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An Old Flame (Junkrat x Reader)

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So I'm thinking of redoing this entire thing due to the fact that I don't like a lot of certain parts that were brought to my attention.

I know you all enjoy it but this was written quite a while back. A few things were brought to light in a critique and I realized they were right about some things about my piece and how it could have been better.

I've read over my chapters and I'm going to be editing over my chapters because I honestly think they're shit. Some were poorly written others were rather wordy without actually getting anywhere.

But a couple things to get straight:

1) I've not decided whether this will go one way or the other with Hanzo and Junkrat that will be decided as we go on with the plot.

2) Symmetra is not a big piece of the story. She was just in it for the certain part.

3) There will be more details as to the relationship MC and Junkrat had because I do agree I was rather foggy there

I've decided it was time to amp this story up to the writings I know I can do and you all as my audience, I want to thank you many times over for all the love and appreciation you've given my piece. These new reworkings will be better I promise.

Love you all,