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Jung Hoseok and Min Yoongi were best friends and lived together, surprising everyone except their friends, given they were an omega and an alpha, especially because of heats and ruts. But Yoongi had an amazing control over his alpha, being able take care of Hoseok when he was in heat, and on his ruts he used to lock himself up in his studio to not do something he would regret, knowing Hoseok's omega would easily submit to his alpha and would let him do whatever he wanted with him, something that Hoseok was unaware of but was pretty present for Yoongi. He had realized it because he tended to be very observant and noticed how Hoseok always put up a fight when someone wanted to order him around but never when that someone was Yoongi. And noticed Hoseok didn't realize it when the youngers called him out for that and he vehemently denied it.

But that's besides the point.

Everyone thought they were mates or soon-to-be when they said they lived together until they said otherwise. Even when they didn't tell that little detail. Why? Because every time Yoongi was furious and ready to punch someone he seeked out Hoseok if they weren't together and the omega would calm him down with his scent, or if the younger was nervous, Yoongi calmed him with his scent.They were drawn to each other, always ending up beside each other; they were very touchy, although subtly if you didn't pay attention; they held hands, a lot, and both were in a much better mood if the other was around, especially Yoongi and his slightly grumpy self. Sometimes their own friends thought they would end up together.

In that moment, Yoongi was in his studio in front of his computer, replaying a beat he had been working on for a week and had finally finished, looking for anything that didn't sound right. He nodded to himself contently when he deemed it good enough to not be deleted or modified, satisfied with it. He was just standing up to grab a drink when Red Velvet started to sound in the room, rolling his eyes, knowing exactly who was calling him, and the little soft smile was impossible to resist when thinking about said person. He grabbed the phone and sat again.

“Hey, Hobi. What's-”

“I’m stressed out, I gotta nest and cuddle. Please come over?”

He could practically hear the furrowed eyebrows and pout that usually accompanied that needy tone. He himself felt his eyebrow furrow.

“I’m on my way.”

Hoseok sighed, relieved the elder hadn't said no. He realized Yoongi was going to hang up and let out a tiny scream.

“Don't hang up!”

Yoongi tripped, startled by his best friend's scream.

“Fuck, Hoseok, don't scream!”

“I’m sorry! You were going to hang up and I freaked out for a second!”

The older cursed.

“Okay, okay, I'm not hanging up.”

“Thank you,” mumbled the younger.

Yoongi grabbed his coat and keys and exited the studio. He quickly went to another studio nearby, Namjoon's, and told the younger he had to go, just in case. Is not like he had a boss, Namjoon and him were their own bosses, being the founders of the little company, but he supposed he would tell the boy just in case he needed him and had to wait a long time on his studio's door just to realize Yoongi wasn't actually there. It had happened. When he was finally outside the building, he tightened the coat around him and got on his car, starting it and putting the phone on speaker.

“You still there, Hobi?”

Hoseok hummed. “Talk to me. Your voice soothes me.”

Yoongi smiled softly and felt something on his chest.

“Okay, can you tell me why you're so stressed you need to nest?”

The omega whined.

“Stupid adult responsibilities and my stupid boss thinking that just because he's a freaking alpha he can just make me do whatever the hell he wants. I’m not a coffee boy! Nor his assistant or whatever! I’m the freaking best dance instructor on his freaking academy and have the most students and the most popular classes! His freaking studio is known because of my classes and he just- Ugh! Stupid alpha.”

Yoongi laughed.

“Babe, I spoiled you. I mean, you have every right to be mad, and I’d be the first one to tell you to stand up for yourself and all that, but still, I totally spoiled you.”

Hoseok whined again. “Yes you spoiled me, you stupid alpha. Now I’ll be single until I die and I won't have pups just because you’re too good to be true, ugh, I hate you.”

The older laughed again, although he admitted to have felt some kind of pang in his chest when Hoseok mentioned being single and pups. Fuck, knock it off, Min, he told himself. Not the time for fucking feelings and your one-sided love.

“Well, you're one to talk. Now I’ll get bored of every omega there is just because you don't let me get away with anything and always put up a fight.” Hoseok giggled. “We both spoiled each other, it seems.”

“Fuck our lives, now we'll be single forever.”

Again, the pang.

God, why couldn't he just get over it? Hoseok would never look at him the same way he looked at the omega. His grip on the steering wheel tightened, his knuckles turning white. It's been years and instead of fucking get over the younger, he just fell more in love with him.

“Tell me about your day,” the younger whispered softly.

Yoongi smiled, his grip on the wheel loosening. “Well, remember that song I told you I've been working on all week?” Hoseok hummed and his smile widened, proud of himself. “Well, I finished it today. It won't be a bother anymore.”

Hoseok gasped. “That's so good, Yoongi hyung! I'm so glad!” He made a pause, and Yoongi just knew he would say something he wouldn't like. “Finally you'll be in a good mood again, you were so moody these days.”

Yoongi groaned loudly, and Hoseok giggled.

“I was not moody! I was perfectly fine!” He frowned.

“Oh, come on! You totally were! You wouldn't even want my cuddles!” Yoongi could practically hear the exaggerated pout and the younger's frowny face. He smiled.

“My point stands. I wasn't moody.”

Now it was Hoseok the one than whined.

Yoongi laughed and parked the car.

“Shut up and open the door while I go up.”

He heard Hoseok squeak and giggled, quickly entering the building and taking the stairs two a a time given they were only in the third floor because Hoseok was actually a scaredy cat. When he reached their floor, he saw Hoseok waiting for him on the door and ran to him. Before he could even said a word, the younger flung himself at him and wrapped his legs around his waist. He ended up against the wall opposite their door because of the force of it and because dear Jesus he may have been a alpha but Hoseok was taller and heavier and he didn't have a lot of strength.

“Hoseok, you're crushing me,” he said while he grabbed the younger by the thighs, feeling a tingling on his skin.

Dear Jesus, he loved the omega’s thighs.

Hoseok jumped off him and grabbed his hand, dragging him inside their department. Yoongi let himself be dragged, stopping a little to close the door. He bit his bottom lip to stop the smile that wanted to appear when he noticed they were in front of his room.

“Why are we at my room?” he asked knowing the answer, but wanting to hear the younger say it anyway.

Hoseok blushed and turned to face him, his ears the same soft crimson color of his cheeks. He was smiling bashfully and looking at the floor, trying to make himself look smaller.

“Your smell calms me. And-and I don't know! I just- my omega kinda took control of me when I felt the need to nest and blindly made the nest in your room.”

Yoongi smiled softly, knowing he was looking at the younger with the heart eyes Jungkook always made fun of him for, his alpha practically yelling at him to mark him and make him his mate. Mentally shutting up his alpha, he opened the door and took Hoseok's hand, interlocking their fingers, enjoying the softness of Hoseok's hand, loving how, although he was shorter and with half the legs Hoseok had, his hand enveloped the younger's. When they finally stood in front of the bed, he melted on the inside, seeing all of the bedsheets and blankets and pillows he owned and his big Kumamon making Hoseok's nest. And, when he looked at the omega, he finally noticed he was using one of the bigger hoodies Yoongi owned and a pair of his sweats, that, in his opinion, hugged his legs too tightly compared to how they looked on his skinny legs. He kissed Hoseok's forehead and sat at the bed, grabbing the younger by the hips and pulling him between his legs.

“I don't mind it. I think it's the cutest shit ever, so stop being so shy about it. C'mere and cuddle me.” He pouted exaggeratedly, making the omega giggle. He threw himself on the bed and dragged the older with him, settling between him and the big Kumamon. He put his head on the alpha's chest and nuzzled it, one of his hands above the older's heart. Yoongi circled his waist with his arms and pulled him closer, leaving a chaste kiss on the younger's forehead. Absentmindedly, he started caressing his back.

After a few minutes of cuddling, both fell asleep, comfortable in each other's arms, hearts beating in unison.