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Rare Kinks

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"fREsh? cOuld yOu plEasE summOn cat EaRs?" Error asked softly, rubbing Fresh's skull gently.


Fresh smiled before he blinked up at Error confused. "Uh... okay bruh."

Fresh gathered his magic and made two purple cat ears on top of his skull. Both having tuffs of fluffy magical fur and sparkled like his eyes. "Like this?" he asked, looking at Error curiously.


"puRR-fEct." Error responded with a smile and a small chuckle. He gently rubbed the base of the ears, wondering briefly how that felt for Fresh.


"Mmm." Fresh closed one eye at the feeling, he grunted softly before it trailed off into a small hum. It didn't feel bad. A little ticklish, one that made him want to scrunch up his neck but it felt really good.

He soon relaxed at the touch and smiled, purring slightly.


Error smiled when he noticed that Fresh seemed to like it and gently petted the sensitive ears, running his phalanges over the fur.


Fresh arched his back, leaning towards Error's fingers with each stroke, still purring happily. It felt so good~


"yOu likE it?" Error asked curiously. Fresh seemed to be enjoying himself immensely.


Fresh nodded with a pleased hum. "Yeah. It feels, really good." he said, losing his lingo momentarily from slow comforting pleasure as he smiled up at Error. "Y'know, that feeling when you trail your fingers on my back. It's like that."


Error chuckled softly.

"yOu'RE sO cutE, fREshy." He murmured softly, scritching the other behind his ears. They were such a beautiful shade of purple.


Fresh purred louder and arched his neck when Error scratched behind his sensitive ears. Pleasure crawling from the ears and across his skull making him purr and sigh softly.


Wow. That purring sure was cute. He used his other hand to gently rub Fresh's back, smiling. He had such luck to have the other.


"Ah." Fresh let out a small moan, panting softly at the touch on both of his sensitive spots.


Error's smile slowly turned into a smirk as he rubbed Fresh's back a bit harder.

"is thERE sOmEthing yOu want, kitty?" He murmured quietly.


Fresh panted harder when Error rubbed his back. The touch sending arousal straight to his pelvis.

He blushed when he realized what he was doing and looked down, his ears turning down as he looked up at Error shyly. "I uh... I..." he stuttered softly.


"it's finE, frEsh." Error reassured the other, the way his ears were drooping not a good sign for him.


Fresh's eyes kept looking between Error and the floor. He crossed his legs, now realizing the slight glow in his pelvis.

"I- uh- I-" Fresh swallowed slightly before he closed his eyes tightly, his ears pinned back slightly and sparkling with his emotions. "C-can you... p-pet me m-more?"


"surE." Error replied with a smile and gently scratched the base of Fresh's ears, kneading his spine gently.


Fresh instantly relaxed with a small hum when Error touched him again. He leaned closer towards the glitching skeleton, biting his lip when the touch sent pleasant shivers throughout his body and magic to his pelvis. Stars it felt too good.


Error noticed how bothered Fresh looked but paid it no mind. He slipped his hand under Fresh's shirt to reach his spine better.


"Ahh..." Fresh moaned softly when Error touched his bare spine. He bit his lip occasionally and bucked his hips as he panted. Oh stars he was getting bothered by Error petting him. But he couldn't bring himself to care. It felt so nice.

He arched his back towards Error, silently begging for more.


Error chuckled softly and rubbed Fresh's spine slightly harder. He was getting slightly hot too.

Magic collected in his pelvis, forming his cock.


"Ngh.... hah... Error...." Fresh moaned softly as he arched his back and bucked his hips. His ears twitching and turning on his skull. He looked up at Error pleadingly. "Please... More..."


"Of cOursE, frEshy." Error murmured, pressing a small kiss to the shorter skeleton's mouth, rubbing a circle around an ear.


Fresh hummed softly when Error kissed him, shivering with a twitch of his ear when Error played around his summoned cat ears.


Error pulled back a bit, ceasing his touches. He patted his lap, much like one would do with a cat.


Fresh pouted when Error stopped touching him and pulled away. He blushed brightly when he saw Error's actions and tilted his skull down shyly before slowly climbing onto Error's lap, looking at him bashfully but excitedly.


Error smiled and slid his hand under Fresh's shirt, pulling him close as he rubbed his back. He scratched him behind his ears gently, kissing him softly.


Fresh moaned softly at the touch on his back, leaning into the touch and purring into the kiss. Each stroke sending pleasant shivers through him as more magic pooled at his pelvis.


Error slipped one of his tongues into Fresh's mouth, curling it around the shorter skeleton's as he pulled the other closer, grinding against him gently.


Fresh moaned softly when Error's tongue wrapped around his. He hissed in pleasure when Error thrusted upwards, the touch was enough to make him summon his pussy with a crack. He flinched at the wetness between his legs but was easily placated by Error's constant petting.


Error shifted slightly, the wetness of Fresh's pussy dripping onto his cock. He ground against him gently and rubbed over his ear.


"Ah...." Fresh moaned loudly both from arousal and pleasure. He wasn't sure what was better. Error's cock pressed against him so tantalizingly or Error's touch on his sensitive ears. There was no winning with either. Both felt so extremely good.

"Error, please..." Fresh begged, panting slightly. "Please...take me...."


Error groaned slightly and used his strings to hold Fresh up a bit to remove both of their pants.

"dO yOu want mE tO pREpaRE yOu?"Error whispered into Fresh's ear.


Fresh shivered when Error whispered into his ear. He looked at his mate lustfully before answering by gently licking his cheek. He smiled at Error as he panted softly.

'Do it.' his eyes said.


Error shivered in pleasure as he rubbed over Fresh's lips gently, slipping a finger inside and thrusting gently.


Fresh whined softly with a pant as Error pushed a finger inside his hole. The thrusting sends bolts of sharp pleasure up his spine, a contrast to the slow calming pleasure of petting. Stars it feels so good~

Fresh leaned close and gently nuzzled Error, his ears flicking silently begging for more petting.


Error kissed Fresh softy as he scritched the base of his ears gently, his eye sockets hooded.

"yOu likE it?" Error asked with a grin, grinding against his mate slightly.


Fresh shivered pleasantly under both types of pleasure and nodded. He was torn between grinding down on the fingers or leaning into Error's pets.

"Please.... Error..." Fresh moaned loudly as his hips twitched.


Error slipped a second finger inside Fresh and started scissoring him gently, stretching him out for something bigger.

"yOu'rE dOing sO wEll..." Error purred lowly, petting his mate's skull gently.


Fresh flushed with a needy whine at the praise, gasping and twitching as Error scissored him open. He leaned into the touch on his skull begging for more.

"Please! Ah... p-praise me again?" Fresh asked uncertainly, staring at Error with wide pleading eyes.


Error flushed slightly, grinding against Fresh a bit.

Oh stars... Oh stars was that cute...

"yOu'RE sO cutE..." Error panted quietly, nuzzling his mate slightly as he petted him.


Fresh purred happily and nuzzled back. His purrs grew in volume as Error gently pet him, his hips twitching from the attention between his legs. But it was the petting and praise that had him purring loudly. Now he knew why cats were like this. This felt so good, good wasn't even the right word for how this felt.


"staRs... can i...?" Error asked breathlessly. He really wanted to take Fresh right in that moment. His cock rubbed against his mate and he had to hold back a pleased moan as he rested his forehead against his datemate's, thrusting into him deeply as he scratched behind the other's ears gently.


Fresh nodded with a pleased moan from both stimulations. He leaned back to lie on the couch on his back. His arms to his sides, exposing himself to Error as his ears tilted slightly as he blushed shyly.

"Please... take me." Fresh said softly but shyly, he hoped Error would be gentle with him. He titled his chin down as he stared at Error with wide eyes.


Woah... How could Fresh be so damn cute...?

Error slipped his fingers out of his mate and braced himself on his arms, inches away from Fresh's face as he gently petted his skull.

"sO gorgeous..." Error mumbled as he stopped touching Fresh for a moment and guided his dick to his mate's opening, pushing inside gently.


Fresh leaned into the touch with a pleased smile and closed eyes.

Fresh's hips twitched slightly for a moment when Error pushed inside. He panted and let out a small moan from the feeling.


Error smiled as he rubbed his hand over Fresh's ears gently, pushing in further with a low moan.

"sO tight..." Error mumbled softly as he felt the ecto-flesh hug his cock tightly. Fresh felt so good...


Fresh purred, panted and moaned from the dual sensation of pleasure. His insides twitching and flexing around Error's dick. The intrusion felt so large and his pussy was trying to keep it inside to maximize the pleasure.

His eyes slipped close as he panted.


"yOu'RE dOing gREat..." Error praised quietly, leaning down a small bit to give Fresh a kiss as he pulled out slightly, only to thrust inside again. He kept the pace slow and gentle, petting his mate all the while.

"sO bEautiful..." He murmured, followed by a moan.


Fresh moaned softly into the kiss as Error slowly thrusted inside. Fresh raised his arms to gently wrap around Error, pulling him closer as he purred softly. He nuzzled his mate with closed eyes, wanting to be closer.


Error moaned quietly as he nuzzled back, placing a small kiss on Fresh's cheek bone. He closed his eye sockets in bliss as he picked up the pace slightly, scratching his mate's ears gently.

"lOvE yOu, fREsh..." He murmured softly, rubbing the base of one of his ears.


Fresh tilted his skull towards the hand as pleasure curled up his spine and across his skull to his neck. He leaned up into Error, hugging him closer gently and pressing soft kisses on Error's cheek. Putting all his love into the kisses.

"Love you too Error." he said softly as he nuzzled his mate.


Error's cheek bones flushed brightly as he looked down at Fresh, the love projected into the kisses almost overwhelming.

"hOw aRE yOu sO damn cutE...?" Error asked himself more than he did his mate.

"nnnh~" He moaned as he thrusted slightly deeper than he had anticipated.


"Ngh..." Fresh grunted softly when Error thrusted deeper, hitting his sweet spot and causing him to moan softly.

"Dunno.... feels right..." Fresh answered as he pressed more kisses all over Error's face.


Fresh seemed to like that... Error thrusted against that same spot again, his eye sockets half-lidded as he looked down at his mate.

"wEll... i lOvE hOw cutE yOu aRE." Error explained, groaning softly. He rubbed Fresh's ear gently.


Fresh purred and moaned, loving the attention and care.

"Love... ah... love you too."


Error kissed his mate softly and sped up a little bit, feeling the coil in his stomach-area tighten. He was close already.

"stars..." He moaned.


Fresh grunted softly when he felt a familiar pressure building up. "E-Error... I'm close." he warned softly.


"m-mE tOO..." Error gasped, picking up the pace as he tried to push them both over the edge. So... close...


Fresh hugged Error closer as he felt his release building. He was so close.

Fresh leaned up to press more kisses and nuzzles on Error's face, moaning and panting in between.


Error's whole body locked up as he came, panting his mate's name. He squeezed his eye sockets shut as he came hard.

"f-fREsh..." He moaned loudly.


Fresh moaned softly as he came, his insides squeezing Error's dick.

"E-Error...." he moaned loudly.


"nnn~" Error moaned as Fresh squeezed his oversensitive cock. He petted his ear slightly, managing not to collapse on top of his mate as his body threatened to go limp.


Fresh fell back onto the bed panting softly. His body twitching with aftershocks and shivered with pleasure as Error pet his ears. He leaned up to press his face to Error's hand and nuzzled sleepily.

"Love you... So good... I love you." Fresh mumbled softly in his post orgasm haze.


"sO gREat, bEautiful, lOvE yOu..." Error mumbled, nuzzling Fresh as he pulled out. He laid down and pulled the shorter skeleton close, rubbing his back gently.


Fresh purred happily and nuzzled his face into Error's chest, trying to bury himself into Error. His Soul humming happily with affection as his ears twitched.

"Love you. Please stay like this?" Fresh begged softly. He didn't want the petting to end.


Error smiled happily.

"suRE. i dOn't want tO bE anywhERE ElsE." He replied, giving the top of Fresh's skull a small kiss.

"... i lOvE yOu tOO..." He murmured, petting the shorter skeleton's skull gently.


Fresh let out a pleased hum and laid his skull on Error's chest, his hands clenching on his mate's shirt.

His eyes began growing heavy with sleep but he didn't want to waste this time by sleeping. It felt too good to leave by sleeping.


"yOu'RE sO cutE." Error murmured softly, gently pressing their teeth together in a kiss. He hugged Fresh with the hand he had been using to rub his back and nuzzled his cheek.


Fresh kissed back sleepily and snuggled closer, nuzzling his mate lovingly. His face was slightly flushed at the praise but he smiled wider.


"lOvE ya..." Error mumbled, sounding slightly sleepy as he pulled his mate a bit closer, rubbing his skull gently.


Fresh purred at the affection and kissed Error's cheek softly. "Love you. So much."


Error smiled brightly. His mate was adorable. He kissed the shorter's nose ridge, rubbing his back slightly.


Fresh smiled and dozed off against his will on Error's chest, his ears stayed summoned. Silently begging for petting even when asleep.


Error's smile brightened slightly, his eye lights slightly hazy as he petted Fresh's ears, slowly falling asleep, their souls beating on sync.