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Purely Coincidental

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Yuuri exited the elevator once it reached the third floor and nervously pulled his cellphone from the side pocket of his backpack for the umpteenth time to ensure that he knew what room number he was searching for.

Room 315

A quick glance to his left revealed that the room nearest to the elevators was room 312 and the room numbers seemed to be decreasing going down the hallway.

Huh, my classroom must be to the right then…

Fully aware of his propensity to get lost looking for his classes on the first day of a new semester—although if Yuuri is being honest with himself it would likely take at least a few weeks before he would be able to navigate his class schedule without needing to double-check his phone to remember the room numbers—Yuuri was relieved that his Abnormal Psychology lecture had ended early and given him more than enough time to find his next class, even if he did get lost.

There were considerably fewer rooms on this side of the building, two of which being equipment storage rooms, and Yuuri soon found himself standing in front of a small classroom with a number plate beside the door that read “315”.

Since finding this classroom had proved to be easier than Yuuri had anticipated, he glanced into the classroom and was not surprised to see that there were only three people in the room, one of which was considerably older and Yuuri assumed to be the instructor, given how early to class he was.

“Are you here for BIS 256?” The instructor asked suddenly with more enthusiasm than Yuuri was expecting, causing him to jump slightly.

Yuuri walked further into the classroom as he nodded silently before setting his backpack on a desk in the corner of the room, as close to both the back of the class and the door as possible.

“Well, welcome in! We still have a few minutes before class starts and it’s the first day, so I’m sure we’ll have a few stragglers coming in a little late, but we should be getting started soon!”
The instructor replied as he used his phone’s Bluetooth to connect to the speakers in the back of the room and turn on reggae music to help fill the awkward silence of the nearly empty classroom.

Yuuri pulled his phone from the pocket of his backpack and saw that he had a number of text messages from his best friend, Phichit.

-I’m so tired. Why do we have to be starting school already?!?
-I feel like summer was like 3 days long! ;A;

Yuuri smirked as he read his friend’s texts and slouched down in his desk, leaning his back against the wall beside him as he typed his reply.

-Well summer was actually 3 MONTHS long...but I know what you mean.
-I wasn’t too excited to wake up in time for my 9am lecture this morning, but by some miracle I was even early to class!

Yuuri hadn’t even locked the screen of his phone after sending his responses before he felt his phone vibrate in his hands, Phichit’s response being almost instantaneous.

-Well still, 3 months wasn’t nearly long enough!
-Why the hell did I sign up for a 7:30am math class, Yuuri?

-Nobody truly likes math, Phi...if anyone disagrees they are just lying to themselves or they only like it because they are irrationally good at it. Either way, those people are not to be trusted.


-How have your classes been today?

-They've been ok...boring :/ How have your classes been?

-My first class was really interesting. My second class is going to start in about 20 minutes.
-I’m not sure how to feel about the prof for my class right now…
-He’s kinda old, but he’s wearing khaki shorts and a Hawaiian print shirt
-He’s also blasting reggae while complaining about how he’s too old to be using the computer that is on his desk
-He’s way too enthusiastic, I think. Maybe it’s an American thing?

Yuuri chuckled lightly under his breath. Despite moving to the United States to attend University over two years ago, Yuuri often still found himself confused by some of the customs and behaviors of Americans. Luckily, Phichit had been in the same position when he moved to the US for school and when the two were “randomly assigned” as roommates in the Freshman housing on-campus, they became fast friends and have been inseparable ever since.

-Lol xD he sounds fun
-I’m so hungry right now, Yuu ._.

-When are you done with your classes?

-I’m in a class now and then I have one more class after that. I should be done around 1 tho


-It’s syllabus week! All we’re doing is talking about the basics of the class

-Fine, I guess that’s ok then…
-After your class, do you wanna meet me to grab some lunch?

“Good morning, class!” the professor sing-songed from the front of the room, causing Yuuri to look up from his phone and see that the classroom had filled up a bit more since when Yuuri had first walked into the class,“Welcome to BIS 256! I’m your professor, David Thompson, but you can call me David. All we really have on the schedule for today is to go over the course syllabus, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get you all out of here nice and early!”

Yuuri turned his attention back to his phone to read Phichit’s replies while David brought up the course website to run through all the important information with the class.

-FUCK YES, actually

-The usual lunch spot?


-Alright, I’ll see you there! Have fun in class! ^_^

-Ugh, fuck off
-Jk, you too bb :3

“So let's just run through the course syllabus and if you have any questions, feel free to stop me or ask me at the end...does that sound like a plan?” David then launched into a lengthy discussion about how much of a necessity it would be for students to attend class sessions in order to pass his class while Yuuri tried to pay attention to what was being discussed..


The class was meant to be over an hour and a half long but had ended after less than half of that time, so Yuuri decided to walk to the outdoor cafe that he and Phichit frequented on campus to secure one of the three coveted tables with more comfortable chairs and the most amount of shade.

Luckily, Yuuri had the foresight to bring his laptop with him to campus, so he was able to keep himself entertained for nearly an hour as he waited for Phichit to get out of class as well.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Yuuri heard his best friend groan before he came into view.

“Yuuri! Hi! Why does the universe despise me?” Phichit asked as he took a seat in the chair beside Yuuri and leaned his head back dramatically with his arm thrown over his eyes.

“What makes you think the universe is against you today?” Yuuri asked without glancing away from his laptop as he waited for the computer to finish shutting down, not at all phased by his best friend’s knack for exaggeration.

“Did you not see the sign on the window of the cafe? Saying the the Crepe Cafe is closed for the first week of this semester for remodeling?”

“Uh, no...I guess I didn’t see that sign when I walked up here. I was too focused on getting one of the good tables that I didn’t even think to check or anything…”

“Why have crepes, one of my few true loves in this dismal existence that I call my life, forsaken me so? I’ve wait months...MONTHS...for the semester to begin again so the Crepe Cafe will be open again and I can taste the culinary perfection that is the Chicken Florentine Crepe and this is the thanks I get?”

“You had no way of knowing that they’d still be closed for repairs, since they most likely started it during summer and are running behind schedule. We can just find somewhere else to grab lunch, if you still want to grab something to eat.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. I overslept and skipped breakfast, so I think I’m just hangry right now. Where else could we go eat?”

“Do you wanna stay on campus or go somewhere a bit further away to get lunch?”

“I’m really hungry and don’t feel like waiting longer than we need to, so on campus maybe…”

“That’s fine with me. Do you want to go to the dining hall at the Student Union? The food is decent and all-you-can-eat.”

“Yeah, that sounds good!”

Yuuri and Phichit had walked across campus to the Student Union and found the dining hall with little trouble. Phichit began pulling his wallet from his pocket to pay at the cashier, but Yuuri held a hand up to stop him.

“Don’t worry about paying, Phi. It’s my treat!” Yuuri said as he handed his card to the bored-looking blonde boy behind the counter who had to begrudgingly set aside his cell phone in order to do his job.

When Phichit and Yuuri walked around the dining hall to find a good place to sit, they were surprised to see how few open tables there were.

“Why is it so packed right now?” Phichit complained after narrowly avoiding a collision with a group of girls carrying their trays of food and not paying attention to where they were walking.

“Well, it’s the first day of a new school year. All the incoming freshman and transfer students have no clue that there are other places to get food than the student dining halls and they haven’t had time to explore campus and find places to eat yet, so I think everyone sort of just...ends up here…”

“Yeah, I guess so...jackpot! Hurry, those two guys just got up over by the window! Let’s take their spots before someone else gets there!”

Phichit and Yuuri walked quickly towards the recently vacated table beside one of the large windows in the furthest corner of the dining hall and placed their backpacks on the backs of the chairs to stake their claim on the table.

“Ugh, gross…” Phichit complained as he pulled a few napkins from the dispenser on the table to wipe off some of the unidentifiable liquids and food particles left on the table from the previous occupants.

“Okay, Yuuri. How do you wanna do this? We can take turns getting our food while the other person saves our spot or we can just leave our bags at the table and hope for the best.”

“I don’t think we’ll take long getting our food, so we can just leave our bags here while we get food from the buffet.”


Phichit placed his glass of water on the table and took his seat, wasting no time to dig into his food while Yuuri took his seat as well.

“ you have any friends in any of your classes?” Phichit asked as he took a bite of one of the slices of pizza he had piled onto his plate.

Since it was in the midst of the lunch rush, there was not a huge selection of foods and the kitchen was busy preparing more fresh food to put out, but the pair had still managed to find a few different items that looked promising and smelled good.

“Not really,” Yuuri said before he began to eat the vegan stir-fry he had decided to give a chance, “in my Abnormal Psych class there is a girl that used to live next door to us when we were in the dorms, but I wouldn’t say we’re friends, necessarily.”

“Ah, I see...are there any cute boys in your classes?” Phichit asked with an eyebrow waggle as he shoved the last bite of his first slice of pizza into his mouth in an unappealing way, making Yuuri chuckle quietly.

“Why does everything always revolve around cute boys with you, Phi?” Yuuri asked with a laugh as he took a drink of his soda.

“So I guess I’ll take that as a ‘yes’!” Phichit replied, ignoring Yuuri’s question completely.

“Okay, there’s a couple cute boys in my class that I just came from but no one that really captured my attentio—oh my god!”

“‘Oh my god’ what?” Phichit asked with a full mouth as he turned his head to follow the direction of Yuuri’s stare and swallowed his mouthful of pizza, “Or should I say ‘oh my god’ who, because oh my god! Who are they?”

Yuuri and Phichit continued staring through the window at a pair of guys that were walking together outside of the dining hall. The shorter of the two--who was still a few inches taller than either Yuuri or Phichit--had an undercut hairstyle with the top of his hair bleached-blonde and perfectly messy and a small amount of facial hair that seemed well-kempt. He appeared to be in the middle of telling a story by the way he was gesturing broadly with his hands as he spoke while the friend he was walking beside was listening and currently laughing heartily at something his friend had said.

The taller of the two friends was easily a few inches taller than his friend, but the lean, athletic build of his body made the height difference seem more significant. The most striking detail of the tall man walking in their direction from just on the opposite side of the window, however, was by far his short, silky-looking, silvery blonde hair that appeared to be finger-combed away from his forehead to keep his hair out of his eyes.

Yuuri and Phichit stared in awe as the two made conversation and came more into view as they neared the window that Yuuri and Phichit were seated by.

“Who are they? WHAT are they? Those two have to be two of the most attractive boys I have ever seen in my life. And trust me, I’ve seen a lot of attractive boys!” Phichit mumbled as he continued staring, his plate full of pizza all but forgotten.

The shorter of the two laughed loudly and nudged his friend in the side with his elbow and the taller man turned away, bringing his hand to his face to cover up the smile that was tugging at his lips. Now that the pair had walked closer to where Yuuri and Phichit were sitting and were in clear view, Yuuri was able to see the large, shining blue eyes that gave even the clearest oceans a run for their money belonging to the taller of the two and Yuuri would be lying if he said that his heart did not flutter slightly at the way his face lit up as he smiled when he responded to whatever his friend had said to him moments ago.

“I think I found the love of my life,” Yuuri mumbled once the pair was much closer to the window he was sitting next to as they walked past.

As soon as the words left Yuuri’s lips, he realized that his previous statement was actually said aloud and was not kept to himself and his eyes flew open wide in embarrassment as a deep red blush flooded his cheeks. As if to make matters worse, as soon as he realized what he had said and how audibly he had said it, Yuuri’s surprised gasp was loud enough to catch the attention of the two attractive men that had enthralled Yuuri and Phichit as they walked past the window and the pair looked over the the table where Yuuri and Phichit sat.

Shit, why does this kind of stuff always happen to me?

Yuuri looked at the pair like a deer caught in headlights for only a brief moment, having been unable to completely avoid making eye contact with them, before turning away from the window as fast as possible and waiting until he was certain that the pair was nowhere in sight of the window as they continued walking.

“I can’t believe that just happened…” Yuuri groaned as he lowered his head down to the table face-first in shame.

“I don’t think they heard what you said,” Phichit replied, trying to calm Yuuri’s concerns.

“I think they did. I’m pretty sure that they heard me gasp, which was why they turned to look at us, and I don’t think I did that very loud,” Yuuri said, his voice still slightly muffled from how his face was positioned on the table.

“That could have just been a coincidence. Or maybe they did hear what you said, but they took one look at you and were so enamored that they both stared at you in awe.”

“Hah, don’t be crazy, Phi...what am I gonna do? I know him!”

“Which one?”

“The taller one with the silvery hair.”

“You know him?”

“Well not like, know-know but I kind of know him. We work with him,”

“We work with him? How have I never seen him then?”

“Well we work at the same place, but different shifts or different departments, I think.”

“Oh, I see,”

“Do you remember a few weeks back when we were at work and some of the new trainees were being toured around?”


“Do you remember the cute guy that I saw and referred to as ‘a tall drink of water’?”

“Yeah...wait, is he?”

“Yup...he was the ‘tall drink of water’,”

“What’s his name? If you know him from work, you should have said ‘hi’ to him when he walked past and looked over at you,”

“I don’t think I know him THAT well. Plus he looked like he was busy talking to his friend when they were walking by, so I would hate to have interrupted.”

Yuuri and Phichit turned their attention back to the food on their plates that had gown slightly cold while they were distracted, but before long, Yuuri noticed Phichit glance out the window while taking a bite of a french fry from his plate and make a quiet sound of surprise.

“Well I’ll be damned,” Phichit whispered before speaking up a bit more, “I know what you meant about not wanting to interrupt your ‘tall glass of water’ hunk from work and his friend as they walked by earlier...Lucky for you, it looks like you may have a second chance to say ‘hi’ to your tall boy…”

“What do you mean?”

“Look out the window.”

Yuuri looked out the window and followed Phichit’s gaze to see that the tall, silver-haired boy was walking in the opposite direction from where he was headed before, this time without his friend beside him.

“Why is he walking past again?”

“Maybe he was walking with his friend to a class or something and now he needs to go in a different direction. I don’t know…”

“He’s more attractive than I remembered him being,” Yuuri whispered as he walked past the window as both Yuuri and Phichit stared at him without making any attempts to be subtle.

“He is, like, insanely hot…”

“I know...and he’s dressed like a crayon,” Yuuri said with a giggle.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, just look at him! His shirt has all of the primary colors on a crayon!”

The tall boy had long since passed, but Yuuri and Phichit were still laughing about the tall boy’s resemblance to a crayon. Phichit stood from his chair and walked back to the buffet to get a few more slices of pizza, but as he returned, he noticed Yuuri staring out the window in disbelief.

“What are you looking at...what is this boy doing walking past the window again?”

Sure enough, outside the window, the tall colorfully-dressed boy was walking back in the way he had the first time.

“What’s Crayon Boy doing?” Phichit asked as he took a large bite into one of the fresh slices of pizza he had gotten.

“Maybe he’s lost and looking for a specific place,” Yuuri guessed with a shrug.

“If that was the case, don’t you think that he’d, I don’t looking around or asking one of the people that he’s passing for directions?”

“Okay, maybe he’s not lost. Maybe he’s just pacing, to waste time or something.”

“Maybe...or, he could be walking by the window repeatedly in hopes that you will notice him because he is secretly in love with you too and he doesn’t know how to make the first move.”

“You’re definitely reading into things too much, Phi. He hasn’t even looked over here once during all of the times that he has walked past us,”

“Are you sure about that?” Phichit asked as he used his head to gesture towards the tall boy as he passed by the window yet again, this time walking significantly slower as his eyes darted quickly between the phone in his hands and the window that Yuuri and Phichit sat on the opposite side of.

“Are you serious, Crayon Boy? What is this, three times in less than ten minutes? Why are you pacing back and forth?” Yuuri asked rhetorically as the tall boy walked further out of his line of sight.

“How about we brainstorm reasons that he could be pacing back and forth?”

“Okay, let’s see...maybe he’s looking for someone that he’s supposed to meet here at the Student Union.”

“Or maybe he’s looking for you, Yuuri,”

“Don’t make me laugh. Maybe he’s...lost and trying to find a room, but he’s too proud to ask for directions.”

“Yeah, maybe he is in lost without you in his life, Yuuri.”

“You say the craziest things sometimes, Phichit.”

“I’m serious! This boy is like the epitome of that one pick-up does it go? Oh yeah! ‘Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?’”

“Yeah, okay, Phichit…” Yuuri replied with an eye roll, “I’m going to go get some more soda to drink.”

“Okay, I’ll let you know what happens when Crayon Boy walks past again.”

“What makes you think he’ll walk past again?”

“Oh, he will...I’m sure of it.”

Yuuri stood from the table and walked to the opposite side of the dining hall where the soda fountains were so he could fill up his glass.

As he returned to the table, he could already see that Phichit was angled in his chair to face the window and was grinning widely.

“Crayon Boy walked past almost as soon as you left. He looked over at the window and saw that it was just me here and he hesitated for just a moment before turning back the way that he had come from, without completing his pass in this direction like he had the prior times.”

“He did? Really?” Yuuri asked incredulously as he took a seat.

“Yup, clearly he was a bit confused to not see you sitting in your spot. When do you see him at work next?”

“I, uh, I don’t know. I work tomorrow morning, so maybe then. Why?”

“You should try talking to him.”

“And say what, exactly?”

“Just let him know that you saw him walking around the Student Union and you didn’t get a chance to say ‘hi’ to him. You don’t need to include the bit about seeing him pacing back and forth in front of the window that you were sitting next to in what appeared to be a desperate attempt to get your attention, though you definitely can if you wanna,”

“Yeah, I’m sure that would go over so well,” Yuuri replied sarcastically, “and I’m fairly certain that he’s not trying to get my attention, whatever he’s doing.”

“Are you sure about that? Because here he comes again and he’s looking right over here!”

“He is?” Yuuri whipped his head in the direction that Phichit was facing to see what he was staring at and was surprised and flustered to see that the tall boy had changed into the clothes he had to wear to work and was walking towards them again, this time on the side of the hallway closest to the window so that as he approached, Yuuri and Phichit could hear the faint sounds of his shoes squeaking on the laminate flooring as he walked.

“I told you,” Phichit replied smugly under his breath, “he’s like ‘Yuuri!!! Notice me, Senpai!’”

The latter half of Phicht’s statement was said loudly enough that as the tall boy walked past the window he hesitated slightly before coming to a full stop outside the window and looking at Yuuri and Phichit.

Yuuri, unsure about what someone is supposed to do in this situation, raised a hand tentatively and gave the tall boy a quick wave when their eyes met through the window.

The tall boy seemed surprised by Yuuri waving at him, based on the way that his eyes widened slightly, but he recovered quickly and lifted a hand to wave back at him before giving him a wide smile and walking away quickly, in the complete opposite direction than he had been pacing in.

“Uh, what just happened?” Yuuri asked in confusion, his left hand still slightly raised in the air above the table from waving at the tall boy when he stopped outside the window.

“How the hell am I supposed to know?” Phichit replied with a shrug before continuing, “Just make sure you invite me to the wedding and allow me time during my best man’s speech to tell the story of how you first met when you and Crayon Boy get married!”

Yuuri scoffed and rolled his eyes at Phichit’s teasing, but as he stared out the window towards where the tall boy had turned to walk away after he was done pacing, Yuuri could do nothing to hide the bright pink blush that was spread across his cheeks.