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There's a meme for that

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Tiredofyourshit added ILivedBitch, CannonBALLS, Knockyourwood and 10+ others to GryffsSlyths Group Chat

Spiderhuman: I can’t believe we’re actually doing this

Tiredofyourshit: Prof. McGonagall was correct when she said that this will help strengthen house unity, or at least it could, so everyone please give this a chance :) :)

Spiderhuman: …. Yea no

Spiderhuman has left the chat

BlondBitch added Spiderhuman to the chat

Spiderhuman: Top Ten Anime Betrayals

BlondBitch: I suffer, you suffer, bitch

ExcuseYOU: The second smiley makes it sound vaguely passive aggressive, Granger

Tiredofyourshit: :) :) :)

ILivedBitch: oh shit

CannonBALLS: oH s h IT

CannonBALLS: H ur closer to the ktchen, get her food

ILivedBitch: she’s your gf though

CannonBALLS: she’s ur platonic gf tho

ILivedBitch: ….

ILivedBitch: true

GossipQueen: already I must thank our mother for this source of pure gold

IfFoundReturnToDean: MOTHER ???????

KeepHim: omg

IfFoundReturnToDean: asdasfsag CANCELLED

Spiderhuman: show respect for your mother

Stardust: you are slytherins though?

Stardust: why is she your mother as well???

ExcuseYOU: are you taking our mother from us?

Spiderhuman: disgusting blocked reported

Thefirstone: get away from my gf smh

ILivedBitch: I say we can share Minnie with the Slyths

GossipQueen: M I N N I E

Muffin #1: No

Muffin #2: Yes

Muffin #1: … yes?

Muffin #2: Yes.

Muffin #1: …. Yes.

Fuckoffimreading: it’s decided

Spiderhuman: THEO

GossipQueen: thEO you ARE ALIVE

ExcuseYOU: m y c h i l d

BlondBitch: *deep inhale* BOI

Fuckoffimreading: y’all can fuk off

Fuckoffimreading: every time I go to the library u pull this shit

Tiredofyourshit: is Nott the son of Malfoy and Greengrass?

ExcuseYOU: yes

CannonBALLS: why tho

BlondBitch: because fuck Nott Sr.

Spiderhuman: fuck Nott Sr.

GossipQueen: fuck Nott Sr.

ExcuseYOU: fuck Nott Sr.

Muffin #2: fuck Nott Sr.

Muffin #1: fuck Nott Sr..

AngryCat: fuck Nott Sr.

Thefirstone: understandable

Thefirstone: also @AngryCat is that a mix of Angry Bird and Grumpy Cat????

AngryCat: yes

Tiredofyourshit: mood

ILivedBitch: big mood

BlondBitch: quick question @thefirstone wtf is a fir stone

BlondBitch: like did you want it to say fire stone???

Thefirstone: …. No …..

Stardust: her username is the first one

BlondBitch: that makes significantly more sense

GossipQueen: why first one tho

Thefirstone: bc I’m the older twin

Thefirstone: and my one purpose in life is to remind padma of this

ExcuseYOU: petty

ExcuseYOU: I like it

ILivedBitch: why is Malfoy so much more nice in this chat than irl

BlondBitch: ‘more nice’ Potter you are truly embracing the stupid at this point

BlondBitch: also I don’t have to see your ugly hair so…. improvement

Tiredofyourshit: Harry was thinking of growing it long actually

BlondBitch: ….

BlondBitch: bye

BlondBitch has left the chat

ILivedBitch: wow

ILivedBitch: surely it wouldn’t look THAT bad

Spiderhuman: what did y’all do to Draco he’s screaming in his pillow again

GossipQueen: whose fault do you think it is

Spiderhuman: point

Spiderhuman: @ILivedBitch what did u do

ILivedBitch: wHY ME

Fuckoffimreading: whith Draco it’s always you

IfFoundReturnToDean: all that reading and you still can’t write

Fuckoffimreading: r u d e

Fuckoffimreading added BlondBitch to the chat

Fuckoffimreading: mom they’re bullying me

BlondBitch: I

BlondBitch: will kill a bitch

ExcuseYOU: draco no

Spiderhuman: draco y e s

Spiderhuman: avenge your sweet demi son


CannonBALLS: why is Malfoy the mom???

GossipQueen: because it’s true

ExcuseYOU: bc Draco is a Big. Gay. Mood

Tiredofthisshit: this chat is a mess™

Stardust: what kind though

Thefirstone: a gay one

Stardust: that’s fair

GossipQueen: just wanna say that long hair would look great on @ILivedBitch

ILivedBitch: I can’t sense sarcasm through these messages, so I will cautiously thank you

GossipQueen: dw sarcasm is cancelled for tonight

Spiderhuman: did u just say I’m cancelled

Knockyourwood: sweet circe what the fuck

Knockyourwood: I’m minding my own business in the greenhouse like the good fucking person I am

Knockyourwood: with no reception

Knockyourwood: and I get back here and my cell phone turns into a goddamn vibrator

ExcuseYOU: sakbdasdalsbfd

Spiderhuman: I have descended into heaven

Spiderhuman: heaven is as gay as I hoped it was

Tiredofyourshit: THIS CHAT WAS A MISTAKE

Tiredofyourshit: YOU ARE ALL CANCELLED