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Prized Possession (M) Rick/You Negan/You

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You let out a low moan, hoping that it was low enough to not wake Carl or Judith only sleeping down the hall. Your sweaty bodies were pushed together as you sat in Rick's lap, both panting heavily between you. Every inch of your body was feeling the release. It had been so long since you'd been able to do this. Things had been so messed up recently, what with all the threats that Negan and his saviours had been bringing to Alexandria. There just wasn't the time, or energy. But for some reason, despite still being so far down the rabbit hole, at 4am this morning, you'd both decided that now was a good a time as any to release the sexual tension that had built up over the months. You both knew it wouldn't release all the other tensions you'd been feeling, but it might help.

"Fuck..." Rick panted, smiling up at you. You both knew you'd needed this for too long, and now it was finally happening, and it felt better than you could've imagined.

You smiled back at him as you thought back to the day you married Rick. Not officially, of course, but it was the sentiment that counted. You said your vows and exchanged rings, that you still wore today. From then on you took on the role of step-mom very seriously. You'd joined Rick's group not long after Lori had died, and although it was still fresh for everyone, you couldn't deny the chemistry between the two of you. You just seemed to slot into the family perfectly. You got on well with Carl and Judith, which was always a bonus in Rick's eyes.

Rick's lips crashed onto yours, down to your neck as he licked and sucked and nibbled the skin, bringing you back to the present. You could feel your orgasm building, and by the urgency he thrust up into you, and squeezed the flesh on your hips, you knew he was close too. The night was hot and clammy, which didn't help the sweat that had built up. You ran your fingers through his curly, wet hair, pushing it out of his face to kiss him again. Both of you on the very edge of sweet, sweet release. You could feel it building in the pit of your stomach as you gasped for air.

“Well...fuck. What do we have here?” Both your bodies froze at the low husky voice that could be heard coming from your doorway. Rick's head snapped to look at your company so quickly, it could've caused whiplash.

“Negan, what the fuck are you doing here?!” He spat, lifting you off him and placing you down roughly beside him. You knew by now that Negan brought out the worst in Rick, and you couldn't expect anything less. Rick had grabbed the covers to hide his modesty, so you were left scrambling to cover up with your arms and legs. You glared at his shadowy figure, leaning against the door frame, a devilish smile on his face as Lucille rested on his shoulder. How did he get in without Rick knowing? How did that bastard know the exact moment Rick would have his guard down?

“Don't stop on my account. Me and Lucille can join in if you like? Shit, we could make this a proper swingers party,” he quipped with a smirk, swinging Lucille out in front of him for a moment. “I sure as hell would love a bit of that ass you've got yourself, Rick.” His hazel eyes scanned you as he licked his perfect white teeth. You glared at him.

“Hell would have to freeze over,” you retorted, a little too confidently for your own liking. Rick had his gun to hand now as he held it in front of him, threatening Negan with it. Not that Negan was phased, Negan never seemed to be phased by anything.

“Damn, I love them feisty, don't you, Prick?” Negan laughed, making his way further into the room. He smirked at the sight of your husbands gun, pointed straight at him. “Rick, Rick, Rick...we both know you're not going to shoot me. I have at least fifty of my men outside with fucking grenades. One shot sounded and this place is history.”

“What do you want, Negan?” Rick snapped, his southern accent thicker than usual, which in any other given circumstance, would make your insides quiver. Rick lowered his gun but not his guard.

“Hm...let's see. What do I want, Ricky boy?” Negan chuckled, pacing the floor in front of your bed. He stopped directly in front of you, a smirk on his unshaven lips as he made eye contact with you. You were very well aware you were still naked and it sent shivers down your spine. “I'll have your fine ass piece of pussy here.”

“No, no way. Anything but her.” Rick shakes his head, he sounds defeated and scared, like he usually does when talking to Negan, but you're glad that doesn't run deep enough that it would let him give Negan exactly what he wants.

“Oh come on, Rick. Didn't Mommy ever teach you to share your toys? I'll bring her back...she just might be in a more...used condition...” He licked his bottom lip and scratched his salt and pepper beard, eyeing you up and down. It made your skin crawl.

“Dad?” You all turned to see Carl stood in the door way, half asleep until his eyes fell on your unwanted company and they widened.

“Carl, go back to your room, take Judith. Don't come out until I tell you,” Rick warns, wanting to keep him far away from all this. Carl doesn't hesitate in doing as he's told. He loves a fight, but his love for his sister is stronger and you knew he'd protect her with his life.

“Ah, now there's a thought, maybe I'll take your two precious angels instead,” Negan taunted.

“No...Negan, can take anything but my family. Anything,” Rick pleaded, and you could hear the sobs starting in his chest. If there was one thing that broke Rick, it was Negan. You'd had enough dealings with Negan by now to know he wasn't about to give in until he got what he wanted, even if that wasn't today. It would be one day.

“I'll go...” You spat out, before you even thought the words. "if you promise to leave my family alone," You added. Rick turned and looked horrified at you. But you knew it was the right thing to do, if it kept them safe, especially Carl and Judith. You had every faith that Rick would save you.

“Well, well well...someone has had enough of the little piggy and is finally ready to fuck the big bad wolf...right decision, sweetheart.” He smiled at you. But the way he spoke made you regret your decision instantly. You didn't want him to touch you.

“Take me instead...”Rick offered desperately.

“I ain't interested in fucking your ass, Rick. My bread ain't buttered that way.” Negan laughed, sucking his teeth for a moment.

“Rick, you need to stay're needed here, I know you can sort this out.” You chose your words carefully, trying to encourage him to fight back, without riling Negan up at the same time.

“Yeah, Rick. You're needed here...this fine piece of ass needs to feel a real man's dick inside her. I'll bring her back when I'm finished with her I promise. As long as you promise not to come after her before I'm done..." Rick seemed hesitant, but you knew deep down he understood this was the best outcome for everyone, that didn't start another war. One Alexandria wasn't prepared for yet. "What you say, Prick? You know I keep my word...a deal's a deal right?” He swung Lucille down to his side as he stepped closer to you. Every muscle in your body tensed.

What had you let yourself in for?