food before serving, passing Shouto his food they ate in silence.

As they at a raven flew overhead dropping a small scroll on Izuku’s lap. Confused Izuku stopped eating setting aside his food to pick up the scroll.

“Do you know who sent it? Shouto asked leaning over to get a closer look.

Izuku studied it for a moment before recognizing the ribbon holding the scroll closed, quickly opening it he answered Shouto. “Yeah! It’s from mom!” he said as he skimmed over the scrolls contents. His eyes widened when he realized what his mother was telling him. “Shit.”

“What? Is your mother okay?” Shouto asked a hint of worry coloring his voice.

“No, no she’s fine but Endeavor is on to us, he stopped by Ealdor. He freaking talked to her looking for us. She didn’t say anything one of the other apparently did because he knows we’re headed north.” Izuku explained as he passed the note over.

“What? Is your mother okay?!” Shouto asked standing.

“Yeah, yeah she’s fine just shaken.” Izuku said as he re-read the letter.

Shouto started to pace slightly, “That’s good but why would the village rat you ou- oh…” Shouto’s voice trailed off as he realized they didn’t.

Izuku nodded glumly as he handed Shouto the note. “Well on the bright side we’re days ahead! And with my broom he won’t be able to catch up!”

Shouto hummed softly as he read the note. “Yeah, but he’s stubborn, besides he’s probably on horseback, were on foot, even with your broom he’s bound to catch up sooner or later.” He explained handing the note back to Izuku.

Izuku frowned his food long forgotten. “You have a point, well I guess this just means well have to keep moving.” He said as he started to clean up their breakfast. Shouto followed suit.

“Yes, like you said we have a head start so we should be fine for now. We just have to stay on guard.” Shouto said as they packed up their tent slinging his new coat over his shoulders.

Izuku nodded waving his hand over the tent he packed it up placing it among their things. Once they were all packed, they made their way down the hill towards the town to get some more supplies before setting off. As they did they ran into Recovery Girl. She recognized the two immediately smiling softly over at Shouto. “Is your injury better?” She asked giving him a once over.

Shouto nodded. “Yes, thank you again Recovery Girl.” He whispered under the hood of his cloak.

Recovery Girl satisfied with his answer turned to Izuku. “I was actually hoping to see you before you left,” she said reaching into her bag pulling out a couple of vials. “I wanted to gives these to you, there some relief and healing potions, we don’t want you to over exert yourself.” She said as she handed Izuku the vials.

“Oh, I can’t possibly take these! At least let me pay you-”

“You won’t do such thing, there are for you so take them.” Recovery Girl cut him off smiling.

Izuku stammered for a few more seconds before relenting as he accepted the vials. “Thank you Recovery Girl.” He said smiling brightly.

“Its no problem my dear, now you two travel safely, the woods around here have many bandits in them.” She said before waving them goodbye and disappearing into the crowd.

Izuku and Shouto wave her goodbye. Placing the potion vials into his bag Izuku glances over to Shouto he smiles before they keep looking around the market place.

As they left the small town behind Izuku couldn’t help but worry about the chance that Endeavor could catch up to them. Glancing over at Shouto he placed a hand on his side where he knew Shouto’s wound was, smiling in determination he vowed to do whatever it takes to protect his soulmate no matter what.