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Nygmakins Drabbles

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Ed pulls his lips away from hers and says, "Lee, I think – I don't want this anymore."

She looks at him curiously.

"It's not me you're really interested in anyway."

"Of course I'm interested in you, Ed. We've been –"

"No!" He interrupts her harshly. "You're interested in HIM."

She bats her eyelashes twice. "Ed –"

"I doesn't matter. I don't love you anymore. The Riddler does. He took that from me," Ed says bitterly.

"How is that possible?" she asks softly.

"Don't deny it, Lee. You prefer him to me. I'm the weak one – the timid one - I couldn't even tell you how I felt about you. And I know you prefer the danger of him, the excitement." He looks down and away. "The ego."

"Hey," she says softly, stroking his chin, turning him back to face her. "Remember when I told you that I liked who you've become?"

"Yes, but I'm not him." He pauses to make his point. "And he was the one you chose."

He looks away again, clenching his jaw. It's too late – his love for her is lost. He had pushed it onto the Riddler – tormented him with it. And now it is gone. He had played a dangerous game.

So had she.

Ed calls to mind his encounter with The Toymaker in that dark alleyway many weeks ago, where he had learned that his alter-ego had ordered a hit on Lee. Even though The Riddler may be in love with her now, she was still in danger. He had even warned her that night at the Riddle Factory. But she fell for him anyway.

"I still care about you, Lee. But I just can't love you anymore." He kisses her gently on the side of her head. "Be careful."

"I will."

Ed turns and walks away from her, his heart sinking. He will only be able to keep him at bay for so long this time. He knows that the next time he loses control she's going to die. At the hands of The Riddler . . . The only side of him left that still loves her.