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Bookworm and the Potions Master

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Helga Hufflepuff was not amused.
Rowena's meddling and jealousy had taken far too long to sort out, resulted in two broken hearts which were only just on the mend and caused the conception of the child she had no will to raise or care for.
Next time there would be a better way, she had seen to it. If Rowena's... no when Rowena's spells were inevitably re-cast there would be a smoother route through the quagmire that blasted rose had caused. There would be people there to help anyone in Salazar's position and they wouldn't lose their Godric over it.
Or they might even find them had they not before.
That would be the way of it. There would always be a way.

Love and loyalty would win out. They're descendants had better hope they put their faith in the right people. She could already see this was going to be a problem for them but the three of them would try to curb Rowena's meddlesome instincts. It would be a hard job but by Morgana it would have to be done.