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I miss you

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The moon was bright in the starry sky,casting it’s light on the Crusaders. Joseph Joestar and Muhammad Avdol were asleep,only leaving Jotaro,Kakyoin and Jean Pierre,awake and bored. Jotaro and Kakyoin were too awkward to talk and it was Polnareff who,after what semt like an eternity to the three of them,looked at the high schoolers and asked,with a grin stuck on his face.

“-Sooo when this is all over, where do you two wanna be?”

Jotaro didn’t even look up at Jean,wich made him frown,but thankfully the red haired boy looked at him and answered with his usual polite smile:

“-I guess I’ll just keep studying… I'd like to enter an art school,maybe. What about you?”

The french man put his hand to his chin,his pale eyebrows furrowing as he was thinking.

“-Hm...well I don’t know...One thing for sure,I’ll go back to France. There is that History theme park, Le Puy du Fou, maybe they’d like to hire someone with my swordsmanship… Wouldn't that be amazing?”

Kakyoin nodded with a smile and then they both stared at Jotaro. Nothing was said,but it was very clear their questioning looks wanted an answer. Jotaro sighed deeply,looking at them like an adult stuck with two overly curious children,and he said in a low voice:

“-I’d like to work on marine biology… Maybe become a Professor… I guess it'd be nice?
-You’d make an amazing Professor!! almost yelled Polnareff with a huge grin.
-He’s right. Kakyoin added. You have charisma and your students would listen to you.”

A small laugh escaped Jotaro’s throat and both Kakyoin and Jean thought (neither piped a word) that he looked beautiful, laughing softly and bathed by the moonlight. Seeing Jotaro laugh was such a rare sight, they felt like they’d had to cherish that moment. And then after Jotaro stopped laughing, everything remained silent for another eternity,a long time where none of them said a thing, looking at each other,the only sounds that could be heard being Joseph’s constant snoring and the soft but almost regular ticking of his prosthesis. The scenery in itself was wide, yet it felt intimate,three close friends sharing a moment under the midnight moon. And suddenly Polnareff seemed to wake up from a long dream, looked at his two friends, with a smirk that looked anything but safe and asked:

“-By the way,does one of you have a girlfriend waiting for him in Japan?”

And that was this precise question that installed the most awkward silence both Jotaro and Kakyoin had ever witnessed. Understanding the absence of any answer was an answer in itself, Polnareff’s clear blue eyes widened.

“-No way!! You two get all the fangirls everywhere we go!! How is it you haven't picked one yet??”

Another awkward silence,however this time a thick tension came along the way. Of course Polnareff barely even noticed. He never noticed how awkward he was making things. Kakyoin anxiously glanced at Jotaro,whoses cheeks were tainted in a faint red, barely noticeable to anyone that wasn’t familiar with it. They couldn't tell the silver haired man they were dating,could they? After all as far as he knew,most french people weren’t quite open minded and a loudmouth such as Jean-Pierre could cause trouble. But at Kakyoin’s surprise it was Jotaro who reacted first,lowering his hat and groaning with an annoyed voice.

“-I don’t have any interest in girls.”

Polnareff's eyes widened a bit more and Kakyoin could not possibly believe what he just witnessed. Jotaro Kujo just came out to Jean-Pierre Polnareff, right next to his sleeping grandfather, with the chillest voice a man could ever have. As the red haired student thought things couldn’t get any weirder considering what had just happened, Jean smiled and laid back with a lazy sigh. He nodded slowly as if he was perfectly understanding what Jotaro just said.

“-Ah, I get what you mean…”

He then tensed a bit and sat normally again.

“-Of course I still think girls are amazing,don’t get me wrong!! But men are pretty to I mean,I just don’t discriminate.”

He then shrugged,trying to look relaxed,and looked at Kakyoin with a smile.

“How about you? What side do you swing by?”

Kakyoin felt cold sweat run down his spine as he glanced nervously at Jotaro,hoping for some reassurance. The boy nodded slowly and gave a thumb up to Kakyoin and suddenly he had trouble swallowing. He took a deep breath,and then two,and then he opened his mouth.

“-Actually,Uh...How to put that… Me and Jotaro are sort of...Dating?”

And then, Polnareff's face darkened. He tried to not make it too obvious but it was in fact really obvious. Kakyoin raised an eyebrow,looking at the french man.

“-Um...Polnareff are you okay?”

But no answer was given, except a small nod. Under the excuse that he was tired,Polnareff managed to go inside his sleeping bag,leaving Kakyoin questioning about what had just happened.
The next day, Polnareff almost ignored Kakyoin and Jotaro,and did the same the day after,and the one after. Kakyoin was far more pissed than Jotaro however,who decided Polnareff was too much of a drama queen for him to care. And since Jean was ignoring him, the high schooler went to ask about it to Avdol,since he was the french man’s best friend. He managed to find himself alone with him and after a bit, decided to talk. The two of them weren’t so close and that was why Kakyoin felt slightly uncomfortable to talk about that kind of things.

“- Um,pardon me,Avdol-san,may I talk about a...touchy subject with you?
-Well,of course my friend. It’s true you seem troubled thoses days,is there something wrong? I mean,besides most things that have happened lately with Dio and all the stand users
-Actually,it’’s Jean I don’t... Understand his behaviour…He clearly avoids both me and Jotaro since a few days and that's kind of upsetting…”

Avdol couldn’t but let slip a chuckle and smile, nodding slowly with the face of a man who knew everything but would not pipe a word.

“-Avdol-san… is there something you know that I don't?
-Ah,well...You know,Kakyoin,Jean is my best friend… That's why you came to me isn’t it?”

Kakyoin nodded slowly and Avdol laughed, his laugh was warm,slow. Kakyoin thought, Avdol semt like the most open person he had ever seen,yet he also seemed so full of secrets, and some of them were probably shared with Polnareff. As he was deep in his thoughts, Avdol pat his back.

“-You should talk to him. I can manage to leave you two alone but I believe you need to talk. There is no way the journey can go well if some of us don't get along after all.”

And so the rest of the day passed,with Kakyoin being anxious and trying to talk to Polnareff but he definitely couldn’t get to him. In the evening however,when they all got to be in a hotel, Avdol suggested Jotaro to be alone and himself to be with Joseph,leaving Kakyoin and Polnareff together. No one contested the egyptian’s suggestion,and so Polnareff and Kakyoin were now together in the same room. Their silence was unbearable,tension could be felt in the room and Kakyoin found himself stressed by it. Polnareff didn’t show it but he was stressed as well. Why did Avdol put the two of them in the same room ?! After a few unbearable hours,it was Kakyoin who found himself speaking first.

“-Why are you acting like shit lately?”

Polnareff looked at him,surprised. He didn’t even expect him to talk to him after the way he behaved the last days and,to be honest,it kind of was his goal. As an answer he groaned and shook his head,before looking at Kakyoin.

“- I don’t want to talk about it.
-I do!! You've been an insufferable asshole and I want to know why. If you’re ignoring me I deserve to know why.”

The silver haired man cupped his own face into his hands with a loud sigh. Shit he couldn’t lie this time could he? He cursed Avdol mentally and took a few deep breaths. There was no way he was ready for this.

“-Écoute Kakyoin,je sais que c’est difficile a comprendre mais je...euh...vous..Merde,je-
-How about you say that again in english ? Not that I don’t like french but I didn’t get a word of what you just said.
-Oh fuck! Sorry I just-tend to do that when i’m stressed…”

Stressed? Why would that asshole be stressed?! Kakyoin thought as he glared at Jean,waiting for him to talk.

“-Ok so don't hit me okay? I probably deserve it but don’t. I just… Okay. Here goes nothing. I… I like you. I mean,uh both of you,and Jotaro...You know like… I like,like you two…
-You WHAT now??”

Kakyoin couldn't believe what he just heard. Did Jean basically just confess to him?! He was in such shock it seemed like he had lost his voice. And,as if to fill the horrible silence that had settled between the two of them,Kakyoin felt something cover his lips. At first,he was so surprised he couldn’t believe what had just happened,and so he didn’t answer to the kiss,so Polnareff pulled away,a bit embarrassed.

“-Fuck I...I’m sorry…
-What the fuck...What happened...Why did-”

“Because I love you” Polnareff wanted to shout. Because he loved them,he loved him,and instead of saying it,he kissed Kakyoin again,and was almost taken aback when he found the red haired student answering to his kiss and even slightly deepening it.

How long had they been making out now? Neither of them knew. But one thing was sure,neither of them wanted to stop. However,they had to at a certain point and so they parted one from the other and hugged before spooning. Polnareff could not be happier. He was holding one of the two men he loved. It might’ve sounded cheesy but he truly was happy .

“-Let’s discuss about this with Jotaro tomorrow,okay?
-Wait...Are you sure he’d be interested…?
-Yeah. He told me once.We never thought you'd feel that way about us thought.You flirt with everyone,Jean.”

And as the two of them were spooned together, Polnareff punched Kakyoin's shoulder while the other was laughing. Then Kakyoin laid back on the bed and as he was drifting into sleep,he heard a whispered “je t’aime” to his ear,and this time he didn’t need to know anything about french to understand what he just told him.