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Netflix and Chill (Really Chill)

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He and Jungkook have a pretty complicated relationship so to speak. It started off pretty simple, Jimin was friends with Taehyung, who was friends with Jungkook one party later and they finally met each other. And it just spiraled down from there.

They were a great set of friends don’t get Jimin wrong, he was able to joke with Jungkook, sit down and talk about life with him even sit in silence and just relax. Drinking, smoking he did everything a growing teen wanted to do with Jungkook and he didn’t regret that experience. It just sometimes… sometimes the lines got blurry between friends and not friends.


Jimin collapsed next to Jungkook on the couch as exhaustion took over his body from dealing with his group project. People tired him out especially people who didn’t want to do any work for a presentation worth half their grade, and he just wanted to scream into the abyss for his bad luck but choose to wiggle closer to Jungkook and bury himself in his side.

“Hyung, I’m almost down this round just give me a sec,” Jungkook mumbled, the tick-ticks of his controller filling the room as the screen flashed with characters running around a battlefield played.

Jimin only lets out a bigger sigh and stretches across Jungkook’s lap. He’s stressed out and maybe he should hit up Taehyung to see if there’s a party going on tonight. He probably just needs to get laid. Maybe he should hit up Yoongi and see if he’s down for a quick fuck, Jimin’s feeling lazy the more he lays in Jungkook’s lap and doesn’t feel like getting dolled up and trying to flirt and impress people.

The sweatpants Jungkook has on is soft to the touch and wow were his thighs always this comfortable? Jimin lays his hand on top to give the leg a quick squeeze, and Jungkook lets out a surprised squeak.


Jimin laughs to himself and snuggles closer, and can’t help but notice that his face is practically right in from of Jungkook’s jungcock and the sight makes his mouth a little dry. He’s always found Jungkook attractive, Jimin’s not blind, sharp face with a friendly smile. Broad shoulders and gentle hands, literally a soft bad boy wet dream and he’s tried flirting before, but Jungkook’s a little dense, so Jimin gave up long ago, happy with the friendship they had after letting his heartache for a week from dumb oblivious boys.

But all the fantasies that he’s had during late nights rear their head and Jimin can’t help but wonder if the bulge he sees in front of him is really as big as he thinks. Would Jungkook be an attentive lover taking his time to make sure his partner falls apart from pleasure, or does he like it rough and fast like secret fucks at parties filled with the feeling of youth and making mistakes to laugh at later.

They had a few drunk makeouts before when Jungkook feels tipsy and clingy, and Jimin is the type to smoke weed and want to kiss someone for hours and Jungkook was that person for a few sessions. But asking to make out as friends was different from asking to give him a blowjob as a friend. Oh well, Jimin can always play it off as a joke.

“Hey, Kookie…” Jungkook grunts and waits for Jimin to continue. “Do you mind if I give you a blowjob?”

Jungkook makes a noise between a cough and a yelp and Jimin starts laughing into his thigh.

“A w-what?”

“A blowjob. I’m stressed and I wanna have sex but I don’t feel like flirting my way in someone’s pants. It’s cool if you say no I can hit up Yoongi hyung, just thought I’d ask.” Jimin explains and he watches Jungkook’s eyes flicker between his face and his own dick. Jungkook licks his lips and Jimin wants to lean up and chase it with his own tongue.

“Y-yeah sure. You can give me a blowjob… is this gonna make things weird between us?”

Jimin rolls his eyes as he squirms around to get comfortable.

“It’s just sex Jungkook, you can close your eyes and imagine I’m a girl for all I care.”

“I wouldn’t—“

“Jungkook just take off your pants and play your game.”

Jungkook scrambles to comply, and Jimin almost stops breathing when he lays his head back on Jungkook’s lap and he’s welcomed with a half hard dick.

Not all dicks were created equal, but Jungkook is the perfect mixture of long and thick that Jimin can feel his mouth water. He spits into his hand and slides his hand up and down until Jungkook’s fully hard, and the grunt he gets from him makes Jimin smile.

Jimin opens his mouth to take the tip in, and the taste of precum makes his eyes flutter shut. He can feel the stress flow out of him as he takes more and more in and this is what Jimin loves about sex. The way his mind quiets and his world seems to float away to a nice white noise. Jimin bobs his head up and down and lets out a moan when a hand tangles in his hair and forces him down a little lower.

He lets Jungkook control the pace, and when he goes a little too far Jimin gags and Jungkook pulls him off.

“Sorry! Sorry I didn’t—“

“Do it again…” Jimin hoarsely demands and Jungkook’s hands in his hair tighten before his mouth is stuff full again with dick that Jimin moans at the sensation.

Jimin lets Jungkook fuck up into his mouth and ruts against the couch and the combined sensation makes him whine.

“F-fuck hyung… I always knew with lips like yours you had to be good at giving head.” Jungkook mumbles and he sounds so wrecked that Jimin swells with pride.

His mouth goes slack as he lets Jungkook use his like a personal flesh light, and with a few more stuttered thrusts Jungkook lets out a long moan of Jimin’s name, and that taste of bitter cum hits his tongue. Jimin swallows every single drop and continues to suck until Jungkook whines and pulls him away from his sensitive cock.

Jimin splays across Jungkook’s lap and feels like that cat that got the cream, as Jungkook tries to catch his breath.

“Feel better now?”

“Yup.” Jimin drawls and hums as a hand cups the back of his neck and a thumb rubs soothing circles into it. They stay on the couch together until Jungkook’s stomach rumbles with hunger and Jimin gets off with a giggle to make dinner.


After what Jimin likes to call the BJ Awakening, he and Jungkook turn to each other whenever they wanted an easy fuck for a few months now. And it’s probably the best sex Jimin has ever had, Jungkook’s everything he’s ever wanted in a partner but there are moments when his heart seems to overpower his dick. Like after Jungkook finishes choking Jimin as he thrusts into him from behind, he also cuddles with him after and rubs out all the knots in his shoulders. Or the time Jimin said he was a dirty whore, Jungkook’s dirty whore like a mantra until he came all over his himself as Jungkook pumped his cock up and down until he squirmed from over sensitivity, Jungkook wiped him clean and whispered how perfect Jimin was against his skin and peppered his body with light chaste kisses until Jimin’s heart felt like it about to burst from affection.

It’s like sex opened up this whole other side of Jungkook to Jimin and he’s not sure if how to handle it. Even now as he cuddles with Jungkook underneath the covers, Jimin’s instincts are telling him to get up and leave like he would with any hookup, but he can’t find it in his heart to leave and make Jungkook feel like any of his other hookups because he isn’t.

He’s not a nameless face Jimin forgets the next day, or even one of his friends with benefits he could trust that knows leaving early didn’t hold any hard feelings. He’s… Jungkook and Jimin wants to stay and bed and wait until he wakes up to lean over and give him a morning kiss.

Jimin buries his head into Jungkook’s neck and groans in frustration. His dick was supposed to be the only thing with a boner, not his heart, and Jimin is so disappointed in himself because he’s good at separating sex and emotion, and it only took Jungkook to crack his resolve.

“Hyung, what’s wrong?” Jungkook grumbles as his arms pull Jimin closer, and he blames his racing heart on all the cup noodles he eats as a broke college student.

“Nothing… just thinking.” Jimin mumbles, and sighs as Jungkook trails his hand down his back. Up and down like a gentle wave and Jimin is two blinks away from falling right back to sleep with the safety of home wrapped around him.

Jimin lets out a sharp inhale as Jungkook’s hand dip lower down his back until a finger rubs against his puckered entrance.

“ ‘sokay?” Jungkook asks and Jimin shyly nods while spreading his leg further apart.

He squirms as Jungkook’s hand leave only to return cold and lubed pressing again against his ass. Jimin sighs as his finger finally breaches and the feeling of slowly being filled makes his mind hazy. Jungkook pushes himself in and out at a lazy pace that makes Jimin whine quietly. It’s so good but it’s not enough Jimin wants more, wants to feel like he’s about to burst at the seams, and he reaches behind himself to stuff his finger besides Jungkook’s but his hands are smacked away.

Jungkook tsks as he speeds up and Jimin arches into the sensation.

“Such a greedy slut, I was going nice and slow but you just want more right hyung? Want me to hurry up and fuck you stupid right?”

Jimin nods and groans as a second finger enters, panting against Jungkook’s skin. He feels a kissed pressed against his neck and he tilts his head to give Jungkook more space. Jimin’s rewarded with a harsh bite that curls his toes and throws his head back as Jungkook crooks his finger just right.

“T-there Jungkookie, don’t-don’t stop! Please—“

“Please what Jiminnie? Please, what?”

Jimin can feel the flush against his cheeks as he shakes his head in embarrassment. He let the word slip out once during sex and Jungkook has yet to live it down.

“I’m older than you, you brat—“ Jimin lets out a choked off moan as Jungkook presses right up against his prostate and rubs in tight circles.

“You sure Jiminnie? That’s not what you said last time… you liked it when hyung fucked inside of you right? You were practically begging hyung to keep going even after you came.”

Every word Jungkook says is emphasized with a harsh thrust of fingers and Jimin tries to scramble away from the overstimulation, but an arm wraps tight around his waist.

“Come on, just say it Jimin you know you want to.” The whisper is against Jimin’s ear and makes him shudder in pleasure at how husky Jungkook sounds.

“Hyung…” Jimin whispers and Jungkook’s finger pick up in pace until the room is filled with squelching noises from how wet and loose Jimin is getting. “Don’t stop hyung, please hyung, I-I-I” Jimin begs until Jungkook leans over and kisses him silent.

Jimin opens up as Jungkook explores his mouth with his tongue, and everything is so slick and dirty Jimin practically melts into the kiss. He pulls away gasping as Jungkook continues his kissing down the side of his neck, and tightens up when a hand tweaks his nipple. The combination of sensations makes Jimin like a piece of string being pulled taut until he snaps from pleasure and he’s so close, he just needs a little more just—

A hand wraps around his throbbing erection and Jimin lets out a broken moan. The drag of fingers inside of him get more intense and Jungkook is still mouthing at his neck probably making him a mess of hickies and Jimin could drown in the bundle of feelings he’s having. Wrapped up in Jungkook’s arm underneath the covers, he doesn’t know where he ends and Jungkook begins, and he hates Jungkook for making him feel this way and likes that he can make him feel this way. And it’s stupid and crazy and Jimin should have never given him a blowjob in the first place because now, now he’s falling in love and he doesn’t know if Jungkook—

“Come on princess, just let go, I got you.”

Jimin feels stars burst inside him as he cums, and Jungkook swallows up his moans as they kiss. He rolls over completely spent as Jungkook grabs the edge of the covers to clean up the mess. The gentle touch makes Jimin’s skin tingle and Jungkook presses a gentle kiss against right where his heart beats, and the touch is so tender that Jimin feels like he could cry from the contact.

“You feel better now?” Jungkook asks as he wraps his arms around Jimin again and pulls him close.

Jimin feels pliant and sluggish like Jungkook just fucked the worries out of him, and nods his head. He gets a soft kiss on his forehead and Jimin sighs. He’ll talk to Jungkook later, and figure everything out. But for right now… right now he’ll indulge himself and lets himself believe that maybe just maybe, they’ll work out.