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Rare Kinks

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"coms?" Dust asked as he gently rubbed Comic's femur bone. They were sitting on the couch, watching a boring movie that they had already seen a couple of times and he really wanted to do something else... He had been teasing his datemate for a while now but he hadn't reacted yet.


"Hmm?" Comic looked towards his mate lazily without turning his skull. In all honestly, he was practically half asleep thanks to Dust's massage.


"do you want to do something more exciting than watching this movie?" Dust asked, gazing into his datemate's eyes. He trailed his hand a bit higher, his eye sockets lidding suggestively as he smirked slightly.


Comic raised at brow at his mate in confusion, the soft touched had him relaxing against the couch. "What's better than a lazy day watching a movie?"


Dust chuckled, leaning in for a kiss as he trailed his hand a bit higher, slipping under Comic's shirt to caress his ribs. He pulled back slightly, grinning at his datemate.

"maybe if i tire myself out, we could take a nap." He explained with a wink, kissing Comic again.


Comic kissed back softly, sighing at the touch on his ribs. He smiled at his mate and grabbed Dust's shoulders with a chuckle.

"Dust, honey, you gotta be straight. I don't understand what you mean." Comic said softly.


"can't be straight. i'm too gay for you." Dust murmured, smiling. He chuckled slightly.

"i wanna fuck you into the mattress." He explained, his voice akin to a growl as he kissed his datemate, sliding his tongue over Comic's teeth.


Comic made a soft sound of surprise when Dust slid his tongue in before he lazily plays with it.

After a moment, he pulled away to stare lovingly into Dust's eyes. His face flushing slightly at the idea. "Alright then babe. Shut off the tv and we'll dance on the bed."


Dust smiled, pressing a small kiss to Comic's cheek bone as he used the remote to turn off the TV.

Dust slid his arms under Comic and picked him up, giving him a gentle kiss as he carried him to the bedroom.


Comic relaxed in Dust's arms as he lazily kissed back. He trusted Dust. Despite how he had been in the past, he was not like that anymore. Comic understood that and forgave him. Besides, Dust turned out to be a fantastic lover.

Comic smiled wider at the thought and nuzzled his mate's cheek softly.


Dust chuckled slightly before he nuzzled back. His softer counterpart was so cute sometimes.

"cute.." He mumbled, half expecting that the other wouldn't hear him. He wrestled the door open, managing to do so without dropping Comic. He kicked the door closed and carried his datemate to the bed, placing him on top of it gently.


Comic smiled at the word even as his face flushed darker. Comic relaxed when Dust placed him on the bed, his hands to his sides, exposing himself while gazing softly at his mate.


Dust let his gaze wander over Comic and flushed slightly. He climbed onto the bed and leaned over his datemate, looking deeply into his eye sockets. He leaned down a bit further and pressed his teeth to his datemate's, humming softly as he licked the other's teeth, sliding a hand under his shirt to caress his sensitive floating ribs.


Comic moaned softly into Dust's mouth when he felt his hand teasing his sensitive ribs. The touch sent arousal straight to his pelvis, making it glow softly.


Dust rubbed the floating ribs gently and explored Comic's mouth with his tongue, gently prodding the other's tongue a bit before he wrapped his own around it.


Comic hummed in between soft moans as Dust played with his tongue. He was not even trying to fight for dominance or ask him to go faster. He was content to let Dust take over. Less work for him.


Dust pulled back a bit, panting for air. He loved hearing those soft, little sounds from his mate. He slid the hand that had formerly been caressing Comic's ribs down his spine, rubbing the vertebrae gently and slipped the hand inside of the other's pants, smiling as he kissed him again.


Comic huffed into the kiss before pulling away, shuddering at the touch on his pelvis as he smiled up at Dust. "A little kiss happy today aren't we?"


"yeah..." Dust murmured. "only because you're so kissable." He hummed, smiling down at his mate. He rubbed Comic's pelvis, blushing a bit.


"Ngh... hah... Heheh, glad to know." Comic chuckled softly even as he bucked his hips at the touch on his pelvis. "I pride myself in being so kissable."


Dust chuckled, his eye sockets lidding as he stared into Comic's eyes intensely, trailing a finger over his illiac crest.


Comic gasped as his magic snapped into existence with a buck of his hips. His lips already wet with his juices. He chuckled slightly with a bright blush.

"Um, wow I'm really easy to wind up huh?" he joked slightly, a little embarrassed at the fact. A slight tug of insecurity pulled at his Soul.


Dust smiled. That had been quicker than he had thought. All the better. He leaned down a bit as he trailed his finger over the soft, wet lips.

"so perfect..." Dust murmured quietly, kissing his mate gently.


Comic squeaked softly into the kiss at the praise. He gripped the bed sheets tightly in his fists as his walls fluttered excitedly in anticipation.


Dust chuckled slightly as he kissed Comic. His mate was so cute...

He slipped his finger inside of the other gently, rubbing the inside of his pussy.


Comic pulled away from the kiss to gasp, his walls clenching on Dust's fingers as he twitched.

"Gyah.... hah... stars Dust... I'm already so close." Comic covered his eyes with his arm as he whined.


Dust groaned slightly as he slipped another finger into Comic, thrusting into him as deeply as he could. He leaned down slightly and gently bit down on the shorter's arm, tugging it away from his face gently. He really wanted to see his mate.


Comic grunted and moaned, gasping when Dust bit his arm and pulled it away from his blushing face. He whined as the thrusts picked up.

He arched his back with a cry as he came. His juices spilling around Dust's fingers as his walls clenched around them in a vice grip.


Dust blushed brightly when Comic came and slowed his thrusts, prolonging his mate's orgasm. He really wanted to be inside the other...

He pulled out his fingers and slid down the other skeleton's shorts.

"you doing okay?" Dust asked, giving Comic a slow, sensual kiss.


Comic grunted and bucked his hips in surprise when Dust slid his shorts down. He pulled away, panting softly as he looked up at Dust. "I'm fine. A little sensitive. And tired."


"think you can handle another round?" Dust asked, his pants tented by his glowing arousal. He caressed Comic's cheek bone gently.


Comic leaned into the touch with a small content sigh. "Sure. Just be gentle. My body feels weird already." he said as he twitched occasionally with aftershocks.


"i will~" Dust purred quietly, kissing Comic's teeth gently. He slowly slid off his own shorts and rubbed his mate's ribs slightly, not wanting to overwhelm the other by taking him immediately after an orgasm.


"Hah.... Ngh.... Stars Dust. You're so good." Comic moaned softly into the pillow as he turned his skull to the side. He cursed his sensitivity internally.


"you're amazing, coms.." Dust murmured as he guided his dick to Comic's pussy and rubbed it against him slightly to pick up some of the fluid there to make it easier.


Comic gasped and gripped the sheets tighter as he groaned at the feeling. "Stars Dust.... you're so... thick."


"is it too much?" Dust asked, looking into the shorter skeleton's eye sockets deeply.


Comic shook his skull in a negative as he looked up at Dust. "N-no. Just... a little big."


"good~" Dust hummed and pushed inside slowly, letting out a groan. Comic was so tight.


"Gah!" Comic gasped as he arched his back on the bed. He panted, trying to adjust to the stretch.


"shh...." Dust murmured, panting heavily. He stayed still a bit, waiting for the other to adjust to him before pushing in further.


It took a minute for Comic to adjust, sighing in relief when it stopped hurting. He looked up at Dust and gave a small nod.


Dust started thrusting gently, capturing Comic's mouth in a kiss as he groaned lowly, squeezing his eye sockets shut in pleasure. His mate was so perfectly tight...


Comic moaned and gasped in Dust's mouth. His arms wrapped around the other's neck as he felt himself getting close to another orgasm. He blamed it on being so sensitive after his previous climax but stars did it feel good. Stars were dotting his vision and making his head fuzzy with pleasure.


Dust's eye lights were hazy as he sped up a bit, pressing closer to Comic. He growled lowly, his left eye light flickering between his two magic colours, burning brightly.

"you're doing so well~" Dust panted out, separating their mouths for only a few seconds.


Comic grunted and hid his face in Dust's shoulder, his toes curling with pleasure.

"Dust...I'm close." he warned with a groan. Tears dotting the corners of his eyes.


"m-me too, coms~" Dust panted, licking his mate's neck and sucking on the sensitive vertebrae gently. He sped up a bit, thrusting into Comic deeply.


Comic gripped his mate tighter as he cried out loudly. Bolts of pleasure shooting down his spine and building up in his stomach. He was so close! Just a little more.

He bit down on Dust's shoulder to muffle himself.


Dust moaned loudly as he squeezed his eye sockets shut in pleasure, speeding up slightly.

"a-ahh~ comic..." Dust gasped.


"Mff! Ngh! Mmn!" Comic's grunts of pleasure were muffled before he let out a loud cry as he climaxed. His wall clenching tightly around Dust's member as he twitched.


Dust groaned loudly as his mate clenched around him and came with a loud shout of his mate's name, his whole body locking up as he released deep inside the other. He panted loudly, his eye lights hazy and dilated as he stared down at Comic.


Comic let go of Dust and flopped on the bed panting. He shivers at the full feeling of Dust's cum inside of him, hitting deep inside and filling him up to the brim. It feels odd but... not unpleasant.


Dust panted loudly, his arms shaking slightly as he struggled to keep himself up. He stayed inside of Comic, grinning down at him.


Comic grunted at the action and looked up to see Dust's grinning face. He smiled back a little cautiously. "What's that look for?"


"nothing." Dust lied with a smirk and shifted slightly, his dick slipping a bit out of Comic, some cum dripping out of him and onto the sheets. He gasped at the feeling.


Comic gasped too at the feeling of his mate's still warm cum slipping out of his hole. He looked up at Dust and chuckled softly. "Didn't look or sound like nothing hon. Come on. Spill it."


"you just... look so damn amazing like this..." Dust explained with a small chuckle, his eye lights fixed on the joining of him and his mate. Cum was oozing out around his cock slowly and he let out a small groan.


Comic grunted softly at the feeling. "Yeah? Like what? Absolutely wrecked or ready to take a nap?"


Dust ran his eye lights over Comic, his stare resting on his face.

"yeah." He agreed with a small gasp.


Comic chuckled before leaning up to press a soft kiss on Dust's cheek before nuzzling him lovingly. "I'm glad you do. Love you."


Dust nuzzled back gently, giving Comic's cheek bone a small kiss.

"i love you too, comic." Dust murmured, pulling out of the shorter skeleton with a lewd pop. He groaned lowly and watched with fascination as cum dripped out of his mate.


"Ngh." Comic groaned at the feeling of cum leaking out of his hole before he chuckled softly.

"Hey, can ya clean this up? I'm kinda tired. This is really filling." he grinned.


Dust laughed and nodded, using a dry spot of the soaked sheet to wipe most of the cum away. He picked Comic up and removed the sheet with his magic, putting a new one in the soaked one's place. He set the shorter skeleton down gently.


Comic relaxed and closed his eyes as he let Dust clean up, fully trusting in his mate's arms. He opened his eyes with a gentle smile when Dust set him back down and wrapped his arms around his mate; pulling him into a lazy bear like hug as he nuzzled his ribs.

"Thanks. Love you. So much." he mumbled sleepily.


"love you too." Dust replied sleepily, his eye sockets heavy as he laid down next to Comic, hugging him tightly.