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Rare Kinks

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Dust nuzzled Horror's belly gently, looking up at him with a smile.

"Comfy?" He asked softly, his voice a bit muffled by Horror's stomach.


Horror had a small content smile on his face. He looked down and nodded, a bit sleepy. "Yeah.."


Dust smiled.

"That's good." He murmured and cuddled Horror gently, dragging his pants down slowly.


Horror smiled before he looked down. His face flushed a bit with embarrassment he but laid still and allowed Dust to do whatever he wanted.


Dust smirked a bit and nuzzled Horror's belly gently.


Horror smiled and started to purr quietly in response. He didn't know why but it felt so nice. Maybe it was because his magic was so ample and soft now because of the abundance of food.


"You're so handsome." Dust purred softly and kissed Horror's belly gently.


Horror purred louder in appreciation. He leaned into Dust slightly, wanting for more attention.


Dust smiled and licked Horror's belly gently, slowly trailing down a bit.


Horror purred louder and leaned into the touch. It felt so good. His stomach felt warm and tingly from Dust's tongue.


Dust slowly started rubbing Horror's belly as he went a bit lower and licked his pussy gently.


Horror moaned quietly at the pleasurable feeling. He spread his legs more to allow Dust more access.


Dust smirked up at Horror, his face flushed a bit.

He slowly licked Horror's pussy before pushing his tongue inside a bit.


Horror groaned as he felt the tongue push inside. His walls squeezed reflexively, making him feel good. Dust was eating him out so slowly, drinking his juices.


Dust moaned quietly, sending vibrations through Horror's pussy.

He licked Horror's insides gently.


Horror's wall clenched around Dust's tongue, moaning quietly. 


Dust continued rubbing Horror's belly gently as he ate him out slowly. 


Horror started to purr quietly in between pleasures moans.


Dust pulled back a bit and licked Horror's belly before pushing his tongue inside him again.


Horror purred and spread his legs as wide as they could go, pushing Dust's skull to his hot pussy.


Dust hummed and sucked Horror's wet lips gently.


Horror moaned loudly and bucked his hips. It felt so good. He wanted more.


Dust thrusted his tongue into Horror gently.


Horror felt a coil building up in his lower stomach. His pussy clenching and trembling around Dust's tongue.


Dust hummed softly as he licked Horror's insides, rubbing his belly gently.


Horror arched his back and cried out in pleasure.


Dust pulled back.

"Feels good?" He asked teasingly.


Horror had a blissful smile on his face and nodded. He felt satisfied and very good.


Dust smiled.

"I'm glad you liked it." He murmured and nuzzled Horror's belly gently.


Horror curled around Dust contently with a small smile.


Dust smiled brightly.

"You're so beautiful." He said softly.


Horror smiled and pressed a kiss to Dust's skull.  "Thank you. I love you."


Dust smiled.

"I love you too." He replied.