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Bed For Two

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Feeling exceptionally lonely while watching Pokémon reruns is probably the biggest reminder that Taehyung had that his life had hit rock bottom. The couch feels rough underneath him and the television noise doesn’t seem pleasing to him anymore. His surroundings are a mess, and the potted plant on the edge of death on his kitchen counter almost looks like it’s begging for release. He sighs as he watches Ash use his stupid, out of the world strategy which doesn’t make any sense at all, commanding Pikachu to get on top of his Swellow to shoot a Thunderbolt into the sky which in turn returns and hits both of them and powers Swellow (which is two times weak to Electric moves) to attack Tate & Liza’s Pokémon. He just sighs and pulls his blanket closer to stuff his feet under it, and hopes that Ash will finally gain some senses and abide by actual game rules. He ruffles under the blanket for the controller, presses the red button and the screen goes blank, the living room feeling and sounding empty again. His eyes are heavy but they don’t want to sleep, his ears are ringing but not alarmingly so and his entire self is just tired of all this.

Taehyung is someone who you would most definitely find in your neighbourhood, the resident slob, the one working who knows how many jobs and somehow making ends meet (barely, though), the single man whose friends are working very hard to find them a date, to make them like someone just because they deserve it. He is also the person who surprisingly is the dog and child enthusiast, actually not so surprising though, considering he basically raises his neighbour’s dog, Pooky, a shy beagle pup that came in right when he moved in about a year ago. Taehyung is probably one of those guys who has a ‘loves pizza and enjoys long walks on the beach’ kind of bio on his Twitter account (that he barely uses), but at least, he is loved by his neighbours solely because doing chores for little or no money had become his favorite pastime now that his part time job at Namjoon’s bakery wasn't really quite helping him pay the bills and mainly the rent.

He did once consider living with his grandfather whose house was a lot closer to his college and helped him cut down the cost of living but you know, old people and diaper changing go hand in hand, and so it was decided as a soft no. After moving into this apartment, Taehyung found new friends, new job opportunities but no new neighbour in the apartment next to his.

Taehyung loves Taylor Swift, and as soft and cliché as that sounds, to his luck, he happened to find an apartment that was squeezed right in between two other row-house like apartments, which allowed him close access to a window in a room in the adjacent building. He could touch it and open it even, if he tried.

There's a small window pane area and it's a right fit for Taehyung's lithe figure to coil up and read a book before he goes to sleep. As unrealistic as that sounds, he never actually gets his ass to bed; he prefers dozing off in the tiny area, a small table lamp illuminating the room.

Taehyung's day was a bit sad, now that he realized Pooky might have to go on a four day vacation with his neighbours. Then it was a little bit sadder after hearing that the cactus he had grown in the bakery had died somehow. And then a wave of sadness hit when his two weeks’ notice for quitting his job had come to an end. He had forcefully said goodbye to Namjoon and Yoongi, both husbands and patissieres who ran the bakery and had become good friends to him while he worked there.

He sighs again, and rubs his eyes, looking at his watch moments later, only to reveal an ominous 2:56 in a flashing purple light. He shoves off the pillows he had built up and walks with a grim look on his face, to his bedroom.

He settles himself into the softness of his duvet and finds a pillow to cuddle. All of it was done and then he switched off the lamp, only to stare at the ceiling blankly.

“I hope no one will wake me up tomorrow.” He sighs and muffles a groan into a pillow and kicks his legs in anger. He aggressively clutches his cuddle pillow and lies on top of it, only to fall prey to sleep ten minutes later.




Taehyung is greeted by a loud, blaring honk that would cause even the calmest people to become savages first thing in the morning.

“Who the fuck—” He groans repeatedly, his messy hair falling onto his face ungracefully, mouth numb and sour tasting. His eyes are bloodshot and Taehyung is fucking ready to shove the souvenir traffic cone (he stole it from the government) at the far end of his living room into the very ass of this dipshit, blaring a 90 decibel horn into his ears at eight fucking a.m. in the morning.

He reluctantly gets off his bed, opens the shutter of his window, and leans outside to catch a breeze before noticing a moving van parked right in front of a black motorcycle. It was holding off the traffic from behind.

On the brighter side of all things though, a moving van. Even the prospect of getting a neighbour—he doesn't really care if it's a seven member family or a really hot lesbian couple—it excites him so much because after months of loneliness, Lord Taylor Swift has granted him a neighbour whose window was so close to Taehyung's. His eyes widen considerably and his mouth unconsciously spread into a smile when he realizes what was going on and suddenly, he didn't really mind the commotion in front of his building. He unlocks the front door and grabs his milk and newspaper from a basket in front of the door and puts it on one of the tables and slowly contemplates whether going downstairs and checking out his neighbour casually would be good idea.

(It was a good idea, it came to him three seconds later.)

Kim motherfucking Taehyung must care about first impressions if he cares about his neighbour so much, you would think, but you guessed it, he isn't particularly doing anything today, he's just putting on his rubber sandals and running down the stairs in his baby blue ducky pajamas and his stupid professor glasses. His feet almost stumble on the wooden staircase and his hand feels warm from sliding down the railing, but maybe, it's all just worth it. Once he reaches downstairs, he pushes open the main door and man, he's excited but these horns really need to stop.

He moves quickly from the door to the black motorcycle and then the moving van to inspect for any humans. There's just one guy who's trying to reposition a small purple couch inside the van but he doesn't look like neighbour material.

Before Taehyung opens his mouth to ask, the guy smiles and then waves his hand.

“Uh, hi. I'm not your neighbour if you're wondering, that guy just went upstairs to check on the situation.” He says, with a smile on his face, his tiny figure looking too fragile for moving a couch.

“Oh. H-how do you know I'm a neighbour?”

“You just look neighbour material, man. Did I guess right though?”

“Yeah. I am uh—Kim Taehyung, I live in this apartment.” He points to the little open window on the side of his room and the guy nods his head.

“Park Jimin, happy to meet you. It's my friend who's moving here, I live a block away with my boyfriend, just helping out.”

The guy jumps out of the van and shakes Taehyung's hand and he forces an awkward smile onto his face.

“So, Taehyung, how long does it take for you to realize that your hair is a disaster even for the ‘just-got-out-of-bed’ excuse?” Jimin asks him jokingly and Taehyung self-consciously giggles nervously, smoothing his hair down onto his head and onto his face.

“I'm kidding, feel free. You wanna meet your neighbour aka my dumb goofball of a friend now or later?” Jimin asks, moving a carton that says ‘Clothes and shit’ out of their way as they walk back onto the pavement to have a conversation of sorts.

Taehyung is a bit overwhelmed to say the least. First of all, he doesn't really expect his neighbour’s friend to be this chatty and second of all, he can't really imagine what his neighbour would look like and third of all, he thought he was ready to have a midnight snack share buddy but apparently, he isn't. He awkwardly says that he still needs to shower and passes on the opportunity politely, leaving Jimin to pat him on the back.

“Jungkook's gonna love you.” Jimin says under his breath.

“Uh, w-what?” Just double checking if he heard that right. Who exactly?

“Nothing! You better get going, we still have a lot to unpack. I'll see you around.” Jimin awkwardly laughs and then brushes his words off, to tend to one of the brown carton boxes again.

“I—uh. Okay, I'll come back later and help y'all.” Now, Taehyung likes to have a good first impression, he wants to smell nice, look nice and seem nice and this was his best way possible. He walks back into his apartment and into his open flat and the first thing he does is hit himself square on the forehead.

“Shit! Why am I so embarrassing?” He sighs to himself and walks back into his room, digging his hand under his shirt.

“Hm, I wanna sleep again.” He looks at the tempting bed and the clock and groans.

The bustle in the neighbouring house seems evident as he can hear new furniture being brought in every five minutes, sofas dragging on the floor, cupboards clinking, screws and drills. He might just a get a peek into a bedroom that still isn't arranged yet; he stuffs his face outside the window and leans to try and find his new neighbour anywhere in the corner of his sight. He can only hear someone though, shame.

He retracts his head with a frown and that's when someone decides to come into the room rather unprompted.

“Just put the bed here, yes, thank you.” Two guys appear with a wooden made bed, carrying it strenuously while the owner of the voice still appears to stand outside the room.

Taehyung's patience is hanging by a thread.

His voice sounds a little childish but manly, he doesn't really know how to describe it and by judging, he seems to be around his age which was a really good thing, considering he had no friends, whatsoever. He waits just a little more on the edge of the window and almost gives up but that's when cliché shit begins to happen.

“A little to the left, please.” The owner of the voice steps in and god fucking damnit, he's so pretty and beautiful and Taehyung’s eyes almost water. The guy’s wearing a casual attire, a loose t-shirt and grey sweats, with black high tops and his hair is a bit parted on his forehead, showing some much needed skin over there. The first opinion that springs to mind is that he’s pretty, and he sure as hell is one of those skater boys who hung out at Starbucks with his friends and their pretentious girlfriends. His second opinion is that he looks a bit dorky, now that some Iron Man posters have been brought into the room.

Taehyung might have been a bit too engrossed to even tuck his head back into his room before the guy notices and weirdly stares back at him, his lips parted in awkwardness.

“Uh, hi?” The guy holds up an arm in order to say hi and that's when it hits him and he actually hits his head on the window frame with a loud ‘ow’.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” The guy walks quickly over to his window and proceeds to examine Taehyung with his huge-ass eyes, and Taehyung, he just wants the earth to open up and swallow him whole.

“Yeah, yeah! I'm o-okay, don't worry.” Taehyung holds his palm up to his forehead where it hit and walks back into his room awkwardly, throwing an awkward smile at his neighbour who still looks quite puzzled with his behavior.

“Do you need help? Are you okay?” The guy asks again, but Taehyung’s already stumbling around, looking for a place to hide his face without wanting to seem rude or creepy.

“I'm fine!”

“Oh, I'll um- get back to do some unpacking. I'll see you around, neighbour.” The guy says before pulling down the glass onto his window and almost going back.

Taehyung has impulses at times, when his intuition tells him that some things are good and some are not and now the impulse forces a “What's your name?” out of his mouth.

“Oh um, I'm Jeon Jungkook and you are?” He shows his teeth when he smiles and Taehyung replies with a plain “Kim Taehyung.”

“We're gonna be great fucking neighbours, aren't we?” is all Taehyung mutters under his breath when he steps into the shower, cold stream of water hitting his back.





“Fucking put down the volume or I'm jumping in and taking that godforsaken speaker with me!” Taehyung yelled into Jungkook's window over the most obnoxious sound of some drumming music. He is nowhere to be seen though.

It's been about two months since Jungkook moved in and things have been going quite good. Well, partially at least, since Jungkook is someone who he found to be shy, introverted and really really really cute in Taehyung’s opinion so he didn't limit himself to just being neighbours but became his friend.

Friends by Taehyung’s definition are people who he should care about, who he can swear and curse without any restrictions, who will buy him food if asked and Jeon Jungkook had ticked them all off. Their friendship was typical for two neighbours in their early twenties; jogging together in the morning, ordering backup pizza for each other just in case, talking about illustrated sports magazines and stuff. Taehyung has come to like Jungkook a lot; but in fact, he also likes to keep this the way it is.

“Jeon fucking Jungkook!” Taehyung yells on top of his voice one more time and Jungkook comes scurrying this time, knocking over a plastic bowl along the way. He contemplates whether to pick it up but after looking at Taehyung’s face, it doesn't seem likely.

“What now, hyung?”

“I said fucking switch off the speaker before I shove it up your ass and pull it out of your mouth.” He says calmly, a storm brewing underneath his eyes and Jungkook smiles slyly, almost begging to get dragged into an argument with Taehyung. But Taehyung swallows his anger with a deep breath and motions with his finger again to switch the damn thing off. Jungkook groans like an overgrown baby and switches the speaker off with a frown.

“Thank you.” Taehyung says before walking back into his room and opening a packet of Doritos on his bed with a nice little book to help him pass time. During the mornings, since he dropped out of Namjoon’s bakery job, he hasn't been able to find a replacement and so he's free. It's during the evenings that he goes to a radio talk show to talk about his miserable life with no callers, no interruptions and good music. Right after that, he does a shift at a local bar before coming home, only to fall prey to his bed and aching body.

“Taehyung-ah!” Jungkook calls out from his apartment mockingly and Taehyung slides off his bed only to unsuccessfully chase Jungkook.

“You punk.” He smiles cheekily before he closes the shades abashedly.





“Hyung?” Jungkook calls out about four to five times in an attempt to bring out an angry, ‘what-the-fuck-do-you-want’ attitude from him. He somehow loves annoying Taehyung, just because he feels like an uptight person (who's actually a big softy underneath all that) and because Jungkook feels like Taehyung is a great hang for a neighbour.

“Listen, you brat. I won't have any of your bullshit, fucking shut up and buy me pizza if you wish for my attention.” Taehyung cleans his cuticles as he speaks which makes Jungkook snort in his place.

“Fine, give me exactly seven minutes to order it.”

“You're sacrificing your turn to eat pizza for free for me? That's so cute, Jungkook! Okay, be there and don't worry, I don't even intend on asking you why exactly seven minutes.”

“Shut up. Wait.”

“Whatever, I'm gonna go and eat some leftovers for now, you're welcome to join.” He leaves the window open just in case Jungkook wants to climb in but Jungkook is a man with so much self respect that he’d eat raw pork for a bet than climbing into Taehyung’s room.

Six minutes later, the pizza is ordered and the doorbell rings in Taehyung’s flat.

“Who is it?”

“Skater boy.”

“Fuck you, Jeon. I hate you.”

He can feel Jungkook running up the stairs with overwhelming joy just because he's got Taehyung annoyed now.

Jungkook barges into the flat with no warning or concern and Taehyung can only frown with no actual care. He stands next to the dining table with his arms folded, his face stoic with an air of nonchalance.

“Just because I called you Skater Boy one time, doesn’t mean you have to remind me forever. Gosh.” Taehyung says, playfully hitting him on the head before Jungkook crashes on the couch with a content grin.

“Hey, I ordered you pizza, you shouldn’t be complaining. Plus, I think, you like it when I bring it up.” He smirks.

“Shut the fuck up, asshole. Now, what topping did you say it was?”

“Your favorite, extra olives and pineapple!”

Taehyung chokes on his spit and throws a small cushion onto his face, hitting Jungkook square on his nose. He wails in pain when Taehyung knows he’s just acting, throwing another onto his face while saying, “Olives and pineapple never on a pizza, you bastard!”



“Hey hyung, I saw an ad on the newspaper today and it said that they need part-time game designers for this company called ‘Serolite’? They made these games called ‘Kronie in the Dark’ and ‘Gambler’. Have you heard of them?” Jungkook asked, flicking his thumb over the screen of his phone, casually dropping the news. He looks over to Taehyung who was actually just munching on hazelnuts until Jungkook said the words after which, he had his full attention.

“No, but go on.” Taehyung urged him.

“Yeah so, I saw that they need some additional support on the new games that they’ve been working on now and they either want part time or full time employees.” Jungkook gets up from the chair and walks over to Taehyung, holding the copy of newspaper on his phone and juts it in front of his face. Taehyung takes it slowly and reads over.


WANTED: Part time or full time employees at Serolite Game Developers. Graphic designing diploma or any Graphic design support qualification is required. Age: 21 - 32. Minimum experience is not required but appreciated. Salary can be negotiated on interview. If interested, contact : xxxxxxxxxx.


“This is. This is amazing, I do have a diploma in graphics and I interned during the first year after college, that's enough, right?” Taehyung's eyes almost brim with joy, the possibility of getting an actual job within the reach of a phone call.

Jungkook hits Taehyung’s neck playfully and laughs, then wraps his arms around his head, with a frivolous smile, something almost so joyous but mischievous. “Hyung! This is your calling! This is it.”

“I'm feeling so—oh my god. I might get an actual job, holy shit.”

“Thanks to me, I just made your life ten times cooler.” Jungkook smirks like the cocky bastard that he is.

“S-Should I call now?”

“No, you don't get to call, I do. Let me handle this.” Jungkook grabs Taehyung’s phone from the coffee table and violently yanks his thumb for the passcode. He apologetically smiles and then proceeds to pull up the dial screen and copies the number onto it.

“The course of your destiny is about to change, are you ready?”

“Fuck you, Jeon, just call, geez.”

“Fine, grandma.”

He hits call before Taehyung can attack him with his toes and the room goes silent with only the vehicles on the road sounding clearly, the ringing of the phone sharply contrasting the tone of it.

“Hello. Serolite Gaming, what can I do for you today?” A female voice echoes throughout the room and Jungkook almost drops the phone at the suddenness of it all and Taehyung glares at him from the opposite side.

“Oh fuck, hi. Shit! Sorry. What the fuck is wrong with m—” Taehyung pulls out the phone from Jungkook’s hand before he can completely sabotage his life forever and breathes out before he can talk into the receiver, shooting daggers towards Jungkook.

“Sir, I think you've got the wrong n—”

“No, hello. I'm calling because I saw the employment advertisement from your company on the newspaper from yesterday and I need to know the details?” Taehyung hears the woman’s panicking go down a bit as she breathes out and then says, “Of course, Sir. I'll connect you to one of our hiring committee executives and they will tell you everything. Thank you for calling!”

The line goes blank for five seconds with a significant beep on the end and Taehyung blinks, confused.

He looks at Jungkook who is so close to jumping with him bouncing off the edge with a thumbs up and wide smile knitted onto his face, looking at Taehyung expectantly. Taehyung just smiles and nods his head.

“Hello?” Taehyung says, fingers fumbling with each other as he bites his lip before hearing a response from the person on the other line. Jungkook’s jumpy self seems to have settled down on the sofa with a curious expression.

“Yes, this is Serolite Gaming.” A happy voice announces making Taehyung feel almost at ease.

“Hello, hi. I’m calling after the job opportunity advertisement in the newspaper. Are positions still open?”

“Yes! Thank you for calling, you can refer to me as Hoseok.”

“Oh, okay. Is there any specific requirement that you guys are looking for?”

“I would prefer if we scheduled a meeting as soon as possible, so that we can talk about everything in detail. I’m sorry if I’m coming off a little blunt, but really, I’ve been attending too many calls and let me tell you, 85% aren’t really interested. It would be really helpful if we could schedule an interview on a date that you are free on. Is that okay?” Hoseok says, his voice a little tired and Taehyung almost feels sad for him.

“Yeah, yeah. That’s okay, Hoseok-ssi. Totally fine. How about the coming Friday?”

“Sure. Don’t forget to bring your original transcripts, all your previous records along with your resume. I’ll see you on Friday, uh—”


“Taehyung-ssi, yes. See you!” The line goes blank.

Taehyung places his phone down and looks at Jungkook whose expressions are almost pained. He sits down next to him and breathes out loudly.


“They asked me to come to the office on Friday.”

“Oh. That’s one step closer, isn’t it?”

“I hope the fuck it is. I’m so tired running around, doing three jobs a day all for little or no money, I really wish this one works out for good.”

Jungkook pulls Taehyung into his arms and breathes softly into his neck as a symbol of reassurance and Taehyung in turn relaxes a little.

“Don’t worry, even if you don’t get this, I have a better job for you.” Jungkook says after pulling away, with a childish smile on his face.


“You’re welcome any time to clean my apartment, my offer stands whenever.”





The three days in between Monday and Friday is the biggest chore of anyone’s life. In Taehyung’s life, it was even more so after spending most of his time muttering into the abyss about his shitty life and the rest in the radio station, where instead of muttering into the abyss, he talks into a mic about his shitty life and then plays melancholic songs to top it off. The bar which he worked in, they’ve been closed down for a week now because they’ve been renovating it, so he has had no actual purpose in those three days. Money has been a real problem and this job might be the only possible situation which might be the solution.

He’s going to try his hardest to not fuck it up and the first step to that, he needs to actually sleep tonight. Staying up till three in the morning is something that Taehyung finds spiritually pleasing, somehow, but today, if he doesn’t want his droopy eyes and forced smile to come through in the interview, he needs to sleep.

But, he doesn’t.

He lies wrapped in the lilac sheets, his eyes wide open without an ounce of sleep. Suddenly, the air around him feels a thousand times hotter and the his mind seems to have been clouded by infinite possibilities of what might go wrong in the interview tomorrow. He might end up at the office not wearing socks, he might end up not combing his hair or worst of all, he might end up getting eaten alive by a bear on his way. It’s a scary world out there. His forehead seems to sense his panic and begins shedding cold sweat which he promptly doesn’t attend to.

He tosses and turns, wishing that it was just his position that isn’t allowing him to sleep, but no. He checks his watch and reads a ‘23:14’ in an almost threatening way and he clenches his teeth in a way that he’s almost begging for sleep.

He takes off his blanket and gets on his feet, hoping some warm milk would do the trick but that’s when he notices that Jungkook’s room is illuminated with a study lamp and that his bed is empty, now that his shades are withdrawn. He tilts his head in confusion and decides to ask what he’s doing, because why not. He reaches for his phone and pulls up Jungkook’s message thread which is saved under ‘Asshole Neighbour’.





why you awake


Asshole Neighbour

same reason why your awake




and clearly not

you’re like studying or smth



Asshole Neighbour

owo are you spying on me




i can’t sleep :((


Asshole Neighbour

why naught



i’m rlly nervous for tomorrow

i really think a bear will attack me before i leave


Asshole Neighbour


you okay bruv



at least i’m not the one stuck in 2009


help me sleep, kookoo


Asshole Neighbour

o shit you calle d me kookoo

this is a real emergency, isn’t it



idk what constitutes an emergency for you


for me it looks like it


[23:19] Seen


Not the first time that Taehyung’s been denied help and left on read but he really thinks that this is most apt time for the earth to open up and swallow him and burn him in the pits of hell.

Two minutes later, Jungkook’s lights turn off and Taehyung feels bad (a little) and considers watching Pokémon again but just then, he hears a window opening and he finds Jungkook’s leg propped up against the brick wall and then comes his head and smiles at Taehyung who seems to be in shock.

He climbs in literally fifteen seconds later and huffs as he dusts himself off and looks at Taehyung who is just mostly too flabbergasted to talk and kinda impressed.

“It’s eleven at night, Jungkook. Go sleep, I was just joking.” Taehyung tries to be the most humble bad guy but Jungkook sees right through him.

“You wanted ‘halp’ and I’m here.” He air quotes and Taehyung groans in dismal.

“How do you plan to help me again?”

“See, I have this kick-ass playlist on Soundcloud that has been specially compiled to promote sleep and drowsiness in the brain, obviously curated by yours truly.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes but Jungkook continues nonetheless.

“We could like, maybe, I don’t know, listen to it?”

“Go sleep, Jungkookie. You probably have a big day tomorrow.” Taehyung waves the idea off and begins walking to the kitchen but Jungkook holds his hand and stops him, his face a little hurt and that face, always, always works. It has a 100% success rate on Taehyung.

“You have a big day tomorrow too and I’m doing what you wanted me to exactly do, just ‘halping’.”

“You brat. You never let me live. Fine, let’s give your playlist a try.”

Jungkook gives a hearty smile, one where his eyes smile in coordination with his lips and Taehyung can’t help but feel a little attacked by it. He settles upon the edge of his bed and pulls out his phone, his teeth still on display. Taehyung sits down next to him peeking into the brightness of the phone as Jungkook opens the app and goes through the playlist and finally finds the one named ‘sleep motherforker’ amongst what seemed to be like fifty others.

“Found it! You have speakers right? Or should I go get mine?” He wriggles his eyebrows to which he earns a smack on his arm from Taehyung.

“I hate that thing with a burning passion and my speakers obviously exist. Thank you very much.”

Taehyung retrieves the small yellow speaker which features art of a tiny Pikachu jumping on the side and Jungkook squints to see if he saw that right and then Taehyung just says,

“Don’t. Hold what you were gonna say.”

“Sheesh, fine.” Jungkook connects the bluetooth on his phone to the speaker and Taehyung almost finishes setting himself up under the blanket in case he does fall asleep.


“You sound like my grandpa who gets his asshole bleached for some goddamn reason.”

“Why you—” Jungkook begins playing the music and Taehyung goes back to lying down and Jungkook giggles a little under his breath.

The first song that plays is piano music, it starts slowly, two to three notes played together at a time, and then in succession. It effectively soothes Taehyung’s mind within the first few seconds. The piano carries over to some orchestral violins and cellos and they all play in harmony for a while, the tune floating around his room in a calming volume and Taehyung finally closes his eyes instead of staring at Jungkook’s back. The song sounds heaven like, having traces of Ghibli influences and then the piano becomes a little less significant as the wind chimes pick up in the remaining parts of the song and Taehyung almost feels his feet relax, his anxious thoughts fading more and more.

“It’s so fucking good, isn’t it?” Jungkook asks, excitedly.

“Shut the fuck up.” Taehyung says softly, as he finds himself locking into the confines of sleep.

The first song ends with a fade and the next song comes on with a flourish of heavily played piano music and it wakes him up with a jerk.

“Wait! Wait for it, you’ll like this one.” Jungkook says as he looks at Taehyung’s bloodshot eyes. He falls back onto his bed and attempts to sleep again. The song continues for four minutes, with alternated piano and flute and Taehyung feels like it’s a lullaby that his mother never sang to him.

After two other songs played in order, Taehyung looks like he’s been sleeping soundly, his eyes closed and breathing even. Jungkook feels like he’s intruding on such a beautiful moment of Taehyung sleeping, he looks breathtaking even while sleeping—it’s no surprise.

He smiles to himself at how he holds onto a long pillow like it’s his life as he sleeps and then checks his watch. It reads a 11:44 p.m. in bold and he sighs, he’s got to go study again. He switches off the speaker slowly, carefully, not wanting to wake Taehyung up with a sharp click or any noise for that matter. He puts his phone in his back pocket and gets off the bed slowly. He hears Taehyung’s voice just then and he panics a little.



“Stay with me today?” Taehyung asks in a groan, his voice coarse but sweet.

Jungkook’s expression doesn’t change even a little, at the back of his head, it’s almost telling him not to do this but, when Taehyung asks, who’s he to say no? He looks at him again, and it’s like one of those games where the player has two choices of dialogues to say and Jungkook feels like he’s in a dilemma.

His gay ass doesn’t know how to not make this gay.

“Y-You’re sure?” He asks, just in case Taehyung regrets all this in the morning.

“Come here, please.” Taehyung’s voice sounds so airy and he sounds so beautiful when he’s half asleep.

Before Jungkook’s brain allows him to say anything diplomatic and reject Taehyung, he’s getting his soiled shoes and socks off and slowly slides in beside Taehyung with a slight huff.

“I’m here.”

“Good.” Taehyung shuffles and sleeps in a position so that he’s facing Jungkook and he swears that this hasn’t ever happened before.

That feeling when something goes your way for the first time and you can’t feel anything but this little tingling feeling in your stomach? Yeah, that. Jungkook feels his breath knocked out a little as Taehyung wets his lips in his sleep and unconsciously (or consciously?) throws an arm onto Jungkook’s waist. Taehyung sniffles into his duvet, eyes shut now and little snores emanating from his mouth.

He contains a little giggle and shuffles a little into his embrace, relaxing onto the mattress. All that’s running in Jungkook’s mind is ‘WOW, WHAT THE FUCK BRO’, ‘HOW DO I NOT MAKE THIS GAY’, ‘HE’S SO CUTE, FUCK’ on repeat. Somewhere within the next five minutes, Jungkook fully relaxes on the bed, like it’s his own and finds the courage to sleep with his body facing Taehyung. He finds himself staring at the slope of Taehyung's nose, the little light bouncing off of it, giving it a little glow and accentuating a tiny mole at the end of it. It looks so goddamn kissable.

Taehyung decides to pull Jungkook closer right at that moment and stuff his nose and lips into the crook of his neck and Jungkook almost chokes at that. His eyes widen and his hands waddle around, not knowing what to do. He awkwardly puts his hand on Taehyung’s back, holding him close to his chest. Was this what warmth felt like? He hasn't slept beside anyone since he was ten years old and that was with his mother, he had almost forgotten what it feels like to be pressed against another's body, sharing warmth and lying down for a nap.

This was happening, holy fuck.

After three minutes of not being able to sleep with Taehyung literally breathing down his neck, he eases into the way his hair smells and begins to close his eyes, quite slowly. Taehyung juts out his lip as he yawns unconsciously and puts his head on Jungkook's chest, feeling the ups and downs of his heartbeat, now easing into a steady beat, fully rhythmic and functional.

Jungkook falls asleep unknowingly, lips tugged on a small smile.




The next morning, Taehyung wakes up first and his heart mildly panics. He wakes to Jungkook’s mouth wide open, drool threatening to come out from one corner, arm tucked beneath Taehyung, hair in all directions. From so close, he can almost see the tiny moles on the corner of his chin, appearing like stars on the night sky. From so close, he can see the little baby fat on his cheeks, a little plumper than what he usually sees, and a little bit of unshaven moustache. He could probably get used to this.

Jungkook sleeps soundly, eyes still shut and breathing loud but not loud enough to be a snore. Somehow at that moment, Taehyung loses his sanity and decides to stare at his bottom lip, a little pink and unmoisturized yet surprisingly attractive. Jungkook proceeds to shut his mouth and lick his lips only at that goddamn moment and Taehyung feels like it’s a thousand degrees under the blanket and to top everything off, he has a gay panic when clearly, he knows that Jungkook is straight as a flagpost.

In a split second decision, he reaches his index finger towards Jungkook’s inviting lips, wanting to touch them and feel them under his fingertips. He’s so close now, so close that he feels like a creep for watching Jungkook like this, his heart pounding. The tips of his nails graze the baby pink surface lightly and suddenly, Jungkook shuffles and blinks his eyes before opening them a little and Taehyung sprints his arm back towards him in panic, lips pursed in a pout.

Ahem, act cool, Kim Taehyung. Pretend like it never happened.

“You finally woke up, wow.”

“Ugh. That—” Jungkook begins, yawning midway before completing his sentence.

“That was the best sleep I’ve had in years, holy shit.” He says in a voice that has Kim Taehyung’s thighs shaking in a second. If he talks like this next time and he happens to hear it, he’s thinking of recording it, playing it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also thinking of naming the audio ‘audio_porn.wav’.

“Thanks to me, of course. Now if you’ll scoot, I have a life-changing interview to attend.” Taehyung tries his best to sound nonchalant and uninterested by Jeon Jungkook and almost fails after he sees Jungkook rubbing his eyes cutely.

“O-Oh yeah. Yeah. That’s cool, hyung. What’s the time?”

“It’s a little past nine. Don’t you have college today?”

“Oh yeah. Fuck, I’m so sleepy and cozy and comfortable here.”

“Of course you are. Get out of my house and get dressed.” Jungkook collectively groans again and plonks himself into the bed and Taehyung can’t help but adore him, internally.

Taehyung gets on his agenda first by pushing himself to the bathroom with a nice plaid blue shirt, beige slacks, innerwear and a red towel in his hands. He looks over to Jungkook before entering and says, “I want you in your flat before I come back. You’re my ride, don’t forget.”

The door shuts and Jungkook huffs a little before getting his lazy ass off the bed and collecting his stuff before walking over to the window. He helps himself get in with ease, his room left the same way he had left it the last night; books scattered on his bed, pens left uncapped and markers left unattended only to dry.

He picks his stuff up and tosses necessary clothes in the laundry and tries tidying the room to his fullest before contemplating whether to go jump in the shower or not. He does eventually, after brushing his teeth and as the warm water hits his back, his thoughts wander off to Taehyung and how he might have felt when he had asked Jungkook to join him for a cuddle. Does he have a crush on him? Does he like him? Obviously not, those are just thought-up scenarios that Jungkook likes to think about—none of them can happen in real life. Who knows, Taehyung might be straight for all that matters.

He uses a vanilla body wash to scrub himself clean and yet, thinks about how orange-y Taehyung’s hair smelled when he decided to tuck his head under his undeserving nose. He tries his best to shake off his thoughts and quickly showers for the rest of the while and hops out, wrapping a towel around his waist. He puts on a simple black pair of jeans and a pink striped shirt that he tucks into the waistband and rolls up the sleeves up to his elbows. He ruffles his hair about a hundred times to get his hairstyle just right and then he sprays on some Dior perfume to smell irresistible (he just wants the boys to drool).

Just when he’s packing his books into his backpack, Taehyung calls out from his window and his eyes fly immediately to look at him.

“You ready, loser?”

“Y-yeah, I’ll meet you downstairs.” Jungkook shouts and Taehyung says an okay.

Taehyung gets on the pavement first, looking like a proper businessman ready to do some serious shit—and to Jungkook, he looks more handsome than he remembers, wearing that blue shirt and beige pants is probably one of the best things he’s ever done in life. His hand stiffs around the yellow helmet that holds in his hand, in an attempt to control himself.

“Uh-oh, someone finally decided to look good, I’m threatened.” Taehyung says as soon as he sets his eyes on Jungkook’s outfit and Jungkook is admittedly a little flattered.

“You were always threatened, shut up.”

“You wish.”

Jungkook throws the helmet for Taehyung to catch while he walks away slowly to retrieve his motorcycle from the side of the road. Taehyung watches intently as Jungkook starts the motorcycle and drives it towards him.

“Hop on, salesman.”

“Jungkook-ah—” Taehyung sounds hesitant to say something.


“I’ve always wanted to, you know, drive your motorcycle one day and—”


“Can I drive it only for today? Just today! One day, I swear I won’t steal pudding from your fridge again!” Taehyung pleads, his voice dipping to a low, that kicked puppy eyes mode on.

“You were stealing pudding from my fridge, what?”

“Fuck, you didn’t know about that.”

After a minute of silence and contemplation from Jungkook’s side, he nods his head, his lips still pursed.

“Fine, but you gotta promise me something.”

“What is it? Don’t ask me something stupid, I won’t hesitate using these hands.”

“Let me sleep in your bed one more night, that shit was just beautiful.”

Jungkook swears he doesn’t know where the courage to say that just came from and he also swears that he saw some form of panic begin to cloud Taehyung’s eyes. He starts smiling again and Jungkook breathes in relief.

“I have to admit that having a live cuddle buddy was—good. So,” Taehyung pauses and Jungkook waits for him to complete the sentence.

“Fine, promise.” They link pinkies and lock the promise with a grin.

“Here you go. Don’t call her Honey Gray, she doesn’t like that name, she’s more of a Shanti according to herself.” Jungkook says, handing over the handles to Taehyung and he shoots him a glare like he’s the most weirdest person Taehyung’s ever met.

“Hello, uh. Shanti.” He seats himself comfortably, the leather under his butt feeling a little like heaven. He accelerates and revved the engine a bit for the showy side of him and he giggles to himself.

Jungkook smiles sheepishly and gets on behind Taehyung, placing a hand on his shoulder and a huff escaping his lips as he seats himself. “You know, it’s the first time I’m sitting behind on Shanti.” Jungkook says.

“Guess you’ll like it then. Now, where to?”

“Put the head office’s address on the map, dumbhead.”

“Yeah, right.” Taehyung sets the location on the map and adds a pit stop on a nearby restaurant. “You like pancakes right?”

“Only with bananas and maple syrup.”

“Okay, we’re set. Let’s go.” Taehyung accelerates and the motorcycle zooms forward with a jerk that both of them don’t expect. Jungkook falls on Taehyung’s back with a flourish and he can’t help but playfully hit his back.

“Drive carefully idiot!” Jungkook shouts into Taehyung’s ear, cutting through the air.

“It’s been a long time.”

Somewhere along the way, Jungkook leaves hold of the grab handle behind him and wraps his hand around Taehyung’s torso and his fingers graze the shirt’s fabric softly, gripping hard at times at every speed break and every single time that happens, Jungkook feels like flying off the Empire State Building for some reason. Taehyung doesn’t seem to mind it even a bit, he allows Jungkook to wrap both his arms around him and his mind just spins because, his theories about Taehyung can’t possibly be true, can they now?

“We can stop here for a while, right?” Taehyung asks, taking off his helmet, shaking his head just like one of those straight-ass white movies and Jungkook’s heart suffers a little, he even forgets to fucking respond.

“Y-yeah. What? Oh, um. Sure, I love pancakes.” Jungkook stutters like a caveman and he can’t help but blush a little in front of Taehyung and suddenly, Taehyung is clenching his cheeks and calling him cute. The fuck.




They both end up having some lavish strawberry flavored pancakes and Jungkook undoubtedly had his banana milk that he packed from home and Taehyung drives them both to the towering building of Serolite Gaming, its presence looming over them. The walls are covered in blue tinted glass, and the morning sun shines brightly over them, reflecting the light onto the ground. The building must have more than twenty storeys, the elevator goes up and down in an exposed shaft with hustle and bustle of many employees passing across them.

“Taehyung-ah, this is huge.”

“You’ll get one tight slap on your back and fuck yes, I’m gonna shit my pants.”

“Are you sure they have a shortage of employees? I mean, I thought Serolite was this rundown, shady ass game developer but, damn.” Jungkook marvels at the height of the building in front of him.

“So, you were willingly sending me off to a rundown, shady ass company. Cool, man.”

“Tch.” Jungkook smiles with his tongue out and Taehyung playfully hits his shoulder.

They step in, Taehyung taking a huge breath before setting foot inside with Jungkook following right behind him. The interior of the building looks even more amazing, with a transparent glass ceiling, casting sunlight onto the plants that were placed right beneath it, on the floor. There are several rooms, staircases and busy phones ringing everywhere and Taehyung is so lost. His breath falters for a little bit and his head feels dizzy, chest tightening, eyes blacking out for a millisecond.

“Kook-ah, I- I don’t feel so good.” Taehyung tells Jungkook and he pulls him aside to make him sit down in one of those chairs in the corner of the hall and pulls out a water bottle from his backpack.

“Hyung, hyung, Listen to me, you’re going to be fine, it’s just anxiety. Here, drink some.” Jungkook pushes the bottle into his hand and nudges him to drink enough. Taehyung still looks like he wants to take a huge ass dump and Jungkook does the next most rational thing on his mind.

He pulls Taehyung in for a hug, fitting his head closely into the crook of his neck and rubbing his back up and down in an effort to calm him down. He whispers positive reinforcements into his ear and hugs harder, feeling his spine, every ridge and curve of it repeatedly until Taehyung breathes out.

“I know you’ll do well, don’t worry. I’ll pick you up once it’s over, okay? You’re gonna get this! I believe in you!” Jungkook says, his bunny teeth showing and that makes Taehyung’s lips form a small smile.

“Thank you, Kook. I’ll try my best.”

Jungkook drops him off at a staircase at the far end after asking the receptionist and Taehyung waves him a goodbye with his signature ‘V’ on his fingers under his eye. Jungkook smiles and leaves, a warm, inviting feeling tugging on his bare heart.




“Hey, I’m Hoseok, nice to meet you. You’re Taeyong-ssi, right?”

“Uh, it’s Taehyung.”

“I’m so sorry, I easily forget. Please take a seat and feel free to have any of those drinks, I feel lonely here sometimes.” Hoseok laughs and Taehyung nervously laughs back and proceeds to look at the myriad of different colored jugs, one looks like apple juice, another orange and another grape and so on. The room is pretty small but neatly furnished with wood and some cabinets, a split a.c. overlooking the room. Some photos and certificates hang around and Taehyung can’t help but be intrigued.

“Weird for this huge ass company, huh? Isn’t that what you’re thinking?”


Hoseok’s dressed in casual attire; a green polo-neck and black denim with some weird ass sneakers and Taehyung just squints a little bit too much.

“Honest. I like that.” Taehyung smiles.

“So, you brought in your resume and records?”

Taehyung hands them over without another word, neatly put together in a grey manila folder, categorized alphabetically.

“We got a lot of applicants with no experience so it’s nice to see you with at least some of it. You also have a minor in mass communication, that’s impressive. How was your experience in college?” Hoseok folded his arms and smiled a little. Oh man, he looks so goddamn beautiful when he smiles.

“It was not so good, if I’m being honest, really. I actually got picked on a lot as you can tell.” He motions towards his puny body and laughs dryly. “But I thankfully got through all that and managed to graduate within the first class, but the summer of that year, it had worse stuff for me.”

“Let me guess, it didn’t get you a job?”

“You sound like you’ve been through this.” Hoseok laughs at that and mutters a ‘maybe’ under his breath.

“Yeah, so I worked three jobs a day to pay for my rent and to keep myself alive and I’m hoping that this job can get me out of that nightmare, because I want to finally do what I’m good at doing.” Hoseok nods at that and closes his file and slides it back to him with a slight grin.

“Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you like doing.”

“Hm, I’m an unemployed, broke man who watches Pokémon anime at 1 a.m. and loves going to amusement parks just to see the view from the top of a Ferris wheel. That’s about it." Taehyung laughs nervously, not knowing the weight of an interview. It's his first one and he doesn't want to fuck it up by being all pretentious.

"That's nice. I like going on 'Cups' though. It makes me feel less dizzy, not a big fan of rides. Where do you think you can reach with this company? Do you have plans?"

Taehyung stops fidgeting with his fingers under the table and sits straight, looking up into Hoseok's eyes with compassion. "I don't know where this company would take me but I will be happy to take this company to heights." Hoseok smirks and crosses his arms, looking at Taehyung with fervour.

"I assume you would want a full time job here, then. Salary? What do you expect?"

"I want you guys to give me how much ever based on how valuable you think I am from this conversation, Hoseok-ssi." Taehyung has probably never been so confident with his words before, he feels his back straighten up and eyes open wide when Hoseok pours himself some water.

“I really hope I can get a job for you here, you just—seem right. Something about you makes me feel at ease, like your confidence makes me feel all—passionate.” There’s a long pause that follows and Taehyung gulps at Hoseok’s words.

“All righty. Now, after this, I want you to treat yourself a big ice cream cone because you got through this and you looked so nervous back in the hallway. I’ll be sure to let you know by four days tops, okay?”

Hoseok is probably the happiest person he’s ever met; he radiates this powerful vibe that just makes everyone around him feel so calm and at ease and that to Taehyung, is a big gift. Hoseok feels like he’s the sun god himself and Taehyung can’t help but feel a little more motivated to work at Serolite.

As soon he exits the room, shaking hands with Hoseok and muttering a goodbye, a 'I hope I'll see you here again' stuck in his mouth, he sees three text messages from Jungkook once he switches his phone on and the boy seems panicked.


Asshole Neighbour

how did it go????

omg i’m nervous for u




u free now?

i wanna go home



Asshole Neighbour




i’ll be there in like fifteen min





i’ll tell you everything on the way back

buy me ice cream on the way if u can


Asshole Neighbour



stay there



Jungkook arrives twenty minutes later, looking a bit sweaty but still cute and takes off his helmet to reveal his excited face. “Tell me everything!”

“Let me get on first, brat.” Taehyung throws over a leg and seats himself close to Jungkook and then hugs him from the back.

“You’re lucky I don’t have lectures in the morning, I’ll have to go back in an hour though.” Jungkook sighs and then slowly moves the vehicle until they’re out of the gate and then he starts speeding up.

“I’ll buy you an ice cream when I come back from uni, I figured it would melt by the time I got it here. Sorry, hyung.”

Taehyung nuzzles his head into Jungkook’s back and interlocks his fingers around his waist making Jungkook almost lose grip on the motorcycle at the sudden affection.

“Jungkookie, I did a lot of work today, I wanna sleep.” He groans behind him.

“I think you’re already half-asleep.”

By the time they reach their apartments, Taehyung’s fully slept on Jungkook’s back and it takes a little coaxing for him to wake him up. When Taehyung wakes up, Jungkook tugs him by his hand and leads him upstairs and fishes the keys out of a wobbly Taehyung and lets them both in after a lot of effort.

“Just a little bit more. Hmph.” Jungkook points Taehyung his bed and Taehyung immediately curls himself up into the fetal position, his eyes closing automatically.

“Thank you, Kookie.” Taehyung mutters and Jungkook appears surprised, a little smile creeping up on him as he tries to retrieve the blanket from the cupboard to cover him up.

“For what?”

Taehyung fucking giggles in his sleep. “Nothing.”

“Take care, hyung. I’ll see you in the evening.” Jungkook can’t help but linger around even after the moment is over, waiting for Taehyung to ask him to stay, again. But Taehyung is off to dreamland, alone this time and Jungkook just admits a sad defeat. Hoping for something from a person who probably doesn’t even consider him like that—that’s terrible. He stands beside Taehyung and looks at him sleeping for a minute, contemplating whether running his fingers over his cheek would be an extremely gay thing to do but he decides against it and his brain says fuck it. His fingers touch Taehyung’s cheeks, up to his cheekbones and feels the smooth skin that has him captive. He wants to just kiss it and not tell him. He can’t do that.

He swallows a hard pill and gets back on his feet, sighing heavily before he leaves the room. He wants to keep looking at him but he leaves without another glance.




“Jiminie hyung, did you see where my Wii sensor went? Last time I checked it was in the wash cupboard and now it isn’t.” Jungkook says, clearly dishing out a pathetic single bachelor request.

“Then you should’ve taken it out when you saw it then, you lazy asshole. Fuck off, I’m not finding it for you.” Jimin yells from the couch, trying to get the last bits of raspberry jelly out of a glass dish.


Jimin looks a little concerned with how Jungkook’s living room looks at the moment, with a pizza box on one corner, carpet not vacuumed, vessels still unwashed in the kitchen and the boy is searching for a goddamn Wii sensor. He does the bare minimum by taking unwanted trash to the dustbin, placing the glass dish near the sink and opening the fridge for another snack and that’s when he notices three different boxes of ice cream and they all look so expensive.

“Damn, Jungkook-ah. I didn’t know you spoil yourself so much.” He says as he reaches out for the blackcurrant flavored one from inside. Jungkook appears at lightning speed from nowhere and gives him a death glare, almost ordering Jimin to put that box back in.

“Whoa, I never knew you could scare me like that. But seriously, three boxes of ice cream for yourself? Isn’t that too much for a person who probably values his body more than his friends?” Jimin asks, arms crossed, leaning against the kitchen door frame sending smirks towards Jungkook.

“That—is not true. Secondly, those aren’t for me, it’s for Taehyungie hyung.”

Jimin’s smirk intensifies and walks himself towards the couch where Jungkook now sits.

“Then why are they in your freezer, dumbhead?”

“He- He went to a job interview today and he almost had an anxiety attack, you know? It was so goddamn scary, I didn’t know what to do, he looked so scared and I panicked a little bit but I managed it, I think.”

“Why is this piece of information relevant to the ice cream again?” Jimin questions again, like he’s the head of FBI or something and Jungkook feels like this is a trap.

“He wanted ice cream to calm the nerves after the interview so,” Jungkook looks at Jimin, gulping a little.

“Three boxes?!” Jimin starts laughing and hitting Jungkook’s back and he feels a little (read: a lot) confused as to why Jimin’s laughing like a maniac.

“You’re so whipped, oh my god. My baby, congratulations. I knew that he would be the one since the day you moved in and for the record, I’m always right.”

“I fucking knew this would happen. Isn’t Hoseok hyung waiting in his bathrobe to fuck you into oblivion? Yeah, go do that. The only thing that was whipped here was that whipped cream you snorted off the jelly I made for myself.” Jungkook sounds convincing enough for Jimin to believe him and Jimin stops with that.

“You dare talk like that to me? Me who practically raised you? Jeon Jungkook, mark my words, Park Jimin does not false-predict. Besides, I fuck him into oblivion, thank you very much.” Jungkook’s mouth hangs low as Jimin grabs the Wii sensor out of Jungkook’s Iron Man postered umbrella stand on the way out with an evil smirk with a haughty goodbye. The nerve.

Jeon Jungkook is whipped and he himself knows that very well, he doesn’t need Jimin telling him that. It’s like watching ‘Lucy’ for the tenth time and finally understanding the plot—because it’s too complex for a person to understand when watched once. Taehyung’s like that. When Jungkook watched Lucy for the tenth time, it was like his life became clearer, his mornings were brighter and he finally understood what the purpose of life was. Sleeping alongside Taehyung was just another remake of Lucy but not so intense and yet, Taehyung was Lucy himself. Sleeping alongside Taehyung finally made him realize what he’d been missing out on and dug out his repressed feelings for Taehyung in a single day but Taehyung, Jungkook can probably watch him a million times and never fully understand what goes on through his brain, probably never know how he actually feels about Jungkook. It’s a teeny bit sad to think about—to watch a movie a million times, with the sole purpose of understanding it but never being able to.

Jungkook pretends it’s still okay for him to wave excitedly when Taehyung spots him through his window and asks if he wants to come over to watch a basketball match or even watch some cheesy k-drama on the t.v. He pretends it’s okay when he has these hard-hitting sudden feelings over him when the reality is, they’ll probably never be returned.

He silently waves back to Taehyung from his window, hoping this crushing feeling would go away.




“You have to hold up your end of the promise, hyung.” Jungkook smirks after having to celebrate with Taehyung, popping open two cans of beers and eating fried prawns while watching America’s Next Top Model.

Taehyung laughs with his throat, casually sipping his beer, just smiling and not saying anything. He throws another piece of popcorn chicken into the air and catches it with his mouth, then proceeds to smile quite ambitiously. Jungkook looks at him like he’s not amused and holds a serious expression on his small face to which Taehyung just coos out loud.

“Aw Jungkookie, look at you, so fucking cute!” He even reaches out to pinch his cheek but Jungkook moves away.

“Are you going to sleep with me or not?”

“Whoa, man.” Taehyung holds up in his hands in defense. “That’s so blunt, don’t you think?”

Jungkook smiles and says, “Hyung, but you promised me—” but it turns into whining and he steals all the popcorn chicken to himself.

“You’re such a big baby, you know that?” Taehyung takes the popcorn chicken that Jungkook has under his firm grip, picks one from the box and holds it in front of his lips, prodding them open with the little piece of meat between his fingers, and Jungkook stares back at him with eyes wide open, unable to analyze the situation that Kim Taehyung himself created. Taehyung is so close, his nose almost hitting his own, fingers still keeping the distance in between them from joining their lips in holy matrimony. He looks at Jungkook so softly yet hungrily and all Jungkook can do is maintain eye contact with him and gulp loudly. He slowly opens his mouth and Taehyung pops the chicken into it, his fingers lightly touching Jungkook’s tongue in the process and his breath hitches. Taehyung smiles contently after doing that and licks his index finger after retreating back. Jungkook’s literally frozen in his place and Taehyung’s gaze seems a little heavy.

“Hyung never forgets promises, Kookoo. You can come back anytime you like, I’ll leave the window open.” Taehyung just walks off, with a skip in his step, lips tied to the ends with a smile.

“I—uh, hyung?”


“I’ll s-see you later, okay? Don’t wait up for me though.” Jungkook doesn’t even bother to close the door before leaving, he literally runs downstairs like a headless chicken, just trying to comprehend what the hell just happened. By the time he reaches the stairs up to his flat, he’s blinking way too much and smiling like a maniac.

There’s no way that Kim Taehyung is straight.

No straight man in his right mind would ever consider doing what Taehyung just attempted to do and Jungkook takes it as a good sign. Maybe there’s a beacon of light in the hazy fog just for him. Jungkook does the most probable ‘Jungkook’ thing to do and calls Jimin immediately, telling him to bring some popcorn and some detergent liquid (there’s no reason, he just ran out). Jimin laughs at his emergency and tells him that he hasn’t had such a big gay panic since seventh grade and Jungkook cuts off the call before he can say anything with a plain ‘bye’.

Jimin comes in with popcorn and three beers in his hand, the detergent nowhere to be seen. He is partially happy to have him as a friend.

“Hate to rub it in your face, but I fucking told you so, you ass! Who am I kidding? I love rubbing it in your face.” Jimin says while plopping himself down on the couch, an indescribable happiness emanating from his face.

“Why do you love enjoying my misery, hyung?” Jimin sets two beers for himself and hands Jungkook one to which he frowns for a minute and gives up because of the bigger problems in his hand at the moment.

“I have to be drunk enough to hear this shitstory. Now, tell me.”

Jungkook starts at the very beginning, from the time when he thought he had cute, clumsy neighbour just like that one Stony fanfic he read a year ago. He tells him about that time when Taehyung dragged him out at three in the morning to buy ice cream just because he couldn’t sleep and even fed him some. He even tells him about that one time he bought a cactus for Jungkook as a moving in gift that he named ‘Vera’ and slapped him because he didn’t water it for two days in a row. As he keeps telling Jimin about Taehyung and his little exploits of Jungkook’s heart, he feels like he’s going to have to go to the bathroom and look at the mirror and confront himself about falling in love with Taehyung in just five days that feels like a lifetime.

Has Taehyung always been so adorable when he opened Lays packets for Jungkook? Has he always been so cute when he dances around when he’s excited? Has he always been so hung up on a person who’s been living right next to him for more than two months?

Maybe the answer is yes, maybe it’s no.

Jimin watches intently as Jungkook drifts off into his thoughts, his gay awakening story on pause.

“Earth to Jungkook? Hey?”

“Huh, what. It’s nothing.”

“You clearly like him so much, JK. Go ask him out before he changes his mind.” Jimin says, kicking off his shoes and lying back on the couch.

“It’s not that easy, hyung. There’s a huge chance he doesn’t like me that way, you know?”

“You’re fucking dense, you ass. No ‘uninterested’ man would feed his ‘bro’ with so much eye contact and then invite for a cuddle without saying ‘no homo’ at least a hundred times between takes. Just talk this out like an adult, stop being a pussy.”

Jungkook sinks back into his red couch with his lips pulled into a straight line, legs crossed.

“You say it so easily because Hobi hyung practically fell into your arms and it was a huge fairytale for you.”

“You think? That man was a fucking piece of work to handle. It took weeks for him to talk to me. He wouldn’t look me in the face because he was so embarrassed. It took so many dates for me to finally tell him that he needn’t be embarrassed because I thought he was cute. We went out like a month after the incident so don’t even call it a fairytale. You need to put in some effort if you want it to work. Nothing comes on a silver platter, Kook-ah.” Jimin looks laid back as he says it, a hint of concern and love blossoming for Jungkook and Jungkook can’t help but smile a little happily.

“Are you both happy? How’s everything going?”

“Same old. I miss him when he needs to stay back at work sometimes but we’re making it work very well.” Jungkook nods and silence envelops the house for a bit.

“If you like him, everything will work out in the end. Don’t you worry about it.”

Jimin leaves after a kiss on the cheek and a bone crushing hug, the empty beer bottles still lined up on the glass table. Jungkook huffs and cleans up after him, thinking about Jimin’s words that still rings in his head.

After a definite amount of time, his hands fumble around the controller for the telly until he decides it’s pointless pushing his feelings and thoughts till the very end. He thinks about how Taehyung might react if he tells him that he likes him more than what he considers Jungkook to be—more than a friend, more than a neighbour. The most he can get is probably Taehyung moving out within a week and Jungkook thinks he can handle that when clearly not. He gets up on his feet and walks to his bedroom, hesitantly wanting to push open the curtains, open his window and call out to Taehyung and vomit whatever there is in his mind and his heart but instead, he just lies down on his bed and looks at his ceiling.

Was this how Taehyung felt when he couldn’t sleep the other day? Heart pounding, mind restless and eyes flickering open and close? His ceiling has glowing stick-on stars that he eyes constantly, counting how many the previous owner had stuck before growing out of it, eventually. He can hear his heart ringing in his ears and he will tell you that it isn’t a pleasant feeling. There’s a feeling at the pit of your stomach that will prick you and tumble you over until you do what your mind tells you to and Jungkook has been fighting off that feeling for a long time now.

He really shouldn’t tell Taehyung.

Before he knows it, he’s taking his phone off his charger and rolling it in his hands and switching it on until it casts a glow on his face in the dark. The passcode goes in easily and he’s hovering his thumb over Taehyung’s message thread, contemplating what this would do to his life if this does go right. He just waits for his heart to send an ‘OK’ back to his brain, but it doesn’t. It just does not feel right telling Taehyung all of this, at least at this moment. He holds on to the hope that he’ll be courageous enough to come in terms with, whatever this was.


i’m sorry hyung, can’t make it back

tummy issues

sleep well

goodnight :)


taetae >.<




take care, kook

i’m sorry if i made you uncomfy

sleep toght


goodnight, love



[22:27] Seen




Three days later, Taehyung gets a phone call at the most unexpected hour—at six in the morning. His ringtone of Yuri On Ice!! opening song blares into a quiet morning and he feels like he wants to jump off a godforsaken cliff with no return.

“I’ll cut off their balls and their dick and their fucking ton—oh. The fuck?” He rubs his eyes so that he can read the Caller ID properly and that’s when it hit him that Serolite’s official number was saved as ‘Possible job !!!’ and he shuffles off his bed to attend the call as soon as possible, his eyes wide open and breathing sped up.


“Uh, this is Hoseok, I’m so sorry, I definitely woke you up, I’m sorry.” Hoseok apologizes with a really soft tone and Taehyung feels sorry for him.

“I just wanted to share the results as soon as it came, I hope you don’t mind, Taehyung-ssi.”

“Oh my god, please tell me I got the job, please please please—” Taehyung mutters into the phone like a prayer and he hears Hoseok laugh from the other end.

“Why in the world would I be calling at ass o’ clock then! You got the job, Taehyung-ssi, full-time, 40,000 won over the monthly salary you expected with employee perks and your position will be secure after observation for six months! Welcome to Serolite.” Taehyung throws himself onto the bed after hearing that with a squeak, a tear almost leaving his left eye. He moves his limbs around frantically to celebrate and almost forgets that Hoseok is still on the other line.

“I’m just so happy, can you tell, Hoseok-ssi?”

“Yes, definitely! You’ll be starting from Monday onwards, I’ll give you all the details once you come here next week, okay? Have fun celebrating! Buh-bye and sorry for waking you up again.”

Taehyung can’t help but smile and he can’t really sleep after that. He thinks about waking Jungkook up but he peeps outside and the lights are off and the sun is just about to come up, he’d be mad if he ever saw the sun rise. He smiles his way back into the bed, wrapping the comforter over his enthusiastic self and thinks about the infinite amount of stuff he could do with so much money, his head spins just thinking about all of it and being happy.

He could easily pay off the rent and have enough for the rest of the month while having to work for something he actually cares about. His happiness at the moment was incomparable.

“Kookie, I got the job!” is the first thing that Taehyung tells him after nine a.m. It’s a Sunday and the vehicles in front of their apartment don’t seem to be making whirring noises anymore. Taehyung brings Jungkook home to tell him the good news and make him stay for a while for the amazing coffee he’s learned to make back from when he used to work at the bakery.

“Hyung, I look ugly and I don’t even drink coffee. I thought you knew that.” Jungkook says after eyeing the little coffee that’s spilled on the counter and then looking up to meet Taehyung’s radiant face.

“Guess what.”


“Drink the damn coffee, now. We’re going out.”

“Out?” Jungkook watches as Taehyung hurriedly grabs a towel that was haphazardly strewn on the sofa and slings it on his shoulder and walking back and forth, not knowing how to contain his excitement.

“My treat. Wherever you want to go. Just name it.” Jungkook’s eyebrow rises in interest, he walks closer towards Taehyung and looks at him intently only to begin shaking him by the shoulder violently.

“Where’s my hyung and what have you done to him?!” Taehyung laughs under his grip, bringing his fingers nimbly to Jungkook’s sides to attack him with tickles to render him completely defenseless. Jungkook ends up doubling over in laughter, falling into Taehyung’s chest multiple times but after one specific spot, he finds himself completely in Taehyung’s arms; the boy’s completely hugging him, holding him by his waist and slowly sniffing into his neck.

“I—Kookie. You just m-make me so happy, you know?” Taehyung says as he hugs Jungkook with a tighter grip, his hands over his neck, chin planted deep into his shoulder. Taehyung feels like he could almost cry. This is the closest he’s ever been to experience what he classifies “intense affection” or even “love.” He doesn’t know how to put it in his head, everything is hard when it comes to Jeon Jungkook. Taehyung feels like Jeon Jungkook could be the only dork in the world that he would love.

He hasn’t experienced love enough to know what it is. Not to pull some traumatic childhood up, but Taehyung felt deprived of his parents’ love ever since he was child especially after he was sent to boarding school to study and later to college away from Daegu. He knows his parents only through his bank account and occasional Christmas exchanges. He doesn’t have that many friends to begin with, only Namjoon, Yoongi and Seokjin from the bakery, whom he doesn’t wish to burden with his current problems. Until Jeon Jungkook came along, Taehyung hadn’t known what a real friendship felt like. As corny as that sounds, Taehyung considers Jungkook as someone who would make him happy no matter what. Someone who makes him happy, buys him ice cream even if it’s on a whim, someone who helps him sleep at night, someone who not-so-desperately wants to be a part of Taehyung’s life—that’s Jungkook to him. He wants to believe that it’s a concept of “love”—the feeling when you don’t want a person to leave you at 11:45 in the night even if you’re just going to sleep anyways.

Taehyung doesn’t want Jungkook to leave, he always wants him to stay.

Jungkook senses the crack in Taehyung’s voice and rubs his back in consolation, his hands touching Taehyung like fragile porcelain. “I know, you always deserve to be happy. I’m just helping you be that.” He whispers back into Taehyung’s ear, making him shed a tiny tear into Jungkook’s t-shirt, barely noticeable.

“Th-thank you. For everything. I owe you one.” Taehyung pulls back even though he wants to hold on to the feeling of being in his arms forever and sniffles his nose.

“Aw, was hyungie crying?” Jungkook smiles in front of him again and Taehyung can’t help but stutter out an embarrassed ‘no’ before rushing into the bathroom for a shower.

“Where are we going?” Jungkook shouts loud enough that Taehyung can hear it from the bathroom.

“Fine, since you’re perfectly incapable of knowing where you like to go, choose one. Amusement park or the theatre?” Taehyung’s voice is muffled coming from the bathroom.

“Oh my god, can we go to that fair that opened up in Yongsan? They have rides and everything, it’ll be amazing!”

“Okay, we’re leaving in an hour.”




“Why the fuck did you think it was a good thing to come to the fair at midday, hyung?” Jungkook asks with a grumpy face, teeth clenched, wanting to tear off his black t-shirt under the scorching heart. His mouth idly chews on a piece of gum that he forced Taehyung to buy after a lot of arguments.

“Not my fault if I wanted to spend more time with you, asshole.” Taehyung brings a grim expression onto his face as he wipes off a bead of sweat off his forehead before flicking it onto Jungkook who shimmies away in disgust.

“Actually it is. I say we might as well get on some roller-coasters to make use of that irretrievable money you just spent.”

“You can go if you want, I’m scared of roller-coasters, Kook-ah,” Taehyung says, retiring to a bench nearby and stretching his legs and smiling chubbily at Jungkook.


Jungkook convinces Taehyung somehow, bribing him with two ice creams and telling him it’s time he got rid of his irrational fear of roller-coasters.

(“You’re scared of onions! That’s an irrational fear, this is completely understandable.” Taehyung had argued to which Jungkook just dragged him to the ticketing booth with no counter-attack.)

“If you love me heaving my guts out on you, you should’ve just told me, Jungkook-ah.” Taehyung clamps his hands together, sweaty and red and bounces on his feet impatiently, wanting to run away from the counter once Jungkook wasn’t looking. But the little shit kept his eye on him throughout and Taehyung couldn’t help but just shut his eyes and board the roller-coaster with his heart pounding relentlessly. Jungkook sits right next to him and he manages to look at Taehyung with a relaxed face and a huge ass smile when Taehyung was panicking, inside and outside. Once the ride attendant secures the lock, Taehyung knows he’s going to be over. He says a goodbye and a prayer, thinking about the new Charmander plushie that he bought on bargain.

His entire face burns and he’s probably as red as an apple right now, he turns to his left to look at Jungkook one last time before his unofficial death. He seems to be more hyped than the queue at Apple Store before a new release. The alarm sounds and the roller-coaster starts moving slowly while everyone behind and in front of him start ‘woo’ing collectively, including Jungkook. The first structure is a slant, which the cars approach slowly, and begin to climb the rails. The sun is hitting Taehyung’s face and he’s restless now. All he wants to do is get the belt off his chest and run away but then Jungkook looks at him with such an intense smile that it throws him off track. At about three fourth of the height of the slant, Taehyung screams into Jungkook’s ears saying, “I’m going to die!”

“No, you’re not! This is the best part, trust me.” Taehyung shuts his eyes and he feels Jungkook’s hand slither onto his and hold it with a crushing grip.

“Here we go!” The roller-coaster goes down with a great speed, and Taehyung almost gets the wind knocked out of him as he approaches the wind with a flourish, hand gripping Jungkook’s with so much force that he’s practically cut off his blood supply at this point. The roller-coaster goes quickly around a loop and Taehyung just wants to say he’s not a big fan of hanging upside down. He thinks it’s easier if he’s just screaming along with the others so he does, throwing his vocals cords into the air. Jungkook looks like he’s experiencing nirvana throughout the ride as it approaches another minor slope and goes over it quickly, Taehyung’s hair sticking up in every direction, the wind styling it for him.

They go for a ride around the course towards the end and the roller-coaster comes to a halt slowly, bringing them both to the same place they began from. Jungkook looks at Taehyung as the attendant helps them take off the safety belt with an incredible smile and Taehyung just forces out a toothy smile which Jungkook doesn’t disapprove of.

After getting off the ride and after a lot of unspoken words, Taehyung tells Jungkook, “It wasn’t that bad besides the fact that my beanie almost flew off and my hairline receded a bit because of the wind.” Jungkook starts laughing and Taehyung finds it so endearing that he can make him laugh.

“You wanna let go of my hand now?” Jungkook asks, looking at their linked hands, Taehyung’s still a little pale and shivering from the adrenaline. He probably thinks of Taehyung as a desperate homo creep at this point but it’s Taehyung’s wellbeing at stake, goddamnit. The fact that he asks with such a gentle yet cocky smile makes Taehyung’s sing volumes and honestly, he can’t take how fucking perfect Jungkook is.

“Actually, I don’t want to.”

“Yeah?” Jungkook looks pleased with himself, that little shit.

“Hmph, I just wanna hold hands, I can always find someone else if you don’t like it, Jungkookie—”

“Fine, fine. Gosh. Drama queen.” Now it’s Taehyung’s time to be pleased with himself.

Taehyung buys both of them some cotton candy under the sticky heat—pink for Jungkook and green for himself, stuffing his face with the sugar as soon as he gets it from the vendor. Jungkook feeds some to Taehyung with a stupid excuse of “It was a different flavor, hyung!” and Taehyung just takes it anyway, only because he’s enamored and Jungkook can get away with anything when it comes to Taehyung.

They go on a couple more rides, one which went spinning while suspended in the air and another which completely flipped over its riders. The latter also helped flip out Taehyung’s entire tummy in one go, Jungkook rubbing his back to make the process easier.

Taehyung suggests they end this with the Ferris Wheel that overlooks the entire fair and the area as well, convincing Jungkook that it’ll end the day, now in the evening, properly. Jungkook doesn’t disagree.

They both get one carriage after waiting in the queue for about fifteen minutes and Taehyung huffs as he gets in with Jungkook. The wheel takes off, slowly showing off the entire fair, now beginning to be illuminated in the evening light, sky a yellowy blue above the glass carriage. Jungkook relaxes in the seat, hoping Taehyung would say something that would initiate the conversation that was waiting to happen.

“Hyungie, thank you for today.” He starts off instead.

“That’s no problem, you had it coming anyway.” Taehyung explains he had this ‘treat’ coming because he helped him get the job in the first place and Jungkook’s face loosens a bit.

“I haven’t had so much fun in so many months, I’m thankful I brought you here with me. I—I really mean what I said earlier. You make me so happy, Jungkook.” Taehyung cleans his cuticles as he says that, not wanting to see what kind of effect those words have on Jungkook.

“I’m glad.” is all he says with a sigh. Maybe Taehyung is right, there’s no point hoping for more, he should probably nip whatever he’s feeling in the bud, but he doesn’t want to. He feels like he has to spill everything in his heart before breaking it right in front of Jungkook. The feeling of keeping something that unbearable within one’s heart is so painful, more so when someone you love will get hurt.

“Jungkook, I just want to tell you something I’ve been holding on to for a long time now and, it’s just so stressful, ugh.” Taehyung’s heart feels like it’s gonna jump out any minute, but there’s nowhere to run after he’s chosen to spill everything here.

“Hey, it’s okay, you can tell me anything, hyung.” The look on Jungkook’s face is laced with confusion and genuine care and Taehyung feels like he’s going to betray Jungkook’s trust on him as a friend.

“I—” His words are cut short by the sound of his ringtone that breaks the tension in the little bubble of the carriage and prompts Taehyung to pick up his phone and look at it with a sigh. Jungkook’s face breaks into a panic in those two seconds that he takes his phone out and Taehyung looks at the caller ID of Serolite again.

“It’s my job.” He announces and Jungkook nods.

It was a brief phone call, telling him to bring certain things before he comes to work the next day morning, how to dress and proper etiquette and such, Jungkook still looked nervous from what Taehyung looked from the corner of his eye. Their compartment reaches the peak of the circle, giving a full view of the evening sky and an aerial view of the fair as a whole and some nearby skyscrapers. Jungkook reaches out for Taehyung’s hand for the second time in the day without a word and Taehyung looks at him with panic but calmness, something he thought would never come as a combination until now. He grasps his palm tightly under his grip as their carriage begins to descend slowly now, so many unspoken words hanging in the warm, summer air.

On the way home, Jungkook buys a tiny Wobbuffet figurine for Taehyung to add to his existing showcase.

Jungkook drops off Taehyung in his apartment but Taehyung still hangs by the open door, waiting for him to say something before he leaves. He stares at the edge of his shoes aabashedly, to which Jungkook just blinks.

“Come inside.” A simple welcome.

Jungkook’s already kicking off his shoes and lounging his feet on the cool marble tiles, grunting as soon as the coldness gets to him.

“You want some dinner? I’ll make some.” Taehyung wishes that Jungkook had forgotten about what he wanted to say earlier and he was going to do his best to distract his mind from it.

“Just some tea if you can. Thanks, hyung.”

Tea is served hot and Taehyung learns for the first time that Jungkook prefers holding his cups in his left rather than his right, it makes him curious.

“You ambidextrous?”

“What? No, I wish I was that talented. If you’re asking about the cup, it’s a habit that I developed when I was younger.” Taehyung nods and both of them sip the tea in unison.

“About what you were going to say earlie—”

“Love Stage!! or Owari No Seraph?” The unprompted anime session or what was Taehyung’s excuse to make Jungkook stay had begun. If he was so good at dodging, he should consider joining the rugby team nearby.

“You’re literally asking me soft gays or hard gays.” Jungkook starts laughing and Taehyung plugs in Love Stage!! no matter what Jungkook had chosen. The seventh episode starts playing and Taehyung claims it’s his favorite since it’s their first kiss. The couch feels warmer when Jungkook scoots closer towards Taehyung, trying to steal the shawl that was Taehyung’s protective covering. Both their legs are on the couch and Taehyung swears that Jungkook was trying to have a toe pinky fight with him but that was when Jungkook moved in closer until there was practically no space between them.

Taehyung welcomes the added body heat he’s longed for all this while and gives a little bit of the shawl to Jungkook, as they both watch Izumi’s awkward ways to deal with his crush on Ryouma. Taehyung slants his head a bit so that it’s touching Jungkook’s shoulder lightly and Jungkook notices it right away, considering how he flinches at contact.

“You can sleep on my shoulder if you want, hyung. I’ll wake you up when it’s over.” Jungkook says, gaining his attention.

“I wanna sleep on your lap.” He watches as Jungkook sucks in a breath and nods anyway, making space for him to lie down on his lap.

If Jeon Jungkook still can’t take the hint that Kim Taehyung is so in love with him, he will jump.

He nestles his head into the flesh of his thigh, and angles himself so that he can watch the telly directly. Inside, Taehyung’s burning everywhere; outside, he’s watching anime—the very concept of Taehyung’s life was based on this.

After twenty one minutes, thirty two seconds, almost at the end of the episode, Taehyung’s fast asleep on Jungkook’s lap. Obviously, Jungkook can’t possibly wake up someone who’s sleeping in their own bed for good measure, let alone his own lap.

If there’s a term for “every feeling felt at once,” that would describe Jungkook so well at the moment. Taehyung’s hair is a platinum blonde, something that Jungkook thinks fits him more than any other people he’s seen it on and the strands are unconditioned, something he completely expects from Taehyung. He still wants to feel them under his fingertips, run his hands through them and pat Taehyung’s head everyday till he sleeps. Something in him makes him so scared to even touch but there’s another something that tells him he’s got everything to lose but in a good way.

He looks at him with adoration, noticing his little mole on the back of his neck that can only be seen if his hair is parted at the back and the freckles that he’s not seen before. If he’s got all to lose, then so be it. Jungkook cards his fingers through Taehyung’s hair slowly, wanting to know if it’ll cause any reaction from him but the boy sleeps like a dormant volcano. The strands are so soft unlike how they look and Jungkook’s fingers easily slip through them. The pads of his fingers rub his scalp affectionately and Taehyung groans a little in his sleep. Maybe he likes it, or maybe he just doesn’t wanna be disturbed. He runs his fingers over and over the blonde strands of hair until he begins talking.

“Hyung, I know you aren’t sleeping.” He giggles and says it softly. The response isn’t immediate but Taehyung twists around so that he’s face to face with Jungkook now, eyes lidded yet energetic.

“Look at this, Jeon Jungkook being an expert with Kim Taehyung.” They both laugh a little and get lost in just looking at each other for almost five seconds.

“Why do I make you happy, Taehyungie?”

“You should be the one answering that, Kookie.” Jungkook snorts.

“I’ve been asking myself, hyung. Trust me.” That goes with no comment.

“You were going to say something important on the Ferris Wheel, but now you’re just scared, aren’t you?”

“Scared, not so much. Terrified, yes.”

“I just want you to know that—” Jungkook pauses and takes Taehyung’s hands from the folds of the shawl and holds it tight.

“You’re making me happy too and I want you to stay that way forever, you get it? If you think telling me whatever it is will make you feel lighter, do it. Otherwise, we’re good. We’re always good.” Jungkook says and Taehyung just closes his eyes and breathes out with a smile.

“I wanna like ask you real subtly but I don’t know how to put it. Not to offend you or anything but, please tell me you’re gay.” Taehyung laughs nervously and the expression on Jungkook’s face literally morphs from nervous to a huge smile like it was a huge joke.

“Oh my god!” Jungkook’s hysterically laughing now and Taehyung’s so confused.

“Do I not give off enough gay vibes?!” Jungkook chortles and Taehyung gets off his lap instantly and looks at him with a shock.

“Dude, you were like the straightest person I’ve ever known until two seconds ago. I’m just so—wow. Wow, this is too much information for me to process. Fuck.”

Jungkook laughs harder as Taehyung looks so baffled and his mouth hangs open.

“Is this what you were going to say earlier? Because damn, hyung.”

“Shut up. I’m thinking.”

“About what?”

“Whether it’s a good idea kissing your stupid face now or not.”

“Get over here right now, if you stay this far away from me any longer, I will set myself aflame.”

Taehyung gladly crawls over next to Jungkook and cups his face in a sweet embrace and tests the waters with a soft peck on his lips first. Jungkook looks into Taehyung like he’s the beginning and the end of his universe at the moment and he can’t help but feel a little zoo at the pit of his stomach.

“Kiss me, hyungie.” Jungkook is actually a visual representation of the pouty face emoji at the moment and Taehyung just squishes his face under his palms and collectively mutters ‘the cutest’ under his breath.

“If you don’t right now, I’ll do it.”

“Fine, you big baby.” Taehyung attempts to roll his eyes but he’s already pulled in for a kiss with wet lips and a warm mouth. Jungkook kisses sloppily, he always wants something to hold onto so this time he holds onto Taehyung’s neck, bringing him closer and closer to him every time his breath hitches a little. Taehyung on the other hand, is the one who wants it slow and passionate. Jungkook ends up agreeing to Taehyung’s demands and allows him to savour his lips by running his tongue over and over, sucking and nipping a little on the way.

“When—uh,” lick, “ did you know you—” bite, “ you liked me?”

Taehyung pulls back in time to look at Jungkook when he says, “When you moved in and I saw you with your stupid Iron Man posters, I knew I was going to end up doing something stupid with such a straight boy like you.” Taehyung mocks himself and Jungkook just kisses him a little bit more after that.

“Admit it, no straight guy kisses so exceptionally well.”

“Yeah, I’m convinced your dick spews rainbows now.”

Jungkook puts his head on Taehyung’s shoulder and breathes out loud. “Wasn’t ‘You make me happy’ code for ‘I’m so gay for you’? Like, at first, I was all like ‘it can’t be true’ and all that but that fucking popcorn incident, yep. I became a believer.” Jungkook cackles and Taehyung playfully hits his forehead to which he kisses his shoulder in return.

“I’m like the gayest person alive. Please don’t even try bringing up some ‘I thought you were straight’ bullshit with me, it’s automatically invalid.”


“So all the hand-holding? Explainable?”

“Hey! I thought you wouldn’t be so dumb and you would pick up was I was putting down.” Jungkook throws his head back and laughs after he says that, and Taehyung gets on top of him and attacks his waist repeatedly until Jungkook making him stop putting another kiss for him on the line, slotting lips instantly like they were already long-lost lovers.

“I—had a big gay panic everytime you did anything to me. It was just unbelievable, I have never nagged Jimin with my life problems so much. Poor guy must’ve spent more money on me, buying cereal and nutrition bars more than he’s spent on his own boyfriend.”

“Why is this so funny, oh my god. At least, it’s good to know that I wasn’t the only one suffering.”




“Last time we did this,” Jungkook began.

“I was awake for all of it. I think I low-key wanted it to happen.” Taehyung smiles abashedly, keeping his head under the blanket.

“Aw, now who’s the big baby?”

“You’re always the big baby, shut up.” Taehyung snuggles in further and puts his forehead to Jungkook’s, who’s looking at him with bright brown eyes even in the dark and an unsaid smile.

“You’re the best gay neighbour ever. Like ever, ever, ever.” Jungkook just laughs at that and fits closer into Taehyung’s frame before muttering a “you too” into his collarbone.

Their legs entangle under the sheets, Taehyung’s snugly fitting into the crevices of Jungkook’s, body temperature licking up their chests and backs with something so warm that blooms only once in a while. Taehyung kisses the top of Jungkook’s head and nuzzles his nose into his locks and Jungkook can’t help but smile a little when Taehyung kisses his ear not so subtly and then pulls him closer.

“I can’t sleep, not when you’re next to me.”

“Worked pretty well last if you ask me, unless—you were faking it!” Jungkook accuses him with a laugh and Taehyung jabs him in the chest a little, pulling his back towards his chest.

“Always a brat.”

“Your brat.”

“Shut up, oh god.”

“I meant, you’re just so—wow. I can’t like sleep with you next to me, this is a lifetime opportunity.” Jungkook grabs him by the jaw and hauls him in for a short kiss, one that left him breathless nonetheless. He links their hands together and he proceeds to kiss his fingertips slowly, he can almost feel Taehyung’s heartbeat rise to a higher tempo, his breath hitching every now and then.

“You’re saying you wanna make use of this lifetime opportunity, hyungie?” Jungkook kisses the mole beneath Taehyung’s nose as he says it, his skin feels like it’s on fire as he sets his hands on Taehyung’s biceps and continues kissing from his nose to up his cheekbones and then nibbles on his ear.

“Just say yes and then we can sleep peacefully, knowing that you have taken advantage of it.” He whispers into his ear and Taehyung moans a little as Jungkook takes control of the reins and sucks his earlobe with such lewd noises.

“Say yes, baby.” He wraps his teeth around the cartilage and tugs on it a little as he says it with a growl, making Taehyung almost sport a semi under the blanket. Taehyung moans collectively, shifting his grip from Jungkook’s back to his neck as he helps himself get up and face Jungkook properly in the low light.

“Was that moan a yes? Does my hyungie want this so much, so much that he can’t even answer with words?” Jungkook pins Taehyung to his headboard, locking him with his arms on both sides and stares at him lecherously, looking at him like he’s about to eat him up alive if he doesn’t answer.

“Y-yes. Hyung wants it so bad.” Taehyung repeats Jungkook’s words, mind hazed with sex now. Jungkook sports a smirk and presses his lips on Taehyung’s without another word, wrapping his arm around his neck as he kisses him with so much pent up sexual frustration that Taehyung loses it for a minute, pushing Jungkook down back down onto the bed for a breather.

“Whoa, calm down there, tiger. Don’t you want hyung to have you? And I say, we take it slow.” Jungkook pouts again and skirts a trademark Jungkook look that makes Taehyung do anything for him, but Taehyung stares back at him defiantly, with a loud smirk now painting on his face. He towers over Jungkook who is lying down on the bed, arms splayed and hungrily watching Taehyung—waiting for him to make the right move.

“I just want my hyung to fuck me hard and have me crawling on the floor tomorrow. Is that considered slow, Taehyungie?” Taehyung looks up to his ceiling and smiles like he’s thanking his stars for what’s happening at the moment and Jungkook’s pulling Taehyung by his shirt onto himself. Taehyung only goes in with a lusty gaze, lips latching onto Jungkook’s neck immediately, making him squirm as Taehyung licks over a sensitive spot and then bites on it when he sees the response from him. Jungkook wraps his legs around Taehyung’s hips in a hurry to keep him from shaking as Taehyung continues to smile into every kiss and every bite that he spares into Jungkook’s neck with no mercy.

“That’s pretty slow, baby. It’s so cute that you’re sensitive right below,” Taehyung licks right under his Adam’s apple that keeps bobbing as he gasps for air, sucking on it multiple times now. “Here.” Jungkook moans when Taehyung presses a finger into his Adam’s apple, increasing the pressure, watching Jungkook’s eyes dilate deliciously under the firm grip.

“You love it when I choke you, baby? That’s so nasty, Jungkookie. Tell hyung where else you’re sensitive, I wanna make you feel good.” Jungkook opens his mouth to answer but Taehyung wraps his hands around his neck and makes sure that there’s enough pressure on his windpipe to have him moaning. Jungkook throws his head back and gulps hard, Taehyung feeling his every moan and gasp.

“Oh what, you won’t tell me? Bad Jungkookie.” A hard slap lands on Jungkook’s thigh making him wiggle his hips in pleasure, whining relentlessly once Taehyung loses his grip on his neck.

“Thighs?” Jungkook nods lightly and Taehyung smirks.

“Take your pants off, baby. Show hyung how beautiful you are.” Jungkook doesn’t mean to disobey but he’s really tempted to do so, he wants to see what a mad Taehyung would do, his hands shiver as he wraps his hand around his own aching erection over the cloth and rubs like a beginner. Taehyung looks amused when Jungkook doesn’t say a word, his eyes speaks volumes about him, even when he does that. Taehyung slaps his hand away from his clothed erection and stares him down with a piercing gaze that has Jungkook whining incessantly.

“You want your hyungie to have you like this, like a disobedient brat?”

“No, hyung.” Jungkook spills when Taehyung kisses his hipbone in the process of “scolding” him, lips tracing along the sharp turns and curves along his v-line. “Then stop being so difficult, baby.” He breathes as he pulls his pants along with his boxers down till it’s pulled down to his ankles, wrapped loosely around Taehyung’s waist. He kisses the slopes of skin without any words as Jungkook ruffles his hand into Taehyung’s hair when he licks over a particular spot.

“Mhm, you’re so beautiful, Jungkookie.”

He kisses beneath the exposed area, travelling south, nuzzling his nose into the trimmed pubic hair at the base and inhaling a little before going for the kill. Jungkook humps the air impatiently, making Taehyung snicker while he’s at work.

“Patience is a very good virtue, baby. Your hyung likes it so much.” Taehyung begins licking his balls, one at a time and it drives Jungkook crazy as he bites his tongue and seethes through his teeth everytime Taehyung looks up to Jungkook with a smirk.

“Hyung, please. Please—” Jungkook’s begging is cut off when Taehyung runs his tongue along his hard length, pressing into every vein and slicking it when enough of saliva. He does it again, holding down Jungkook by his hips, his hands feeling large in front of his small waist; easy to hold, easy to grasp.

“Don’t get impatient now, baby.” Taehyung bites into the sensitive skin of Jungkook’s thighs, so close to his hole. The skin turns red with a little bite mark and he doesn’t look satisfied with it so he goes at it again, alternating between sucking and licking the smooth skin over there, making Jungkook moan louder and louder in pleasure. The bruise forms slowly and Taehyung looks at it with satisfaction, Jungkook already worked up with only this.

“So pretty, just like you.”

“Hyung please, please. Please just—”

“Use your words, Jungkookie.”

“I- I want you to please—suck me off and fuck me after that. Please, hyungie.” Jungkook begs, hiding his face under his palms in embarrassment.

“Would you look at that dirty, filthy mouth. I’ll do that but on one condition.”


“Be fucking loud for me, baby.”

Jungkook groans and Taehyung gets to work, only kissing the head of his dick in the beginning and then licking but he swallows his length wholly, making Jungkook gasp loudly. The tip hits the back of Taehyung’s throat making him gag but he does it happily, hollowing out his cheeks as he sucks him, head bobbing as Jungkook’s fingers tighten on his roots and head’s thrown back in pleasure.

“Good boy,” Taehyung says as Jungkook whines loudly when Taehyung removes his mouth off and jerks him off slowly till he’s leaking precum.

“You ready, Jungkookie? Cum whenever you want, okay?” Taehyung discards his pants and pumps his erect and leaking cock a little and bends over to his nightstand to retrieve some lube and a transparent condom. He places the condom and drizzles the lube around his fingers and slathers some over Jungkook’s clenching hole.


“Yes, baby?”

“I- I think I love you.” Taehyung smiles knowingly, a raw expression flooding Jungkook’s eyes and he reaches over to him and kisses him one more time before he pushes one finger into his tight asshole and Jungkook groans loudly, the sound bouncing off the walls, hands holding onto Taehyung’s biceps tightly.

“I love you too, Jungkookie. You’re so beautiful, look at you, taking two of my fingers so well.” He pushes his ring finger into the heat, wet with the lube, dripping onto the sheets and Jungkook arches his back onto the bed.

“Hyung, one more.” He says airily, forehead covered in sweat and eyes closed in bliss.

“Good boy.” Taehyung gladly gives his index finger, inserting it into the cavern and Jungkook starts laughing all of a sudden.

“A- And here I was thinking about how you might be straight, two days ago—” Taehyung cuts him off with a louder snicker, rolling on the condom with ease and pressing his length into his hole, cutting off Jungkook’s air supply. His cock slides in easily, he pushes in slowly until he’s completely inside of Jungkook, waiting for him to move.

“H- here you are almost going to fuck my brains out.” He completes and Taehyung playfully hits his ass. Jungkook exhales a little and then nods, telling him it’s okay for him to move.

He goes slowly at first, strokes gentle and patient, hoping Jungkook would adjust quickly and then he picks up the pace. He rises Jungkook by the hip for him to angle up better and thrust faster and Jungkook isn’t even trying to be quiet anymore, his high pitched whines echo throughout the room along with the bed creaking a little.

“Love it when you’re loud, good boy.”

“Faster, hyung, I’m gonna cum!” Jungkook breaths are so loud, he reaches for Taehyung’s hand somewhere in the middle and he holds on tight as Taehyung fucks him into his sweet spot again and again until Jungkook squirming in pleasure and his pent up tension loses. He comes all over his stomach, white ropes wetting his t-shirt, darkening the material and his erratic breathing comes to a gradual decrease as Taehyung comes a little later after him with a loud moan. He ties off the condom and throws it off into the trash and looks back at Jungkook.

“Enough or?”

“Yeah, you’re pretty gay.” Jungkook laughs and tosses off his soiled shirt and puts his boxers back on before snuggling into Taehyung’s tired but welcoming arms on his bed.

“That was amazing, holy shit. You almost never told me you had a kink for calling me hyung so many times,” Taehyung says sarcastically, to which Jungkook rolls his eyes yet kisses him on the chin.

A little while passes, just Taehyung shutting his eyes and embracing Jungkook on his arms, comfortably spread on his bed and breathing softly. He fulfils the urge of wanting to kiss the little mole on Jungkook’s chin ever since he saw it last time they did it.

“There you go, one promise for you.” Taehyung says into Jungkook’s hair.

“And also, just so you know, ‘You make me happy’ is a code but really, Jungkookie. You make me the happiest and I want to buy you all the banana milk in the world even if it’s impossible, if it’ll make you happy. I just realized that you mean a lot to me.”

Jungkook just lowers his head abashedly and smiles.

“You make me happier.”




“Taehyung, meet Hoseok, my boyfriend! He came by to wish you luck on your first day.”

“What—the fuck.”

“Taehyung-ssi! Well, I guess there won’t be any need for that now. Please take care of our Jungkookie well.”

“I’m just so, confused?”

“Hoseok-ssi is the one who interviewed me and now we’re going to be working together! How fucking awesome.”

“Oh, wow. Small world, after all.”




“Hey Jungkookie, leave your window open. I’m going to try and climb in for the first time.”

“Suddenly, you’re not scared of falling off in between.”

“Roller-coaster theory. Just hold my hand and I’ll be fine.”




“It’s been nine months since we started dating and you still say ‘You are gay?’ in your dreams sometimes, it’s so scary, hyung.”

“Guess I’ll never get over it. I mean you practically use Brylcream sometimes, what am I supposed to think? It’s the straightest thing you do.”




“Hey, you’re the new neighbour, right?” Taehyung huffs as he finally caught up with the guy, dressed in all black.

“That is me! Good to see you again, Taehyung-ssi.” The guy (Jungkook?) smiles with his eyes, it looks genuine enough for Taehyung to heave loudly.

“Don’t mind me, I’m loud like this. Anyway, I got you a little something for moving in.” Taehyung retrieves a neatly packed plastic box that has a cute cactus in it, small and perfect for a person like Jungkook. Again, he can tell this guy is already creeped out by Taehyung judging by the looks that he’s giving, skirting between the plant and him.

“That’s—that’s so nice of you, Taehyung-ssi. Thank you so much.” He hands the box over to him and Jungkook smiles brightly.

“Yeah so, normal soil would be fine but one with some nutrients will be better since it’s more water absorbing. Water it about once in ten days and leave it near a window if possible. That’s all.”

“Is this in regrettance of being clumsy earlier?” Jungkook carefully puts the box inside his bag and looks at Taehyung who’s gaping like a fish.

“Well, maybe. Who knows? Guess I’ll see you later, neighbour.” Taehyung’s already jumping on his feet and Jungkook is endeared by his presence.

“A better introduction would be nice. I’m Jeon Jungkook, current owner of Vera the Cactus.” He extends his hand and Taehyung only looks at the realness in Jungkook’s eyes, glimmering with a hint of mischief.

“I’m Kim Taehyung, current neighbour of Jeon Jungkook, owner of Vera the Cactus.”

“I can tell we’re going to be great fucking neighbours, Jungkookie.” Taehyung smirks, arising his eyebrow playfully to which Jungkook shows his teeth with all his heart and smiles back harder.

“Same here, Taehyungie.”