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Summer Nights

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Leiff lead the way through the surprisingly busy crowd in the large cellar toward an area that served as a tavern. People sat around rickety, round tables, chatted and enjoyed ale and wine. Most of them appeared to be locals, though three men stood out among them. Over the back of their chairs hung black cloaks lined with thick fur; Sworn Brothers of the Night's Watch seeking shelter and diversion from their cold post at Castle Black.

Mole's Town had looked deserted when the group had arrived not long after sunset, the last rags of orange and purple still painting the sky. The reason was quickly revealed once Leiff opened the door to a stairwell, leading down to the caverns the village owed its name to. The locals gathered here when the night came with its cold, shared drinks and stories, haggled with merchants or employed the services of less reputable women.

Once they had found a free table and sat down on the squeaking chairs, Leiff nodded to the long, wooden bar. "The owner of the inn works the counter," he explained. "Do you want me to rent rooms for the night, my lord? It's early and I don't see many visitors. We may be in luck and some of the warmer rooms underground are unoccupied."

Beric shook his head, but he reached for his purse and took some coins from it. "I prefer the rooms upstairs. Must be because I'm used to the mountains. As long as there's a fireplace, I doubt we'll be freezing."

"As you wish, my lord." Leiff took the money and made his way to the bar and Beric looked over to Thoros.

"If it really gets too cold up there, I trust you can speak to your god about making the fire burn hotter."

"You have more faith than I do," Thoros gave back with a chuckle. "I don't think creatures of fables and myths can do a thing about fires."

Beric skeptically regarded him from the side. "I heard you claim you saw visions in a brazier on the tourney in White Harbor. Who do you think sends them if not your god?"

"That god over there." Thoros laughed and pointed to a corner, stacked to the ceiling with crates and barrels of wine. "Try it. If you just drink enough of it, you see visions and omens in braziers as well."