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Teen Titans High School

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Raven was frustrated. She had been here, in this town for six months, and still she had no idea what she was doing. She came here to escape from what was meant to happen. But she couldn’t really escape. Only pause the inevitable.

Sitting in this free period with nothing to really distract her, gave her mind the room to wander, and make mistakes. Mistake one; not paying attention to what she was doing. Mistake two; allowing hat powers to take over any menial task, such as holding a pen. Mistake three; not noticing a steely blue gaze holding her.

Finally coming back to reality after finishing the last paragraph she looked up, and right at the person who had been watching her. It took her only a moment to realize why he had been watching her. Shocked at her own stupidity she quickly grabbed the pen and bent back over her page.

She reached out with her mind to assess the situation. It couldn’t be that bad. He had just seen her use her pen without touching it, easily blown off as a hallucination. Carefully, as to not make eye contact, she reached out to see what he was feeling. Mild disbelief and shock, along with something else, something that could be dangerous. Curiosity.

He shouldn’t even have acknowledged it as much as to reach curiosity, no one else even noticed. She tried to look at him discreetly. He was still looking at her. He seemed to be deep in thought, but what could he possibly be so interested in. She tried to put it aside, maybe he had something else in mind, and just happened to be looking in her direction. He was Richard Grayson after all. There were probably a million other things that could occupy his mind.
But all through the session she had a nagging at the back of her mind.


When the bell finally rang for lunch Raven hurried out of the room. All she wanted to do was find a quiet place to read, and put this small incident behind her. She pulled the hood of her sweatshirt down over her face.

She found a bench far away from the cafeteria and sat down, ready to read. Then someone sat down next to her. She looked to her right and saw Richard sitting there. He gave her a small friendly smile. It was strange for him to hang out with her during lunch. It wasn’t that they never spoke; she just wouldn’t say they were friends exactly. And after what he had possibly seen Raven do, she felt that he might confront her.

“Hey Racheal”
“Uhm, Hi,” she said trying to sound nonchalant.
“How’s your day been so far?” He sounded so calm and casual, maybe he hadn’t seen anything.
“It’s been busy so far, we got a lot of work. How has your day been?”
“Good, got a lot of stuff done.” He paused to take a deep breath, “so I wanted to ask you about what I saw earlier.”

She just raised an inquisitive eyebrow at him, hoping he wasn’t referring to what she’d done.

“I saw you... You were.” He looked away and then back at her, “sorry I’m not sure what the best way is to ask this, but in class earlier, I saw that you were using your pen without touching it and..” He looked unsure of himself, and she motioned for him to go on, just wanting this conversation to end. “I just want to know what exactly that was. Can you do that to bigger objects?”

Raven contemplated pretending not to know what he was talking about, but he seemed so sure of what he saw, it would be hard to try and convince him otherwise. “It’s nothing really. Just something that will on occasion happen, when I’m not paying too much attention.”

“Do you think it’s something that you could teach yourself to control?”

She eyed him curiously, “What does that interest you?”

He tries to explain, but she stops him midsentence.
“Just leave it alone. I don’t want to talk about it.”
Richard is taken aback for a second, and just as he wants to try again she opens her book. He sighs in frustration, and with one last glance at her, he leaves.


When the bell finally rings at the end of the school day, Raven rushed to get home as soon as possible. She lived in a tiny apartment in a bad neighbourhood. As she rushed up the stair and to her front door, she saw Mrs. Willard and greeted her. Mr and Mrs Willard owned the building. Raven met them when she had just moved to Jump City. They had helped her get into school, and let her stay in her apartment for a cheaper price after hearing of her situation.

When Raven enters the apartment it’s just past three. Apartment was a generous term; it was a single room with a bathroom attacked, and a small kitchen in the corner. The only furniture she owned was a single bed, an old table and chair, and a bookshelf. There were book everywhere, spilling out of the bookshelf and on every other available surface, including a small stack on the kitchen counter.

There were still a few hours left before she had to go to work at a local diner, where she washed dishes, her shift starts at six. Raven sat at the table and tried to get some homework done. But she was distracted. She wanted to know why Richard had been so interested, why he had questioned her. It wasn’t something she wanted to discuss, or wanted people to know about. No matter to what extent. If he found out more about her powers, if he told someone else... They could reject her. They could force her to leave. She didn’t really have any friends here, but she had Mr and Mrs Willard, they had taken care of her. She didn’t want to lose more family.

If her powers forced her to leave she would lose everything again. She couldn’t stand that, it had taken such a long time to rebuild herself after Azarath. After her people rejected her because they feared her powers. She tried to forget about that for now, she had homework to finish and a job to get to.


Raven hadn’t had a good night last night. Richard asking about her powers brought up some things she had rather put behind her. She’d had nightmares, and spent a lot of the night not sleeping at all. After what had happened in Azarath she’d spent many nights sleepless or terrorized by nightmares. It had taken her months to get back to ‘normal’.

She decided to take some extra time this morning to meditate and just calm herself. She just needed to keep her powers in control. If she did that nothing bad could happen. She wanted to stay here, and she would for as long as she could. He hadn’t really seen anything.

Raven got to school just before the bell rang for first period. She preferred it that way. That way she didn’t have to deal with many people early in the morning. She couldn’t spend too much time around people; the emotions of everyone could sometimes be too much.

Her first lesson was history. She wasn’t in the same classes as Richard so she wouldn’t have to deal with him yet. But she did share this class with one of his best friends; Wally West. He was a friendly guy who always made sure to strike up a conversation with anyone he could. She could see if he’d said anything about her little stunt to him.

When she got to class Wally was already there. She mentally prepared herself before she went to sit next to him. He was basically jumping in his seat, but that was normal for him, he always seemed to be really happy or excited about something. She gave him a small smile as she sat down, and he responded with a big grin.

“Hey Racheal”
“Hi, how are you today?”
“I’m doing great, thanks. How’re you?” He asked in a chipper voice.

“I’m doing fine thanks.” She eyed him suspiciously.
“So, I don’t want to intrude too much into your life and all, but ...”

She cut him off before he could finish, “If this is about something Richard told you about me, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Please, just listen,” his voice held a slight desperation to it. “Dick told me about what you were doing during the free period yesterday and...” He let his sentence drift.

“And how many other people did he tell about that?”
“Not many, he just told us, I mean out small group of friends.”

“And why did he tell you, what does any of this have to do with you,” she glanced at the front of the class, where the teacher had already started class, and she lowered her voice. “Why are you interested in something so small?”

“I can’t explain now, but please just come to our table at lunch,” He said also lowering his voice. “We just want to ask you something.”

She tried to feel at his emotions, to see if there was any mal intent, but she found none. Sighing in defeat she replied, “Fine, I’ll come. Even though I don’t know why you’re so interested.”

She turned to the front of the class ending the conversation.