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In the Eye of a Hurricane

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Tony Stark had not been planning on doing anything that Friday. It was Friday, which in his mind meant a day of working on smaller tasks and playing around with various ideas he'd had that held the potential to end in disaster.
That was why when Happy Hogan came up to his workshop unannounced, he had plenty of time to fit him in. He had been surprised to see the man as Happy rarely ever ventured into his workshop, but was more surprised by the conversation that followed.
"Hey Happy, what do ya need?" Tony asked, not looking up from the iron man suit he was polishing.
"I was just wondering when you wanted to drive down to Queens," Happy replied, making Tony's brow furrow.
"Queens, why would I want to go to Queens?" He asked, finally looking up from his work.
"Well it's the kid's birthday, and after that time he helped fix your suit, you kept going on to Pepper and I about how you wanted to do something as a thank you for his birthday," Happy clarified. Tony looked confused for a moment before realizing.
"Oh, you mean Peter. His birthday's today?" Tony asked, having complete forgotten about his previous proclamations of doing something nice for the kid.
"Yeah, I checked with Karen, she reported celebrations," Happy clarified.
"Well shit, I completely forgot about that," Tony admit, thinking for a second. "Why don't we drive down and pick him up. He always likes the workshop, and maybe we can upgrade his suit," Tony decided, glancing the clock. If they drove quickly,they'd probably catch him leaving school. Tony smirked at the thought of that kid, Flash, who Peter was always complaining about, seeing him get into a car with Iron Man. Now who's internship was fake. "Alright, lets go. We might have to destroy the speed limit a bit, but it's cool," Tony decided, checking his watch again. Happy grabbed the keys, and they were off.


Peter had been having a pretty good birthday so far. It fell on a Friday for starters, which meant that he could stay up late without his grades showing for it, and school hadn't been so tedious as the teachers had understood their excitement and made the lessons more easy going.
Now the school day was finally done, and Peter could just head home. He'd be hanging out with MJ and Ned for dinner and a Star Wars marathon later, but he had some time to kill beforehand as MJ and Mindy, the newest addition to their group, had play rehersal. MJ wasn't acting in the play, she was just their to sketch the actors for the poster. Mindy though, a green eyed freshman with choppy brown chin length hair and a constantly worn green leather jacket, was one of the stars of the high school's production of 'In the Heights'.
The group of four were able to talk a bit after school as the campus exit was near the theater. "Hey, have any of you seen that really old movie-" Peter started only to get cut off by Ned grabbing his arm and frantically pointing to where a bright red sports car that Peter was sure wasn't even on the market yet had pulled up.
"Oh my gods, is that Tony Stark?" Mindy asked. She had begun referring to gods with a plural ever since she had finished reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
"Peter, you didn't tell us he was coming," MJ said, looking at the shiny car with no interest.
The group made their way over to the car that had now captured the attention of everyone on campus.
"Hello Peter, Ted, MK," Tony greeted. Peter had a feeling he purposely mixed up his friend's names, but didn't comment. "I don't think I know you," Tony observed, noticing Mindy.
"Mindy Zafai," she said, looking Tony up and down. Like MJ, she was not all that impressed by the man, and treated him the same as she would anyone else.
"Well, nice to meet you, Mandy," Tony replied, making Peter smile. "Happy birthday kid," he said, turning back to Peter.
"You knew it was my birthday?" Peter said in amazement.
"Course I did!" Tony lied, his regular bravado keeping anyone from seeing through it. Well, except for Mindy, who narrowed her heavily penciled green eyes suspiciously, but remained quite. "So, what do ya say we hit the lab! I've got some new ideas for the... thing," Tony said, catching himself before he outed Peter as Spiderman in front of his friends. Peter's eyes grew somehow wider as he nodded frantically and jumped into the car, making sure Flash had seen him first.
"See ya later, Peter!" Ned called, still fanboying over meeting Iron Man.

Peter talked for the entire car ride, and Tony could tell it took everything Happy had not to jump out of the car. The talking continued in the workshop as the two worked on knew ideas for the Spiderman suit and Peter stared at Tony's equipment with wide eyes.
Tony had come up with some quick upgrade ideas in the car which miraculously seemed to make sense. He had almost given Peter the Iron Spider suit, but the protective part of his mind said no. He didn't plan in dragging Peter into the deep end. Not yet.
Peter had managed to make about ten "super old movie references before Tony finally asked him why exactly he thought those movies were old. Peter had replied it was because they were all BC: Before cell phone.
Peter asked about how all the avenger related things were, and Tony lied and said fine. He didn't mention that his satellites were picking up very odd radiation coming from space, or how Ross wanted Spiderman yo sign the accords. He also left out how Thor and Bruce were still missing, along with the majority of their team.
Tony drove Peter back home after about three hours with a suit full of new updates, and a ton of stories to tell his friends. As he watched Peter head into his large apartment building he glanced back at where the Iron Spider suit was carefully concealed. He knew that vert soon Peter would probably need to wear that suit, but for now, it would remain hidden. The threat would come eventually, but hopefully not before Tony got to surprise Peter at Mindy's performance of 'In the Heights'. He really wanted to see that musical.