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Hello everyone! I know I've been promising you guys this for a long time. I know. Me and one of my best friends (Aleandra_of_Silverlake) were playing with this idea (they are our big OTP) what happened before Blindspot, what Jane's life could/would/should be and since it's really a few moths (make it.... like a year or something) back this started, I've finally found the guts to publish it. Still, it isn't finished. Sorry for mistakes, English isn't our main/mother/first language so... Just enjoy the ride. :) Thank you. And just because I've enabled comment moderation - it doesn't mean you can't write comments. Please, do! I will answer. :)



Growing up next to someone like Alice wasn't easy. She's been always the tough one, taking care of her little brother, making sure they always had something to eat no matter the costs. He knew it and he admired her for all those things she'd done for him for he knew they would die if he was to be the one in charge. At least when they still were children. Like with the coin, the only reminder of their parents. Alice told him to keep it safe yet he didn't. The other boys found it and… that's how he got his scar. It was his fault entirely, he knew it. As was this mess.

They were sent by the Shepherd herself to steal some microchip. Who knew what was it good for, Ian didn't care. The only thing that mattered was getting the chip to Sandstorm.

They infiltrated the facility as the cleaners, did some work done there so nobody would suspect anything. And then they waited. They waited for hours yet it felt like days. And he got impatient. Alice told him several times to keep calm and he tried! He really did. But in the end with one idiotic move he blew their cover and all the hell got loose. They were caught in the crossfire, he and Alice. She was faster, better and had the bigger chance getting out of here. So he did whatever he could to help her, killing many men while opening himself to get shot. But as long as she had her chance to leave it didn't matter, not to him.

"On your nine!" he yelled at his sister because unlike her he didn't have a clean shot at the man who could easily kill her.

In the moment she laid her eyes on that man, he was literally dead to the world. Alice looked at her brother. For Christ sake! They were trained to prevent these situations! To be able to do missions silently.

"Fuck," she cursed under her nose. "We need to get out of here. So move!" Her tone didn't leave a place for an argument. She was pissed - really pissed - and in hurry. Just a few more minutes and whole place would've been full of cops or agents or jerks of this sort.

She didn't have to tell him twice, he was already doing his best. But he wasn't her, she was faster, stronger… better. He pointed his gun on another man's forehead and pulled the trigger. It was strange feeling, knowing someone else's life just vanished because of him. But there was no time for thinking like this. With another loud shot Ian killed a guard who just came from behind the corner.

"How many more are still there?!" He was frustrated, the building was supposed to be almost empty. Now it looked like every single guard was there. And that was definitely a bad sign.

"And it will be much more worse if we stay here longer than necessary." For the first time she looked at her brother and bothered to answer directly. "You need to learn patience or else I will leave you in our headquarters and you won't be able to do missions for a very long time!" Alice let the disappointment fill her voice and then she sighed. "Try stairs. There shouldn't be many more guards."

"I… am… patient," he muttered through his gritted teeth and kicked the doors to open it. Quickly checking for the enemies with his gun he found there should be no one in there. At least not for now? "Clear!" He called at his sister, making sure the guards won't be able to surprise them. There was no time for mistakes now. Alice wasn't kidding, if she told Shepherd it would not only mean having to sit next few missions, it could mean his end in Sandstorm itself. And that was something he wouldn't let happen. Sandstorm was like a family to him, the only one he ever had and knew. Except for Alice, of course. But that was different.

His sister passed him, gun pointed straight ahead.

"You're everything but patient. End of discussion. We have to go." And then she was running down the stairs to get them out of bulding as soon as possible. She didn't want to argue with him - she was merely saying the facts. It wasn't her problem if he didn't like it but somebody had to tell him. Better her than Shepherd, right?

The path was clear. All the way down. That was odd and Ian got the feeling something was wrong. Unfortunately he was right, they walked right into trap. Surprisingly. What was the saying he was told on his very first mission? When it looks like you're in favour and everything goes your way, it's gotta be nasty. And so it was.

"Dammit!" He cursed as they got to heavy locked and even more guarded door. This was going to be ugly, more than he would like. One short glimpse on Alice told him she was going to finish their mission whatever costs. That was the only right attitude, he knew it. But he had to learn it yet.

The more people he shot, the more came. It was so unbelievable! And to his frustration he forgot to count. "Fuck!" Nothing else needed to be said, there were no more bullets. Instead of shooting Ian used his gun to hit one guard's head. It worked but wasn't as effective as shooting itself. He needed couple of seconds to recharge. He needed his sister to help him. Again. "I'm out!" He shouted at her.

Alice let out frustrated sigh. This was the worst mission ever! From her spot she shot two more guards as her brother was recharging his guns. It didn't bother her shooting more people, but much worse was the fact they were going to split. And she was the one closer to exit. Fuck.

"Get closer to me!"

"Easier said than done," Ian muttered and kicked the guard in his knee. It worked for he heard a sound of bone being broken and the man screamed in pain. He still didn't have time to recharge, there were too many men coming at him so he had to fight his way through. How could this get so wrong?

Punching another two guards he did get closer to her. But he also found himself surrounded by the guards with no way out. His fist met one's jaw, another one's temple and with a smirk he kicked the third one's balls.

Alice on the other side was saving her bullets for worse time or for their escape. She saw Ian surrounded by guards, he was trying to get to her, but there were more and more men between them. And she had to look after her own life too. One of those jerks tried to get her on her knees, but one well aimed elbow into his stomach and he was on the ground. Still, they were slowly pushing her from her brother. She didn't like it but they had to take that chip to mother.

Door behind her has opened and somebody kicked her through that space.

"IAN!" She fought hard to let them open but one of men heard her and started searching for a control panel. She was running out of time. One last look at her brother and then those fucking doors started to slowly close.

He heard her call and then she was away leaving him behind. It was one thing to know they could split or she might have left him. But her actually doing so was something completely different. Despite all his efforts to prepare for a situation like that it was still a huge shock for him. And it hurt. A lot.

He didn't blame her. Couldn't. It was his fault, he was the one who killed that woman and was reckless enough to have it on video. How could he screw it up so badly?!

There was no way out, no turning back, no possible exit. The only thing he could do was fight and take as many men down with him as possible. And he fought. He fought hard. Like a lion while… no, more like an antelope surrounded by lions. Knowing the death was coming but not going to give up. Never.

As he turned to punch another guard he felt terrible pain in his neck, as if he got struck by lighting. He didn't see the man who tasered him, everything darkened as he lost his consciousness.


Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! There was no one with her. She heard screams from the room she was kicked out a few minutes ago. Shit. She had to get out of there to safe. She couldn't help Ian, there were too many men and he was probably already down with broken neck or tasered.

Can't afford to lose more time, Alice. She just squeezed her gun more aggressively then turned around and ran.

She left her brother there but knew no one will blame her. They were soldiers, weren't they? And soldiers have been sacrificing every minute around the world. He was just one of them.