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Marichat May 2018

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Ok I'm not putting the prompt up because it's so freaking long. It's: You're injured. Please stay the night. Please.

Hope you all enjoy! Also go check out my ao3 with all my marichat may’s on it!

Enjoy! @australet789 @marinette-buginette


Marinette frown, grabbing Chat’s tail before he could leave.

“You're injured… Please stay the night. Please.” Marinette begged quietly, looking down at the floor of her balcony.

Tears ran down her face, dripping onto the floor. Chat Noir turned around, cuts on his face, arms legs, and even cuts on his chest were clearly visible. He frowned, walking up to her. He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her close as she began to cry.

“Ok Princess. I’ll stay. I'm not that badly hurt though.” Chat explained, rubbing her back gently, making sure not to scratch her with his claws.

“You have 20 cuts on your body! And yes I-I counted them… please just stay the night…” Marinette begged, tears still running down her cheeks.

Chat Noir smiled, kissing her forehead. “Alright, I'll stay.” Chat said, picking Marinette up princess-style and carefully opening the trap door and landing on her bed, gently setting her down and closing the door.

“L-Let me get my first aid kit!” Marinette exclaimed, stumbling down the steps off her bed, she stopped halfway when she realized she was still holding his tail.

“S-Sorry." Marinette apologized, letting go of his tail as she continued down the steps.

She went over to her desk and got out her first aid kit. Heading back up to her bed, carrying the kit.

“A-Alright. Hold still.” Marinette said, as she began to dab some medical alcohol onto a cotton ball and began to disinfect his cuts.

A hiss sounded from Chat’s throat, causing Marinette to stop what she was doing and look at him. Chat blinked, then realized what happened.

“I'm sorry. It hurt.” Chat explained, a light blush on his face.


I know it's short, but i have a lot going on! Got a lot of things to write too!! See you tomorrow for Day 2: “Can I pick, Princess?” see you all then!! Ta Ta!