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A Case Combined

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"I gotta hit! I gotta hit" a blonde lab agent basically screamed; as she ran to show her team. Reade and Weller just glanced at each other as Tasha and Jane simply chuckled at Patterson's excitement.

"Ok so a small Dutch down just got a new leader but the old guy was cruel and assault many women it was bad. But this man had a son who is the rightful ruler of this town and guess what dear old uncle doesnt like that. Does that sound any familiar to anyone" Patterson said trying to crack a joke. The team all looked at each other with a confused look and shrugged their shoulders.

"Oh come on you guys The Lion King where Scar kills Mufassa and said Simba dies too and once he knows hes alive tries to kill him to keep his power and Simba defeats Scar claiming his rightful spot as king" Patterson explained to them.
"Ok Patterson just get on with the tattoo how can we find this "Simba" " Kurt said as he quoted the words Simba. The blonde glared as she pulled up the tattoo that was related to the case and explained it more in detail.


"Sunny how's Amanda doing I know it's hard for her with the twins" Olivia asked as she walked into the office and glanced at her detectives.

"Great though she complains a lot saying she wish she was here" the detective said to his boss with a soft smile. Liv nodded as she went into her office as a familiar but not a warm welcome face popped inside the office.

"Well look who it is Agent Lewis of the FBI " detective Tutuola said standing up from his desk.

"Listen I'm not here for trouble I've got a case right you y'alls ally" Dana said holding her hands up and slid a file of to the detective. Olivia looked deeply at the agent as she looked at the file and the brunette picked up her phone as she called two people ADA Alex Cabot and one of her team members Amanda Rollins.

"Damit" Patterson cursed as Tasha walked in and laughed softly. "Its not funny Tash I created this damn game and its stumping me" the blonde huffed as Tasha sat down next to her and placed a hand on her her shoulder.

"Well I'd help you but you are at least further than Reade or me. So what do you have on the new tattoo" Tasha asked her changing the subject to distract the lab agent for at least a little while.

Patterson nodded easily seeing what she was doing but she will humor her girlfriend and began to ramble on and on about what she had found out. Tasha soon regretted changing Pattersons mind off of Wizardvillie to the case and soon placed her hand over the blondes mouth to make her be queit for at least a few seconds.

Once Tasha removed her hand Patterson chuckled and said
"what you asked but I do have reason to believe Dominik and his mother are here in New York."

"Thank you that's all I and Reade wanted to know and dont let the game stump you gosh Patterson I thought you were the smart one" Tasha teased as she began to leave the lab.

"Oh Haha Tasha love you too" Patterson said sarcastically as she picked up her phone once again to go back to playing the game.


"Ok Dana do you know where this Dominik kid is so we have at least some Intel to start off with" Liv said as she looked at photos of this teen who looked to be 19 or 20. The agent perked up and smiled softly as she dug through her bag real quickly.

"Me and my crew of agents have been stalking them out they are right here hiding out in this old hotel sweep but the catch is this kids uncle wants him dead and doenst care who dies or gets hurt in the process ; but I do know a team of Agents who could possibly help and they have beyond great technology to help but they kinda dont trust me after somethings went down" Dana explained pinning up a poster of a old time looking hotel and a number.

"No no no no we are not working with the Feds again I remember how that ended last time Liv" Alex said looking at her wife.

"What choice do we have Alex for all we know this team could already be doing the exact same case but I dont like the idea as much as you do but we gotta think about the victim and this kid " Olivia said grabbing the ADA's hands. The whole squad took in a deep breath as Olivia turned to Dana and said "I guess lead the way to this team Dana."